Fifth Harmony Star Comes Out As Bisexual / Lashes Donald Trump Supporters

Published: Friday 18th Nov 2016 by Sam

A week on, Donald Trump‘s shock win in the US presidential election is still leaving an unfortunate taste in the mouths of millions.

One of those especially irked by the new president elect is Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui. 

In an open letter published in Billboard, the 20-year-old expresses her extreme frustrations with Trump, his supporters, and their shared beliefs.

Perhaps most notable were her reasons. For, she asserts: “I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and so proud.” An emphatic reference, no doubt, to Trump’s problematic stance on immigration, women, and the LGBTQ community.

Her candidness in specific regard to the latter is the first time the star has publicly discussed her sexuality.

The letter, though long, makes for a compelling read.

Check out it in full after the jump…

To every single Trump supporter trying to say that voting for Trump does not mean that you are racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, assholes… that you just like the way he didn’t really care what people thought and just said whatever he wanted… that he wasn’t a politician, so he wasn’t part of the establishment and didn’t have corrupt money backing him…

This is for you:

Your words are worthless, because your actions have led to the single-handed destruction of all the progress we’ve made socially as a nation. You have, with your pure ignorance and refusal to understand the way the government and the world works, allowed a power-hungry business tycoon to take over the United States of America. “The land of the free, the home of the brave, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.”


Restoring the America-that-was is only stagnating the progression of our consciousness. You voted for a person who built an 18-month campaign off the back of your hatred. He manipulated ALL of you with such ease by speaking to the darker parts of you that had started to feel ashamed about the way you viewed the “politically correct” world. He became your champion, because he spoke to the parts of you that think you are superior to the rest of us (just like Hitler did in Germany before the Holocaust! Just read his autobiography: Mein Kampf).

This politically correct world we’ve created, which is really just a world with social etiquette, where we have weeded out the language of racism and explained why, where we have established feminism as a growing notion of making women realize their validity and right to be treated as the full complex beings they are and men the same (which clearly needs A LOT of work considering how women across America, especially white women, voted for this man who insulted your very existence every time he opened his mouth or disrespected Hillary during his campaign), where we have had to create numerous labels to help queer people who didn’t fit the cis heterosexual mold feel valid and identified in a world where narrow-minded consciousness has made them feel invalid and invisible for so long. That’s the “politically correct” behavior you wanna get rid of? You wanna restore America to a world where the human beings around you feel scared to be themselves and live and love freely?

Apart from how selfish that is, it is so very un-CHRIST-like, because your God is watching and He knows your hearts and He is aware of the true reason you chose such a human to run the most powerful country in the world, and I promise you the God that I have come to know and love is intolerant of judgment and hatred. And I know this, because I was raised Roman Catholic in a Latin household and went to private Catholic school my whole life so I have studied WAY more than most of you have studied the religion or the Bible for that matter. The ONLY reason is your inability to accept the growing world around you. You chose hatred. Your heart chose to separate yourself as a superior when the only superior in existence in this entire universe is SO much greater than you.

Our “political correctness” that your champion, Donald Trump, so pointedly disregarded throughout his entire campaign and now with the appointment of his advisors and other government officials, is the language we have worked tirelessly to establish to feel safe in a world that never stops reminding us we are minorities. I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it. I am proud to be part of a community that only projects love and education and the support of one another. I am proud to be the granddaughter and daughter of immigrants who were brave enough to leave their homes and come to a whole new world with a different language and culture and immerse themselves fearlessly to start a better life for themselves and their families.

I am proud to be a woman. Proud that the sex between my thighs provides a strength and resilience in me that only other women can feel, that my body curves in ways that allow me to create life within me, that my entire life is filled with adversity and doubt and people questioning my intelligence and my artistic potential and my expression of myself and my virtue and honor because I am too much woman. I am proud that I get to prove them all wrong. I am proud that I have to work even harder for it. I was raised to feel that I can do ANYTHING, and I will always believe that. I am proud to feel the whole spectrum of my feelings and I will gladly take the label of “bitch” and “problematic” for speaking my mind the same way any man would be admired and respected for doing. But, I will also extend the fullest hand of compassion and empathy for anyone labeling me as such.

I also know that in my struggle of being a woman I am so very privileged. I was born with a lighter complexion and green eyes (thanks genetics) so from that narrow-minded perspective, I’m white. I have experienced the privilege those genes have granted me, and I am grateful and will continue to speak on behalf of the women around the world and in our very own country who do not experience a fraction of that respect because of the color of their skin or what they choose to wear, or how their hair looks, or how much makeup they have on or any other absurdity that we women are reduced to.

