Jennifer Lopez To Star In Live NBC Musical


Jennifer Lopez‘ acting career is to welcome a new gig at NBC.

Full story below…

The entertainer will star in a live musical presentation of ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ for NBC’s 2017 Live Holiday Musical.

She shared:

Broadway musicals and films fueled my childhood and Bye Bye Birdie was one of my favorites. I’m proud to be a part of the NBC family with Shades of Blue and I thought it would be a blast to take on one of their big live musicals.

Benny Medina, her manager, will co-produce the special for her Nuyorican Productions company as she continues to source material for her next studio LP.

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  1. Danzou October 28, 2016

    She can’t sing.

    • Ughhhh October 28, 2016

      She stays booked though! If I was her child I would be wondering where my damn mom is because this woman is never at home!

      • LOL October 28, 2016


      • Ughhhh October 28, 2016

        @LOL then why can’t you keep a job?

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        Question: what does her staying booked have to do with her vocal ability? I’m curious.

    • LISA LEVINE October 28, 2016

      Lord. I don’t ask for much but here’s my list: 1. PLEASE DON’T LET JENNIFER LOPEZ SING 2. Crush the hands of all TROLLS including Navy and Beehive losers 3. World Peace. JENNIFER LOPEZ CAN’T SING. STOP TRYING.

  2. B_Roni October 28, 2016

    JLo always will have a job. And she is talented. Regardless of what people say. It’s not easy to be marketable, make the public like you, sing and act For me though she sounds better singing in Spanish . When she switches to English it sounds a bit forced and shaky

    • LISA LEVINE October 28, 2016

      SHE CAN’T SING. She basically stole Selena’s fans. She has ZERO talent, other than opening her LEGS and sleeping her way to the top.

      • Ughhhh October 28, 2016

        Zero talent? You’re joking right?

      • S****** Blonde October 28, 2016

        Most Selena fans hate J.Lo.

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        @s****** how the F*** do you know?

      • S****** Blonde October 28, 2016

        Just go to YouTube.

  3. J October 28, 2016

    Oh dear

  4. Nope October 28, 2016

    Cant sing or act. That p**** is always open and ready for business though. I wonder if she’s planning on stealing anymore ideas from Mariah ?

    • LISA LEVINE October 28, 2016

      yassssssssssss honey. She steals 24/7 from mariah. Mariah does Carpool and then Jlo does Carpool. Mariah goes to vegas then Jlo goes to vegas. Mariah does a song with Ja Rule and then Jlo does a duet.

      • Kai October 28, 2016

        Jlo is an actress first then Mari ah attempted a film career
        Jlo worked with Benny Medina first then Mariah hired him
        Jlo worked with Nick Cannon on Shall we dance then after Mari ah married him
        Jlo put out a fragrance then Mariah followed
        Jlo did American Idol then Mariah followed

  5. bad October 28, 2016

    these f****** hatters …she doing her thing and yall just stay hating ….nasty mind hatters …well she still making her coins b******

    • Danzou October 28, 2016

      I am not a “hatter” h**. Whatever the f*** that is. She can’t sing. Yall will drag Ciara to hell and back but overlook j lo. Ciara will out dance and out preform her any day. Why is the latter booked though? Think.

      • bad October 28, 2016

        well she is way more successful that your favorite ciara .. not that i hate ciara so f*** what yall say about jlo

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        Way more successful? Give me the receipts.

  6. VBeckhamforever October 28, 2016

    Would love for JLO to do a duet with Queen Victoria Beckham! That would just be Schamazing!

  7. StarXavi October 28, 2016

    What I love about this woman is that she continues to push herself. She knows she’s not the best singer but that has never stopped her from trying to be better! Musicals are no joke and take a lot out of you. I think it’s really cool that she is expanding her horizons even more by pushing forward and trying new things. Get it J.Lo!

    • bad October 28, 2016

      well said …i fully agree with you

  8. Ciah’s Turtle October 28, 2016

    oh god. lol

  9. S****** Blonde October 28, 2016

    I love this woman, the most beautiful in the world.

    • Danzou October 28, 2016

      You’re overcompensating for your racism and it’s as see through as your pale skin.

      • OMG Logic!!! October 28, 2016

        J.Lo is a White Latina, so how is he compensating for anything? LMAO.

      • S****** Blonde October 28, 2016

        Exactly, most Americans are so ignorant that they label J.Lo, Shakira, Ricky Martin and anyone who speaks Spanish as non-white. J.Lo’s parents are of Spanish descent, most Spaniards are naturally tanned just like the rest of Mediterranean peoples, in America anyone who doesn’t have a German or English last name is not considered white. J.Lo is a Caucasian woman, physically a typical Southern Europe woman, dark her, green/brown eyes, olive skin tone, voluptuous and exotic. There are southern Europeans that wouldn’t be considered white in America because of their features, Europeans are a diverse ethnic group. Just wait for his comment, I bet he would call me a racist again because I’m praising a Caucasian woman and not a black one ?

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        She’s not a white woman and she doesn’t claim that either. Classic white people trying to dominate and own something you’re not a part of. No one wants to be white you’re all wack.

  10. bad October 28, 2016

    if jlo was black all yall black people would be like,, omg!!!! i luv her ..only blacks can do it all

    • Danzou October 28, 2016

      Not true idiot black people love j lo seeing as she started on in living color as a fly girl. And after that she had multiple rnb and hip Hop hits. So shut the f*** up.

      • bad October 28, 2016

        Ciara net worth is currently estimated at $16 million dollars
        ennifer Lopez Net Worth as of 2016: $300 Million
        …so come again b**** what u saying

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        And what did any of that have to do with your original comment along with I just said? Really what? I’m curious.

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