Mike WiLL Made-It Spills On How Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ Was Written

Published: Sunday 11th Dec 2016 by Nehemiah

As Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ takes on singles from Adele (‘Hello’) and Rihanna (‘Work’) at the Grammys, more tea is being spilled about the blockbuster cut.

Earlier this week, producer Mike WiLL Made-It revealed that Swae Lee (of Rae Sremmurd) was behind the central lyric – ‘Ok ladies, now let’s get in formation’ – as the two freestyled on a car ride on the way to Coachella.

As many know, the track contains many standout lines, with the most renown being the Red Lobster rhyme.

More on how the Record of the Year candidate came to be below…

In an interview with Red Bull Music Academy, the producer says Slim Jxmmi assisted in penning the infamous rhyme.

Before the Queen polished the anthemic record, Jxmmi wrote ‘If you fxck me good, I’ll take your ass to Margiela.’ But after some tweaks by Mrs. Carter, the line transformed into an endorsement that benefited the fast food franchise.

Though ‘Formation’ was a cooperative effort, Mike affirms that Bey wrote both verses. He also elaborated on her initial release plans for the song. The latter of which preceded the idea for the ‘Lemonade’ visual album.

Check out the interview below. The making of soundbite begins at 1:32:02 (it should play automatically):

Love it!


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  1. D December 11, 2016

    No offense but how is nominated for song of the year. The lyrics have nothing to do with empowerment but instead are about her boating about her life, her man, and child. ‘It trying to drag just want clarity on how this song is getting so much praise

    • Swit Katz December 11, 2016

      you’re just bitter and jealous your fave will never leave beyonce’s shadow

      • D December 11, 2016

        Lol well my fav is nat king Cole and trust me he sings circles around beyonce lol

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

        Not really …

    • ? December 11, 2016

      Mike will wrote that whole song without that B*****

    • M.S. December 11, 2016

      I like Formation but don’t understand how it takes 5-10 people to write these kinds of songs. I would really like to see the day when Bey shuts everyone down and puts out an album that says “All songs written by Beyonce Knowles.” I don’t think I’d want more than 1 or 2 people encroaching on my creativity and songwriting credits.

    • Cupid December 11, 2016

      Lol there are a lot of hidden messages in the song that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t understand the slang. Pretty much the song is painting an image of a female having just as much if not more power than a man. “If he f me good I take his ass to red lobster”… She’s treating him for pleasing her, normally it’s the other way around. She’s independent, she has the power to get what she wants… Etc don’t knock a song because you don’t understand it.

      Same thing goes for other songs. Rihanna’s work for example. Truly a sad song when you really pay attention to the lyrics and understand what she’s saying.

      • D December 11, 2016

        Thanks for atleast tryiing to break it down as opposed to saying I’m just hating. I’m really not but I don’t think the song is a powerfully written song. But great thing about music is not everyone has to interpret it the same. As long as Adele doesn’t win I’m happy lol

  2. Swit Katz December 11, 2016

    I’m also surprised to see rihanna in the Roty category bcoz that song is bs

    • J December 12, 2016

      Work’s lyrics are better written than Formation

  3. Fatusankoh December 11, 2016

    You go queen BEy you make one of the best album ever I hope you you in good luck more blessing and success in all you do

  4. Fancy BISH December 11, 2016

    Always interesting to see how songs come about…Formation has to be one of the most experimental songs to become a hit…I remember the first time I heard it, I was like there’s alot going on in here…then it started to work for me…obviously not for everybody, but I applaud all involved for TRULY making something different! Congrats on #ROTY #SOTY nominations

  5. SHEILA LANE December 11, 2016

    Painful to watch. Very long winded. Plus his communication skills need work.

    • B**** pleeeaaasseeeee December 11, 2016

      Sorry but I thought it was just me. Don’t get me wrong he’s good looking though ????

