Keri Hilson Visits ‘The Real’ / Updates On New Album ‘L.I.A.R’

Published: Thursday 26th Jan 2017 by Sam

R&B star Keri Hilson paid a visit to The Real this week to plug ‘Love By The 10th Date,’ her new Lifetime rom-com co-starring Kelly Rowland and Meagan Good.

While chatting up with the ladies of daytime talker, the singer-songwriter briefly opened up about her long-awaited third studio album ‘L.I.A.R’ (an acronym for ‘Love Is A Religion’).

The LP has been in the making for several years and during the sit-down, Miss Keri Baby spilled on the rationale for its title.

Watch below…

We’re more than ready.

Folk have a lot to say about Keri, there’s no denying her pen-game or quality of music.

Hoping this return to the spotlight by way of the movie (which airs Jan 28th) sees her LP follow soon after.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Cicistan January 26, 2017

    This album is never coming out

    • yooo January 26, 2017

      her label needs to get it together. the music done been ready since a year and a half ago

  2. IG: @mixedboy January 26, 2017

    I really like this girl

  3. Meme January 26, 2017

    I will def be seeing her film and support those beautiful woman. But I’m afraid it’s too late for music career. Long breaks like this never work anyone favor. Just ask Fergie and Xtina. And it’s not like Keri was ever popping on that level for anyone to antiscipate her music.

    • keepit100 January 26, 2017

      It’s never too late, adele waited 4 years to release new, released the best selling album our our generation. Jojo was locked into label drama for a decade and returned atop the billboard pop charts. It’s all about publicity(good or bad) and what kind of music is being released.

  4. RhiRocks January 26, 2017

    I really tried liking her but what she said about Beyoncé and ciara just puts me off. And then when the trolls comment on twitter saying she’s better looking then Beyoncé! I’m just like child bye

    • yooo January 26, 2017

      chilee how do you know that she came for them. The alleged diss track was general & ppl just assumed. Shes good friends with solange & worked with kelly etc. & also hung out with Ci afterwards

    • JustCoastWitHa January 26, 2017

      that was 7-8 years ago. let that hurt go

    • keepit100 January 26, 2017

      She publicly apologized for the beyonce comments. Can we stop reaching and support all art. She cant help what the twitter trolls are up to zzz

  5. ty January 26, 2017

    Unless her first single features a big artists like drake or something her chances are very slim for this album to be released let alone have an impact. I liked a few of her songs back in the day so will wait and see.

  6. King January 26, 2017

    I think she has the talent I mean I don’t think she’s expecting huge numbers or top billboard music. Ppl are just releasing music these days so good for her I always liked Keri and it’s time I’m ready for her and Kelly r

  7. truthteller January 26, 2017

    She needs really strong material. Neither of her previous albums were big sellers and almost 7 years between albums is too long. She also needs to remember she’s not in the position to be throwing stones at others.

  8. yooo January 26, 2017

    I love Keri’s music so much!!! Truly underrated vocally.. her tone is so soothing, sweet & sultry. her runs are amazing and high notes are so natural & beautiful. Also her pen game is phenomenal, as is her vocal arrangements.I need her to serve that soulful meaningful music like All the boys, hustler, breaking point, slow dance, make love etc. & i need something like hold on (one of her unreleased t

  9. yooo January 26, 2017

    imagine if her comeback single was a beyonce collab LMAO the world would be shook

  10. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 26, 2017

    L.I.A.R. Great album title since she been lying to her fans since 2013 about this album/comeback!

  11. Keri Qween January 26, 2017

    Yes queen. Give us some quality music ❤the industry needs it ?

  12. yooo January 26, 2017

    @beystan1997 totally agree, and this is a stan hahah but for real its polow & timbaland who’s been lying… In 2014 on twitter, a fan asked her when will the album be released… & she replied “ask @polowdadon and @timbaland ” ?? …. Polow been sayimg new musuc since late 2011, his lying ass lol

  13. Yc18 January 26, 2017

    Congrats girl for finally making it to daytime tv!!!

  14. Black power January 26, 2017

    You can honestly see her growth & maturation from when she first came out… she was so cocky & conceited… ppl can say what they want about her but musically she never disappointed. I wish ppl would stop calling her a flop cos she did well when she was on the scene she just stopped releasing music and disappeared

  15. King B January 26, 2017

    Her last album was 7 years ago?

  16. Credits January 26, 2017

    She stated that there is a reason why it is taking so long and that she would address it when the album comes.

    • yooo January 26, 2017

      that was so juicy! SHe better come through with total honesty lol

  17. B_Roni January 26, 2017

    I can’t wait. She is like one of the most beautiful women to me. I put her up there with bey and rih. I will definitely get this album. I’ve been waiting so long. So good , toy soldier, alienated, make love, and tell him the truth are some of my favorites.

  18. Liam January 26, 2017

    She is gorgeous…I like her albums they were quality r&b! The songs and vocal arrangements are pretty dope can’t wait…in this era who cares bout sales if the music is enjoyable

  19. AJ January 26, 2017

    I recently relistened to her debit. It was good if not a little uncohesive. The follow up (No boys allowed) sagged a little with same-ish generic urban stuff and was too long. She’s very talented and has what it takes. I fear like all urban stars she’ll struggle to turn 30-40k

  20. Kim.Kesha&Pam January 26, 2017

    The Bey stans claim they not here for Keri, but are the he 1st ones to comment under a Keri post. Shu up & stop putting women agsi

  21. Lake Erie January 26, 2017

    Wow, I thought she said that album was real, and it was a hoax… o well… I’m interested to see what she about to do though…

    • yooo January 26, 2017

      She said the album & song title is real , but that the press release was a hoax… so the timing was off

    • yooo January 26, 2017

      it confused me so much LAWD

  22. Yan January 27, 2017

    She said nothing about when the album is coming out. I can’t.

  23. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 28, 2017

    Let see her get into more actressing and imo I don’t think she’ll have an album out this year

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