TLC Preview New Songs ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Haters’

Published: Wednesday 26th Oct 2016 by Sam

TLC made headlines last year when surviving members T-Boz and Chilli launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their fifth and final album.

Rather than be ridiculed, the group received support from fans – some even of the celebrity persuasion. Indeed, Katy Perry made a much publisized donation of $5,000.

In the time since, news surrounding the project has been noticeably scarce.

However, the ladies haven’t been twiddling their thumbs idly; they’ve been recording.

And now it appears that they’re gearing up to release new material.

Moments ago, Apple Music snippets of two tracks – ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Haters’ – surfaced.

Are TLC bringing the heat for their final hurrah? Listen below and let us know…


‘Joyride’ sounds cute. ‘Haters’…no bueno.

Still, we curiously await the full versions. And it doesn’t seem there’s long to go.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE October 26, 2016

    Both sound like cheap demos.

    • Navy October 26, 2016

      You mean like Ciara’s whole discography..oh ok. Btw h**, what the fk is that in your avi?

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Lies you tell f*****. Has Anti sold 600k pure sales yet bamma? Stay pressedt!

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        Has Ciara’s last four flops accumulated 600k, you cesspool? Stay in flop lane You fatherless bi!ch ?

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Return to the sewer from which you came f*****. Up outta my replies høe.

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        I’m sorry sis, that’s your place of dwelling ? stop projecting.

    • Molly October 26, 2016

      Right boo.. This the best they can do after fans donated thousands of dollars to them.

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Left Eye is rolling over in her grave sis.

      • ? October 26, 2016

        These songs were meant for the Japanese market only. By the way your avi = TRASH

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Japan, Korea, Vietnam I don’t give a flying f*** you parasite. They sound CHEAP and won’t chart ANYWHERE in the world. DEAL with it!

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        You mean the same way Ciara’s balls is rolling around in her boxer shorts?

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        The same way Rihannas h***** is blossoming on her f****** upper lip b****.

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        Weak, just like your T-cell count.

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        “Speculation”…? throws a bag of antibodies at your sour ass.

    • ? October 26, 2016

      They will sell more than JACKIE bookmark me dog

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        *BOOKMARKEDT!* b****

      • ? October 26, 2016

        Ok bottom

    • ? October 26, 2016



      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Scream and seethe honey! I have you on the f****** edge! I own you section 8 ass b****. Stay angry and LATE!

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) October 26, 2016

      19k…nuff said

    • LAlaLAla LOVE ME October 26, 2016

      I know my gofundme donation contributed to more than this mess…..

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016


    • ahsleigh October 27, 2016

      jackie yo ugly ass stay up in here hating ! But the gag is you’re a ciara stan which automatically puts you in the comedian category lmao..i love you

  2. January_Joy October 26, 2016

    I looove what I heard from Joyride ! However, Haters sounds cool but…isn’t it a bit dated maybe ? That’s probably what Sam thinks too.

  3. Rebecca S for Queen Bey, Princess Rih, & R&B legend Monica October 26, 2016

    I love both tracks! Bring it ladies!

  4. LISA LEVINE October 26, 2016

    They went from biggest girl group in the world to …. opening for Backstreet boys. RIP lisa

    • SMH October 26, 2016

      They are still the biggest girl group in the world. You can sit now.

      • LISA LEVINE October 26, 2016


    • Mark111 /.\ October 26, 2016

      Funny bc to this day, no other girl group topped them. Other than Spice Girls, but do we really take them serious? No.

      • BYE October 26, 2016

        Destiny child is over spice girls and now #2 !

      • Mark111 October 26, 2016

        That’s not true.

  5. Molly October 26, 2016


    • Navy October 26, 2016

      Looks at your avi ? sit your sour milk cottage cheese ass down.

    • LOL October 26, 2016


      • Molly October 26, 2016

        That flop b**** can actually slay billboard charts kiii something fad is struggling to do

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        Girl you stan for Justin Bieber’s strap-on, stay mute.

      • Molly October 26, 2016

        I stan for the next pop queen.

      • Navy October 26, 2016

        ? girl I can’t with you.

  6. Paulo October 26, 2016

    cute songs! hope they record Posh Life too ha

  7. Lake Erie October 26, 2016

    Lol I understand they don’t want to sound like anyone else out here and they’ve made that clear BUT I’m not feeling these snippets. “Joyride” sounds kinda good. They can keep that as a album single or just make it a buzz joint. The “Haters” ?lol. That can not be theirs. I just don’t want to believe it. So, it would be nice for them to collaborate with some current sounds though. Idk, TLC is TLC, I expected killers beats compared to this…. I hope someone tells them go back into the both… I’d wait a little longer…

  8. TurkeyNoodleSavage October 26, 2016

    Come through babies !!!! I’m loving the sound of ” Joy Ride ” , it’s giving me classic TLC and their harmonies sound LIT !!

    ” Haterz ” is ok … sounds kinda Taylor Swift-ish but I’m sure it’ll grow on me .

    Wish these ladies nothing but the best .

  9. Smile! October 26, 2016

    This are released in Japan so don’t know if they’re on their final album. So ready for them!

  10. Mark111 /.\ October 26, 2016

    First, I love how their voices still mash well and still have that TLC sound. Joy Ride sounds hreat, Haters hook need some work, but the verse sound HOT! Let me stop the haters, TLC never had ONE sound and every album was totally different from each other. With that said, I want this album to sound different, but I want it to have the TLC sound as in T-Boz raspy voice and Chili’s smooth vocals. And I want them to slice Left Eye’s interviews or old recordings of her being crazy on some of the songs. BC if this is the LASt album, you need her on there.

