Ciara Covers Cosmopolitan SA

Published: Monday 16th Jan 2017 by Sam

Check out Ciara!

The R&B chanteuse covers the February 2017 issue  Cosmopolitan South Africa and, as ever, dazzles.

For the pregnant and newly married singer the feature arrives on the heels of an array of exciting ventures.

Last Fall, she was revealed as the new face of Revlon – with a global campaign to boot – and also nabbed a deal with Keds.

With a bundle of joy on its way (and apparently new music too), 2017 is shaping up to be a great one for Mrs. Wilson.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Janet Jackson January 16, 2017

    She is so irrelevant

    No career having h**

    That’s why she has to go all the way to SouthAfrica to get a cover LOL

    • Shakira stan January 16, 2017

      Shouldn’t you be breast feeding your baby with that 50 year old condescend milk?

  2. LISA LEVINE January 16, 2017

    Girl. Why is this beautiful brown woman – looking like a bleached skin white woman in this pic? Stop with the fuc-kery.

  3. Shakira stan January 16, 2017


  4. Shakira stan January 16, 2017

    She has no class .two babies with two daddies. Cheap s***.

  5. Teflon Boy January 16, 2017

    The modern format of the music industry, the low tier now accepted of R&B singer’s vocal capabilities and the rise of the 360 deal have done wonders for Ciara.., in any other decade her star would’ve long since faded, as beyond looks and dance moves there really isn’t anything else to praise. I applaud her for her professionalism, continued hustle and for taking the little talent she has and continuing to transform it into coins.

  6. Tim Brown January 16, 2017

    I wonder what she’ll be doing career wise this year? Haven’t read of her signing to a new label yet…she walked the red carpets a lot to raise her Q score…but what solid footing will she finally have instead of her other career tactics. I am sure her not having a solid footing in the industry is worrisome. She is like a blank slate every year….it was nice to see her as the face of Revlon! It would be awesome to see her as a judge on a new talent show!

    • Shakira stan January 16, 2017

      Dancing show hopefully.
      That’s the only place she is credible.

  7. Jay Jay January 16, 2017


  8. King January 16, 2017

    Dang you know a good move for her would’ve been to go on that jlo show about dancing. They could’ve had all female judge and each week we’ll see who would slay.
    Jlo, Ciara and shakiera

  9. Miko2 January 16, 2017

    She could’ve at least looked more natural for this photoshoot…

  10. Danzou January 16, 2017

    She needs to work with tinashe and Mike will. I hate so badly that Ciara let her lane be snatched. If she kept her crunk and b sound then she’d at least had a number one on billboard by now being the only girl releasing hardcore rnb but singing about love as well. The minute rihanna released pour it up and looovveee song it was over.

  11. Black power January 16, 2017

    She’s now a socialite and model…: so sad when she had potential to be an r&b legend.

  12. Lezi January 16, 2017

    She looks beautidul, she is putting that IMG contra t to good use. Revlon,Keds,& covers. Ciara is booked,beautiful,& blessed.

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