She’s Back! Keyshia Cole Unlocks Snippet From New Album

Published: Thursday 10th Nov 2016 by David

Four years removed from her well-received set ‘Woman to Woman’ Keyshia Cole sets her sights on a new musical chapter with the release of her new album.

No longer signed to Interscope, the R&B singer/songwriter has been hard at work on a new project following the unveiling of the Hip-Hop leaning effort ‘Point of No Return’ which stood as her last project to be released under her agreement with the label.

How time and life’s lessons have changed her since then?

Listen to a snippet pulled from the project to find out below…


We like what we hear.

If the teaser above is anything to go by the performer’s new set will see her return to the soulful and romantic terrain her earlier work soared on.

Do we want the set to be an independent one? No. For, an act with as much commercial potential as Keyshia needs the kind of infrastructure only a record label can offer if she is to truly make a sizeable “comeback.’

Make sure you keep it locked on TGJ for more.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheREAL November 10, 2016

    Tbh I’m not really here for it and I’m not feeling like this “comeback” will be successful this time either. She boxed herself into a lane that has now been taken over by new acts such as K. Michelle who are appealing to a wider audience than her and have the live vocals to match. I’m rooting for Keysh but I just don’t know. We’ll see how this plays out. If the music is hot (unlike last time) I’m hopeful things will turn around for her. This song ain’t it for me though.

    • LISA LEVINE November 10, 2016

      I just want it to be over. I should have cheated. Thought you had my back. Work it out. I Remember. Give me more. Heaven Sent. So Impossible. Keyshia has so much talent and potentional. Just listen to any of these records above SHE PUTS HER HEART OUT ON THE LINE. Very underrated.

      • TheREAL November 11, 2016

        She has had many hits indeed. I never doubted that. I was just unimpressed with the last album in comparison to what she’s put out in the past. There’s no shade or hate, but rebranding is definitely going to be needed and a fresh new sound.

    • x_X November 10, 2016

      I hate when people get on here trying their hand at A&T, etc..

      Research will show you that K.Michelle has NOT had the commercial success that Keyshia has had as it relates to sales or fan base. Remember, there was a time when Keyshia was debuting with 300+K first week.

      but i do agree that her time is ticking and she needs to think fast of how she’s going to grab the attention bc well, what was her last single called? I forogt. :-/

      • x_X November 10, 2016


      • RihYonce November 10, 2016

        Exactly! K Michelle doesn’t come close to the success that Keyshia had. I don’t recall K Michelle having 2 platinum albums

      • FAF November 10, 2016

        I def think she needs to come back on tv especially now that she’s single
        Also do more features like she used to with rap artists
        And stop dropping all these videos at once actually commit to a single

      • TheREAL November 11, 2016

        Girllllll I never said K. Michelle had the same success as Keyshia. CLEARLY you cannot compare sales from 2005-2008 to 2014-2016. NO ONE is selling that anymore, especially not in female R&B unless you’re Beyonce. What I said is if Keyshia wants to prevail in this current age of R&B (which K. Michelle IS a sales leader now as it relates to female R&B whether you want to admit it or not) then she’s going to need to bring more than what she has lately. That includes the RIGHT music (especially singles) and the right rollout. That also includes top notch live performances as LIVE shows/tours play a bigger factor in the music industry now than they did when she was at her peak. I’d love for her to win but I’m not for her releasing music unless it’ll be done RIGHT.

  2. Justin WannabeBieber November 10, 2016

    Tamar must be shaking in her boots! Her boots, I say.

    • SMH November 10, 2016

      Why should Tamar worry? This girl is no threat to anyone.

  3. Fatasha November 10, 2016

    Most definitely here for this but right now I’m listening to this new Tinashe album and it’s really dope got it on repeat. I can listen to this album without skipping one song. Love it…

  4. pat November 10, 2016

    for some reason i feel if the music is good..that the timing is right for her to come back

  5. Y’all Poor AF November 10, 2016

    If Keyshia didn’t rush out her last album and waited until this one, she’d actually have a nice comeback. Her sales have never been bad and her singles always do well on radio

    • Toni>>>>>Brandy November 10, 2016

      I concur. There was no need for PONR. It insulted her legacy.

