Confirmed: Camila Cabello Quits Fifth Harmony For Solo Career

Published: Monday 19th Dec 2016 by Rashad

With their collective star on the rise after the chart domination of songs ‘Work From Home’ and more, Fifth Harmony was well on their way to filling the “girl group” void left in the industry by the likes of Destiny’s Child and Danity Kane.

Unfortunately, much like the latter, before their star could reach its highest heights, the group was dealt a crushing blow by the announcement of the departure of one of its members.  In 5H’s case, it’s Camila Cabello.

Coming just a day after hits that members Normani Kordei and Ally Brooke are readying solo offerings (read more on that here), tuck in below to read the shocking announcement:



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  1. Ja’Far December 19, 2016

    Knew this was coming. Camila and whatever team she had behind her knew exactly what they were doing. They’ve been working plotting this whole time. First, every girl in the group has been through something negative this year except Camila Cabello. Normani with calling Camila ” quirkey” in a interview that led her to be hated, Lauren with her recent weed situation which led her to be hated to some extent,Dinah for making homophobic remarks which led her to be hated, and Ally being attacked by a fan not so much led to be hated more so nothing positive. All this negatively during the groups ” Breakout Year” .Camila on the other had has a top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 with MGK, winning a Much Music Award with Shawn Medes for their 2015 Top 20 hit ” I Know What You Did Last Summer”, and earlier this year she was the spokesperson for Immigration Rights. Nothing negative was put in the media about her. What else is strange is how the media made her the breakout star. Just recently Vogue name her one of the ” 8 T*** Style Stars Set To Rule 2017″. We’re they aware that she was going to rule 2017 as a solo artist not with 5H? I think that is a yes. They knew about this because whatever team that’s representing her sent the world out so they can create stories to build up her momentum just in time for 2017. She is talented no doubt with a unique voice unlike any other but they were supposed to succeed together. They were going to take over the world commercially as 5 talented ladies. They were going to have that number 1 album and singles worldwide with this 3rd album. As a result to that was going to open up more doors for them such as huge endorsement deals and much more awards such a Grammy. This year was amazing for them. They set the bar so high for future girl groups. We thought they were going to take over the world of entertainment together as 5. There is no FIFTH HARMONY without 5 members. Even if they add someone new ( which I doubt that would happen” they still wouldn’t been the Fifth Harmony that the world was introduced too. Do not come for Camila she was presented a better opportunity and took it.

    • BOOBIE December 19, 2016

      Girl…this essay you wrote tho? Keep it

      • Wonder Woman December 19, 2016


      • Lea December 19, 2016


      • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

        Camilla please remove yourself from this blog we know it’s you! Now they should be called harmony. I would like to just have Dinah Normani and Lauren. I think that would be hot but let’s let Alley have her job.

    • Maurice December 19, 2016

      I can’t with Camila.

    • GirlGroupStan December 19, 2016

      @Ja’Far I read every word. Good job.

    • No favs, just here for the music December 19, 2016

      No offense but that long paragraph looks very pre-written like you were just itching for this post to share it. Nothing wrong with that though lol

      • Lea December 19, 2016


    • \Truth(yaaasss honey) December 19, 2016

      U r an extreme sissy for writting this senseless novel!

    • Dawn December 19, 2016

      WHERE IS JUNES DIARY, BECAUSE I could never get into 5th harmony or Lil mix

  2. Credits December 19, 2016

    Her solo career will be like Nicole scherzinger’s. But Nicole could actually sing though. I know you harmonizers boost that Camilla girl up but her tone is whiney. I’ve heard her Adlibs and well…yeah.

    • Maurice December 19, 2016

      LMAO YESSS!!! This is Nicole 2.0 all over again.

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

      I said the same thing. She low key will be the one responsible for breaking up the group. Like it or not fans won’t be happy subconsciously

  3. GirlGroupStan December 19, 2016

    I’m not about to sit back and watch you all act like Camilla can’t sing or has the worst vocals. No sir. And I’m not even a 5H or Camilla or whoever stan.

