Monica Announces Departure From RCA Records

Published: Thursday 17th Nov 2016 by Sam

As the New Year looms, so too do new horizons for R&B singer Monica.

Because, in a surprise announcement, the Grammy winner revealed today that she is leaving RCA Records – her label since the start of her career.

Full story below…

In an entry shared on Instagram, the 36-year-old posted the pic and quote below…


I want to say thank you to RCA and their ENTIRE STAFF… for more than half my life we have been family. It’s been an honor to be on the same contract for two decades. I grew up with you all. So many moments that changed my life because of your belief in me… Peter, Keith, Carolyn, Trevor, Theola, Russ, all of Radio all of the street teams soooooo many of you have been influential in the woman and artist I’ve become. Our contract may have ended but the love is FOREVER …… There’s a level of respect and dignity that has come with the ALL the hits we’ve made❤️to Clive Davis.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! I know most your grey hairs were because of me in my teenage years LOL but you believed I could sing any genre & with you I did… Love Forever …

The parting of ways dissolves a union that dates back to the 1995 release of Monica’s debut album ‘Miss Thang.’

Originally signed to Arista Records, she would go on to release LPs under the leadership of much of the same team as the Sony label shape-shifted over the years (see: J Records and more recently RCA).

Like every seasoned career, Mo has enjoyed highs and lows, comebacks and set-backs.

With a clean-slate in front of her, it’ll be interesting to see where she steers her career moving forward.

She seems to be playing in the TV space more these days, per her frequent hosting spots on ‘The Real.’

But we’re hopeful she seizes any such platform to assist the reigniting of her music. She has a dedicated core audience and a number of R&B classics to her name. Hence, she has a guaranteed set of folk that would readily welcome fresh material and see her on the road too. Put simply, she is still commercially viable.

Fingers crossed the months and year ahead see her work that to her advantage.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cisco November 17, 2016

    No wonder there hasn’t been no album . This new music needs to shift in this direction!! Something?!

    • LISA LEVINE November 17, 2016

      What happen to the passion? energy? of Monicas first 3 cd’s : BEFORE YOU WALK OUT MY LIFE? THIS AND THAT? ANGEL OF MINE? MISTY BLUE? INSIDE? WHY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH? Her new music is boring and uninspired. Thats why the public has walked away from her

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        You clearly haven’t been listening to her music than because Still Standing and Code Red are great albums. Code Red is the best R&B album released all year. Since After The Storm she been every other after. Makings of Me and New Life were trash tho.

      • I love talent November 17, 2016

        I agree Mark, “Still standing and Code Red” are amazing albums.

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

        Code Dead on Arrival, New Life Alert and Still Limping were all boring flops, and RCA finally had enough of HOnica.

      • Monica The Flop November 17, 2016

        Hurricanes Beyoncé, Ciara, Keyshia, Rihanna, Monica, Mary, Jennifer and Fantasia (just to name a few) made Monica irrelevant. Next!

      • Kia November 18, 2016

        Itvseems to me since monica n rocko havent been together theres no pain going on she has all love in her eyes right now

      • Hermaphrodite Ci November 19, 2016

        Code Dead was f**king trash.

        I’d rather listen to Jackie!

    • ? November 17, 2016

      Pay homage to MONICA she’s stayed afloat while all her peers(Brandy,Aaliyah,Mya) crashed and burned.

      • J November 17, 2016

        It was fate that took Aaliyah. So you cant put Aaliyah in that category

      • Jason November 17, 2016

        You can’t put Aaliyah in that group, because it was fate. Damn I miss her.

      • ? November 17, 2016


    • K.Ell November 17, 2016

      She does have an album CODE RED!! Which did great

      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Maury Povich said that was a lie. Code Dead on Arrival tanked before it became available for sale…LOL

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016


    • Yoncé The Great November 17, 2016

      Meanwhile, Beyoncé is on the same contract for 20 years and is still going platinum with no label support. Kii

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016


      • SMH November 17, 2016

        Lol another day, another beyonce fan delusion. She has been a Sony product from day 1 until now. So just stop.

      • RCW November 17, 2016

        Not true

    • ? November 17, 2016

      They should’ve released a greatest hits album for Christmas

  2. John November 17, 2016

    I Personally think she needs to sign to Eone. They do a great job with artists like her. Since she is a mature artists she needs a home that supports her maturity

    • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

      E1 is a great look, a nice safe haven for R&B hasbeens that could’ve been great.

    • Credits November 17, 2016

      She seems a lot more mature but let’s not forget that she is only a year older than Beyoncé.

  3. Brent Christopher November 17, 2016

    she was clearly ASKED to leave. she clearly did NOT make this decision on her own. Monica has not pushed 1 million units combining the sales of her most recent 3 albums. the label isn’t making any money from her album sales, touring or otherwise, product endorsements. there is no avenue, including streaming, where Monica excels. as a result, RCA can no longer bank a coin from their investment into her career. there’s simply no point or purpose in keeping her signed. THAT is what has happened and I know this information first hand. it is really SAD and truly UNFORTUNATE the ways in which our shining R&B stars are being treated by their business associates, the buying public and music industry overall. Monica, Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Usher and the others of their caliber cannot catch a break in the climate of today’s commercial sphere.