It’s truly disheartening to me to see so many beautiful women who have no idea what their potential is. This election made it blatantly obvious just how many women can’t see it. We have failed ourselves as a nation. We are the example for the world, and we have failed our fellow humans who were watching us with hope that we would not allow hatred to prevail. I have had the privilege of being in a band that has allowed me to travel all over the world. I cannot express the gratitude I have for this experience because it opened my eyes to so many things and has allowed me to view the world from such a simple perspective, a perspective that I understand not very many people have the opportunity to experience.

If I could tell every Trump supporter two things, it would be to travel and read a history book. Look beyond yourselves, look at how petty the morals you uphold seem when you realize we are not the only ones. Realize that your white skin is the result of immigration from Europe, that the only true “Americans” are Native Americans, who are indigenous people that inhabited this land before these conquerors from other countries (England, France, Italy, Spain) wiped them out almost entirely. None of us belong here but all of us deserve the right to feel safe and live our lives in peace. To not have to worry about potentially dying, or being electro-shocked, or beaten, or raped, or emotionally abused because our existence and/or choices for ourselves upset someone else. This is the world Trump is fostering. This is the division that has risen since the beginning of the campaign. We are not America indivisible any longer, we are united on two separate sides; Love and Hatred. We are not “whining” about our presidential choice losing, we are screaming battle cries against those whose political and personal agendas threaten our lives and sanity. We are making sure you hear us, no matter how much it bothers you, we EXIST. [Source]

Your thoughts?

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  1. MusicLife November 18, 2016

    Way too long for me to even want to read.

    Good for her though. She has always been my favorite from the group.

    • Derek Diaz November 18, 2016

      So this stupid broad is “proud” of being a pervert?

      She should never have been allowed into this great Country.

  2. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is 👑 November 18, 2016


  3. Kes November 18, 2016

    I just wanna f*** do I didn’t read that long a** statement

  4. Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

    This was an empowering read. I’m disappointed, but not surprised considering the platform here, by the preceding comments not caring about reading it because of how long it is.

    • Nothing but respect November 18, 2016

      Yet you’re displaying hate yourself, hence your users name. Moron.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        That’s what i’m saying 😩 look at this bitc#’s screen name.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        It’s most likely a Brandy fan. You know they’re just like there fav, extremely bitter 😣

      • Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

        All y’all mad? Coming for me because of my screen name? Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! I love how my presence threatens you so much that you have to comment like hypocrites with name calling. You q**** kids crack me up.

      • Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

        I’m definitely not a fan of serial flops from Georgia (Ci-Error and HOnica).

      • Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

        You’re hypocrites for calling me a moron when you don’t know a simple word like “username.” It’s not “users name,” sweetie.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        But girl, we’re not preaching, YOU ARE. So how are you going to take a stand, when you’re displaying hate yourself, for a Black woman at that. Also the fact that you’re calling us kids, i’m assuming you’re a grown ass adult acting like a damn fool..emulating exactly what you’re against. Damn hypocrite.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        Yet Ciara and Monica both have a certification this decade sweetheart while your fav’s last one was in 2000, so girl hush.

      • Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

        Mo had a certified what this decade (2010-present), a certified suga mama title? Ci only had a gold-certified digital single in that same period. Holla at me when either one of them earns a 5x platinum album. You can’t sit with greatness when my ONE diva TRUMPed both of your hasbeens.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        Living in the past I see. No wonder they call your girl a 90’s hasbeen…courtesy of her own label 😩

      • The princess is here, she’s, … Ci-Error! November 18, 2016

        @queen cici

        Ho don’t come for the extremely talented legendary Queen Brandy when you stan for a talent-less trashy flop (SHITara)

        You’re shade is as dry as your fave.

      • Hermaphrodite Ci November 20, 2016

        Yeah Georgia has so many flops.

        Ci-error the man, Monica the Brandy wanna be, Scary Killsong with her wanne be singer a*s, I’m surprised Smelly Rowland and Tunafish aren’t from Atlanta as well, since that’s the home of trannie flops who can’t sing! Good thing Queen B-Rocka is better than all of those talent-less has-benns combined! Yasssss Brandy u betta slayyyyyy with your super talented self, show all this pop girls how it’s really done and show them why you don’t mess with the queen!

    • Smelly Rowland November 18, 2016

      Lol, coming for the queen Brandy when you stan for a girl who can barely sing the ABC’s (Ciara.)

      Never Say Never >>>>>>>>>>>> anything Ciara the flop has ever done.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        Another troll account 😦 girl just stop. I’m literally embarrassed for you.