  6. Toni>>>>>Brandy November 10, 2016

    Tinashe is a sweet girl but she has to accept that she’s not a good songwriter. I only say this because someone mentioned her. As for Keyshia? She does need a label . She’s next in line after Mary as far as numbers go so shouldn’t fool herself into thinking she can slay without the business. If she comes correct with the promo I’ll buy the album because she is too talented for words.

    • Fatasha November 10, 2016

      There’s not doubt that she’s talented. I think that Tinashe is a phenomenal writer, singer, dancer and performer. She even have her own lil corky style or what not.

  7. BeyKnowlesBest November 10, 2016

    I’ll be a liar if I say I wasn’t waiting on sis ..I been a fan since her just like you album and yes she has had alot of bumps in her career but I still have faith in her

    • Danielle GARDNER November 11, 2016

      Me too!

  8. #TeamTinashe Stan.. (NIGHTRIDE available everywhere now) November 10, 2016

    This article has nothing to do with Tinashe but yet an individual wants talk crap about her intricate songwriting skills. Her songwriting skills on slow-midtempo songs are different and creative.

    Anyways, as for Keyshia Cole being another BLACK women in R&B that still has to go through the over critique by our people I really hope she comes through and does great! Never was a fan but I wish the best.

    • Bruno >>> Biebette November 10, 2016

      Intricate? A good song is a good song and Tinashe doesn’t know how to write one. I’m sorry, the proof is in the pudding. Nobody is talking about that mixtape and it’s only been a week. The other girls are slaying her because they release good songs which is why they stay booking live shows even when their albums flop.

      • #Nicole Nation/Bruno >>>>>> Abel November 10, 2016

        Tinashe’s best songs are the ones that big name songwriters write for her.

        That mixtape was one big snooze fest, I’d rather listen to some Weak Mill.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan.. (NIGHTRIDE available everywhere now) November 10, 2016

        Ummm… what? Lol hehe your opinion is invalid. Who said Tinashe hasn’t remained BOOKED since “Aquarius” flopped? She has been everywhere more than the other girls that did. Joyride tour, Late night TV shows, Hot97 SummerJam (Main Stage), iHeart festivals, opening tours for big artists(Nicki, Katy & Maroon 5), MTV, BET, and etc. Half of the R&B girls sadly can’t even get that many platforms like this these days.

        Keep your lips sealed on some clorox boo boo!
        Remember this article has nothing to do with Tinashe so thanks. 😉

  9. Paulo November 10, 2016

    whoa @ the K Michelle resemblance in the picture. liking the snippet. I was a STANNN for the first two albums and I like the third one but after that she lost me. I’m rooting for her just need the music to COME THRU

  10. Yonce’s houseboy November 10, 2016

    Keysh shits on k.Michelle both in looks and vocals.. Come thru keysh

  11. #Nicole Nation/Bruno >>>>>> Abel November 10, 2016

    Hopefully it’s better than PONR!

  12. Queen Ci November 10, 2016


    • SoldierOfLove November 10, 2016

      Ciara isn’t selling either. Let’s not forget.

      • RihYonce November 10, 2016

        Keyshia can definitely outsell That girl

      • LOL November 10, 2016


  13. Snf November 10, 2016

    Time will tell… Beautiful girl with a gift but she usually misses the mark for me…

  14. SoldierOfLove November 10, 2016

    I love love LOVE me some Keyshia, I’m most definitely looking forward to it, she rarely disappoints.