  4. Paulo November 17, 2016

    I’m glad and grateful for their partnership throughout the years as I’m a huge stan for Monica and love her discography. however the promo roll-out for anything after Still Standing was A MESS! I hope there’s a major deal in the cards for her but at the same time I don’t see them investing in talent her age which is a shame. I’ll be perched on new music from her always so to me it doesn’t really matter tho

  5. Brent Christopher November 17, 2016

    she was clearly ASKED to leave. she clearly did NOT make this decision on her own. Monica has not pushed 1 million units combining the sales of her most recent 3 albums. the label isn’t making any money from her album sales, touring or otherwise, product endorsements. there is no avenue, including streaming, where Monica excels. as a result, RCA can no longer bank a coin from their investment into her career. there’s simply no point or purpose in keeping her signed. THAT is what has happened and I know this information first hand. it is really SAD and truly UNFORTUNATE the ways in which our shining R&B stars are being treated by their business associates, the buying public and music industry overall. Monica, Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Alicia Keys, Usher and the others of their caliber cannot catch a break in the climate of today’s commercial sphere.

    • Jimmy November 20, 2016

      This isn’t a surprise….once JRECORDS was absorbed into RCA I knew it was over for her. With New Life she started out good with Anything To Find You w/Rick Ross…..but then they obviously wanted to push Brandy and put out that awkward It All Belongs to me b.s out…..New Life should have went platinum (as Still Standing should have which moved over 700,000), as she had commercial singles via the deluxe release, but no promo or no drive. Actually from After The Storm up until Code Red all of her albums should have been at least 1 million or at the very least 500,000. She should have no reason to ever have had a dry spell in sales or anything less than solid numbers,so there is some fault that lies with her and her management and not just the label. Her career has been interesting as she should be in the forefront of R&B for the millenials, but I guess she didn’t want that. Wonder if LA Reid would sign her to Epic? That would be an interesting pairing.

  6. RCW November 17, 2016

    That’s amazing and unheard of…artist get dropped left and right. They sign contract after contract, but Monica has been with the same label for two decades! Way to go Mo! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

  7. Muffy November 17, 2016

    Her music has been DRY DRY DRY since 06. YAWNica.

    • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016


      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Apparently, Monica has paid for bots to like all the comments that are pro-Monica and thumbs-down all the rest because Monica never got this much action on a TGJ post.

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        Girl you sound dumb as fk, paid bots…stfu.

  8. cocobutta November 17, 2016

    1995-2016 with no dropping let that sink in.

    Still Standing was the last decent promo Monica had that was amazing as an album. New Life had a few gems but was flat overall for me and Code Red although different and some excellent songs for Mo received no label love other than putting it out basically.

    This was due from after New Life really but salute to the longevity of being under one label team but in the meantime she is doing great as a guest on The Real.

    My top 3 Monica albums:
    After The Storm and Miss Thang then Still Standing.

    The Boy is Mine CD was probably Monica’s most complete in terms of commercial collection of songs with R&B/Pop feel.

    • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016


    • Paulo November 17, 2016

      back when it was released I thought the same about New Life but it’s a slow burner cause nowadays I think it’s super solid. Monica’s only less-than-good album is Makings of Me and even that had some gems. I looooove The Boy Is Mine I don’t see it as an album with a theme but it’s bop after great vocals after bop after great vocals!
      My Top 3 would be After The Storm, Still Standing then The Boy Is Mine.

      • SdotB January 19, 2017

        @Paulo, yesss! I Agree 100%! When New Life came out I thought it was just ok, but lately I’ve been getting “new life” with New Life lol. Always loved It All Belongs.., Daddy’s Good Girl, and now getting life with Big Mistake and Amazing!

        All of Monica’s albums were complete solid efforts, even Code Red…she had lots of gems on that.

        I’m very interested in more music, even if she doesn’t get much shine.

    • Rebecca S for Queen Bey, Princess Rih, and R&B legend Monica November 17, 2016

      My top three would have to be:

      1-Miss Thang
      2-Still Standing
      3-Code Red

  9. Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

    Monica should’ve been dropped back in 2006, but when you do “favors” for certain women in the industry when your baby daddy and later husband don’t know, you can stay on board for one more album and another flop and another flop.

    • Mark111 November 17, 2016

      Why when she been doing better then her peers and later artists? Most out lasted Brandy by two decades, out lasted Ciara and sold more than her past 4 flops, Kelly Rowland, Keri and so many others in the R&B field. Don’t forget this is the same label Ciara was dropped from while MO were kept.