    • Jason December 19, 2016

      Girl, your ears are broke! She sounds like a crying cat! And you can tell she thinks she’s the s***. She’s going to be trying to get her spot back after they blow up, and she’s doing more features.. Bye Camisole! ?

      • GirlGroupStan December 19, 2016

        I said what I said.

      • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

        She sounds like a rug rat in her t*** years. Every time I see her trying to be s*** it looks like child p***. Just No ?

      • GirlGroupStan December 19, 2016

        I still said what I said.

  4. Not surprised December 19, 2016

    Yeah.Vibe has been off forever with them. Bye camila. ✌

  5. Kiii December 19, 2016

    lol the person with the worst tone left the group, they’ll be alright

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016


  6. BOOBIE December 19, 2016

    She’ll flop like Zayn unless she sings in Spanish

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

      The shade is so deep yet true ??

  7. Stephy December 19, 2016

    Boring, flavorless, dry, forgettable & just corny by default. She’ll be forgotten by January. I’m only interested in homegirl with the chocolate skin. She so fine.

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016


  8. King B December 19, 2016

    They just had huge success this year. 🙁

    • #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016


      She left when they were just about to really blow up next album! Huge mistake! I think all the other girls knew she was leaving that’s why Normani released that cover… I think Normani is doing it the right way strategically she still has that black fanbase she hasn’t tapped into yet! Destinys Child went through 2 group changes and still managed to do well! I really see Lauren becoming the most successful from the group though!

  9. LB December 19, 2016

    Well I mean why not, Fifth Harmony was going nowhere. They only had radio hits, that’s it.

    Ain’t nobody calling Normani, Lauren or the other ones for a feature, everyone was calling Camila. Camila was the only one big producers like Diplo were calling, not the other girls.

    Magazines were writing about Camila, plus she has a bigger social media presence than the other girls, I mean why not. Fifth Harmony were slowing her down.

    She was presented with a big opportunity, she took it.

    • Credits December 19, 2016

      When diplo can call Gaga, Nicki and Taylor swift, do you really think he called Camilla? I think it was the other way around. Notice in the departure letter it says “we’ve been informed by camilla’s REPRESENTATIVES”–yeah, that’s who was setting that stufff up for her. At least she has Good ones.

    • Danny Bey December 19, 2016

      Dinah Jane has a feature on a rapper’s song

  10. Swit Katz December 19, 2016

    She’s not interesting enough. If she’ll be successful it’ll be low key like selena gomez or demi Lovato i don’t see her being on top like riri, taylor or beyonce

    • XYZ December 19, 2016

      Funny what you are calling “lowkey”. Though Selena and Demi are totally not on the same level, with Selena being more known etc, I get what you mean. But guess, what. Not everyone needs to be on the megastar level like riri or Taylor. Hell, some of the so called legends were never on the level that the ones you’ve just mentioned are. And these stars live a by far superior live than the majority of public, even if they were “lowkey”. So I see nothing wrong with that

      • Credits December 19, 2016

        Selena and Demi…I barely know either of them but I always thought Demi’s music was more popular, she’s in rotation at the gym and my local grocery store.

      • XYZ December 19, 2016

        @credits – tbh I don’t care for neither of them. But Selena is the one with most instagram followers, at least from what I’ve read. And she is more known internationally – I live in Europe and Selena is known here, couldn’t say the same for Demi tbh. Whatever, Demi is by far more talented – my point just was that neither of them are on some megastar s*** but are still living a good live. So not everyone can or needs to be on the level as Beyoncé, ri or Taylor is to be considered as successful

    • I can’t December 19, 2016

      I’m not sure that matters. Mediocre white girls get hyped to the heavens. It doesn’t matter how bland, boring, and basic they are. You’re right. She’ll be another Selena/Demi.

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

      I said she will be a whinnying version of Selena Gomez. God as if we need another one.

  11. Wonder Woman December 19, 2016

    Good, Take that Ally b**** with you

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

      Hahaha you words not mine☕️?

