Report: Janet Jackson Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Youngster Arrived Today And His Name Has Been Revealed
Published: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017 by Sam

Congratulations are in order for Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana!

For, it has been confirmed that the couple have welcomed their first child.

Full story below…

Speaking to PEOPLE, a rep for the 50-year-old singer confirmed that Jackson and Al Mana are celebrating the arrival of a bouncing baby boy.

The youngster was born today –  Tuesday, January 3rd.

The statement read

“Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are thrilled to welcome their new son Eissa Al Mana into the world.

Janet had a stress-free healthy delivery and is resting comfortably.”

Huge congrats to Janet and Wissam!

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  1. KenKen January 3, 2017

    Wow! Congrats QUEEN OF POP!

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 3, 2017

      Finally something positive! Blessings to you and your family Janet.

    • Fancy BISH January 3, 2017

      Congrats to Queen Janet and Wissam! I know that baby is adorable! The little prince Eissa Al Mana!

    • LISA LEVINE January 4, 2017

      Congrats to the Queen of Stage, Janet.

  2. Da Realest January 3, 2017

    Congrats Jan and Wissam

  3. Danny Bey January 3, 2017


  4. mr.m January 3, 2017

    she’s not human, she gotta be an elephant for being pregnant for 12months lol just kiddin’

    congrats queenent

  5. The A Team January 3, 2017

    Congrats Janet!
    was it me or did this pregancy feel REAALLLLY long

    • LmfaoHoe January 3, 2017

      Maybe because she announced the plans ahead of her pregnancy possibly.Like a couple planning now and the woman finds out shes pregnant a month later or so. Anyhow, congratulations to Janet ????

  6. @ASAPicon January 3, 2017

    CONGRATS QUEEN! This is so special!

  7. #ispeakfacts January 3, 2017

    Congrats JJ!

  8. Cough Cough January 3, 2017

    Yaaaaaaay! Congrats Janet im so happy for you, although I wished it was a lil Janet Jr I’m so happy

    • Aaron January 3, 2017

      The fathers muslim aha. Eissa is a lovely name!

  9. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? January 3, 2017

    Congrats, Mama Janet!

  10. Diana January 3, 2017

    Congrats Janet, now kick another one out and give your body a rest,

  11. Jlover January 3, 2017

    Real birth Beyonce should try it some time.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 3, 2017

      Loud vocals that don’t involve whispers and subtitles… Janet should try it some time.

    • MusicFan103 January 3, 2017

      I don’t think Bey gave birth to Blue, but how do we know Janet did at age 50. Didn’t she announce she was pregnant in January 2016. How did she give birth in January 2017?

      • LmfaoHoe January 3, 2017

        I was talking to you @Musicfan103 my comment was to
        @Jlover in regard of downplaying Beys pregnancy.

      • LmfaoHoe January 3, 2017

        I wasn’t talking to you @Musicfan103 my comment was to
        @Jlover in regard of downplaying Beys pregnancy.

      • KenKen January 3, 2017

        She actually announced it in April. Which technically is 9 months before January.

    • LmfaoHoe January 3, 2017

      Very distasteful smh

      • MusicLife January 3, 2017

        Your display name is distasteful.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 4, 2017

      Y’all childish lol

  12. King January 3, 2017

    Congratulations Janet and I can’t wait to see the baby. However I thought I read a report that she was having twins?
    But I’m happy for her. Congratulations. Now snatch that body back and finish that tour, with some new music as well.

    • LmfaoHoe January 3, 2017

      Yes. I love Unbreakable but I feel as though we need a new LP or Reissue with new additional songs.

    • RoyalKev January 3, 2017

      I love Unbreakable too, but I kind of want a new album with a brand new tour! I want her to roll over 3 tracks to the new project (‘Night’, ‘2 B Loved’ and ‘Take me Away’). I want visuals for those tracks along with 3-4 others! Janet can prepare all this for late 2018!

  13. MusicFan103 January 3, 2017

    I feel like this baby was cooking for over 12 months but sure thing. Congrats janet.