  15. Harambe November 10, 2016

    Give it all to me, Legendary and Heaven sent and a few forgotten songs are the only songs of her’s I’ve ever had on my playlist and am planning on keeping it that way
    cause she became trash after collaborating with lil wayne
    she still hasn’t apologised to Beyoncé – This alone is a POINT OF NO RETURN( lol Ci what I did there?)

  16. Well fed Troll November 10, 2016


  17. MUSICHEAD November 10, 2016

    These labels ain’t doing shyt for r&b. If I’m gon sell 35k, I’d rather do it independently and keep most of the revenue.

  18. Kitty Puurrzz November 10, 2016

    I’m ready for whatever Keyshia gives ! Her last few albums have been BLAH, but i can’t act like the 1st 3 albums weren’t pure fire.

  19. Elijah the pharaoh November 10, 2016

    The snippet of this record sounds HOT! So I know this new independent album adventure will be a success, just like Ashanti’s. It feels like her first album “The Way It Is” which went platinum, not just number 1. We wont know numbers till its released but with this new album she has more creative freedom of the message she wants to portray, different sounds she wants to convey thus earning more money. So if your a true fan you want this cause its purely her. I feel she is a LEGEND. Keyshia Cole gave hits, platinum albums and a new girl there looks. PIDD.Her and K.Michelle are cool so no need to insert any negative annotations on whose better. They both bulldoze tf out of R&B Music. They both dope af Although us fans can see how Atlantic are molding K.M looks, past lbooks off Keyshia. Which isn’t bad cuz both have there own sound which differentiates them very clearly.

  20. B2B November 10, 2016

    KC baby!!! W2W had bops! They should’ve really promoted that era. I’m always here for KC, her last album had a few good ideas but the sons weren’t executed properly. This sounds like a great spring bop.

    • RihYonce November 10, 2016

      I think PONR was decent it had a couple dope tracks on there. Some songs weren’t needed but I still think it should’ve done a little better than what it did. But I really think the can slay this time around the music definitely sounds better.

  21. RihYonce November 10, 2016

    I’ve always been a fan of Keyshia. She can sing her ass off she has a great catalog of great music . I think this a great time for her to comeback her music sounds right this time & not rushed. If she really puts out a solid R&B album from top to bottom and choose the right singles the sky is the limit for her. Either way I’m always checking for her I’ve been a Keyshia fan since ’05 I love her !

  22. LOL November 10, 2016


  23. gina November 10, 2016

    her time has come and gone. the industry only allows one ratchet ignorant hoodrat r&b singer at a time and k. michelle holds that title now. nobody knows keyshia cole.

  24. Ciah’s Turtle November 10, 2016

    yes for that Blue!

  25. RealNegro November 10, 2016

    Alright na Keyshia I see ya!

  26. Theman November 10, 2016

    K.michelle nor Keyshia are ignorant, ratchet perhaps. Lol.. Keyshia is a very accomplished r&b singer. K. Michelle tried to venture out in her music, but her last album came & went. Keyshia has a fanbase. Her last album should have been another mixtape and or ep. Secondly, she should do more features to get her name out there a little more. Thirdly, she needs to go back to a major label. They can push her material. Her songs usually connect very well with urban radio..

  27. cocobutta November 10, 2016

    This is the Keyshia Cole sound I crave.

    When she gets it right she makes some the hottest R&B songs.

  28. dydy972 November 10, 2016

    On her last reality show she talked with ron fair, who was behind the music for her first albums to work together again.
    I hope he is on this album to push keyshia again to the next level

  29. joselinfan_xo November 10, 2016

    Girl #2, bye! She’s mos def the Nicki Minaj of Hip-Hop/Soul. Mary J you could NEVA be!!

  30. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? November 10, 2016

    I don’t know why y’all keep shading her last album like it wasn’t decent and consistent, at the very least. Tracks like “She” and “Party Ain’t a Party” would’ve done well on radio with proper promotion.

  31. Bitchpleaseeee November 10, 2016

    That’s fire ? ?????????

  32. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 11, 2016

    Rather hear the whole song from keyisha

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