  12. No favs, just here for the music December 19, 2016

    Welp…from here on forward should be interesting lol. This was to be expected though, no shocker at all. It was only a matter of time.

  13. HailLegendBeysus December 19, 2016

    Her inevitable flop is coming! Normani is where the cash is at!

    • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

      Yasssss. Where is June’s Diary?!

    • gene December 19, 2016

      Not a fan of these t*** groups, but Normani can be big, many want a black pop/R&B star out there and if she gets with the right team and management, she can be big.

  14. truthteller December 19, 2016

    They’re better off without her. She clearly hasn’t been committed to the group for some time. No reason they can’t continue to be successful with the right material.

  15. new December 19, 2016

    She doesn’t even look like a star. She is just some random girl. Bad decision of you ask me.

  16. TurkeyNoodleSavage December 19, 2016

    They most definitely can continue as a 4sum but Ally and Lauren need to take dance classes ASAP ! other then that they’re good and set .

    Image wise Normani and Lauren need to be in the middle at all times .
    Performance wise Normani and Dinah need to be front and center .

    she left the group too early within their career ., none of the girls are built for solo success just yet .

    • #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016


      This really is gonna give Normani more chance to shine and to set up her solo career! She has to come stronger vocally! I see Normani being like Ciara solo star wise! I see 5th Harmony doing one more album as 4!

  17. Mark111 December 19, 2016

    You can tell they were pushing her to be the star on the first record, but she was getting less party on the last. I never understood the push, but it was clear. When they stop putting her in the front, you could see the bitterness from her. I hate her tone, it’s whiney, very Cheetah Girl ish after Raven left. She’ll be the Nicole Shdhdhdher and Zayn. Zayn is a one hit wonder, Nicole would suck me off just to get one hit. People going to learn leaving a group premature never works, Beyonce & JT left after the group had success. Beyonce came back to lose the book of DC, JT never looked back. There’s tons of nameless girls on the radio feat on EDM/White rappers songs. From Me Myself and I, How Deep Is Your Love, Don’t Let Me Down and so on. Girls that you don’t know and this will be her.

    • Wonder Woman December 19, 2016

      Lol @Nicole Shdhdhdher

  18. LB December 19, 2016

    LMAO she got a top ten hit and bailed on the group lol. What is her team up to?

    I cannot wait for next year.

  19. truthtea December 19, 2016

    Destiny’s Child all over again!

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 19, 2016

      More like the P**** cat dolls. She won’t have Beyonce type of success

    • Jason December 19, 2016

      Except they all had/have vocals… Minus Farrah, but she was just for the look. A breakup doesn’t qualify them to be compared to such an ICONIC GROUP AS DC! 5H could never on their best day!

      • Raquel December 24, 2016

        Nicole was the only lead singer out of the group.
        5th Fifth Harmony each member had solo.

  20. Fresj December 19, 2016

    I don’t understand why she would leave when they just started being successful.This has a Nicole type situation written all over it. Leaving a group prematurely and realizing you’re not quite as popular as you think you are.I mean this group can’t even get 500K people to buy their albums,and majority of their single certifications come from mostly streams and sells mix.I’m not understanding at all.Bad move!

  21. ? December 19, 2016

    Bye Camilla. Wasn’t she the one that said the most racist s***? It was clear she was angling to be a solo artist anyway. Not telling her bandmates herself that she was going and leaving it up to her management is a true Taylor Swift-like Darth Becky touch.

    • Paulo December 19, 2016

      Darth Becky LMAO

      • The Infinite One December 19, 2016

        I screamed inside. ?

  22. Rawr December 19, 2016

    Does this Bitçh not remember what happened with the pussycat doll singer?? She is not a Beyonce.

  23. Marjani December 19, 2016

    My opinion:
    Dinah- strong singer & dancer
    Normani- strong dancer/ weak singer
    Lauren- average singer & dancer
    Ally- strong singer/ weak dancer
    Camila- weak singer & dancer

    I am perfectly fine with Camila leaving the group. Her voice is so annoying and she can’t dance. It is time for the other girls to get some shine.

