Frank Ocean’s Mom Weighs In On ‘Opportunistic’ Kim Burrell

Published: Tuesday 3rd Jan 2017 by Rashad

Today is just not Kim Burrell‘s day.  Scratch that, so far 2017 isn’t Kim Burrell’s year.

The fiery gospel singer/pastor whose viral homophobic sermon landed her in hot water with former supporters, friends, activists, and even Ellen Degeneres (whose talk show Kim was due to visit in support of the ‘Hidden Figures’ soundtrack) now has a new enemy to add to the growing list:  Frank Ocean‘s mom Katonya Breaux Riley.

Burrell was featured on Ocean’s ‘Godspeed’ – a tune found aboard the tracklist of his 2016 comeback album, ‘Blonde.’  The problem?  Ocean is openly bisexual.



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  1. @ASAPicon January 3, 2017

    Have a seat hunny, and go buy your daughters album

    • Credits January 3, 2017

      The nerve of you to refer to a man as daughter as you use a photo of jaden….

      • @ASAPicon January 4, 2017

        Did i strike a nerve sissy?

    • LISA LEVINE January 4, 2017

      Your disgusting and please inform your parents, i perfer your mother, that she should have swallowed.

    • Aguilera January 4, 2017

      Buy Ciara’s f**

    • BAE January 4, 2017

      can’t someone have an opinion again. Wtf is wrong with they world we can not all agree and believe on everything.. Gay people always playing the victim.

  2. J-Mar January 3, 2017

    Where is Jada Jr album no one cares about.

    • The One January 4, 2017

      Why do people attack an artist because a lunatic like said artist? It’s not a representative of the artist!!

  3. King January 3, 2017

    lol why mom why…just sit down and watch law and order

  4. SipTheTruth January 3, 2017

    Frank is hot

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 4, 2017


  5. Matthew Charlery-Smith January 3, 2017

    As I said in a previous post Christians need to stop relying on the world to promote the Gospel; you can’t be unequally yoked. This is the end result of such as the world is not loyal to Holy Scripture.

    Preach and teach the word of God but be gracious in your speech as the Pauline epistles instruct. Kim is being hypocritical but really not on her beliefs, more in her relationship with the artists whom she knows aren’t Christian but collaborates with them to make themselves relevant.

  6. Danyboo January 3, 2017

    People will feel the way they feel everyone has an opinion mine is that a pastor should never condem anyone to hell because we are all different an no man or nothing with breath is perfect but i dont wish bad on her i need all my blessing in 2017 so i wish her a clear mind for life in 2017 and hope that she does more research because the bible is a tool not only to uplift but to control people. Read more books and try to understand people instead of disliking liking what u dont about people.

  7. eric January 3, 2017

    This bandwagon jumper. She could’ve called this boy on the phone.

  8. Paulo January 4, 2017

    why y’all mad at this woman standing up for her son? Mama Ocean is RIGHT! that troll is a fake ass Christian opportunist

  9. RealNegro January 4, 2017

    I heard she snorted powder. Isn’t that a sin?

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