Drake & Jennifer Lopez “Confirm” Relationship In New Photo

Published: Wednesday 28th Dec 2016 by Sam

Are they? Aren’t they?

Jennifer Lopez and Drake seemed to silence the speculation today with a telling Instagram snap.

See what we mean below…

For weeks, folk have been murmuring about a rumored relationship between Lopez (47) and Drizzy (30). Especially following news that the powerful pair spent the holidays together.

And while they’ve remained mum, La Lopez shared this pic…


Love or stunt?

Your thoughts?

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  1. BAMMMMMMM.. December 28, 2016

    Publicity…..Jlo is probably hoping Drake will help her out with her next flop single..but then again she might be looking for a good time..sad she’s still thirsty and searching at her age. Drake is smart..he knew that fake publicity crap him and forehead-anna tried to pull was obvious..so he’s on to the next tramp.

    • LISA LEVINE December 28, 2016

      Her 50 Year old plastic surgury a** stay bagging young dudes. Well we know she loves turning out young gay guys, so DRIZZY fits the mold. She a true INDUSTRY H**

  2. GirlBye December 28, 2016

    This is the same situation when she had a showmance with Diddy. Drakes had the biggest album of the year. She wants some of the action and she has not been in demand lately, so it is all to further her career. She is a very smart lady. As LiL Kim once said “some people want other things from relationships” clearly she is being a thot for tracks.

  3. Everyone’s A Critic December 28, 2016

    They just having fun and teasing. J Lo don’t need a come up, are you dumb! She’s had her time and she still gets booked. She’s. it after chart success or hits. She has those already.

  4. Hi Jamon December 28, 2016

    Can they just like each other? Why are pepple saying she’s thirsty. She’s had a successful music career and is allow relevant after all these years. She don’t need him for attention!! She’s not a THOT. Besides Diddy, she’s worth more then all the men she’s dated throughout the year’s. Congratulations and have fun Jlo. At least she’s got someone that has his own

  5. Shakira Stan December 28, 2016

    She is a w****,if it has a d*** and walks… She is sure to ride it.

  6. joselinefan_xo December 28, 2016

    Heard she a freak that likes to lick booty n sh!t. aubrey won’t be disappointed!

  7. Shakira Stan December 28, 2016

    No wonder cowriah does not know her?
    The chart doesn’t know her either and I don’t think her poor kids knows their mum. This desperate b**** can’t last more than a minute without a new man.
    She is a danger to herself and those innocent kids.

    • Ghello December 28, 2016

      Lol!!!! Damn the kids don’t know her either….lmao!

  8. Shakira Stan December 28, 2016

    Rihanna sure knows how to pick them,after she gifted this old has been her iconic boot, the w**** has the audacity to snatch her man?
    J hore get it together!!
    What kind of man do you like, from 20 year old to a 30 year old man ,from Latinas to black brothers now…. She has no choice or taste. Talentless cheap dancer.
    Selena will be rolling in her grave now

    • Credits December 28, 2016

      She has an eclectic taste in men. So what?

  9. Shakira Stan December 28, 2016

    Who knows her stretched out that p**** wall is now, it has been accessed by d**** from practically every continent .

  10. Shakira Stan December 28, 2016

    Am so over this old desperate b****

  11. T December 28, 2016

    I can’t at the meltdowns of these delusional “aubrhi” stans. Don’t hate jlo because your fave got humped and dumped again lmao.

  12. Truth December 28, 2016

    Drake is cute, but lame ? Jennifer will chew him up, and spit him up out.

    • Truth December 28, 2016

      *Spit him out

  13. Bish in Africa December 28, 2016

    Starboy is now No 1 on hot 100

  14. Gee December 28, 2016

    This fake ship is all for show and for some publicity and hopefully for music purposes for Jlo to get a hit because musically she has been dead since the Pitbull moment went to sleep. Jlo publicity machine goes according to who she is dating after all those years the media is still asleep.