      • FAF November 17, 2016

        Lie after lie

        Monica last gold album does not equate success as far as ad campaigns making millions and having gold and platinum singles

        U stay bringing up Ciara
        They all outlasted Aaliyah

      • Paulo November 17, 2016

        that’s twisting reality. Monica’s last Gold album still SOLD Gold while these “successful campaigns” fail to actually sell that. I’m not gonna drag Ciara (love her too) but he is right – a lot of R&B acts including CiCi crossed over and then tumbled down on the sales front while Monica’s last crossover record happened 13 years ago and yet she’s still pulling ok numbers without major radio support. she’s not a blockbuster act but you cannot frown on that

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        F.A.G. Lies? It’s all facts. MO last gold album was in 2010,Brandy’s? Her last platinum album was in 2003, again, Brandy’s? MO never Ben heavily promoted so save the lies. Brandy was everywhere with 2/11 and no one cared. Even her label said they lost money with that flop so save the lies. And she was dropped from Atlantic after her 4th flop and dropped again after Hu-man. Matter of fact her current label won’t let her out of the contract because she own them money. Even Aaliyah success is more recent than Brandy’s and she passed in 2001.? ?

    • RCW November 17, 2016

      You’re mad lol

  10. B2B November 17, 2016

    Monica is such a classy act. A true R&B vet. Code Red IS a really good album and I honestly think Alone in Your Heart could’ve been a smash for her with the right promo. There are a few other songs that could’ve did well.

  11. Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

    Just like her alleged beef with Brandy this “departure” love letter is overly dramatic. This is probably Mo saving face after being dropped, of which the label wont clap back because she is being overly nice. As far as being on the same contract for 21 years, that is nothing to brag about when Brandy has been on four label contracts and outsold Mo. Girl, bye.

    • I love talent November 17, 2016

      You seem so pressed, I mean four or five negative comments in? God bless you.

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

        Monica, is that you? If so, then you know who I am, and the T can start spilling, sis. Don’t put God’s name in your evil mess. You were dropped and were supposed to be dropped looooooong ago, sis.

      • I love talent November 17, 2016

        Girl, seek help. Have a good day.

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

        The fact that you counted my number of comments has a huge part of you pressed…truth hurts.

      • I love talent November 17, 2016

        I’m pressed because I counted how many negative comments you left? Listen, as i’m reading through the post, your negativity was clearly visible, 4 or 5 comments in. If you don’t like an artist, why leave so many negative replies? That kind of behavior, is the definition of pressed. Once again, have a good day.

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

        Correction. Pressed is when you have to keep replying to me in order to prove a point that you’re not pressed. It’s just like bothering yourself to tell me that you’re unbothered. Shall I break that down in simpler terminology for you?

    • Mark111 November 17, 2016

      Brandy was dropped by each and every label, while the last one called her a flopping has been. Brandy only outsold MO with her first two albums and that was way back in 94-98. From 2003 and up, every Monica album out sold Brandy’s. Brandy haven’t had a hit nor a #1 album in the past two decades. Most had a #1 in 2003 and a few top 10s since. Nice try.

      • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

        Brandy’s last #1 hit was “Put It Down” in 2012. Monica’s was in 2010. Try again. Two Eleven outsold Mo’s last two albums COMBINED. Try again with receipts, dahling.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        #1 on what chart?

      • Paulo November 17, 2016

        Put It Down was not a #1 hit. Two Eleven could not even top New Life’s first week sales with a radio hit, something the latter lacked – so try again with the sales comment. speaking of singles, Monica holds the distinction of being the only artist to top the R&B charts in the 90s, 00s and 2010s – ask Billboard about those receipts. when will your fav? at the end of the day Monica released three albums this decade and Brandy is still struggling to release her second. I dunno why the f*** Brandy and her stans are so pressed over Monica but this needs to STOP.

      • MUSICHEAD November 17, 2016

        Your math is off. Full Moon definitely outsold After The Storm. Afrodisiac definitely outsold The Makings of Me. Human outsold New Life and Two Eleven outsold Code Red. Let’s not forget that Put It Down reached #1 in 2012, and The Girl Is Mine hit #1 on the US dance charts and went Gold across Europe this year. Oh and Beggin and Pleadin reached #2 on Billboards trending singles chart this year as it also reached #1 on the Billboard Digital Blues chart. Don’t forget to tune into the Soul Train awards. I hear Brandy was celebrated or something like that lol.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        Put it Down was #65 on the hot 100 and #3 on R&B & Hip Hop. Do again what chart? See Brandy stans lives in a delusional made up world. Brandy’s last #1 on hot 100 was Have You Ever and #1 on R&B was with Boy Is Mine. Both in 98. She never had a #1 album (Aaliyah and MO did) and only albums that were #1 on R&B was Full Moon and 2/11. Funny when the numbers comes in, it shows that Brandy really was a flash in the pan.