  6. Mark111 December 11, 2016

    Again, proof of Beyonce “writing” a song that was already recorded. So all she wrote was Y’all haters corny for that illuminati mess and three other lines, and then repeated it for the 2nd verse. Yet the pest say Rihanna shops for songs, as if Beyonce is writing any more than a word or two and her name. Don’t even reply, because I have info from the past 20 years that she don’t write her music.

    • Swit Katz December 11, 2016

      It still doesn’t matter bcoz your fave can’t write either plus beyonce’s live performances and singing ability is enough to not criticise her talent unlike riri

    • Keri Qween December 11, 2016

      Kii @ mark ??

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016


      • Danny Bey December 11, 2016

        Thank you!!!! It’s the mentality of Trump supporters

  7. Swit Katz December 11, 2016

    So they block comments here? don’t worry I’m never coming back

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 11, 2016


  8. Fancy BISH December 11, 2016

    Rihanna’s Work contains an interpolation of Alexander O’Neal’s If You Were Here Tonight (1985)…and if you haven’t heard the song Criticize by Slayxander, go hear it lol

  9. Heyyyyy Yaaaaa December 11, 2016

    The song is horrible I’m sorry lol I’ll rather “hear” Rihanna perform Higher LIVE than to listen to formation.

  10. mr.m December 11, 2016

    Still a wack ass song. next.

  11. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade December 11, 2016

    So she changed Margelia to Red lobster cool !!!

    • Danny Bey December 11, 2016

      And wrote the verses dumb ass.

  12. Reginae Stan December 11, 2016

    She better change a few words and end up at the top of the writing credits!!!!!

  13. Jjfan1814 December 11, 2016

    ‘…The track contains many standout lines, with the most renown being the Red Lobster rhyme.’

    You’re right, how many times does she repeats and I slay ? #groundbreaking

  14. Molly #Stargirl December 11, 2016

    I thought she was a song writer?

  15. IStan4Rihanna. December 11, 2016

    This post is already a mess…


    Let me exit left!

  16. Swiftie December 11, 2016

    I can tell she wrote this song,7/11,partition and Drunk in love those songs seem like they are on her level of intellect but I don’t believe she wrote pretty hurts,irreplaceable,halo and all night

    • OMG Logic!!! December 11, 2016

      Sia wrote Pretty Hurts for another female artist.
      Irreplaceable was written by Ne-yo.
      Halo was written by Ryan Tedder.

      Thighyonce is NOT a songwriter. Never has been never will be.

      • B**** Bye December 12, 2016

        B****. What? Why don’t you take a minute and google “Songs written by Beyoncé” just because somebody helped, doesnt mean they came up with it. Everyone has ghost writers. Google is your friend.

      • B**** Bye December 12, 2016

        And the first song she wrote was bootylicious.

  17. Suicide Blonde December 11, 2016

    As many know, the track contains many standout lines, with the most renown being the Red Lobster rhyme.
    Most lines make sense only for Americans, especially the “Red Lobster” line, outside the US most people have to google what that is. I’m in Italy and I was listening to RDS a famous Italian radio station and they were saying that Adele is the indisputable Queen of the year and that Beyoncé’s Lemonade didn’t have any impact in the country despite being nominated for AOTY at the Grammys, they said that the Grammys focus a lot in the US, while forgetting about the rest of the world. I couldn’t agree more with what they said.

    • #JACKIE December 11, 2016

      The Grammys is an American award show DUH!!!

      • Fancy BISH December 11, 2016

        Thank you #JACKIE…cause, I was like…lol

    • Mark111 /.\ December 11, 2016

      Well the Brit Awards only honor UK and Euro acts, every American is pushed into the International category, even when they top the UK charts and sell as much or MORe than UK acts. Adele was nothing but HYPE, although people love Hello. Last, who cares about bankrupted Italy? They been to be fixing their economy instead of worrying about an AMERICAN award show. Know your place, this is America, the nation that the world cares about, yet we don’t care about them. 🙂

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016

        Yes…@mark666 even tho u irritate me at times….I COULD NOT HAVE SAID THIS BETTER. U BETTER DRAG @SUICIDE-C*** TO THE GROUND.

