Report: Beyonce Set To Headline Coachella 2017

Published: Tuesday 29th Nov 2016 by Sam

Beyonce owned 2016 in more ways than listable and it looks as though she’s aiming to make a major mark next year too.

Because, according to sources, the Queen is gearing up to headline Coachella 2017.

Full story below…

Hits Daily Double reports that the 35-year-old, along with Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead have been lined up to headline a day each at the three-day festival next April.

While Radiohead are veterans of the event, neither Bey nor Kendrick have topped the bill before.

It’d come as quite the coup for Mrs Carter who dominated the charts and touring landscape this year.

One also has to wonder whether she’ll have new content to push come Coachella. Because it’s essentially five months from now.

She no doubt has the catalogue to pull a crowd with no new material (see: pretty much all of 2013), but it’d definitely be a bonus if she tied in the alleged appearance with…newness.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sebastian November 29, 2016

    Imagine thinking she owned 2016.. when Adele owned the first half and Drake the rest. These fans writing articles..

    • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? November 29, 2016

      Call me when Drake is selling out Stadiums. And Lemonade outsold Views ?

      • Sebastian November 29, 2016

        Not in SPS, which is the most important thing in 2016. the whole world knows Views’ singles. He’s on the radio 24/7, which is difficult to dominate, not everybody can do that.

      • Shaz November 29, 2016

        Sure Drake dominated due to streaming but Bey has the best-selling LP released in 2016. Fact. She SELLS. She has the highest-grossing tour of the year, achieved with only 50. 50!

        Let’s also factor in Bey having the highest first-week streaming record for a female. Had Lemonade been released on all streaming platforms, there would be NO conversation about domination. Tidal has like 1 subscriber.

        Let’s talk about pop culture. Adele has the sales unequivocally, she’s huge. But 25 is a forgotten and forgettable release. Bey’s Formation, and Lemonade concept album is talked about to this day. It’s frequently used as a reference point. I’d have that over sales any day. It’s priceless.

        Doing it 20 years into her career is staggering, and if you devalue her relevance at this point you are the saltiest of the salty.

      • Sebastian November 29, 2016

        @Shaz, get with the times, SPS is more important than just sales. And you are contradicting yourself: Lemonade had the biggest streaming week thanks to TIDAL, which now you’re saying has one subscriber. Either way, please do some research: Bruce Springsteen has the highest grossing tour of the year. 25, the biggest SPS (and in just sales) album of 2015 and 2016, is not forgotten at all… depending on the people you’re following in social media. If you only follow Beyonce fans of course you’d think that “is talked about to this day.”

      • IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016



        Thank you.


        The digital era has ow surpassed us; ‘sales’ are nearing overall extinction hence why, in 2016, the “best selling album release” has only “sold” 2.5M+ units worldwide.


        Their stubborn however so let them continue.

    • Raoul November 29, 2016

      But the formation tour sold out 100% (keep in mind it’s a STADIUM TOUR) and lemonade outsold drake anyways. Beyoncé’s impact is undeniable, stop hating

      • Sebastian November 29, 2016

        I don’t know the last update, by one month ago the difference was really short

  2. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? November 29, 2016

    What a coincidence I was just telling a friend that I wanted to do Coachella next year ? Now I know I’m getting those expensive ass tickets.

  3. Peach Tea November 29, 2016

    ehat charts did she dominate aside from the bb200

    • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? November 29, 2016

      That’s the only chart that truly matters. BB200 > BB100. Any one hit wonder can get a number one.

      • Sebastian November 29, 2016

        Not true. You can tell by how Beyoncé tried to get a number-one single since 2011, and she didn’t even get a smash.

    • Sebastian November 29, 2016

      Did she dominate the BB200? last time I checked Views overshadowed Lemonade since its release. There’s no “domination” in one week.

      • Onyourwrostday November 29, 2016

        Beyoncé singles might suck in the charts but she always has at least one song from each album that stands the test of time and ends up being loved by everybody with dangersouly in love she had crazy in love with bday she had irreplaceable with Sasha fierce she had single ladies with 4 /’she had love on top with self titled she had drunk in love and Lemonade formation Beyoncé tends to make more of an impact culturally then chart wise

      • Sebastian November 29, 2016

        @Onyourwrostday that’s subjective. However, popularity charts (Billboard) work with real stats. Your songs didn’t smash, means they didn’t reach enough audience.

    • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

      Beyonce didn’t dominate the BB200 either. Her front-loaded album lasted about +/- 2 months in the Top 10 of the BB200.

  4. HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

    OMG!!! Guess EDM Vegas can wait! Coachella HERE I COME!!!!!

  5. The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

    I will be in Yuma during this time, maybe I can go. Depending on how much free time I have!

    Anyway. This is a queens move.

    • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

      Yuma is like a 3hr drive from me. Maybe we should meet so i can fix that face! You’re surgeon really did a number on you boo. ??

      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        Bîtch, is it 3 hours via bison?

      • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

        ksgsjsh B****!!! ??? I RIDE HORSES B****! Not the Bison get it right! ???

      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        I can’t. It’s been too long heifer!

  6. fatusankoh November 29, 2016

    Yes queen Bey I can’t wait good luck and more success in you do

  7. LAWD November 29, 2016

    Well, at least bey isn’t a singles like Rihanna. She actually sells albums!!!

  8. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

    What tf did that fraudulent testicIe-build bîtch own in 2016?

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 29, 2016

      Touring…. How’s Anti’s Tour box office looking. 8 months and still only $35 million reported ???

  9. RihNavy November 29, 2016

    When will Rihanna?

  10. IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016



    1) “Good Girl Gone Bad” sold 9M+ units.
    2) “LOUD” sold 6.5M+ units (the best selling album by a black artist this decade).
    3) “Talk That Talk” and “Unapologetic” both sold 4M+ units.
    4) “Rated R” & “A Girl Like Me” both sold 3.5M+ units.


    She has released three albums in three years this decade (“LOUD; Talk That Talk; Unapologetic”) and all of them sold 4M+ units worldwide, all of them scanned have scanned platinum in the US + UK in pure sales.


    Her lowest selling album has sold 1.4M+ units worldwide (3.5M+ units in SPS and the most streamed album by a Female artist overall this year) in the current streaming era, with minimal promo, and after 1.4M additional copies were given away for free.


    35,000,000 + / 8 = 4.37M + sold on average, per album.


    Furthermore, Beyoncé has only sold 2.5M+ albums more than the alleged “singles artist” and she is an “albums artist” according to her fanbase. So, in saying all of this, what is the actual truth?

  11. The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

    “:: Centurion ::. says:

    What tf did that fraudulent testicIe-build bîtch own in 2016?”

    She owned your mind, the album chart, the critic charts, award shows and PURE sales

    • IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016

      Are you not a “Lady Gaga” fan?


      Why on earth are you talking?


      You should be bawling over the embarassment that is your “faves” current era.

      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        Who are you?

      • IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016

        A “fan” is an artist who still has an active commercial career in 2016.


      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        Maybe you can’t read. What does my screen name say? Hmmmm

  12. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    She’s gonna do the same tired routine

    • 2bad2bme November 29, 2016

      What same tired routine? She always change up her performances y’all just be hating

      • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

        She’s just mad because her fav is weak minded individual who needed rehab because of Justin Bieber ???
        Just ignore the peasant sis. ?

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        Y’all girl is stale deal. Selena scored 3 top 10 hits this year something Bey hasn’t done in years ??

    • Pat November 30, 2016


  13. Peach Tea November 29, 2016

    what chart did she dominate other than the bb200
    which Daddy Drake slaughtered…

  14. The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

    What’s with the navy today? Can’t give credit where it’s due without them getting in their feels.
    Maybe they called bey into headline because she is a reliable performer unlike rihanna

  15. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

    She owned your mind, the album chart, the critic charts, award shows and PURE sales
    Was this supposed to be shade? The irony. You stan Gaga. Bish hasn’t dominated anything since 2013. Btw, where is Gaga on the end-year charts? Didn’t you Gaga fans tell us how she was coming to save Pop music and change the current state of music, even though her music is garbage and music lovers and critic alike agree? Have you seen Joanne reviews?

    • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

      The accusations. When have I ever said that? Lmfao! Please find a receipt?
      I am many things but delusional is NOT one of them. Gaga was gonna do nothing with a country album besides work white America and try to get rid of her gays

      • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

        Bish bye. Let’s not act like Gaga wasn’t doing interviews almost every week, performing and promoting Perfect Delusion which lasted for about +/- 5 weeks on the charts, and promoting her so-called comeback album. ???