      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        😩😩 @ All these screen mames “Monica the flop, Yonce the great, Smelly Rowland, The princess is here, she’s, … Ci-Error”.

        Girl get a life, typical Brandy stan behavior.

      • Ciara the flop November 18, 2016

        queen cici, just accept the fact that your fave is a talent-less trashy flop. Brandy is respected in the r&b world for a reason. Your fave is only still talked about because of her baby daddy future. Don’t nobody care about SHITara’s music. The b*tch couldn’t even carry a tune if it was enclosed in a cardboard box and strapped to her. Ciara the man is more irrelevant than Monica the flop, Smelly Rowland, Mya, and Christina Milian all combined. It would be different if ciara had some talent but the only thing she’s good at is dancing like a stripper and getting smashed by every guy in the industry. She has no worth, no real value. Her music is as dry as your shade. Brandy is the true queen. She puts all these pop girls like ciara the flop to shame with just her vocals alone, no gimmics! There’s a reason that she’s called “the vocal bible.” Ci-error couldn’t even spell vocal.

      • Queen Cici November 19, 2016

        😂😭 @ you having a melt down, AND exposing yourself as a troll. Girl you are emulating your fav’s emotional instability. Please seek help asap 😂

      • Queen Cici November 19, 2016

        Btw girl, your avi’s are matching up 😂😂 psycho Brandy stan realness. So what other troll account are you going to use this time.

      • sleazy November 19, 2016

        bye last time brandy had a hit someone died oops

      • Hermaphrodite Ci November 19, 2016

        Kill urself

        Your fave is a talent-less useless old dried up hermaphrodite!

        The next time Ci-error has a hit the sun will be covered in snow!

      • Queen Cici November 19, 2016

        😂 Said the Brandy stan. We’re not in the 90’s anymore you psycho 😂

      • Queen Cici November 19, 2016

        😱😂 @ “bye last time brandy had a hit someone died oops”.

  5. Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

    I especially loved how she wrote this in an voice of empowerment rather than victimization.

  6. Yoncé The Great November 18, 2016

    I am really proud of this young woman. She had lots to say, and everything was on point. She is obviously well-read and educated and knows her America.

  7. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 18, 2016

    Wow who ever knew the girl was was so articulate. As most of us on this blog are astounded that Donald Trump won, it’s not that surprising. Many white people in this country feel alienated as it has now been presented to them that just being white doesn’t entitle you. They believe that America is theirs and solely so while the rest of us should be lucky enough to be able to breathe the same air as them. Whereas, it is multiple groups of people from a myriad of backgrounds who established the greatness of this country. Furthermore, Lauren must learn that many people are not okay with the new liberal expression of s*x in its many different forms. Many still believe that the institution of marriage is between a man and a woman as that structure is the only way to physically procreate. At the end of the day, we must learn to accept other people’s viewpoints in an effort to be more connected as a society

    • Rosie November 18, 2016

      I agree 100%
      I’m also tired of the media trying to push this “economic anxiety” narriative of poor whites in the Rust Belt. So sad about their small town losing its factory in the 80s and mainly blame the establishment/minorities/immigrants so they vote for…the definition of Wall Street elite?
      It’s hilarious. Their jobs are NOT coming back, ever, and their towns will be in worse shape than ever when he leaves.

  8. Queen Cici November 18, 2016

    Such a wonderful read. I’m going to post this on my Facebook.

    • Monica The Flop November 18, 2016

      Did you have an adult read that for you? She used too many big words for your first grade reading level.

      • Yoncé The Great November 18, 2016


      • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

        I see you’re upset for being called out 😣 Also, why even cosign yourself, miss yonce the great/Monica the flop, I mean weren’t you called out in that Monica post 😦 Girl, i’m embarrassed for you 😒

  9. #TeamTinashe Stan November 18, 2016

    Nothing thrills me these days when it comes to sexuality. Almost every new girl is bi such as Keke Palmer, Kehlani, and Tinashe (although she doesn’t gloat about it for attention).

    P.s is she the same girl that was in the Saturdays girl group in the UK who always was walking around with a baby stroller.

