Frank Ocean’s Surprise Album Release Backfires / Singer Reportedly Cannot Secure Physical Distribution

Published: Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 by Sam

Is Frank Ocean in the reddest of danger zones with new album ‘Blonde’?

According to a new report, the crooner has sunk into the deep end with the “surprise” release.

Find out how after the jump…

As widely chronicled here on That Grape Juice, Ocean caused shockwaves in the industry when he used visual album ‘Endless’ to fulfil his Def Jam/Universal contract only to release his “true” sophomore effort ‘Blonde’ days later independently.

Initially hailed as a masterstroke by some, others warned that drama lay ahead. And per Hits Daily Double, it’s finally begun to play out.

See, remember we reported that Ocean was on the hunt for major label distribution for ‘Blonde’ – which is still only available digitally?

Well, according HDD, that exercise has proven fruitless.


Because industry forces are allegedly unwilling to play ball with the reclusive star so as to send a message to other acts. “Such behaviour won’t be rewarded” seems to be the content of said memo.

The report verbatim claims that Ocean’s manager was turned down by all labels that he approached.”

Citing a source close to the label side of the situation, it’s said that the majors are not interested in doing “second-week releases.”

It’s somewhat of fair point given that it appears the desired partner label would not be entitled to returns from the initial “indie” sales of ‘Blonde.’

What’s more, things have gotten quiet with the project since its August debut. A reality which leaves no guarantee that reviving the LP would prove financially beneficial.


The whole situation is fascinating, as is the prospect of what’s to come.

Will Team Ocean continue to seek a physical distributor? Or will ‘Blonde’ sail to the island of irrelevance like so many releases before it? Whether the latter or the former, the next chapters of his career will be interesting.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Lana Lover November 3, 2016

    His bad

  2. Pat November 3, 2016

    Lackluster album anyway

    • meme November 3, 2016

      Agreed – there is no juice after the hyped up release. When all the smokes and mirrors are done, that is it. Same goes for “other” artist who depends on shock factor to get ppl running to purchase but all the singles flop and the albu mis forgotten. This album has no stand out tracks that can carry the album or get ppl excited again. And this is coming from a angry consumer who got caught up in the hype is legit purchase this album.

    • FRANKOCEANISSEXY November 4, 2016

      How? Did you even listen to the album? People are f****** stupid.

  3. Dustin November 3, 2016

    If Blond was even half as good as Channel Orange, maybe they’d be willing to take the risk.

    Unfortunately, Blond is pretentious and self indulgent.

    As someone that worked at and for labels for years, I’m glad it backfired. For all the bad labels do, it’s laughable and shows his hubris and arrogance that he would think labels would be chomping at the bit to distribute his release after biting the hand that feeds.

    • Trose November 3, 2016

      But labels screw artist over ALL THE TIME!!!!THEY get lions share and artists get pennies…TLC,Whitney, Toni, just to name a few…a taste of theor own karma is what this was. And if he doesn’t secure distribution SO still sold more then any other male act this year. The bulk of the sales are done anyway.

      • Dustin November 3, 2016

        That’s a bit of a false equivalency though because the artists you listed didn’t own any of their publishing because they are/were performers, not writers. Mariah wrote all her own s*** and she’s doing just fine financially. The industry for the better part of 2 decades really effected the ability for artists to make money but with streaming becoming such a major factor, even people that don’t own their publishing have been able to make good money. Good examples of this would be Rihanna and Britney. And labels get a lions share of the profits cause they spend a bunch of money up front to sign the artist with advances. Not to mention, I get it, the greed rubs people the wrong way but the muscle you get from a major label is unmatched.

      • Trose November 3, 2016

        Dustin I Def understand what you are saying business is business and no one put a gun to the artidts head to be in these positions to sign their name, but with that said as these newly enforced 350 deals (which was not done often back in the day)look out for the better interest of the label, Frank did what was best for him. They are mad cause he beat them at their own game.and as I said labels don’t put guns to artists heads to sign as willing slaves, same thing is applicable with frank they WILLINGLY allowed him to release endless and chose not to resign with them. He did nothing wrong it was all fair game.Never Personal,It’s Just Business.

    • FRANKOCEANISSEXY November 4, 2016

      How tf is blonde pretentious? It’s just as good if not better than CO.
      If anything you’re comment is pretentious. Trying to appear like smart human being. When you’re clearly a closed idiot with a short attention span.

      • Dustin November 4, 2016

        Lolol. First, I don’t qualify my opinions to strangers on the internet so I won’t touch on your personal attack on my intelligence. That being said, I don’t even think it’s an arguable point which album contains the better material. Taste is subjective. That being said, Channel Orange is almost objectively superior to Blond when measured by almost every conceivable metric.