      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Y’all are not going to be dragging Miss Brandy. “Put It Down” was #1 on the R&B chart two years after Monica’s last #1 on the same chart. And yes, Brandy’s Two Eleven did outsell Monica’s last two albums. Deal.

      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Brandy never had a #1 album but managed to outsell Monica, Aaliyah, Mya, Tamia and all the other one-name girls that came out as solo act during the 1990’s. #1 albums mean nothing when they don’t outsell the #2 and #3 and #20 albums, girl.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        Actually that is a lie. I just researched that Brandy’s first album is 4 times platinum but only sold 2M to date. Being MO wasn’t the only one overshipping units to get plaques back in the day. Aaliyah first album sold 2M before she passed and another million after, making it at 3M to date. Brandy only big run was Never Say Never, and that was with MO’s help. You fools were fooled into thinking Brandy was huge because you seen her once a week with her TV show. But when you look at the numbers, she wasn’t doing any more than the other girls.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        2/11 186k to date.
        New Life 196k to date.
        Human 2008 214k
        Still Standing 2010 450k.
        AfroFlop 416k
        Makings of Me. 328k
        Code Red 28k
        Brandy can’t get a release state. Pending.

      • Monica The Flop November 17, 2016

        Mark111 making up stats again. It’s no wonder she gets dragged everyday on TGJ

    • Jason November 17, 2016

      Since you want to bring up Brandy, does she even have an album certification this decade? Also if Monica is such a flop, why is she ranked # 20 on the top rnb artist, while Brandy is ranked #45?

      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Provide receipts on that lie.

    • Jason November 17, 2016

      Why are Brandy fans so pressed, and full of delusion? I mean I guess you all are just emulating your bitter fav, who by the way is constantly having meltdowns on twitter.

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        Randy and her stans are so jealous of Monica in more ways than one. I actually blame Brandy stans for the latest beef. It was the Scars that went out their way to start a Wanna be Down challenge when no one asked for one and it was only out of spite because of the So Gone challenge going viral. And it was them that asked Brandy to do the ACTUAL viral challenge is when she had to be bitter. And just in this comment section, Brandy stans came out of nowhere, why? Because Monica never been dropped from a label and been on the same one for 20 years, but they calling HER the flop when Brandy been hop scorching labels for the past 20 years. ?

      • Queen Ci November 17, 2016

        Jealous??? Comedy is your thing because you have me gagging.

      • Jason November 17, 2016

        Speak that truth Mark. Her fans are always talking s***, all the while, Brandys over there signing flop deals, having melt downs, and being sued by her record label, who by the way called her “A has-been that hasn’t seen success since 2000”.

    • SMH November 17, 2016

      Monica obviously has you bother beyond belief, since you’re responding to every comment on this post. Are you a disgruntled ex-employee of hers or something? lol.

  12. Gee November 17, 2016

    Honestly Clive Davis wanted to make Monica that superstar that he had hand in making Whitney when she first started and between her first two eras he was on that path. Somewhere in between Monica wanted to go in a different direction and she did. I can say post 2010 her music has lacked the passion and depth and things fell flat. Hopefully Monica can this new chapter in her career and maximize it to the greatest potential.

  13. Truth Hurts November 17, 2016

    Meanwhile Brandy has been dropped from 4 different lables LMAOOOO

    • Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016

      And managed to outsell Monica…that’s the real gag. LOL

      • SMH November 17, 2016

        Um, Brandy hasn’t outsold Monica in over 10 years. Try again.

  14. I love talent November 17, 2016

    I love Monica, so talented, beautiful and intelligent. I have every single one of her albums, and I must say, she is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

  15. Mark111 November 17, 2016

    As she should, because Code Red is a great album and she did her part. Horrible single choices, she took the chance with the album itself, but released the most safe singles off of it. Although she was on Asrtisa and then J Records, because they were smaller labels and R&B driven, she had a team that was focused on her. When J Records and Jive folded with RCA, all the urban acts were left to the side to die. From Usher, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, even Britney Spears were pushed to the side. Justin Timberlake seem to done well, but that’s because she hopped full pop. But even RCA originals are flopping, from Xtina to Kelly Clarkson. It’s just a bad label and I can see it folding to Sony soon. First of all I didn’t know RCA was a Sony division, so under that giant umbrella all those artists and Beyonce, 90s Mariah and Adele are label mates in a way.

  16. Meteorite November 17, 2016

    I wonder now does this mean will Monica be going the independent route or is she going find another label? Hopefully her next project has some bounce to it, I want to hear a fun record from her.

    – Now if only I could get Christina to leave RCA? ?

  17. King November 17, 2016

    This is interesting for the most part.
    I’m happy for her I hope she read the fine print in her new contract. She’s has to do a lot now because they are going to consider her a new artist at the new label.
    Hopefully the promo train will be better this go round.
    I bet she really just fulfilled her contract so she moved on.

