Watch: Fifth Harmony Slay First Performance As Four-Piece At 2017 People’s Choice Awards

Published: Thursday 19th Jan 2017 by Sam

Fifth Harmony showed up and showed out last night at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards.

Before going on to bag best group, the quad took to the stage to give their first performance since the departure of original member Camila Cabello.

In a showing that saw the ladies up their…everything, Normani, Dinah, Lauren, and Ally wowed with ‘Work From Home.’

Watch them set it all the way off below…

Yes, yes, and YES!

The sass, the spectacle, and the effortless re-working of the vocals + adlibs were everything.

Sure, there’s always room for improvement; but, if this is where they are starting, 2017 looks set to be an exciting year for The Harmonizers and the industry at large.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LISA LEVINE January 19, 2017

    They are a new group and already going through there “destiny child drama”. The only thing missing is…..Talent. Destiny’s child had a magic, talent and sparks. Fifth Harmony…..not so much.

    • MusicLife January 19, 2017

      Do you not remember Destiny’s Child went through their first breakup during their second album too? How is that any different from them? Actually the plus for 5H is that they didn’t boot off two members but one member just left and they could keep it pushing with the remaining members.

      I’m a big fan of DC but you should come correct with your facts. Actually in public knowledge and mind they have been active longer before member issues than when it happened for DC who debuted in 97/98 and had issues in 99/00. 5H formed on tv in like what 2012/13… didn’t have any issues till 2016.


      • LISA LEVINE January 19, 2017

        Go play in traffic, blindfolded. Bother me not goat.

      • Micelle January 19, 2017

        Musiclife shut up you sound stupid as usual always d ickriding

      • Lewey January 19, 2017

        You need to get your facts straight because Destiny’s Child became the foursome in 1994 and broke up in 1999. They grew up together and were not put together by a record label.

      • MusicLife January 19, 2017

        Nobody knew D.C. As Girls Tyme in 94. The world came to know them in 97/98 when “no no no” was released.

        Thank you and bye??

    • Micelle January 19, 2017

      They corny AF, haven’t we seen this all before, they will end up as a less hot D. KANE

      • Killian January 19, 2017

        No they won’t …they seem really good and I see so much potential but they’ve got to go ham like go all in

    • MusicLife January 19, 2017

      @LISA LEVINE @Micelle

      The facts don’t lie. BYE!

    • Elsie January 19, 2017

      And Junes diary still searching for a hit

    • SNF January 19, 2017

      Very lukewarm group…

    • Mark111 /.\ January 19, 2017

      DC when through a change on the first half of their 2nd album and on year 2 of their career. What are you talking about? And then had another change 5 months after that. What a dumb comment. lol

  2. RatedR January 19, 2017

    I already see the improvement and the vision

  3. joh January 19, 2017

    They really slayed camila part. Harmonies then cut it short… Rude but hey… Who care. Overall the group vocals where garbage. To much ‘over-singing’ and poorly, very poorly executed riffs.

  4. RoyalKev January 19, 2017

    This works so much better as a foursome! That intro! We ain’t worried bout NADA! … Ok 5H, I see ya’ll!

    • Dustin January 19, 2017

      The shade though! They actually work way better as a 4 piece. And Lauren should have been getting Camilas leads anyway. Lol.

  5. Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

    Where’s the post of J.Lo slaying the red carpet?

    • RCR81 January 19, 2017

      Exactly – She was on Fire last night – NO ONE can even compare!

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        She’s definitely the Queen of the red carpet.

    • RoyalKev January 19, 2017

      It makes no damn sense! She’s A L W A Y S slaying! Her track record is ridiculous!

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        Lmao ? I know ?

    • Micelle January 19, 2017


  6. Molly #Stargirl January 19, 2017

    It was cute!

  7. MusicLife January 19, 2017

    I loved the subtle but not so subtle shade to Camila with the reworking of “we ain’t worried bout nothin/we ain’t worried bout nada.” Harmonized nonetheless by the quartet. Only for Lauren to come in and finish CC’s verse and own it with sass.
    I think the performance was to reintroduce them as a quartet, and let the world know their individuality as well; hence the names and even when the beginning was like WE are 5H, we don’t need five members, WE are here for the fans. Not to mention the costumes were more mature and risky than I have seen. Kudos.
    Now… what could use improvement, Normani needs to work on her vocals being more full and powerful. Maybe it’s a confidence thing. Dinah Jane needs to as someone said, “get on a treadmill and practice singing while running” so she isn’t out of breath during the dancing. Ally could use a few pointers about utilizing her s*** better IMO. Lauren though above all else to me is the most solid of the bunch. She hit her choreo and notes well during her newly appointed verse.
    Now I just hope their continuously in the studio and vibing on this quartet ish so they can be even bigger without CC.
    Side note, I saw some pics from the red carpet and they still need to stop posing as if they are indivual acts and do more hugging and standing close to each other to appear as a unit who can’t be fvcked with.
    The future seems like it could be bright. Keep working on your craft ladies!