  24. Champagne Mami December 19, 2016

    Camila has two hit singles outside of 5H. Her latest one is top 10 and is the most disjointed, non melodic, non flowing piece of garbage I’ve ever heard and her fanbase is eating it up. Trust and believe this girl is incredibly calculating. She has been plotting her exit strategy for a long time. She did not leave that group without having other deals and connections in place and with Taylor as her bestie she is going to ride those connections to establishing herself.
    And the fact that she didn’t even have the decency to tell the other girls tells you everything you need to know about her.

    • Lucie January 3, 2017

      I never found her particularly talented or interesting. Girl couldn’t hold a candle to Kelly Rowland much less Beyoncé. Apparently she wants to drop her surname too hahaha. If she things she’s going to make it big solo, then fame has clearly gotten to her head

  25. MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

    They don’t need her TBH. It looks bad because groups and especially female groups always lose members but continue as 4, work on better dancing, an Urban R&B sound, come back stronger and say F-you to the little mouse-y vocalist who should have never been their pushed out front as lead vocalist/artist ever!

    I don’t like them but I have plans that could make them be even bigger.

    She honestly was always dead weight for them. This is a blessing in disguise as long as LA Reid and Simon Cowel still make them a priority. As long as they work together to make them better an continue together for 2+ more albums they all could be in a better place than where they were while with Camila.

    On to bigger and better 5H. Good riddance Camila and your terrible vocals that need auto tune.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 19, 2016

      I hate to quote Thighyonce, but… “Everybody can sing lead now because every body CAN sing…”

      • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

        I don’t understand this comment.

        Anybody can be forced into singing lead but it doesn’t mean all singers are meant to be lead singers in groups.

    • BEY>RIH December 19, 2016

      What it means is now everyone in the group is capable of singing lead or a lot more because everyone in the group CAN sing.

      • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

        Oh I absolutely agree then. #highfive

  26. Tim Brown December 19, 2016

    I’ll wait….

  27. OMG Logic!!! December 19, 2016

    Wait wait wait! The chick with, by far, the WORST voice in the group is leaving for a solo career? Lord Bless her utterly deluded soul. She will crash and burn harder and faster than Azelia Banks after pissing off Russel Crowe.

  28. TurkeyNoodleSavage December 19, 2016

    You guys need to report on Lauren and Normani’s new solo tracks … they are GOOD !!!

    • TurkeyNoodleSavage December 19, 2016

      Oh wait nvm I see the report on Normani

  29. Kimbella December 19, 2016

    Hope she flops Nicole shitt status

  30. Jion December 19, 2016

    Lmao. Two moderate hit singles and she thinks she gonna make it. At least Zayn was a millionaire when he decided to leave 1D – if he didn’t do well, he would’ve gone to live in some mansion in the English countryside. Did Fifth Harmony even take home 5 million between them in the whole time they were in the band?

    I don’t know who would want an entire album sung by this cawing bird. But I guess if Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld and other mediocre individuals can have solo careers, this one will too. A successful one at that. And that Republic Records CEO she’s been f****** to get this far in the game is probably jerking off with glee that he managed to get her to quit the group.

  31. Jion December 19, 2016

    Another thing. She is really basing her solo success on the count of two songs that she needed to be featured on because she couldn’t carry the single on her own?

  32. Kendrick Slaymar December 19, 2016

    I’m laughing ’cause she has Taylor Swift gassing her TF up but in reality, Swift is a white feminist to her COOORRREEEE, she’d never help another woman surpass her. Not a chance.

  33. David December 19, 2016

    They dont even have enough materials as a group for either one of them to go solo she going to flop she really feeling herself with bad thing going to top ten she going end up back to the group

  34. Marjani December 19, 2016

    Honestly, Dinah, Normani, and Lauren should juat become a trio. They would SLAY!!!

    • Marjani December 19, 2016


      • David December 19, 2016

        You know trio mean 3

      • Marjani December 19, 2016

        Yes David, I am fully aware of what trio means. Ally can leave along with Camila. Dinah, Normani, and Lauren are the only girls I care for and they would make a much better group.