    • MUSICHEAD November 17, 2016

      Being a veteran artist at a new label sucks because the executives already have their favorites and you have to prove yourself all over again. The only way it can work is if u already have a close relationship with the label heads. Mariah hated Island Def Jam after LA Reid left and that’s why she followed him to Epic.

      • Paulo November 17, 2016

        but what is LA doing for Mariah lately tho? nothing

  18. Rebecca S for Queen Bey, Princess Rih, and R&B legend Monica November 17, 2016

    My girl, 20 yrs, wow! “MissThang all the way to Code Red” are on constant repeat. Love you Mo, and looking forward to everything you have in store.

  19. MUSICHEAD November 17, 2016

    If she’s smart, she’ll stay away from the major labels. Although she only did 2 albums with RCA (New Life and Code Red), they did not prioritize her as an artist like the team at J Records did and even Arista when she was signed there. Monica has been really lucky to get picked up each time her labels were dissolved but I hope she realizes that she can do better independently. All she needs is a distribution deal.

    • Credits November 17, 2016

      It wasn’t “luck” when she got picked up each time the labels were dissolved, Clive Davis knew exactly what he had.

      • MUSICHEAD November 17, 2016

        He didn’t take all of his artists with him. And Monica was never a huge seller.

      • Rebecca S for Queen Bey, Princess Rih, and R&B legend Monica November 17, 2016

        @ Credits, I agree. Clive new what he had.

    • Credits November 17, 2016

      @musichead, you proved my point exactly. He never took all of his artists with him but he kept Monica. Watch the interviews he did with her in 2012 when her and Brandy were headlining his Grammy party, right before whitney’s death.

  20. Diana, The Empress Of Pop November 17, 2016


  21. K.Ell November 17, 2016

    Monica is a GREAT artist and that reflects in ALL of her work! No artist out there makes music like their old music. You have to think about what will sell in today’s society and what people want. She’ll be fine whether she goes indepent or stays at a label.

  22. Yoncé The Great November 17, 2016

    Beyoncé has been under her Columbia Records contract since 1996, and she doesn’t look like she’ll be getting dropped any time soon for putting out an album that is code dead. #sipstea

    • Yoncé The Great November 17, 2016

      #sipslemonade ROTFLMBAO

      • cocobutta November 17, 2016

        Diana, The Empress Of Pop says:


        If you changing account be original at least ?

        #clocked #changingfaces

  23. Kitty Puurrzz November 17, 2016

    An R&B veteran. Put some RESPEK on Monica name.

  24. BeyBeautiful November 17, 2016

    Musically Monica is tired like most 90s rnb acts. She should look into motivational speaking, hosting Atlanta hair shows or being a flat tummy spokesperson. No shaaaade.

  25. ATL November 17, 2016

    I wasn’t even born in 95 when Monica came out, and I became a fan at 10, because my sisters would blast her music. I absolutely love everything about her, from her voice, to her beauty, to her intelligence. Simply put, she’s amazing to me.

  26. Fresj November 17, 2016

    I love both Brandy and Monica and I don’t understand how it turned into bash Brandy thread.

    Someone said Brandy’s debut is 4xPlatinum but only sold 2 Million, it’s called shipments. Shipments are counted as sales because the retailer actually still paid for the album. If that’s the case Monica’s debut and sophomore albums are only platinum because they only sold 1-1.5Million in actual consumer sells.Still standing hasn’t moved 500,000 copies and it still got certified gold.

    There seems to be a general delusion going on about the quality of Monica’s music here as well. The Makings Of Me was Monica’s last great album.Still Standing had more radio friendly material but TMOM overall was a better set. I’ve been rocking with Monica and Brandy since 94 & 95 both artist haven’t released anything worth salt in YEARS. Brandy’s last good album was Afrodisac and Monica’s was The Makings Of Me.Code Red was trash! Straight garbage its her most uninspired tepid collection of songs EVER.New Life was almost garbage if it weren’t for like 2 really great songs.
    They both are past their commercial prime.Brandy actually had a top 5 last year in the Uk.They should do a tour together. It would be dope!

    • Grape Grape November 23, 2016

      Sorry I have to disagree….Monica’s debut SoundScanned 1.5 million but was certified triple platinum due to the three million CD’s shipped and bought by the stores…..The Boy Is Mine soundscanned over 2 million but was certified triple platinum due to the shipments…..Still Standing soundscanned over 700,000 units and received a gold certification. She was more of a singles driven artist when she first hit the scene which is the bulk of her sales…

  27. SMH November 17, 2016

    Monica earned her status as an R&B Icon. 20 years on the same label for an R&B act is basically unheard of. Kudos to her for staying true to herself and the art of R&B. So these bitter comments (which are most likely just one troll with several different accounts) can keep coming; Monica will still be an R&B Icon and y’all will still be bitter.

