Watch: Mariah Carey Shares Thoughts On Ariana Grande, Beyonce, & Whitney With ‘WWHL’

Published: Monday 19th Dec 2016 by Rashad

An ever festive Mariah Carey continues to spread Christmas cheer across TV land with her latest stop being inside Andy Cohen‘s clubhouse on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live.’

There, per usual, the shady chanteuse let loose a number of watch-worthy moments as she dished on her thoughts of known nemeses Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana Grande.  Sharing her thoughts on the trio (whom she has been pitted against in one way or the other over her career) via an interesting game titled ‘Does She Know Her?,’ Mimi certainly invoked a chuckle or two here at TGJ HQ with her “nice nasty” answers.

Also dishing on her love life (including recent breakup), recent pow wow with good girl friend Beyonce, and even that shady tweet from Demi Lovato, tuck in below for some laughs courtesy of the pop icon:

Mariah on J.Lo & Ariana Grande

Mariah on Beyonce

Mariah on Demi Lovato & breakup

Mariah on Whitney

Your thoughts?

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  1. Solange December 19, 2016

    Mariah going at Demi just shows you to never come for Mariah.

    • HoneyHive December 19, 2016

      She is so insecure. Go back to Vegas where you can fill up those auditoriums! ??????

      • Mooriah Cowry December 19, 2016

        Obese ol’ digger who cancelled her concert in South America because of low demand. Give it up, grandmariah and enjoy your ol’ money from your sugar daddy named Tommy Mottola! ☝?️

      • Queen of Prerecorded Tracks December 19, 2016

        Those were the days when she could hit those high notes. Now she is just fiddling her fingers onto her ears pretending there is something wrong with her earpiece. No lame cow, it is not your earpiece; it is …YOU!


      • Solange December 19, 2016


      • BeyHive December 19, 2016

        @queen of prerecorded tracks sums it all !!


      • Elusive Lambchop December 19, 2016

        She IS pretentious, vain, stuck up, narcissistic, etc. She is not a diva, not by any stretch of the imagination. She is not Aretha and never will be.

      • tantty December 19, 2016

        Kanya should marry her and call their baby- Pooriah !


      • RollingTheDeep December 19, 2016

        A sorry, crass,vain,insecure woman child. Her fans failed their IQ test.


    • Cake Like Gaga December 19, 2016

      Mariah is a has-been. Nobody is checking on her. She as relevant as a Christmas tree. After Boxing Day she will be forgotten. ?????

      • Solange December 19, 2016

        kinda like how we forgot about lady gaga after born this way?

      • Lola December 19, 2016

        Girl worry about a million flops please your fave’s career is Literally on thin ice

      • Jess December 19, 2016

        Her album should have named “Me, I am Delusional…” The airbrushed, retouched photo is how MC would like to look but even in her 20’s she never looked like that. I loved MC’s early work and she can sing but why does she think she needs to look like a pinup Playboy bunny?
        She’s got the raw talent, just use it without all the overproduced lame $h*t and stop with the diva case it’s OLD like your chesesy Christmas song. Tragic! 🙁

      • Joanne December 19, 2016

        Gaga will play Superbowl next year. Mariah is booked..with a has been named Lionel Ritchie. Awwww…you have been triggered.

      • you doing 22much December 19, 2016

        Lionel Ritchie a has been? B**** where? Do your research. I’m not saying you’re a crackhead just maybe a little crackish. if you believe that s***. Them some legends and they have receipts to back that s*** up. how old are… Know what, nevermind

    • Felisha December 19, 2016

      there is something wrong with this woman. she thinks she is above everyone. the fact is she is the queen of nobody.

      her 18 #1 hit were just a scammed. half of it because of…discounts. sit down …nobody is checking on you other than your christmas song that you cant hardly sing live!


      • yesus December 19, 2016

        I don;t think we really needed an entire article to understand why Mariah;s sales are horrible. I loved Mariah. Loved. But I don;t love her anymore. Haven;t for years. She;s not relatable and completely into herself. People loved her years ago because she was just a simple girl who had a beautiful voice. Everyone is tired of the pre-school princess, over-the-top persona she now portrays 24/7. She also dresses inappropriately for her age and hasn;t yet figured out that she;s not still 20 years old. Once she fixes these things, she might have a chance. Disgustiiiiinnngggg.

