Mariah Carey Addresses Rumored Relationship With Dancer Bryan Tanaka

Published: Friday 25th Nov 2016 by Sam

Mariah Carey may not want to deem her new E! series a “reality show,” but her real life is certainly playing out like one. Dramatic twists and turns included.

One corner of her life where this is especially apparent is romance. As widely reported, the 46-year-old’s engagement to billionaire James Packer ended in explosive fashion last month.

One of the reasons touted in some reports was Packer’s allegedly disdain for Mimi’s intimate interaction with dancer Bryan Tanaka.

In the time since, Carey – who claims to be all about music and not mess – has been spotted parading up and about with Tanaka. Notably at paparazzi prone restaurants and at her Halloween Party.

Still, no official word has been given on their status (or lack-there-of).

The diva did, however, dish on Tanaka (and her recent split) in a sit-down with Entertainment Tonight to promote ‘Mariah’s World.’

Find out what she had to say about both topics below…

Mariah is not fooling anyone with this “oh it’s a docu-series about my tour” spiel. She’s clearly here for mess – and for that very reason we’ll be turning in when the show premieres Dec. 4th.

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  1. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? November 25, 2016

    I still can’t believe Mimi is doing a reality show ugh.

    • Gabe November 25, 2016

      Bryan Tanaka and Anthony Burrell are G A Y. They are homosexual. This is a DIVA and her two gay Bff’s having a good time. The media trying to convince who? THEY gay.

      • Danny Beys November 25, 2016

        I know Anthony is. But Bryan? Where’d you get this tea from?

      • Jamie November 25, 2016

        Neither of them are gay. Anthony has a child and family. Bryan has a girlfriend.

      • LISA LEVINE November 26, 2016

        Ladies. Do NOT be fooled by Anthony having a child. In ATL it is a known FACT that anthony is Gay, and Bryan. Its 2016 just because a guy has a nice body and wears a pair of Tims and a fitted does not means he’s straight. These Mean are GAY. Many a gay man has a child, evidently had when he was young. Gay Gay Gay

    • ? November 25, 2016

      She wants to be JLO so bad

      • TheLambBam November 26, 2016

        I think you may be misinformed. J-lo? Mariah clearly wants to be no one but Mariah. And also, she don’t know her.

      • ? November 26, 2016

        She copied her JLO by having twins(boy and girl), idol and now the dancer.

      • Jasmine November 27, 2016

        Keep on thinking that but it is clear Mariah wants to be Mariah and no one else.

  2. LmfaoHoe November 25, 2016

    Well….he looks good, way better than her fiance by far.

  3. King November 25, 2016

    Yeah I thought that they were gay.
    But i heard Anthony Burrell used to go with Rihanna early in her career.
    I guess but yeah they give me gay

    • Chileplease November 25, 2016

      Anthony is definitely gay. I have plenty friends that know him

    • Danny Beys November 25, 2016

      Yea I’ve seen Anthony once or twice in a gay club here in West Hollywood with some “friends”

  4. Will November 25, 2016

    They could also be bisexual.

    • Will November 25, 2016

      Lot of those people are around good looking people all he time. I feel like you couldn’t help but be sexually fluid.

    • LISA LEVINE November 26, 2016

      bisexual? Gay? if you put a D_ick in your mouth or b*** — Gay.

      • THE REAL November 26, 2016

        It’s that kind of thinking within the LGBT community that helps perpetuate dated stereotypes regarding sexual orientation for straight ppl. Good work @LisaLevine *sarcasm included*

  5. Kitty Puurrzz November 25, 2016

    This h** gets around .

    • OMG Logic!!! November 26, 2016

      She’s been with like 5 people in 20 years. J.H** on the other hand…

  6. Jason November 25, 2016

    I’m a day one lamb, but she’s getting on my damn nerves!! Can you just be legendary, and not try to be a 20 year old?! It’s time, I can’t!!

    • Mariah Carey November 25, 2016

      I’m not even 20 yet dahhling, I’m eternally twelve!

      • Jackson November 26, 2016

        Eternally delusional too!

      • Bish in Africa November 26, 2016

        Ur avatarrrrr

  7. Mark November 26, 2016

    Anthony is definitely bi. I know a lot of people who know him. Not sure about Bryan

  8. Theman November 26, 2016

    Mariah is Mariah & she looks dayum gooood.. Sam is always making something out of nothing….

  9. Cinnamon Girl November 26, 2016

    Mariah sit your old crazy flabby ass down and take care of those babies. You’re pushing 50! This is not cute!

  10. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 26, 2016


  11. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 26, 2016

    That right on jay-z birthday December 4th

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