  28. Credits November 17, 2016

    I’m sick of you guys comparing Brandy and Monica. The facts are this: today, Monica stands as one of the most commercially relevant r&b singers to emerge from the 90’s. Code red outsold usher’s latest. And then there was the so gone challenge. People still check for Monica, go see nicki minaj’s instagram right now. People just genuinely like her. She’s been with the same label for 20 years, so yes that is a celebration. As for Brandy, she is the vocal bible no matter how much she sells.

    • cocobutta November 17, 2016

      ? the Woman serves 21 years and instead of everybody showing respects to her they bring up Brandy and whoever else.
      Dear anyone trolling it’s not that kind of party, it’s a CELEBRATION BISH ??

      • Credits November 17, 2016

        Right! I preordered code red last year. Monica is one of the realest left and all of her peers seem to think so too. She has great relationships in this industry, so she’ll be fine. Right now she is killing it on ‘the real’ talk show. Just ask ‘patricia’ lmao.

  29. Terny November 17, 2016

    Monica.. R&B & Music royalty! I gatz a tonne of respect for this lady right here.

  30. #JACKIE November 17, 2016


    • cocobutta November 17, 2016

      Definitely NOT JACKIE!!
      Honesty, Truly…. ?

      • #JACKIE November 17, 2016

        Definitely NOT Code Dead.

    • RihUp November 17, 2016

      Didn’t Code red out sell “Jackie” though, I mean how are you going to throw shade when everyone is out selling your manly fav.

      • #JACKIE November 17, 2016

        Both outsold Anti #460 b****

      • RihUp November 17, 2016

        ? You mad, you fatherless ugly f.a.g. Stop throwing shade, when you stan for Laverne C**’s body double.

      • #JACKIE November 17, 2016

        Ciara has EVERYTHING your herped up fave wants! Beauty, a husband and a FAMILY. All BANKRUPThanna has is her Wiz Khalifa looking ass sidekick. Try again ugly.

      • Rihup November 17, 2016

        ? Oop, somebody’s mad. Stay mad, with your ugly ass.

  31. @ASAPicon November 17, 2016

    Shes gotten comfortable and lazy in her craft

    • #JACKIE November 17, 2016

      Plus she’s FAKE.

      • RihUp November 17, 2016

        ? Said the two Ciara stans. The shade indeed writers itself.

  32. RihUp November 17, 2016

    I love me some Monica!

  33. HOWYOULIKEIT November 17, 2016

    Monica always had great music. I love all of her albums from Miss Thang to Code Red. But i think she has that particular sound and needs to go in a different direction musically.
    Good luck girl

  34. Chance the Rapper stan November 17, 2016

    I knew it had to be a Doves vs Starz stan war. That’s the only way a Monica or Brandy post can get 100 posts. #HasBeens

    • Credits November 17, 2016

      Has beens? Wait…hold up!!! Didn’t chance the rapper start the so gone challenge? ??

      • Chance the Rapper stan November 17, 2016

        What does that have to do with her being dried up?

  35. ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

    BuT what I want to know is HOW could ANY Cerror I mean Ciara fan talk about ANYBODYS album sales when it’s a known fact that she is the Queen of FLOPs and underperforming albums! 6 albums released and only 2 of them are platinum, and that was way back in 06 and it’s almost 2017! That says a lot! But I mean when your ONLY talent is dancing how many times can you remix it to get a hit?!? ???

  36. Smoove Jones November 17, 2016

    Good luck to her and her future endeavors. As far as Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah and even Mya goes they all slayed. We will never see four young African American R&B female singer dominating the music industry the way they did. Each girl has their own style and flair.

  37. @ASAPicon November 17, 2016

    Thumbs down all yall want, Its truth….. Deal.

  38. ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

    ?? brandy and her crazy fans are something else. I mean give it up will you!! brandy hasn’t been hot or major since Full Moon and even then she was LUKE WARM! The album didn’t even pass a million copies stalling out at roughly 1 million copies shipped..not sold, but shipped! While Monica on the other hand has SOLD 1.5 million copies of After the Storm, Makings Of Me outsold Afrodisiac, ‘Makings Of Me outsold Human, New Life outsold 9/11 which new Life sold 301k copies to 9/11’s 180k copies… ?? and I’m sure her new album will sale no more than 15k copies TOTAL. But that’s IF and ONLY IF a label decides to sign her. Not to bring anyone down to bring anyone up but since the 90’s 00’s, 10’s Monica became the first artist to top the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s, and lastly, she has been signed to the SAME record label since she first started out with Don’t Take It Personal…, a lot of artist can’t say that!?. So let’s not!!!