    • Terry Lu December 20, 2016

      EXACTLY! those are the superstars… Dinah = Look/aesthetic… Normani = Dancing and Lauren with that sweet raspy voice! That is a supergroup. bye bye Camila bye bye Ally

  35. Paulo December 19, 2016

    good riddance, ho! I’m glad the girls are not hiding the fact she couldn’t even bother tell the news herself. I’m ready for H4RMONY

  36. #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016

    Well hopefully June’s Diary can get pushed out by Epic now!

    • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

      Frank Gatson pretty much called them FLOPS. They’re done.

      • HiveHighness December 19, 2016

        You do so much hating on junes diary when your fave does nothing but gets pregnant, tell her to release some music that will chart, release an album that someone other than you will listen to with ya dusty ass, like ciara is in the league of flops so you have no right talking about anybody

      • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

        June’s Diarrhea fans talk the most S*** when they have no receipts. No singles, no albums and no hope b****. Even their own creative directors washed their hands of them. They won’t even reach Da Bands level. Ciara is a BRAND and June’s DooDoo WISHES to have even an eighth of her success and relevance. Stay mad bum!!

      • HiveHighness December 19, 2016

        A brand of what? How to sleep around and have babies. Ciara is washed up ok, she has no vocals at all, Junes diary are in the beginning of their stardom just give them time. At least they aren’t rushing to just release the next microwave hit and be on to the next, they’re actually bonding and putting their individual sounds into their music, keep hating I’ll be happy to say I told you so in a few months, catch my girls at the essence festival

      • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

        Says who? Not Frank Gatson! He said their songs FLOPPED and their show was CANCELED. Let’s not forget that Ciara is doing her thing in fashion REVLON says hello, WILHEMENIA says wassup and her music will soon follow boo. Ciara STAYS booked and she’s worth millions and so is her HUSBAND! June’s Diarrhea can’t even drop an EP that they promised months ago. KIIIIII. At least Fifth Harmony has RECEIPTS! Fume b****!

      • HiveHighness December 19, 2016

        Again you’re the only girl that’s fuming, and just when did frank gatson say that? He’s always praising and showing love to those girls, they’re still a work in progress you idiot I’d rather have people that take time and put care into their music, ciara may be doing her in fashion but she’s done in the music world, ain’t nobody checking for her music

      • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

        No one is checking for her music, yet she’s still getting gold and platinum plaques and VEVO certified. Meanwhile Losing Destiny had less viewers than Zoe Ever After.

      • HiveHighness December 19, 2016

        Ciara can have whatever plaques she likes she’s still vocally incompetent, each of those girls in Junes diary will sing her under the bus and then some, gone with that plaque mess what about the talent?? Right! And I don’t mean to bring my other fav into this but ciara wishes she was on the level of the queen bey, sit down you Stan for a non singing flop

  37. cocobutta December 19, 2016

    So its Fifth Harmony with no 5th member and still no Harmonies.
    ? Camilla bye bish

  38. Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 19, 2016


    • BEY>RIH December 19, 2016

      Not Slushingburger!! ??

      • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

        Dropped that Wendy Williams-ism on us

    • My World Is…Blu December 20, 2016

      Who’d want to be beyonce, a puppet who is controlled by the music industry.

      Sit down beyonce isn’t that great either. Remember when she was in dc and she was struggling to sing, then suddenly she becomes a solo artist and her voice instantly changes? That’s very fishy. I don’t even think that’s the real beyonce, the real beyonce was killed years ago and this thing we have now shaking her a*s is a clone. Sad.

      Even beyonce says so herself, there is a demon inside of her.

      Beyonce was struggling back in DC and if it wasn’t for her daddy nobody would’ve known who she was. So if camila sells out like beyonce did then she will be the next big star but if not…then oh well.

    • My World Is…Blu December 20, 2016

      Lol @acting like beyonce is some hot s***.
      Typical bey stan, with the iq of a rock.

      It’s just a shame that you don’t realize that you are worshiping a mind controlled puppet.