      • Cocobuttah December 19, 2016

        solange.. whoooo???

    • BeyHive December 19, 2016

      Bey ended her after Sasha Fierce era!

      The fact that she will doing some shows with Lionel Ritchie says it all and yet she is behaving as if she could fill up stadiums. She could hardly sell out… a basketball arena.

      Get a reality checks…Lambs! RIP. ⚰️

      • Lola December 19, 2016

        Beyonce loves Mariah and has acknowledged that she has been influenced by her so your sad attempt at starting a Stan war lays in vain BYE TROLL

    • Roll Eyes December 19, 2016

      The most appaling diva of all time. Look at her..just like a jobless stripper with b00bs all over the place singing with some backup tracks.. Yet she is trying to shade those girls who still can sing live!

    • LISA LEVINE December 19, 2016

      Mariah Carey is an Iconic vocalist and Songwriter. Went to my Nephews school pay and they sang Hero. That’s how you know shes Iconic. While her media Image of a diva is annoying, she seems real down to earth here and cool. RELEASE FADED and stop playing

      • Fake..fake..fake… December 19, 2016

        Just vocal acrobatics do not always make good singing!

    • Mariah Carey December 19, 2016

      Or you Solange dahhling!

  2. Stephy December 19, 2016

    We were two little people wrapped up in this big old world
    Drifting round in space out of place just a boy and girl
    Then you took my hand and made me a part of you
    And I looked in your heart
    And saw all my dreams come true
    You did the impossible (you did the impossible)
    You rescued my love
    You did the impossible (you did the impossible)
    See, I had almost given up
    And now I love ya like summer time, love ya like cherry wine
    Love ya like free money, like a preacher loves Sunday
    Love ya like freeze pop, love ya like a milk shake
    Love ya like a high school girl on a first date
    Love ya like shootin’ stars, love ya like a muscle car,
    Love ya like we’re destined
    Love ya like my lover and my best friend
    Yeah, you did the impossible

    Tonight I’m gonna need all your attention
    Close the door
    I wanna do things I probably shouldn’t mention
    Like a bird I’m gon’ hum
    Those three words, I love you, I love you, I love you
    Freeze the time, let the world go by
    If you’re mine say, you love me, you love me, you love me
    Boy take my hand and make me a part of you and the love that
    You gave to me has pulled me through
    You did the impossible (you did the impossible)
    You rescued my love
    You did the impossible (you did the impossible)
    See, I had almost given up
    And now I love ya like Sunsets, bubble baths on the jet
    Love ya like kool-aid, Louis Millionaire shades
    Love ya like sugar daddys, love ya like a pimp caddy
    Love ya like a holiday Duncan Hines yellow cane
    Love ya like it’s five a.M. And I’m off work
    Love ya like Louboutin Heels and a Mini Skirt
    Love ya like an asher cut pink and white engagement ring
    Love ya like layin’ in bed bumpin Jodeci
    And I’m forever your lady
    Layin’ in bed bumpin Jodeci
    And I’m forever your lady
    Layin’ in bed bumpin Jodeci
    And I’m forever your lady
    (I love you like the sunsets in the evening) Layin’ in bed bumpin Jodeci
    (Like the shooting stars) (Layin’ in bed bumpin Jodeci)
    (And I’m forever your lady) I love you, oh! You did the Impossible
    I’d almost given up
    The impossible…………

    • Max December 19, 2016

      Definitely one of my faves from Memiors

    • Ariantaor December 19, 2016

      song for bimbos from a fake, old, contrived and long gone so called diva.

  3. Kiii December 19, 2016

    The nerve of Demi to come for Mariah when she has never even met her. Mariah is really not here for these little girls. It’s sad the Mariah always has to defend herself from these lessers.

  4. B2B December 19, 2016

    Mariah don’t play bih!!!

  5. Max December 19, 2016

    Mariah’s IG comments are a mess right now. One idiot even said Demi is more relevant than her because she has more IG followers than her well it’s a pity those 50 million followers didn’t purchase her last flop or stream her singles to #1

  6. Swit Katz December 19, 2016

    Love this woman

  7. Arianator December 19, 2016

    It’s a shame the charts or the RIAA don’t know her??