  39. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Monica releases a mediocre album and disappears for 4 years and does NOTHING else. Unlike Brandy who is a TV star, Music star, Broadway star & Movie star. Sis even has dolls. Sold over 40 million albums and all around shits on Monica career wise. Which is just why she’s being honored next Sunday with the Lady of Soul award. Stay mad:)

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      Girl Brandy’s an ugly 90’s flop who hasn’t seen an album certification in a decade, hasn’t had a # 1 since 98, doesn’t have a # 1 album, constantly has melt downs because she realizes her career is over, along with no man wanting to wife her ugly ass. To end it all, she has been called a hasbeen by her own label LOL. Miss thang is unbothered boo, she is a R&B icon with records set, and at #25 on billboards all time r&b artist, while a Bugs life is ranked #45. Now you stay mad, while you fav is having a crisis on twitter ?

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      I’m not even about to go back and forth with you. Speak to me when a label pics brandy up, she gets a #1 single, #1 album, a tour thats not cancelled a week after it opens, a tv show that cancels after the first season, when thaw GRAMMY’s, Billboards, and AMA’s nominate her and it doesn’t include Monica; Monica’s done that! And lastly when she finds herself and manages to keep a fiancé and actually walks down the aisle. Until then STFU and run to the store and support the fool when she release music.

  40. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Brandy last album “Two Eleven” was a Billboard R&B #1 & spawned the #1 urban and top 5 R&B hit “Put It Down” and also a U.K top 5.album ,Google it! Monica wishes Code Blue gave that! Brandy outsold her over a decade ago and sis will NEVER catch up. Face it!! Lmaooo. I’m the words of Brandy “ChileBye”

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      I don’t need to google sh^t ? your fav’s an ugly saggy bottom lip flop, deal.
      With her non album certification this decade, 4th flop album in a row, 4th time being dropped from a label, subway singing, begging for parts on Broadway, having twitter melt downs, labeled a flop and a has been by her own label, can’t find a man, bitter, lonely ass ?? I would add more, but your punk ass gets the point ?

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      ??? funny that you said 2/11 went #1. How many albums does the bxtch have before that and they didn’t hit #1, and let’s not get a big head the album did 65 thousand the first week. Thousands less than Monica’s new life album sweetie! And lastly, brandy has not sold more albums then Monica. How is that possible when Brandy-3 Mil
      Never- 5 Mil
      Full- 1 mil
      Afro – 340k
      Human – 203k
      2/11 – 178k
      Baby you should learn math. That is no where near more than Monica’s darling.
      Miss Thang – 3.1 million
      The Boy Is Mine- 4 million
      After the storm- 1.5 million
      Makings Of Me – 480k
      Still Standing – 1 million
      New Life – 290k
      Code Red – 60-80k..
      So honey go find you somebody to play with!

  41. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Monica couldn’t even get a second single and her video for “Just wrong for Me” came out months too late lol

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      Actually Monica did have a second single. She refused to promote the album because of the fact the label asked her to pay a portion of the promotion fees so she stop caring about the album. Fact check before you make yourself look like an ASS!

  42. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016


    • *Love November 17, 2016

      This coming from a Brandy fan ? who’s on her 4th flop album, doesn’t have a certification this decade, and is called a has been and a flop by her own label, her 4th label at that ? her ugly ass has been dropped so many times.

  43. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Chile Brandy’s iconic “Never Say Never”
    alone sold over 16 million worldwide, Shittin on Monica’s whole discography???

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      Wow… I see why you are a brandy fan because you are slow and foolish just like her. The 16 million you speak of is WORLD WIDE! The numbers I listed are UNITED STATE numbers! Jesus hep you… and those numbers I listed are beneath Monica’s numbers. HATE all you want but it’s the truth she has NOT sold more than Monica. Only brandy fans thinks that! How can she sale more with only 3 platinum albums! ??

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      Girl your still living in the past ? That is exactly why everyone calls your fav a 90’s has been.

  44. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Don’t come from Brandy when Monica just sold 35k with a total of 60 in total even with streaming, NO ONE CARED!????

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      But I did come for her though… ??? and even with that 35k with 60k total. I’m sure brandys next album will do 10-15 with 20 total that include streaming. So let’s not! You brandy fans go so hard for her online, but when those albums/singles drop y’all are on hiatus! ??? I can’t deal I can’t deal I can not deal!

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        ? Drag it Chris. Especially when New Life and 211 went up against each other, with Monica selling more.

  45. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Moesha wins

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      You mean that canceled sitcom where she was a h** behind the scenes lol. Hakeem and Fredro star said her head game was weak ?

  46. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Cinderella wins

  47. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016


    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      I don’t see what’s funny about 35k first week. Sweetie do you not realize that brandy will not even see that when she drops!

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      The exact # ever R&B artist is pulling. You better hope a Bugs life even comes close..that’s if she’s able to even release an album. I mean she owes her label for that flop 911 ?

  48. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Brandy vocally shitted on Monica @ #BlackGirlsRock too just to throw that in there????

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      If you like lip sync performances then hey that’s you! ??? brandy looked like a lost gorilla on that stage with that nappy ass hair.

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        ?? She was lip syncing for her life.

