Tinashe To Release New Project ‘NIGHTRIDE’ – Tonight

Published: Thursday 3rd Nov 2016 by Sam

Tinashe is made of many things – tenacity being one of characteristics at her core.

Indeed, while confusion rages on about sophomore album ‘Joyride,’ the rising star keeps her momentum moving.

Case in point ‘NIGHTRIDE.’

Announced moments ago, it was revealed that the set will land…tonight!

Details below…

Little was divulged about the project, but the 23-year-old did tell her 1.3 million follows:

New full length project available everywhere at midnight#NIGHTRIDE

Is it a mixtape? An EP? Or perhaps something akin to Miguel’s ‘Kaleidoscope Dreams’ which arrived in “parts”?

The answer is quite literally hours away.

Pending the reveal, this “tracklist” has been swirling around the net…



Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly November 3, 2016


    Gagging!! Girl what happened to Joyride?

    • #TeamTinashe Stan November 3, 2016

      It’s a mixtape fool. Joyride is still LP on delay.

      • XYZ November 3, 2016

        We all know it’s a lp that’ll never happen

  2. Hur November 3, 2016

    Better be on iTunes or Spotify… I
    Need new music ASAP !!

  3. LC November 3, 2016

    She never disappoints me so I’ll be checking for it. I’m glad she takes initiative.

  4. SlayLover November 3, 2016

    RCA is the worst label. Tinashe is so talented. She should be on Halsey’s level of recognition by now. I’m here for her!!!!

    • XYZ November 4, 2016

      Don’t think that it’a totally the labels fault. She still gets her songs out, can make videos to these songs, has a lot of features. But let’s be honest, no one is checking for her. That is the problem. She has like 10 songs out right now and no one cares

  5. TurkeyNoodleSavage November 3, 2016

    Looks like they took that 2nd album and turned it into something else ( mixtape perhaps ? ) She might be starting over from scratch . If so , GOOD ! she needs to take her time and develop a sense of direction .

    • Okayyyy November 3, 2016

      Right. I’m betting that this IS Joyride and she’s just gonna redo that album altogether. But hey, whatever works.

      • TheUrbanGent November 3, 2016

        Nope. This isn’t Joyride. She performed many of the songs off Joyride on the Joyride tour and the only song listed on Nightride that she actually performed on that tour is Ride of Your Life. None of the other songs are on here and she did a lot.

    • FAF November 4, 2016

      I prefer this idea
      K Michelle released her old songs on mix tapes and released from
      Jive signed a new contract then got to have an album
      Maybe that’s what Tinashe should do

  6. sleazy November 3, 2016

    ciara speechless cover

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan November 3, 2016

    I am so ready for this brand new mixtape as it is R&B. I literally begged her ass to give us a new mixtape and give us R&B vibes as she hasn’t since Aquarius.

    Tinashe could’ve dissolved a long time ago but she ain’t letting that label put her on the sideline bench to turn a flat tummy tea endorsement girl or do other things outside of music. That is usually what happens to the new girls. Record labels will tell them to wait and have them do TV shows, hosting, photoshoot and all nothing for music and they end up dissolving. Good for QueenTee!

  8. Black power November 3, 2016

    a lot of these tracks on this project were suppose to be on her original Joyride album before she went back in and re-recorded so hopefully she’s going back to the drawing boards.. I’m just happy she’s finally getting to release… but why wait to the day before to post something.. ughhhhh I really hate RCA. They’re doing her career more harm than good

  9. #Nicole Nation November 3, 2016

    This girl really likes “riding.”

    “Ride of your life”



    Next single Ride It Like a Rental

    There’s plenty of young boys out here who would love Tinashe to give them a “joyride.”

  10. YoursTruly November 3, 2016

    As long as it’s on iTunes/streaming I’m here for it. The talented sis needs some hype so she can build off that and hopefully bring in some mainstream success next year.

  11. cocobutta November 3, 2016

    I like Tinashe. Bundles of talents just got to keep a focal point on her sound just until she’s more established then mix the sounds that she loves.

  12. Jackx November 3, 2016

    company should have been on the album.
    that s*** goes hard

  13. Jackx November 3, 2016

    Can’t wait though, she never disappoints

  14. @ASAPicon November 3, 2016

    Ill give it a listen, The titles are intriguing enough. We shall see

  15. A&R November 3, 2016

    This could help hype her up… but I’m not sure dropping an album soon after would work… unless she drops this and then drop the album around Christmas. That could work only if this goes hard! I must go hard tho. I’m still waiting to see where she’s going as an artist. I’m not sure if she’s the chosen one just yet. I’ll continue to wait and watch.

  16. SailorMoon November 3, 2016

    when will this b**** stop already. She won’t get anywhere with all this free music she has.

  17. NiceWe Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 4, 2016

    Nice mixtape tracklist of songs

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