      Beyonce is a s**** to the music industry just like spears, and soon she will break. Look at poor Kanye West.

      Beyonce can’t even sing that well anyway, she’s just okay. But back in DC she was struggling. Now she is decent but not great. If she were really great she would not need to lipsync all the time.

      Beyonce ain’t worth the sh*t I took this morning.

      Complete narcissistic nutter. Could be beautiful if she wasn’t such a weirdo nutjob, but that’s what the illuminati music industry does to these artists. It eats them up and spits them out.

    • Nicole >>> Bey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rih December 20, 2016

      Oh really dawling? This little girl camila can sing like this dawling?

      I don’t think so dawling! I’d like to see camila’s whiny self sing like that. Camila won’t even be able to sing like Beyonshit let alone Nicole. She’ll be more like screaming screeching Melody Thornton from PCD. Lord save my ears.

  39. #JACKIE December 19, 2016

    Their best bet is to stick together. None of these girls have enough star power or talent to make it solo. #CookieCutter

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 19, 2016

      I think normani does…but in a few years tho. Also lauren too..

    • #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016


      Someone who stans Ciara does not have room to talk Ciara is the definition of cookie cutter! No vocal ability at all! That’s why no one buys her music!

      • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

        Yet Ciara is a BRAND with several lucrative contracts and platinum plaques and a Grammy sitting pretty on her mantelpiece. You were saying…..????

      • #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016


        She won a grammy for best music video! Not bragging worthy! Ciara signed a 2 year deal with Loreal as a brand ambassador! I have yet to see her anywhere with Loreal… no tv ads, no store ads, no nothing but the internet! Her only relevancy is her relationship and her getting pregnant! Her career is pretty much done after this second baby! ??

      • #JACKIE December 19, 2016

        You sound UPSET høe. ?

    • My World Is…Blu December 20, 2016


      You’re right these girls don’t really have star power and aren’t the most talented, but they’re still miles ahead of ciara the flop in everything. That ho has the weakest voice I have ever heard. I’m surprised that producers even work with her. Even the dream could out-sing ciara’s trashy ass.

  40. Dem Lessers December 19, 2016

    Girl it’s not going to work! Should’ve waited until after the next 1/2 5H albums whist doing some solo activities on the side to push your own name, the general public still don’t really know the members individually. The way she left aswell won’t sit well with the many fans. The GP are also less forgiving when it comes to female artists, she’ll be painted as the b**** who back stabbed her fellow members. 5H were still growing in popularity too, At least One Direction had reached their peak and it seemed like they were just riding that wave when Zayn left. Anyways I hope this doesn’t stunt the other girls growth, I could see them doing stadiums if the songs on the next album were right. They also need to not break up because of this.

    • Paulo December 19, 2016

      is media mysoginist? sure. but Camilla is indeed a backstabbing b**** and she showed her true colors when her fans went with racist remarks for Normani this year and she basically sat and watched. she thinks she’s Mariah when she’s not even seeing Ariana vocally. glad she’s gone and if the girls are smart they’ll grow stronger and more popular from this.

    • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

      Spot on and I agree with all you said. She should have entertained the idea after Album 4.

  41. Molly #STARGIRL December 19, 2016

    Smh… All I see is Queen Selena’s name in the post.. Anyways she should’ve left after their 3rd but whatever makes you happy sis.

    • Molly #STARGIRL December 19, 2016

      3rd album*

  42. Danny Bey December 19, 2016

    Now we just need Ally Brooke gone and I will stan for 3H (Normani, Lauren & Dinah)!!

    • Marjani December 19, 2016

      Yes, I totally agree.

  43. Rosie December 19, 2016

    She’s gonna flop so hard lmao, Harmonizers or whatever they call themselves are actually celebrating on Twitter. She got a cute lil hit and it wasn’t even a solo hit, but a feature from a previous one hit wonder (and her part is basically a sample) and she thinks she can pull a Beyonce/Zayn? Like someone said, at least Zayn was worth millions when he left. I doubt anyone in 5H is a millionaire.
    Speaking of Zayn, Mind of Mine flopped but I don’t even think 7/27’s TOTAL sales have yet to outsell its first week. Sad!