  49. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    No one praises Monica or calls her their inspiration to sing unlike Brandy who is praised by damn near ever artist in the industry. Face it Monica is for the ghetto crowd and always has been. She will always have a place. Just not up in high places like the Legendary Brandy who’s being honored next Sunday with the Lady of Soul award for her career u speak so negativity of. Maybe Monica will be there to give her the award???

    • ChrisFierce November 17, 2016

      Baby let’s eat one thing str8… Monica doesn’t need anyone to praise her vocals. brandy had low self esteem so of course she wants that attention. I mean look at her. She looks like a walking disease. And who the heck cares about a soul train award?? Exactly! That’s nothing love! Hit me up when a big name award show acknowledges brandy.. until then you are dismissed!

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        ??Drag it Chris!

  50. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016


    • *Love November 17, 2016

      The exact # ever R&B artist is pulling. You better hope a Bugs life even comes close..that’s if she’s able to even release an album. I mean she owes her label for that flop 911?? by the way, did you hear, you girl had another melt down on twitter ??

      Oh and, how’s her NYC subway concert going ?

  51. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Brandy outsold that hoodrat ATLien by millions back in the 90’s and she WiLL NEVER catch up, From booked gigs, To accolades, To influencing musicans, To being honored. She’s shits on Monica and ever way. I’m sorry Ms. 35k ???

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      And that is exactly why everyone calls her a 90’s has been ???? Stay in the past sweetheart. Your just too easy.

  52. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    I hear Monica has a 10 sec scene in that new movie “Almost Christmas” playing a waitress, Just like she played a waitress in the movie “ATL” So much talent!!????

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      ? you’re seething. Stay mad sweetheart ?

      In the meantime. Go help your girl, she’s having another melt down ?

  53. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    I’m sure that hate in your blood will be boiling next Sunday watching Brandy be honored, While Ms. 35k is somewhere in the audience?, Low key jealous like her fans????

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      Hate? That’s for weak souls like yourself, hence why your in a >>Monica post<< talking s***. Just like that other Brandy troll who came in this post starting s***, talking about your saggy lip, strung out looking fav. Once again, check up on your fav, she seems to be burning ?

  54. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Brandy >>>35K’ica????

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      ? Seeth h**. Remember, your in a Monica post.

      35k>>>Pending ??

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        * you’re

  55. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Code Blue!!???

  56. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    That whole era was cheesey as hell!!???

  57. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Sis slapped on a tired ol synthetic red lacefront and tried to call it a movement????

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      ? Seeth girl. Monica got you leaving multiple replies, and, taking time out of your life for her ?

  58. MusicHead November 17, 2016

    Hope she finds a new label, R&B is dying

  59. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    I remember the week Code Blue came out, Chris Brown finished her!?????

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      Remember when Beyonce demolished your girl’s tragic human album her Sasha fierce in 2008? That look on your fav’s face throughout that yr was priceless? and then right after, she was DROPPED from her label ??

      Keep it coming girl, Mo owns your mind ? Your most likely an ugly b^tch “Just like your fav” if you’re a female, or a lonely ugly f** ????? I can’t. On that note, goodnight ugly ??

  60. *Love November 17, 2016

    *with Sasha fierce.

  61. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    Somebody is mad!!,??? The profanity, I told you Monica draws in the ghetto crowd, The “Sideline H***” and thingz, Ratchet!

    • *Love November 17, 2016

      Mad, girl where ?? i’m not the one seething up and down this post… and ghetto, sweetheart, i’ve never even set foot in a ghetto ? so stop projecting.

      With that said, direct all this energy of yours to something constructive, like a life, and a little cordial for your fav, who’s currently having another melt down ??

      Goodnight, and sweet Monica dreams ??

  62. Beautifulme111 November 17, 2016

    When Doves cry???Stay mad.! Monica will always be lessor. It’s written in stone Hun!???. Been sure to tune into Brandy being honored next week Sunday. While the Old Lady in the shoe a.k.a Flopica watches from home..

  63. The only honest opinion November 18, 2016

    Monica is not that great of a singer or entertainer.I believe out of respect RCA asked her to bow out because they were going to let her go anyway.she’ll more than likely go independent like the rest of the girls. She does good hosting shows maybe she can get a radio gig like Lil mo, or go gospel. I don’t see much acting in her future she’s not really versatile, she’s a bit stiff, borderline boring. Good luck to her.

  64. Kenya November 18, 2016

    Love all of Monica’s music from to last mix she featured…My favorite singer grew up with her…not personally but felt like…I can relate to a lot of her music…love ya Monica!!!..continue to do you…you are truly an inspiration!!!

  65. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 18, 2016


  66. Rushonj November 19, 2016

    Poor Monica

  67. Hermaphrodite Ci November 19, 2016

    Monica’s last album was horrible. Just a bunch of hood rat ratchet garbage!

    “Code red right here, code red right here”, b*tch, shut the f**k up! Nobody gives a f***! What happened to real music that took talent to make! I think I’ll stick with the queen Brandy.

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