  4. GEEZUS November 3, 2016

    His album will go GOLD off of Digital Downloads and SPS. In the end I doubt he cares seeing that he haven’t bothered to ask to update channel Orange’s sales certifications (PLAT in pure 2X SPS) and Thinking of You should be at least 3X Platinum by now

    • GEEZUS November 3, 2016

      Thinking Bout You*

  5. Queen Barb November 3, 2016

    This is the most overrated album of all time.

    • FRANKOCEANISSEXY November 4, 2016


  6. BeyIsKing November 3, 2016

    All the Frank Ocean b*** kissing…this album was just horrible nothing special. Beyond overrated.

  7. Mase November 3, 2016

    He’s not Beyoncé .

  8. TJ November 3, 2016

    The album was mediocre at best. The deliverance was just as boring as the title. I’ve heard much better from him. I’m a Frank Ocean fan but I’m not a fan of this album.

    • FRANKOCEANISSEXY November 4, 2016


  9. BCinKS November 3, 2016

    Is anybody even still listening to it? After the first couple of days, the buzz died down to almost 0. Same with Solange. These alternative R&B albums don’t seem to have much lasting power.

  10. keepit100 November 3, 2016

    im crying, he is actually talented, just trying to do his own thing and doesnt want to mesh with a major label unless its all his terms smh. started from nova-cane and now were here..

  11. B&B November 3, 2016

    Yeah I didn’t enjoy the album it makes me feel weird listening to the sings honestly. Somethings off about it. But I liked how he executed the album release and went #1, lol, if people weren’t so greedy he would’ve found a distributor by now.

    • B&B November 3, 2016


  12. Rosie November 3, 2016

    Most overhyped album of all time. Death at Twitter trending him every Friday with these corny ass “FRANK WHERE IS YOUR ALBUM??!!”, “Good morning to everyone except for Frank Ocean” memes only for it to be forgotten after a week. It’s sales were more frontloaded than Views.

  13. Theman November 3, 2016

    And if he had a physical release, he’d be selling a lot more. The physical release is imperative. It keeps the album afloat..

  14. cocobutta November 3, 2016

    Blonde has NOTHING on A seat At The Table

  15. @ASAPicon November 3, 2016

    Thats what he gets, Just play by the rules, your not that big…. His ego got ahead of him.

  16. @ASAPicon November 3, 2016

    The album was a snooze fest btw, I couldnt make it through

  17. Mark111 November 3, 2016

    Labels do look at how artists treat and say in public about them. What he did was smart IF he was going to stay inde and digital. But you can’t screw one label over and then go to the next and think that they will trust you. I don’t know who still buys Cds, but I do know his hype is gone and labels know they won’t make or sell any until months after the digital release. They would just lose money.

  18. room319 November 3, 2016

    He’s a writer – always a publishing check coming his way

    • XoMoDe November 4, 2016

      Well good for him, but I don’t see what that has to do with this topic.

  19. NiceWe Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 3, 2016


  20. DissGurl November 4, 2016

    I love Frank Ocean. I love Channel Orange but if we are going to be real, Frank Ocean isn’t a great sales artist to begin with. Channel Orange didn’t even sell a million with all the hype he had then. Plus, with the hype he generated for Blond(e) he should have sold more first week and by now, but probably would have if he had physical copies out when it was just released;just maybe. All in all, Channel Orange was a perfected art that captured the eyes of many because of the authenticity and heartfelt songs on it. Blond(e) was maybe genuine art, but it was however not authentic because it was obvious that Frank was trying real hard to be different and shock the public. It was “I’m gonna listen then album because everyone’s talking about it” kind of album and also a “I’m probably not gonna listen to this again album.” I must say Pink + White had me listening for two days though. Other than that, nothing special here. I live for Lana Del Rey, but she and Frank are the definition of one hit wonder that tried to thrive on the hype but got lost in it.

    • Coco November 4, 2016

      I absolutely agree with you

  21. Thando November 4, 2016

    LMAO Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears fans telling us what “quality music” is. Lol I loooooove this blog.

  22. XoMoDe November 4, 2016

    I guess the industry is done patting itself on the back, and feeling all “progressive,” about blinding propping this gay guy now that the novelty has worn off.

  23. Pat November 4, 2016

    I’m sorry but noone gives a f*** about Frank Ocean/Sea/Lake whatever…How dare u release one album and think you’re entitled to platinum/diamond sales automatically; and then take a break and release a surprise album like you’re that guy, ha! #tryagain

  24. Tina Lord Roberts November 4, 2016

    Frank is all smoke and mirrors anyway. His hype is forced and disingenuous. Wannabe hipsters on social networks name dropping him as one of their faves, trying to be alt-trendy. He and his music are a combination of boring, arrogant and weird. If he hadn’t done what he did for attention (you know what I’m talking about) few people would care.

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