Behind the Scenes: Nick Jonas’ Sizzling Shoot For ‘Men’s Fitness’

Published: Thursday 17th Nov 2016 by Rashad

It’s no simple task for one to obtain a chiseled physique like ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ crooner Nick Jonas, but he certainly makes it look so in the forthcoming issue of ‘Mens Fitness’ magazine (as we reported here).

But, for fans unwilling to wait until November 21st when the new issue of the mag hits shelves, you’re invited to take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes at the making of the sizzling shots.

See Jonas drop jaws below:


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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan November 17, 2016


    • LISA LEVINE November 17, 2016

      Please continue to work that upper body – because we fully know YOU NOT WORKING WITH MUCH in those boxers, boy bye

  2. cocobutta November 17, 2016

    Think Ginuwine leaked nsfw photo tops those abs lol.

    (Ooh Monica and RCA are no longer affiliated FINALLY ??)

  3. Kock November 17, 2016

    He’s cute but hobbit….

  4. stan November 17, 2016

    why does tgj give this guy so much attention?

    • Suicide Blonde November 17, 2016

      Sam has a crush on him.

    • LISA LEVINE November 17, 2016

      Sam secretly likes the white boys honey and i don’t know why Sam knows he needs Girth boo. White boys lacking in the D_ck department

      • Suicide Blonde November 17, 2016

        Well, the biggest d*** I’ve ever seen was that of an European guy, it’s a myth that white guys are not well endowed, I’ve been more surprised by how many black guys have small d****, it’s all about creating an stereotype, most men around the world are around the same size, except East Asians and Indians, they also say that white guys have thick d****, while black guys have long d****, either way in my opinion there’s not this big difference between the two.

      • The Weekend November 17, 2016

        @ Suicide dope, what ever makes you feel better about your micropenis ? and your race’s lack there of.

      • Annalise November 17, 2016

        LMAO @ “Well, the biggest d*** I’ve ever seen was that of an European guy”.
        1) Firstly, just how many d**** could a “straight” guy see? Even the average woman or gay guy would have to sleep around alot to have a good list to compare with
        2) Why does everything have to be about race with you? Bare in mind there are no verified global statistics of pe**s size, and even if there was it would probably be created by western studies (i.e. white researchers with small d*cks )
        3) Come out the closet boo

      • Jay Alford November 17, 2016

        I’ve only ever dated 4 white guys & they’ve all had big d**** (8-9″ – medium girth). That whole “white boys ain’t got big d****” is b*******, just like every black dude having a big d*** is bs also. Hell, I’m black & only 7″. My bf d*** is bigger than mine (he’s white/Hawaiian).

      • *Love November 17, 2016

        White boys are lacking in more ways then one. They’re wack, with their little d**** ?

  5. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 18, 2016

    Nice style

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