  15. Sheeno December 28, 2016

    You immature low-life bums are too much!. Can’t Celebrities just be friends? ya’ll are so noisy and straight up rude. popping s*** out the mouth sin-facts. Sick of it!.

  16. Haters Gon’ Hate December 28, 2016

    ….. You know what, if they friends – fine – they wanna hug up – fine. But they chose to post it to court media attention = one/or both of them got something to plug (new JLo single feat Drake that she’ll start to perform at her Vegas stint perhaps?). We all been around the block enough to know somebody is looking to gain when the PR machine starts. ##I GOT FAKE PEOPLE SHOWIN’ FAKE LOVE TO ME! STRAIT UP TO OUR FACE!!

  17. RealNegro December 28, 2016

    Drizzy eggs will be dried up at this point. Doesn’t he want to have kids?

    • Lana Del Fan December 28, 2016

      Men have spherm , not eggs my love.

  18. Sherrele December 28, 2016

    Lol. Publicity stunt! I’m done with these fake celebrity relationship! It’s very draining! No real love, because they have to post everything to social media. If it’s for a video why her post does not say, hey fans I’m got a video coming yall way! No, because this is just publicity.

  19. Danny Bey December 28, 2016

    She needs to figure it out. She’s had more boyfriends than Rihanna’s had #1 singles.

    • Sippingmytea December 30, 2016


  20. Casual December 28, 2016

    Fake Love

  21. Sheeno December 28, 2016

    They are on the set of a music video for “Our Love” upcoming duet between them 2. Sheeno Mandela wrote and demo the song. I’m probably gonna skinned out alive for the details, but I hate rumors and s*** talkers.

    • Sheeno December 28, 2016

      get skinned*

  22. RoyalKev December 28, 2016

    LOL. Get you some Jenny! This what JLO do! All the men 10-15 years younger than Jenny are still looking at her, so she can pick from the same pool of men that all the current girls are! JLO wants someone that can keep up and I guess that means she must date younger! Drake’s in for a good time! 🙂

  23. Danny Bey December 28, 2016

    and how is it “confirmed” if you have to put quotations around it? Lol. A bit of an oxymoron.

  24. Chile Please!!! December 28, 2016

    Yeeeeesssss….he getting all the famous Puss Kitty! Drake must got that FYAH dingaling!!! I ain’t mad at him….get it!!!

  25. Rihboy December 28, 2016

    Stunt! If you can’t see that clear as day you blind. Never believed him and Rih were a thing either. They were good good girlfriends ???!

    • Sheeno December 28, 2016

      Still keep them boys secrets very well trust me!.

  26. Suicide Blonde December 28, 2016

    Stunt, she knows it won’t work but he could help her the same way Diddy did, all while having a good time, love me some J.Lo.

  27. SoFresh December 28, 2016

    It’s probably just for a single and that’ pic is probably from the music video set!!! Geez all the reaching

    • Sheeno December 28, 2016

      That’s exactly the case. The song is entitle “Our Love” written by upcoming Haitian-recording artist “Sheeno Mandela” they’re currently shooting the video for the single with is to debut on the top of the new year, but these clowns are spreading false rumors and throwing un-necessary shade at someone who could careless about their silly lil opinion.

  28. brazio December 28, 2016

    I can’t. ..

  29. MusicLife December 28, 2016

    Haters came out in full force here.

    I would take JLo and you probably would too.

    Can’t hate on Drake. Rig and JLo would be a prize x2.

  30. Mariah Carey December 29, 2016

    Kris told me Drake or whatever her name is likes to bottom so this relationship totally makes sense dahhling!

  31. Qwerty December 30, 2016

    Isn’t this a girl code violation. This is the woman you claim to be in love with since you were 22 friend. Hell date anyone

  32. Qwerty December 30, 2016

    Typo he’ll date anyone

  33. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 31, 2016

    This is all about business nothing else

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