  16. Briano November 29, 2016

    Beyonce is a corporate controlled piece of ish

    Propping up ww and white supremscy at every turn and spewing poison to youth

    She is a disgrace

  17. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

    Sis, why are you trying the Navy and been kissing up to the no-life-having-āss-høe-hive lately? Do you think they’ll support that culture vulture Asian flop called CL?

  18. HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

    Lmfao the Salvation Army are such hypocrites. Always going about the Hive bringing Up Frihanna in a post that isn’t about her. Yet keep bringing up Gaga to deflect lmao!

    • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

      Navy can’t be happy for other people’s faves

      • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

        True! They always mad over something. They should be happy frih won some TEEN Choice Awards this year! Oop i mean AMA’s.
        To your comment above.
        Anyway, it has been awhile. Where you been? TGJ is stale af these days.

      • BeyKing November 29, 2016

        @HailLegend Soooooo… you’re on his side now when he was DRAGGING bey all of last year and was on the navy’s side? Lmaoooo

      • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

        Which Salvation Army member is this now? I don’t recall this account before. No shade if you are Hive. Just ain’t ever seen you before.

      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        I been studying, wanna get into honours and need to keep my average up in the high 70’s.

        Where is analise?

        Btw, I thought the main navy like Mark and LB were going to do an EXOdus from this blog?
        The jokes

  19. The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

    I think I posted on this site yesterday for the first time since October when exams started. So I don’t know what you’re talking about

  20. 2bad2bme November 29, 2016

    She is not going anywhere. The best performer and entertainer there is right now. Shut up people, stop hating!

  21. The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

    Culture vulture? You mean like frihanna in princess of CHINA? Rihanna in WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Goatanna in almost all her Vouge shoots?

  22. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

    Princess of China wasn’t a Rihanna song neither did she have creative control over the visual. DEATH @ you comparing a mere MUSIC VIDEO to someone’s actual musical style and direction. CTFUUUU

    • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

      I yawned

      • The kpop guy, Matt ~ November 29, 2016

        But I don’t disagree? So what’s your point? Lmao

      • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

        For you to never throw shade or speak on, and I quote, “album chart, the critic charts, award shows and PURE sales”. Whoops!

  23. Briano November 29, 2016

    She is white peoples comfort zone

    Dumb, blonde weave, always gyrating, ugh

    Thank goodness she self identifies as creole.they can have her dumb poisonous self

    • Suicide Blonde November 29, 2016

      Lmao ?

    • Killian November 29, 2016

      You have so much hate in you …you need to let that hurt out.

    • Pat November 30, 2016


  24. Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2016

    Good for her, even if it’s going to be the same ol booty shaking routine on a stage in front of a giant form TV. Call me when she does something new.

  25. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

    By the way, where are the Chart Check posts? Is thatflopjuice scared that Beyonce will get dragged for her 8 year struggle to get a #1 hit? ???

    • IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016

      They only do “Chart Check” posts when it relates to Rihanna or Beyonce specifically (for obvious reasons) and other current, relevant, acts that this site is a fan of ala. Bruno Mars & the Weeknd etc.


      Anyhow, I’m looking to make a Twitter account and join you all over there. Introduce me to the crew. ?.

      • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

        As for the Twitter crew, its kinda confusing right now. Someone we’ve known for a long time got exposed. It was discovered that CherylSoldierr (the Cheryl Cole stan) is actually a man after telling everybody she was a girl for years.

      • IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen). November 29, 2016





        So, how did you all not know that before? Have any of you other seen wat the other looks like in reality? LB; Mark; Molly etc. How was she exposed and who exposed her?

      • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

        We didn’t know “she” was a “he”. I don’t know who or how he got exposed. Never really cared to ask. He has literally disappeared of the face of the Earth; on Twitter and on this blog. ?

  26. Datredd23 November 29, 2016

    This is What you came for has now crossed over 1 billion views! Waiting to see Rih accept shoe of the year award! PUMA CREEPERS are iconic!

    • Pat November 30, 2016

      And only after 5 Months! While “Sorry” still stuck at 161k after 5 Months…Lol! The struggle is real for Bey right now and she better pull some strings before her goofy ass reach 40 years of age!

  27. Suicide Blonde November 29, 2016

    I wanted to travel to the USA just to go to the festival, not anymore.

    • Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2016

      Oh no! Coachella will never survive without the famous Dead Blond.

      • Suicide Blonde November 29, 2016

        I go every year with my friends, we are a group of 10, not of them want to go neither, the festival is becoming too mainstream and that is ruining the atmosphere, Beyoncé headlining is just the reason we needed to not coming back next year, I already imagine her male fans in heels and shorts walking around like they’re in their rooms imitating Sasha Fierce ?

      • Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2016

        I can see how that can be annoying, but this show been mainstream for about five years now. You’re only ten people, the pest will jump to take your spot yesterday.

  28. Briano November 29, 2016

    Beyonce is the industry’s dream

    Never be fore have we seen such wholesale selling out for fame

    That’s why they push her, they control her and use her to promote white supremwcy and black mediocrity… Who needs a degree!

  29. Briano November 29, 2016

    Beyonce is the worst thing to happen to music, tied with jay

    2 sellout coons who only care about being better, that’s the mind of the uneducated

  30. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    I thought CL was gonna slay?

    • Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2016

      Poor thing couldn’t get lifted on the charts. lol

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016


  31. Briano November 29, 2016

    Beyonce serves her purpose, dumbing down the black race and reprogramming our once rich values

  32. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    Rihanna scored 5 #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100 since Lady Gaga scored her last one… ☕

    • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016


      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        Hehe idk why that gaga/CL stan is trying it.

      • .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2016

        Kissing RoachHive’s ass for likes as if they don’t drag its fave and cuz of he’s Asian.

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        The poor boy is lost.

  33. Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


    • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

      Uneducated trash! ⬆

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016

        Does that arrow point to ur relevance on this blog, because i can’t seem to find it. Also, i wonder who ur next VICTIM…i mean FAVE, will be by next year? WHO WILL U CLING ON TO WHEN CI-MAN HAS FINALLY GOTTEN ACCUSTOMED TO BEING THE INDUSTRY’S MASCOT??? LET US ALL PRAY FOR THAT PERSON….

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        Lol you hoodrats are always so concerned with who I stan for. Get over it bruh ??

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


  34. HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016

    So Lemonade is still relevant on BB200 almost 8months since it’s release. She is guaranteed Grammys come next year and Lemonslayed will spike back up in sales. Come Beypril she will Headline Coachella and Lemonslayed will be released to Apple Music and Spotify! LMFAOOOOO!!! The meltdowns when Lemonade shoots past all these albums her haters have been trying to desperately drag her with! ????????

    • Sara November 29, 2016

      You genuinely believe that her album is going to see you form of success in sales next year? It’s 8 months old and she already out of everybody top 50 in sales and in SPS. What makes u think that a Spotify release, a year after the album was actually released, in April is going to do anything for it. SALES ARE DEAD. She has the best selling album of 2016 by a female and she only sold 2.5M copies WW. Thats a 70% drop from last year. What don’t you understand you buffoon? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Her grammys aren’t going to do shiznit for her album or anybody else’s and that goes for Rihanna, Drake and everybody else. Maybe Adele but she’s a different case.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016

      Apparently, the day she headlines will be the one year anniversary of the release of LEMONADE……….SHE REALLY HAS HER FOOT ON EVERYBODY’S NECK (ESPECIALLY THE NAZI)..LOL

  35. daclassyman November 29, 2016

    but can never find her way to any BLACK AWARD SHOWS????

    • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

      Ooooop ok! She’s faker than hailbeysus pretending to be a black gay from Atlanta.

      • Sara November 29, 2016

        Lmaoooooooooooooooooooo… that pocahontas-looking fağğot is truly tragic! A red indian who probably feasts on deer meat pretending to be a “down brotha” from south side? I cannnnnt! I don’t rock with GOATanna or TESTICLEonce but that b****** rly does get on my nerves!

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        He’s such a fraud ass bitcxh who needs Tyler and Surprise to fight his battles.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


      • daclassyman November 29, 2016

        Oh they promised her Video of The Year right?
        She seems to come to WHITE ONLY AWARDS SHOW .. or didn’t you know that BET is WHITE OWNED

        Where was she during the SOUL TRAIN AWARDS YOU MINDLESS S***?

    • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

      He’s a fraud ass bitcxh!