  10. Rosie November 18, 2016

    Not surprised at the negative response from some of you all. The kii is that y’all will be the main ones impacted by Trump’s presidency. Gay AND a minority (for the majority of you)? Y’all are screwed for real, just look at his cabinet picks.
    She was always my favorite from 5H and I’m so glad that people like her and many other millenials are finally standing up and saying/doing meaningful s***, other than a few white liberals who cry on Facebook about how the DNC “rigged” the primary against Bernie (they didn’t) while selling $300 artesian gold safety pins on Etsy because “solidarity!!1”

  11. Tori November 18, 2016

    How can you read America, tell them God is in control & tell how you know so much about God because you grew up in a Catholic school but adds oh hey, I’m gay sometimes at the end? Not judging you because you do what you want with your body & your relationship with God is your business but isn’t that kind of backwards? Keep you sexual preference to yourself.

    • Haters Gon’ Hate November 19, 2016

      And that’s the whole point. She can have her PERSONAL relationship with God AND be conscious / woke when it comes to standing proud for her communities. That is nobodies place to dictate to her what to do.

      Why should she keep her sexuality to herself? Who does that help? That’s called suppression. Just this one letter can help so many young people thinking they can’t have a relationship with God and be proud of their sexuality.

  12. Ciara the flop November 18, 2016

    This was an interesting read, but TGJ should simplify it so ciara fans can understand it too, that way everyone can be included.

    Just like how the songwriters always simplify the vocals for ciara because she isn’t capable of big vocal acrobatics like someone super talented such as Queen Brandy.

    • Queen Cici November 18, 2016

      Brandy come get your stan 😂😂

      • Ciara the flop November 18, 2016

        You’re lame just like your hermaphrodite fave.

  13. Kiii November 18, 2016

    Now this is what it means to have a voice. She has one and it’s empowering. You go girl

  14. Hermaphrodite Ci November 18, 2016

    Fück SHITara’s trannie lookin’ a*s.

  15. Indie November 19, 2016

    What a beautiful, intelligent, smart and strong young women she is… Using her platform to ne the true voice of billions that feel hurt and disappointed with the American Election that has left people around the world feeling, hurt, scared and disillusioned with the world right now to be honest.. This is the reason God gives people like her a platform, much respect, I’m a fun now

    • Honey g November 19, 2016

      What have her looks got to do with it?

  16. Tim Brown November 19, 2016


  17. D November 19, 2016

    Wait! If she wrote this alone she needs to go solo ASAP! This was so powerful. I’d actually buy her album if she came with music that felt like this.

  18. Biting Truth November 19, 2016

    Blah…blah…blah. She’s just pissed because Trump won and who she championed lost. That’s democracy, weirdo. Don’t like it? Well, then you’re free to leave. Hypersensitive clowns like her seem to be under the impression that they were owed consideration at the polls. Like I was supposed to think about what was good for her feelings and personal agenda, as opposed to my own. That’s the problem with snowflakes like her. They want the world to coddle them, and when it doesn’t happen they throw tantrums and have to be calmed with “safe spaces” and Play-Doh. That ends now. The left went too far with this SJW BS. The backlash against Political Correctness has been brewing for a while and is here!

    If the fact that so many came out to vote Trump into the presidency threatens her (and other weaklings like her) so much, then go away. Find some corny, utopian, gender-less society of ponies, unicorns, where you can be weird all day long and not have to ever grow up. But don’t expect me to placate your aimless, emotionally fragile bullsh!t here. Not doing it. Can’t wait until January 20th when Trump is inaugurated, and all the naysayers and protesters get another syringe of their November 8 defeat.

    I had to deal with Obama, it’s your turn to be annoyed. Suffer…

  19. MUSICHEAD November 19, 2016

    This was a great read! I am not a fan of the group and don’t know much about this girl but she has my respect for this letter! Everything she says about the ignorance and hate that drove people to vote for Trump is so true. Trump is the modern Hitler and his administration is going to wreak havok on this country.

  20. Everyone’s A Critic November 19, 2016

    Always loved her. You can see the fire in her! An amazing read. Understood and agreed wholeheartedly! Now I’m a bigger fan. I understand everyone has a right to have their own views and opinions, but this is what Kanye should’ve said!

  21. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 19, 2016


  22. Hermaphrodite Ci November 20, 2016

    Brandy is up there with Toni B, MJB, Whitney Houston, Aretha, Patti, and Anita Baker for the queen of r&b title! Mariah and Janet are the queens of pop though don’t get it twisted. Ci-error the hermaphrodite and monica the flop ain’t even in the conversation! Their careers are more dead than Aaliyah’s! Ha!

  23. Starxavi November 20, 2016

    Great read. And honestly it wasn’t that long at all. It was articulate, poignant, and made all kinds of sense. Kudos to her for speaking her truth and not being silent.

    On another note, the comments on this site are so out of hand. The comment section literally is a mirror to what this country is becoming. Divided, hateful, and disrespectful to your fellow humans.

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