  14. JuJu January 3, 2017


  15. Beykim loves Beyoncè,Gaga,Miley,Bieber & 1D January 3, 2017

    Mashallah, I love babies and all but I ain’t over what she did yet. Ama need 12 more months

  16. Jeans January 3, 2017

    Congrats QUEEN!

    Welcome to the world baby Eissa!

  17. Jeans January 3, 2017

    The first Huge news of the year! Queen did it!

  18. Molly #Stargirl January 3, 2017


  19. oopsUPsideDaHead January 3, 2017

    Can’t believe how ppl are attacking the process of such a beautiful thing.
    shading a baby??

    Congrats Janet!

  20. Jeans January 3, 2017

    So happy right now!

  21. Spunkypoop January 3, 2017

    Yaaaay! Queen Congrats!! Im so glad she had a boy, she will be a great mommy.

  22. Pat January 3, 2017

    Congrats. The babys name is trending already. Slay

  23. Rosie January 3, 2017


  24. Beykim loves Beyoncè,Gaga,Miley,Bieber & 1D January 3, 2017

    I have personally always found child birth a great mystery. Even after years of science I still don’t understand it. Where do the babies come from? I know about cells multipling etc but it’s nothing short of fascinating. How do the babies breathe(I know the scientific answer) Why do we bond with them while pregnant etc. Some things will forever remain a mystery. No amount of science can describe wonders of life like birth,periods,hair loss and all that. The scientific evidence or explanation is just too ridiculous for me,no offense to those who love it but there is much more to these things.

    • Ellen January 7, 2017

      Why cant People just be happy for ea ch other and stop the bichiness

  25. Qwerty January 3, 2017


  26. Trina January 3, 2017


  27. RoyalKev January 3, 2017

    I’m so ecstatic to hear the good news! I really wanted a boy for Janet too! That just works for her! Awww, Lil’ Eissa is finally here! I can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  28. BangBang January 3, 2017

    ? omg! Omg! Omg! ? Yayyyyyyy! Let me see the pics! I love babies ?.

  29. Lake Erie January 3, 2017

    Yaaaaay!!! Congratulations Janet!!!!!!! ❤

  30. Jeans January 3, 2017

    Love you janet!! So exciting!

  31. eurotrashboy80 January 3, 2017

    lovu janet so happy for u

  32. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 3, 2017

    Didn’t she have a daughter with El Debarge about 30 years ago that was adopted off into obscurity? Michael Jackson’s biographer, Randy Taraborelli, discussed this many years ago.

    Glad she’s had a baby but Janet seems very strange and distant with everything including her career. I’m concerned her husband comes from a strict Muslim background and is expecting the Sharia Diaries to be played out in her life.

    We’ll see,

    May God bless and protect this new Jackson; it’s a shame Michael never lived to see.

  33. Jeans January 3, 2017

    Old rumor that will never die lol

  34. cocobutta January 4, 2017

    Awww congrats Legend Janet Jackson.
    Her Pleasure Principal ?

  35. Jay January 4, 2017

    YAAAAAAY!!! Now you can get back to work and serve us some good good Burn It Up realness! We’ve been waiting..

  36. Paulo January 4, 2017

    congrats Mama Janet! welcome to this world Eissa!

  37. Mr. CEE January 4, 2017

    In the words of an unknown source, “The Mother of all Mothers is now a Mother”. LOL
    Congrats are def in order!

  38. Coolness January 4, 2017

    Yay, I’m so elated for her and Wissam! I was watching an interview she did with Diane Sawyer from 2001 on YouTube and she spoke about not being sure whether she wanted kids (she was 35 then) and only wanted to do so when the time was right. Sure, having a baby at 50 may not seem like ‘the right time’ to some but God works in mysterious and often times, in wonderful ways too so Janet having a baby at this age is truly a blessing. Eissa is such a lovely name and it’s meaning is so special: God/Yahweh is Salvation.

  39. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 8, 2017

    Congratulations to her and her husband

  40. Junko January 15, 2017

    Let me begin by saying nice post. Im not sure if it has been talked concerning,
    but when using Chrome I will never get the complete site to load while not refreshing over
    and over. may simply be my laptop. Thanks.

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