  11. Adrian LePeir October 26, 2016

    Eh. If anything, “Haters” sounds like the better of the two. “Joyride” sounds like some Radio Disney cheese.

  12. Danzou October 26, 2016

    I really like joy ride

  13. kiiiii October 26, 2016

    Jackie is dragging????

    • Mark111 October 26, 2016

      And making new accounts to make herself look good.

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        Girl please I don’t need to create accounts to give myself props like some other b****** on here. Stay pressed lukhas.

      • Mark111 October 26, 2016

        The ol get dragged, run to your other account and type “Ooh, [insert your own name here] is dragging” is old and played out. Do better.

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

        But wait b****, who the f*** dragged me? Knock it off and log onto your chaturbate perv.

    • Navy October 26, 2016

      ? B**** where, not in this post.

  14. Mark111 October 26, 2016

    Hahahahahaha, Ciara fans are arguing as if Ciara is or ever was on a TLC level of success… EVER! The group literally have no flops under their belt. Can’t say the same about Ciara. ?

    • #JACKIE October 26, 2016

      Well they have a PENDING flop on their hands, ugly høe. ?

      • Aaron October 26, 2016

        Ummmm TLC’s 2013 Greatest Hits album “20” Charted higher and sold more than Jackie. Now enuff said TLC>>>Ciara

  15. JuicyLipps October 26, 2016

    People can judge a song from one line…WOW

    The way of the world… SMH

  16. Truth(yaaasss honey) October 26, 2016

    Love love love them!! Both songs!!

  17. Tim Brown October 26, 2016

    It’s a no for me dawg…

  18. Dev October 26, 2016

    I’m not sure why these 50 year old women are singing a song with the title or word HATER. Joyride sounds okay but after all this time….

    • #JACKIE October 26, 2016


    • Tina Lord Roberts October 26, 2016

      Which one of them is 50?

      • MsThing485 October 26, 2016

        Every 15 year old kid thinks anyone older than 19 is 50.

    • Sandra October 26, 2016

      I get the point. They must be nearly 50 and even in their 40’s they shouldn’t be doing the whole haters thing. Chilli no matter how good she looks is 45 and t boz 46. I understand the whole classic tlc but they’ve done more mature songs in their prime time.

  19. Justin October 26, 2016

    I really enjoyed joyride waiting on this album

  20. weSlay October 26, 2016

    T-boz vocals mean songs really need to be tailored made the TLC way to fit what she can’t bring and that’s range.
    Don’t think Haters can cope without a rapper to fill it.

  21. fresj October 26, 2016

    I wish them well but without the unofficial third member, Debra Killings to fill out the vocals,Im almost certain the harmony sounds a little different. I’m in the minority here but TLC doesn’t need a new album,3D was a nice way to close that chapter.Continue to tour,release it indie not with a branch of the same label that had them broke at their peak!

  22. @ASAPicon October 26, 2016

    They’ll just have to do, because this album is long overdue.
    Joyride would be the better choice obviously. I really hope they have more in store. Because if this is the best they came up with, They should just give Katy Perry the only copy since she donated largely, and keep the rest.

  23. #TeamTinashe Stan (“Just Say” Is Available On iTunes/Spotify) October 26, 2016

    “Joy Ride” *sigh*……. sounds good but for an album cut but “Haters” please keep that in the nearest trash can in the studio. DO NOT RELEASE IT!

    I’m expecting more but I don’t want to hear whatever that sounds close to that “Haters” song.

  24. pat October 26, 2016

    the harmonies and chords on joyride are everything…trash the other one

  25. James227 October 26, 2016

    Love both songs. I’ll sure be buying

  26. eric October 26, 2016

    I like “Joy Ride”. The other song should never have been recorded, not by TLC or anyone else.

  27. Casual-T October 26, 2016

    Joy Ride is cool, but Haters just seems wrong coming from women in their mid-40s. I’m ready for this new era from them, though.

  28. Ashlee Michaels October 26, 2016

    I have to say, their vocals are on point! Sound exactly the same! Joyride is classic TLC, however, Haterz is bad. Trash that one. Obviously they wouldn’t release their best material before the US got it, so we have MUCH more to look forward to!!

  29. Danzou October 26, 2016

    How did this post get this bad?

  30. J October 26, 2016

    They really should work with The-Dream on this album. His music is 90s inspired with a modern twist. I feel like that is what they were going for but they need better production and lyrics… Hopefully there are better songs coming out.

  31. Elijah the pharaoh October 26, 2016

    I think TLC should scrap “haters” lbs I like what “joyride” might become. But TLC y’all been doing this since the 90’s classic hits. Now that it’s Tboz and chili they need to do tracks like “Red light special” scrubs,. Dig back into those industry connections and give us that rnb. It’ll be nice to consult with Lisa family to get a few of her unreleased vocals on some of the records as well it’s been ages since we’ve heard her. I think they’ll do really good if they take there time on this last album and figure what the fans want.

  32. Caleb October 26, 2016

    I can’t wait for this album!

  33. Justafan October 27, 2016

    Ok. Love me some TLC but…sounds cheap. They need another unique theme and solid effort ala CrazySexyCool or even Fanmail with a No Scrubs hit. I know they still have it in them. Come through

  34. The Legend Called Missy Elliott October 27, 2016

    These comments are giving me lifeeeeee baby! Thanks for making me smile.

    To the people that say these sound dated and cheap, wait for the first official single. These have album fillers stamped all over them.

  35. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 28, 2016

    Lol these comments are harlious nice song

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