    • LmfaoHoe December 19, 2016

      Stop talking about your fav cause she clearly aint up there with the likes of Riri, Katy, Selena,and Taylor in thz name of #1 hits. Also tell your gurl to be careful, her voice gonna be damaged worse than Xtinas strains were.

      • Kiii December 19, 2016

        lmao their voices might be destroyed before ever they get a #1

    • OMG Logic!!! December 19, 2016

      Odd, they don’t seem to know Grande Frapuccino either…

  8. LmfaoHoe December 19, 2016

    Mariah may be a diva but she aint the one for bs either. Demi better watch herself, like Mimi said you have a problem come introduce yourself and state your opinion. Thats how you do s***.

    • Max December 19, 2016

      So true even Cameron Diaz knows?

      • Mariah Carey December 19, 2016

        I had Cameron shook in 1999 dahhhling!

  9. new December 19, 2016

    Remember when this site started as a UK site? Now you’re posting stuff that people from the UK can’t watch.

    What really bugs me about this site is the bloody lazy reporting. Hardly ever put a quick transcript for people who can’t view the videos

  10. NavyMilitant December 19, 2016

    Obese ol’ digger…enjoy your retirement and back to back flops!!! ???

    • LISA LEVINE December 19, 2016

      Listen you little negative gay. Go play basketball or learn to be a real boy and stop chasing FEMALE DIVAS around on blogs.

  11. Hi Jamon December 19, 2016

    I wouldn’t say she shared thoughts on any of them. She was asked questions, tor make it sound like she was dissing those women. Andy is the male Wendy Williams. I wish they stop asking her the same questions.

  12. Stfu December 19, 2016

    Cant even remember when she ladst hit #1….1996??? ?

    • The One’ December 19, 2016

      Bet you recall she has the most!!

  13. Gurl December 19, 2016

    There are ppl called haters because we give them positivity!

  14. Truth Serum December 19, 2016

    Bey and Rihanna ended her!!! Ok byeee. ?

    • Lola December 19, 2016

      B**** BYE! Mariah is the reason why Bey and Rih are doing what they are doing today matter of fact they Stan Mariah so f**** outta here with your sad attempts at creating a non existent Stan war

  15. Max December 19, 2016

    The pathetic Madonna Stan and his 287372889 troll accounts strikes again. I hope Santa gets your a life for Xmas

  16. S****** Blonde December 19, 2016

    She’s so extra, sometimes her way of being is comparable to that of a caricature, Jessica Rabbit to be exact, just that in real life, that try hard attitude is truly pathetic.

    • Lola December 19, 2016

      Hmm I bet you’re the one that’s behind all these hateful troll accounts

      • S****** Blonde December 19, 2016

        How long have you been on this site darling?……I don’t need to, not that kind, have a nice day.

      • Lola December 19, 2016

        Okay Onyx??
        Hope that answers your question and btw what ever happened to the site you used to link your username to

      • S****** Blonde December 19, 2016

        Well, you should know better considering that you been reading my comments for so long. I change email from time to time, just to prevent trolls for using it, that link doesn’t exist anymore for the exact same reasons ?

    • OMG Logic!!! December 19, 2016

      Madonna is exactly the same except she does it with the youth and fitness BS instead of the se xy schtick.

      • S****** Blonde December 19, 2016

        And I’m against that part of Madonna as well, Mariah’s over the top divaness and Madonna’s over the top attempts to catch the public attention are equally pathetic, not a fan of that part of these women, love their music and respect their legacies but it’s too much for me.

    • The One’ December 19, 2016

      Should’d you be dead s****** Dumb!?

    • Rebecca December 19, 2016


      She lost it a long, long, long time ago when she began to refer to herself as a diva. She looked pretty with her natural dark hair, had a voice, but it is all about her now and has been for a long time. I personally can;t stand her due to her all about me darlinggg diva attitude. Perhaps she and Kanye need to ride slowly, but surely, into the sunset and hand up the saddle.