  36. RihNavy November 29, 2016


    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


      • RihNavy November 29, 2016

        Hey siiiiisss! I see you’ve been holding down the hive! I don’t comment much on here anymore except to be messy BUT when the Grammy nominations are announced Dec. 6, I’ll be HERRREEEE like mariah’a voice in ’96 because baybeeeeeee I just KNOW MUVA ANNALISE AND SLAY HIVE are going to make a special appearance.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


      • HailLegendBeysus November 29, 2016


      • Kii November 29, 2016

        @Rihslavey wyd? Slay hive doesn’t even use you

  37. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    @hailbeysus you weak slore address me

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        You’re such a pet sis do all his talking from him k

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 29, 2016


  38. Danzou November 29, 2016

    Molly is such a f****** bum. Anyways, I don’t know why she’s headlining. I effs with bey but she shouldn’t be headlining. Drake should.

    • RihYonce November 29, 2016

      Last time I checked Lemonade was the biggest and best selling album this year ? Girl bye

      • Danzou November 29, 2016

        No ones here to argue and bicker with yo dirty ass. Like I said how DRAKE should headline seeing as he’s been dominating the year. People aren’t listening to lemonade. They bought it, went to the supporting tour, and left it in the dust until she releases again. They only wanna sell tickets using her name. With that being said,someone who’s actually been lighting the charts should headline.

    • RihYonce November 29, 2016

      You sound dumb af. When Beyoncé didn’t have to discount her album it is still $18 and it’s still in the top 30 on iTunes . Where is views ? & not making the big guest tour of the year sound mediocre. Drake goes platinum and goes flat like any other album. Beyoncé albums have longevity so like I said GIRL BYE. Not responding to trash anymore

      • Danzou November 30, 2016

        Y’all swear y’all got the best clap backs like everything you say is a stab. THE FACT IS Beyonce isn’t dominating this year other than her TOUR. Other than that she’s been getting her ass kicked on the charts. People aren’t even streaming her album. With that being said she shouldn’t be headlining. You claim drake fell flat after platinum but what exactly did lemonade do? Really h** what? IT’S LITERALLY NOT CHARTING ANY SINGLES NOT IS THE ALBUM IN THE TO TWENTY!!!!

  39. RihYonce November 29, 2016

    The haters can’t knock the queen. She will forever reign supreme. She will forever be your favs fave ! ?? her Grammy performance in February will always snatch wigs. Lemonade era isn’t over yet ?

  40. iamdiego November 29, 2016

    Beyonce will reign supreme this yr next yr and forever until she wants to stop. The rules don’t change because billboard added sps to sales. The fact remains Beyonce has the 2016’s Best selling album (released this yr), most critically acclaimed album of 2016, Highest 1st week sales for women, a world tour that sold 100% it’s tickets and say what you will but “Formation” IS the song of the yr without being number one on hot 100. A song that was free on tidal for 3 months before it was released still selling 174,000 downloads first week. These are facts. I think the Navy Hive forgot about how messy Rihanna’s rollout was for ANTI. It was yrs in the making. If she hadn’t come across “Work” or Drake’s #1 single yall still wouldn’t have a album to listen to lol. Remember when ANTI was being executive produced by Kanye? 4-5 sec’s, American Oxygen, & BBHMM I guess yall forgot that they didn’t even make the album. I wonder why. As soon as Lemonade is released on all platforms she will snatch the sps crown.

    • RihYonce November 29, 2016

      You better PREACH IT! They stay tryna downplay the QUEEN. But she’s unbothered as always. When Lemonade lands on all streaming platforms she will collect a stadium full of wigs

    • Briano November 30, 2016

      Anyone who believes that camp…well

      HBO didn’t lie, singles performance didn’t lie

      No one is checking for beydummy but Becky her handker

  41. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 29, 2016

    Who will the Ratchet Maid Stan for next?

  42. Briano November 30, 2016

    Beyonce and jay and solo and Tina and Matty know in their heart of hearts that they ai t ish but some boot licking pawns who have helped destroyed the community for a crumb

    Y’all know that’s why u stay in blogs spinning your narrative u broke bum pawns who can’t stop if u wanted to or go back to Marcy and the 2bedroom

    No education to fall on, nothing but then p pop and poison spewing for life, wow, what losers

  43. Pat November 30, 2016

    What charts did Bey dominate? I’ll wait…

  44. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 30, 2016

    Smh and wow

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