    • Rosie December 11, 2016

      Yes because it’s an AMERICAN song sung by an AMERICAN artist? Red Lobster is very popular in the US. Their biscuits alone are iconic.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016

        You all are paying attention to this PART TIME KKK SECRETARY A.K.A @SUICIDE RACIST………..U know he will say anything to discredit bey and her blackness.

      • Fancy BISH December 11, 2016

        If he rock me good, he’ll get some Cheddar Bay Biscuits lol

    • B**** Bye December 12, 2016

      Maybe because it’s ITALIAN radio dumb ass

  18. RoyalKev December 11, 2016

    I love hearing Beyonce stories, she’s such a hard worker! Bey’s work ethic is crazy! I know she must pull in some long hours to see her vision come to life! When it comes to Beyonce, I have nothing but respeck!!! What I’m still a big fan of is her writing! I can always tell when she has something to do with her music! It usually carries such an aggressive tone! I loved that about Bey from day one (ever since Independent Women/Survivor, Upgrade U/Ring the Alarm)!

  19. JD December 11, 2016

    Love her or hate her, She is untouchable on stage and Lemonade is a brilliant piece of work!

    • Lola Sobola December 11, 2016

      Brilliant piece of work? Lol, it is nothing without the visuals….
      And don’t lecture me about the ‘AOTY’ bullsh**, we all know how it goes.

      • B**** Bye December 12, 2016

        I mean. You’re entitled to your wrong opinion. Thats okay.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 11, 2016

      Good performer, yes. Lemonade was a pretentious yet extremeley forgettable album. Zero impact. Thighyonce has already purchased her AOTY win though, so hating is pointless.

  20. HailLegendBeysus December 11, 2016

    Lemonade is Brilliant without the video’s. Its production and lyrics alone are amazing.
    Im so proud of her for continuing to evolve and grow as an artist. People are mad and will say whatever they can to discredit her.
    Lemonade is also making many year end critics list and is blurring the lines of what qualifies as a Traditional movie. Many critics are contemplating and asking if they can be allowed to name Lemonade as one of 2016 best movies, simply because it was not released in theaters like a Traditional movie. She once again is breaking the traditions of Hollywood and is paving a new lane!

  21. RihYonce December 11, 2016

    Mike Will and plenty of other writers & producers who have worked with Bey says it’s always a collaboration she actually writes. Idk why people always try to downplay Beyoncé like she hasn’t written #1 hits on her own. In this same interview Mike Will said Beyoncé wrote both verses. Swae came up with the “let’s get in formation” line. But anyway I’m glad he spilled the tea.

    • Sam December 11, 2016

      I guess when Beyonce said or eluded to the fact that she wrote the Bee Gees Emotions and Irreplaceable is when people started to side eye. In her videos she’s always sitting there with a pen and paper scribing like she starts the writing process as appose to adding to it. I think unless you’re

  22. Meme December 11, 2016

    It’s clear how it was written…without Beyoncé. Every time I hear that song I hear Rae Sremmurd. Even the way she sings the lyrics sounds like them.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

      Rihanna did the same thing with Diamonds, sang it exactly like Sia. Hell, she did the same thing with Same Ole Mistakes. It’s not even a remake. She sang it the EXACT same way Tame Impala did. No changes, no tweaks, or anything. So what’s your point?

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 11, 2016

        The difference is rihanna doesn’t put her name at the top of the song writing credits. Kii.. duh toilet!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

        @Cubic Zirconium
        *Yawn* Rihanna doesn’t participate in the creation process PERIOD. She brings nothing to the table. She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can produce, she can’t perform. I’m sorry but what exactly does she do?