  44. Jackx December 19, 2016

    Forth Harmony Now??

  45. Marjani December 19, 2016

    David, yes I know what trio means. Ally can go too. She is the forgettable one.

  46. BEY>RIH December 19, 2016

    The chipmunk will floppp!!! With her dumbàss… Notice how Bey, JT, and even Zayn (who scored one big hit and a mediocre selling album), left their respective groups after at least 3 albums, 5 years, and mega success. Fifth Harmony literally scored their first major success this year with WFH yet their album has yet to go gold. She should’ve waited til their next era when they would blow up even more. She got to anxious after scoring mediocre success off of two features. She is not a Beyoncé, or Timberlake; she doesn’t have enough talent and popularity to have success right after her group entered mainstream.

  47. That Rihanna Reign… December 19, 2016

    They were together for 4 and a half years and did absolutely nothing of worth in their time lol. Always in Little Mix’s shadow in every department. She’ll tank as a solo artist too.

    • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

      Little Mix has yet to break the US, the biggest market so I can’t agree with that comment you made. The rest I do agree with.

  48. BEY>RIH December 19, 2016

    They should drop the short girl and go on as a trio. The most successful girl groups are trios (Destinys Child, TLC, Supremes) or quintets (Spicegirls), and I honestly see them blowing up with “Third Harmony” or “3H”. Then after their 4th album when they have at least 4 smash hits and at least one or two million-selling albums, they should go on a hiatus and set off for solo careers. Normani has the most potential to breakout imo. She’s the Bey to Camilla’s Kelly lol.

    • #ispeakfacts December 19, 2016


      Normani doesn’t have Beyonce’s talent! She’s a great dancer but she’s a weak vocalist! Camilla is a stronger singer but weak performer… She really shines best when she sings ballads! Stop comparing Destinys Child to 5th Harmony! Kelly had major success overseas even bigger than Bey early in her solo career why Beyonce dominated the U.S market! All DC members are still much relevant and successful sweetie even Michelle!

  49. howwrongtheyare December 19, 2016

    Her voice irked me in their group, but I like most of her features with other artists..

    • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

      auto tune

  50. MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

    If they were allowing Camila to do solo singles with people IDK why she wouldn’t have just continued to do that until she established herself more. I agree with the person who said people hardly, especially outside of music heads or their stans know each girl from another.

    They do not have much success despite being together for so long. The fact “WFH” is their biggest hit and came out this year doesn’t look well for her trying to depart on her two collaborative singles. It seems very much like Nicole Scherzinger of PCD fame when she tried to go solo after their smash album, but least they had like 4-5 hits. 5H hardly has two massive hits. And poor Nicole flopped to the gods in 2007.

    I have a plan though. The new an improved 5th Harmony need to release a new album by Spring or Summer 2017. I say take 1 month off, record an album from February to about April. Drop the lead single come April or May. Then release the album in June 2017. The sound should be less Pop focused and more Urban/R&B Dance aligned to create a new identity for the girls. They should mold themselves for as a modern Destiny’s Child meets Danity Kane, and never look back to heir Camila years. Then after album 4 or 5, then the other 4 should consider a break for solo albums if that is what they want come then.

    Two albums deep is not the time to think you are able to go solo IMO. Taylor and her false thoughts she placed in her head. Good luck Camila Scherzinger 2.0!

  51. SMH December 19, 2016

    Still don’t know any of these h0es lol.

  52. ukaszenkoo December 19, 2016

    Camila wrote a post saying she had been talking to the girl for some time now about this. The text they got about her leaving was just to make it official. They didn’t act cool.

    But there were a lot of things behind the scenes with them actually. If you watched their interview you could see something was off

    • MusicFan103 December 19, 2016

      Something has always been off, I don’t think any of them truly like each other. They don’t look like they are real friends but rather business partners who withstand each other.