      • The One’ December 19, 2016

        No one cares how you feel about Mariah!!
        She doesn’t know you exist darling!
        She clear hasn’t lost her coins!
        She clear hasn’t lost her beauty.
        She clearly is one of the most respected artist among her peers for her talent .
        People who “know” her says how sweet, caring, and humble she is.

        Why I’m I entertaining you? Go somewhere and attempt to achieve half of Mariah’s success so you’ll have some thing of your own to loose?

  17. Zzz December 19, 2016

    Nobody in this generations like her. She is the most pathetic diva of all time and overrated. You cant sing and stop pretending screeching brake!

  18. Fake..fake..fake… December 19, 2016

    Delusional. No wonder nobody bought her music. She wishes she was that size that is depicted on her album covers.

  19. Next??? December 19, 2016

    Everyone in America is getting tired of diva attitude. Get a grip, Lambs. YOUR mama is an old artist with nothing new to offer. Not a winning combination.

    Rest in peace and enjoy your Lambchop.

    • The One’ December 19, 2016

      You don’t speak for me troll, so stop this everyone in America crap you’re spewing. Mariah has your panties in a bunch.
      Example of another reason she’s queen!!
      She doesn’t know you either, but you’re big mad at her??

  20. John Vidal December 19, 2016

    RETIRE! That cutely little girl image is just creepy at this point. Bye gurl.

    • Gina Longoria December 19, 2016

      She does look like a female serial paed0philia…??????

  21. JANE MALIK December 19, 2016


  22. MUSICHEAD December 19, 2016

    I see Mariah got a lot of y’all haters bothered. It doesn’t matter tho, cuz she’s still Diva Supreme!

  23. Meteorite December 19, 2016

    In the words of Nene, “Bloop!”
    She clocked Demi!

  24. Rakkem December 19, 2016

    Nobody likes her. Nobody looks up to her. Gold digger with no morals. Just a Tommy Mottola puppet and bimbo! Now selling perfumes to sustain her career!

    • The One’ December 19, 2016

      Everyone in the industry with talent lovers Mariah!! Plus, she has million upon millions of fans who not only like, but love and respect her.
      JUst say you’re a bitter Demi or Jlo fan and keep it on push?

  25. Cybil Libra December 19, 2016

    Mariah’s emoticon : ??

  26. Jason December 19, 2016

    All you ignorant fools talking about Mariah’s voice and how she can’t sing anymore: Did you see one of her Beacon Theatre Christmas-themed shows in the past two weeks?


    Well I did. She still sings like it’s 1990 and nailed every note, including whistles. So don’t talk about what you do NOT know about.

  27. Cowriah Carey December 19, 2016

    Such a b**** to drags:
    Said J.Lo “I don’t know her”
    Said Madonna “Used to be popular”
    Said Christina Aguilera to use her name to become famous, It is in her heart to forgive and her will keep her in her prayers.
    Said Britney about she judged in X-Factor “I don’t care who’s going on that show – as long as it’s not me.”
    Said Beyonce ‘s lip-synched in singing The Star Spangled Banner “You could have just lip-synched that sh*t like Beyoncé did at the Inauguration!”
    Said Beyonce ‘s song Drunk In Love that she understand that kind of song.
    Sang a song “Obssessed” to Eminem.
    Said Nicki Minaj that she can’t understand what she sang and can’t stand with her.
    Said American Idol “I don’t even remember what that was. That was a moment in my life that I’m going to press delete.”
    Said Leona Lewis “They’ve been comparing people to me for longer than I can remember. I’m just like, ‘Whatever. If they’re the new me can they come and do my interviews for me or get in the studio and write one of my songs? Seriously though, I love everybody, it’s not a competition for me.”
    Said Ariana Grande “I wish everybody all the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hope that they can achieve longevity.
    Said Lady GaGa “we love everyone who works hard” kind of diplomatic thing… “
    Said One Direction that she was asked if her kids were fans of 1D and she said “my kids are only fans of ME and my HUSBAND”
    Said Katy Perry about her song This Is How We Do Music Video and she said she really don’t know her .
    Said Demi “I Don’t Know Her”


  28. Copyoncé December 19, 2016

    Mariah is only relevant between the 1st of December and Christmas

  29. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 24, 2016

    Nice interview

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