      • Mark111 December 11, 2016

        Your hate is clouding the little intelligence that you have. Rihanna never claimed that she wrote those. And the other song is a cover. Do I need to explain to you the definition of a cover song? Dumb hive. ?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

        Are you stupid, simple, or slow? Ya girl can’t write, she can’t sing with her 1 octave range, nor can she do anything aside from that weak ass dutty whine. Trying to come for Bey when your own fave has no substantial amount of talent at all what so ever. The Navy is a f****** joke. Stay in your place b****.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

        Oh! And pretty much every song that Rihanna TALK-sings is a “cover song” kiii

      • Sam December 11, 2016

        I think the point is that Rihanna didn’t claim to write either if those songs. It’s also not unfamiliar for an artist to sing a song like the demo. If you hear the demo for De Ja Vu its sang practically exactly the same and I’m sure Beyonce has writing credits on that also.

      • Sam December 11, 2016

        @Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler
        She makes hits and money and doesn’t pretend to do otherwise

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

        That’s not the point @meme claimed that Beyonce sings Formtation the same way Rae Sremmurd would when that’s exactly what Rihanna does! She sings her songs just like the demo’s. Listen to any of the songs that Sia has written for her and you’ll see that what I’m saying is true.

  23. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 11, 2016

    You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas Bama!!!!

  24. Sahsa_T December 11, 2016

    The guy cut him off but he was saying “she wrote all her verses” so the haters can STFU

    • OMG Logic!!! December 11, 2016

      Of course he did. His paycheck depends on it.

  25. Mark December 11, 2016

    Did any of y’all even watch the video. He clearly said “she wrote her verses” there were certain lines she kept like part of the chorus and the beginning of the second verse. Mess

  26. Rosie December 11, 2016

    Always hilarious to see people suddenly act like writing is the end all be all of talent when it comes to more popular artists, especially if they’re female. I personally don’t care who the f*** wrote it or how many different credits it has, as long as the music is great. Like, ok, (white male with a guitar) wrote every song on his album by himself? Cool, it still won’t change the fact that it’s boring and his writing skills are below average. Maybe some of them should’ve hired a writer instead.
    Anyways, all these tears from “real music!!1” fans because she’s STOMPING on everyone on these year end lists. Can’t wait for the tears when Pitchfork’s list comes out even though they pretend they don’t care anymore.

    • RoyalKev December 11, 2016

      Always hilarious to see people suddenly act like writing is the end all be all of talent when it comes to more popular artists, especially if they’re female. I personally don’t care who the f*** wrote it or how many different credits it has, as long as the music is great.
      ^ Thanks love! It’s this at the end of the day!

    • OMG Logic!!! December 11, 2016

      It should be. A GREAT artist should be capable of writing. No one expects them to be Queen Mariah, but they should be able to write a good song every once in a while.

  27. DanYiel Iman December 11, 2016

    Beyoncé has HATERS no matter what & they’ll keep HATING because they’re born WITH IT!!

  28. RoyalKev December 11, 2016

    Always hilarious to see people suddenly act like writing is the end all be all of talent when it comes to more popular artists, especially if they’re female. I personally don’t care who the f*** wrote it or how many different credits it has, as long as the music is great.

    ^ Thanks love! It’s this at the end of the day!

    • RoyalKev December 11, 2016

      Ooops, my comment was suppose to follow behind Rosie’s, but it actually still apply to DanYiel Iman’s as well! 🙂

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016

        Exactly….that is what some of the GAGA fans were saying on twitter. Saying that JOANNE is amazing because gaga wrote the songs is funny as hell. Gaga could have had three writers on all on joanne and my feeling still would not have changed on bit…..AN ALBUM IS OR NOT GOOD IRRESPECTIVE OF HOW MANY WRITERS BUT ON THE QUALITY OF THE SONGS.