  53. My World Is…Blu December 20, 2016

    Well good for her, but she will either flop or have to sell her soul like beyonce did. So it’s a lose lose situation either way. Personally I’d rather just be known as a flop then to be a puppet to the music industry like beyonce so yeah

  54. My World Is…Blu December 20, 2016

    I’m glad she’s gone though, she had the most annoying voice in the group. Kind of like how beyonce was the worst in dc until her voice instantly improved.
    At least she ain’t a trashy ho like beyonce, at least she hasn’t shown that yet. But you’re only as strong as your weakest member and that’s why dc sucked vocally…beyonce sucked a*s at singing until her voice somehow got much stronger.

  55. Nicole >>> Bey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rih December 20, 2016

    Please…this little girl will never be like Nicole…she doesn’t have that kind of talent…she’ll never be anything more than a melody.

  56. Nicole >>> Bey >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rih December 20, 2016

    But why are people saying she will flop? It’s all about having the right management and promotion. I mean, if rihanna, britney, ciara and j-lo can make it, then anybody can with the right team.

    And you fools better stop using Nicole as an example…she had a bad team and she was also very indecisive and she and her team put out the wrong singles. So if this little girl has the right team (which I assume she does) she will be another selena gomez, another pop tart without any real talent who is made into a star. Like I said, if rihanna’s goat sounding a*s can make it, then with the right push any person off the street can make it. Plus camila won’t be blacklisted like Nicole was.

  57. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 24, 2016

    She been ready to get the heck out of that group and good luck with her working on her solo album

  58. Star Gaze December 25, 2016

    Starting by clearing up bishes s***.
    My World Is…Blu, you are a degenerate of lowest class for calling Beyoncé a “puppet controlled by the music industry” you are a big d***, a fat h** and a r*****.
    Stage 2.
    Beyoncé cannot be called a puppet because he vocals have always been AMAZING (check out DC’s Survivor) for details. Bish, Beyoncé has 62 Grammy nominations and has Most Awards Won By A Female On A Night so, bish, I doubt she gives af what you petty h** thinks.
    Stage 3.
    Now I’ve defended Queen Bey, to 5H s***
    Stage 4.
    Camilla has AMAZING vocals, but what she did is so NOT COOL. I mean, instead of leaving, making the girls to be like kinda Fans 4 Angels or Quartet Special or Fabulous Foursome, or to look for replacements, she shoulda discussed with the girls that let ’em be a group, but have freedom to go onwads with Solo, while being a group.
    So not cool, Camy.
    And I also dig for Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani.
    XOXO, StarGaze

  59. Star Gaze December 25, 2016

    Starting by clearing up bishes s***.
    My World Is…Blu, you are a degenerate of lowest class for calling Beyoncé a “puppet controlled by the music industry” you are a big d***, a fat h** and a r*****.
    Stage 2.
    Beyoncé cannot be called a puppet because her vocals have always been AMAZING (check out DC’s Survivor) for details. Bish, Beyoncé has 62 Grammy nominations and has Most Awards Won By A Female On A Night so, bish, I doubt she gives af what you petty h** thinks.
    Stage 3.
    Now I’ve defended Queen Bey, to 5H s***
    Stage 4.
    Camilla has AMAZING vocals, but what she did is so NOT COOL. I mean, instead of leaving, making the girls to be like kinda Fans 4 Angels or Quartet Special or Fabulous Foursome, or to look for replacements, she shoulda discussed with the girls that let ’em be a group, but have freedom to go onwads with Solo, while being a group.
    So not cool, Camy.
    And I also dig for Lauren, Ally, Dinah and Normani.
    XOXO, StarGaze

  60. Thomas March 20, 2017

    Lmao ya all pathetic cheap c**** here saying s*** about them and camila lol where r u? Sitting your fatass at home bitching but they are rich and enjoying their dreams lol why u jealous idiots here talk s***. Camila will be successful as well as 5H they are already big and on the same success as DC were and they will surpass them. Idiots bashing Ally here when her vocals are the best in the group, stfu. And in the shadow of Little Mix? little mix only wish to be as successfull as 5H and be at least a bit worldwide known lol

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