      • RoyalKev December 11, 2016

        I never got lost in that! I don’t care if you’re an entertainer, songwriter or performer/songwriter, just be good at what you do! Just because artists choose to write their own songs, doesn’t mean great music is guaranteed! It’s not automatic!

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016

        Yup..the gag is that maybe if some of them actually had help and were not focused on being ARTIST…..they would actually have dope songs.

  29. Datredd23 December 11, 2016

    Anton is making so many year end lists I’m so thrilled for her! Billboard named Kiss is Better one of the best R&B songs of the year and The New York Times named Work song of the year! And that’s just a few

    • BEY>RIH December 11, 2016

      This post has nothing to do with Anti. This a post about Formation which has topped MULTIPLE year-end lists and Lemonade which has also. You may take a seat!

  30. Datredd23 December 11, 2016


    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 11, 2016

      What happened to it??

  31. Thando December 12, 2016

    This woman doesn’t write anything & no propaganda is going to convince me otherwise. She edits existing demos & claims credit, that’s not writing, its production through bullying. Better singers than beyonce have never claimed to be writers (Whitney, Celine etc). Writing a song is what some like Lauryn Hill does: come up with a melody/chord structure (beyonce has never come up with a chord in her entire life), come up with the lyrics (she changes punctuation and/or adds different prose to an EXISTING lyric), that’s NOT songwriting. Also people seem to think harmonizing is songwriting, it isn’t, anybody (even you and me) can harmonize. The evidence of credit thievery is too much against the queen. Remember when she said it was her idea to sample “Bootylicious” from Stevie Nick’s “edge of reason”‘s guitar riff? Rob Fusaru (the REAL writer of bootylicious) came out and was like ‘hold up wait a minute that was MY idea’ and Mathew had do placate Rob with some b******* explanation. Let’s not forget all the other countless times she’s been accused of stealing song credits and “settling out of court”: The Des’ree debacle with “I’m still in love”, that was so embarrassing that Sony was forced to recall deluxe versions of “B-Day” because court said she wasn’t allowed to release it (I call it her Blurred lines moment LOL), Frank Ocean’s tweet when he was still on twitter, the story behind how “If I were a boy” (one of a few songs her name isn’t on) ended up on “I am Sasha fierce”, she once even claimed to have written the Bees Gees “emotions” LMAO, till Bee Gees fans checked her. “I miss you” existed a year before “4” but was miraculously credited when she released 4, there are even amateur footage videos on Youtube of Frank performing it way before 4. She bullies songwriters into including her name in the credits (so they can share the publishing royalty) but she does not dare bully established writers. The song “I was here” from “4” was written by Diane Warren, the writer of many hits including Celine Dion’s “Because you loved me”. That song only has Diane credited ALONE. Why? Because you don’t f*** with Diane’s creative/intellectual property. I heard she tried to credit herself for Billy Joel’s “Honesty”(lmao) & Billy was like ‘oh no you don’t b****, you can sing it if you like but don’t DARE put your name on the credits list’ and her name isn’t on because you don’t f*** with Billy’s work. I don’t believe she’s capable of writing a song (INVENT a chord structure AND set lyrics to that chord structure), nor has she ever written any song in her life. I don’t believe she even wrote those repetitive Destiny’s Child nursery rhyme-esque songs of the 00’s. Until there’s a song with her name only on it, I call b*******. She’s an extremely good singer though but she’s definitely no song writer, not in the slightest. These D-grade producers claim “she wrote the verses” because they know Beyonce’s name is a gravy train and if you p*** Beyonce off there’s no more money, ask Neyo. Songwriter my a***.

  32. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 14, 2016

    Wow wow

  33. DanYiel Iman April 16, 2017

    Anything to KNOCK BEYONCÉ DOWN HER FOOLS ARE HERE FOR IT BUT THERE FAVE Barely whispers a ON KEY PITCH but she’s garnered as the best in the business with her flat tones? Ri-Whine-A WILL NEVER!! ?

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