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 19, 2017

      This comment ?????? I need them to do a new medley reworking all of Camillas verses in their most popular songs. I’m petty.. I know

      • MusicLife January 19, 2017

        I wanna hear the reworking too because I really enjoyed how they did this live and the harmony on first lines was epic af!

  8. Everyone’s A Critic January 19, 2017

    Well they looked fabulous. They look better as a foursome. The staging was amazing but I’m guessing the pressure and nerves got to their vocals. We know they can all sing, but this was not their strongest vocal performance. But they still killed it.
    This rebrand should work in their favour. Lauren absolutely SLAYS. Normani’s run was a REACH but she recovered and we all know she has the choreography on LOCK

  9. Everyone’s A Critic January 19, 2017

    Catch the shade though… WE ain’t worried bout nothing *coughs* Camilla

    • MusicLife January 19, 2017

      Def did!!!

  10. #ispeakfacts January 19, 2017

    This dancing was cute but their vocals were off! Their was like 1 minute in their performance where nobody was singing and it was odd as hell! It’s was so obvious and noticeable vocally on stage! & the black sounded the worst!

  11. Paulo January 19, 2017

    they did good! I love how, FINALLY, all mics are turned on! Normani and Ally need to get in line with Dinah and Lauren tho

  12. Meme January 19, 2017

    Their vocals were a disaster. Everyone sounded off and weak. I really think they should just lip sing or sing with backing track. They are big dancers…so they get a pass if they lip sing. They look fab tho.

  13. RCR81 January 19, 2017

    Loving the sly, but subtle dig at CC.
    I have a sneaking feeling that these girls will be okay without their ex member – Yes, their vocals aren’t out of this world, but they put on a performance which is the point of this type of group.

    Touch up on the vocals and choreo and they could be as good as LM

  14. Mc90 January 19, 2017

    Little Mix seem so much more connected as a group!

  15. Camila January 19, 2017

    Oooooooh don’t call them garbage now!!! Cause last week when I was saying Camila brought something to the group y’all chewed my f****** head off and now that she’s left you can clearly see them trying so hard vocally to replace the missing key to fifth harmony. When a member leaves you don’t do the same sound, you recreate.

  16. Camila January 19, 2017

    Work from home’s key element is Camila. That’s not shade that’s just facts. Each song has a stand out star. NONE of them freestyle verses from the studio version better than Camila, and let me say this… I been a fan since mark anthony first dropped his head when he heard Camila sing in fifth harmony. I love all the girls but Camila missing sticks out like a sore thumb. When D-Forest didn’t come back no one cared and notice, here…? Uh yea

  17. Camila January 19, 2017

    And while they’re throwing shade and looking crazy, ally isn’t enjoying this and Camila is really the one who isn’t worried about nothing.. trust me. You’ll see.

  18. Danzou January 19, 2017

    I just don’t like normani hair. I haven’t watched the performance yet.

  19. Gee January 19, 2017

    Whatever the outcome of the line up change. This group is still missing that IT factor for me. But I wish them the best going forward.

  20. Craig January 19, 2017

    Already 100x sexier as a four-piece to me. That Camila always looked like a crazed puppy when she was dancing. This sounds more R&B without those awful vocals as well. Here for this.

  21. Metzo January 19, 2017

    They look better without camilla but the vocals are lacking

    • Paulo January 19, 2017

      that is true but let’s not act like it’s BECAUSE of her departure. 5H been lacking on the live vocals department but I’m hoping they’ll step it up now that they’re being tested.

  22. Sherrele January 19, 2017

    Yessss come thru ladies!!! Work on those vocals

  23. bianca January 19, 2017

    They did fine. Its called growth. They have to grow. Instead of criticism enjoy it.

  24. truthteller January 19, 2017

    Vocally it wasn’t great but they seem more like a group and I’m glad that Lauren is getting more vocals. I genuinely think they can make this work

  25. Chile Please!!! January 19, 2017

    Normani slayed! Work black girl!

  26. mikey January 19, 2017

    The gag is however….no one could do Camilla’s adlibs at the end!

    These 4 are mediocre singers at best. The Destiny’s Child comparison is ridiculous because they never lose Beyonce. The lost members who added nothing. Camilla was the Wanya Morris of the group.

    • Zelos January 19, 2017

      Dinah can do great runs. Not only that but she can Camilla have similar range except that Dinah can control her upper register more. Norman and Lauren are good at runs too but have less control in upper register especially Lauren. Ally has the best and most control of her upper register but we don’t know how is with runs because they always gave them to Camilla.

      Camilla isn’t the Beyoncé of the group. Beyoncé was the best all around as a vocalist and dancer and looking. Camila can’t dance and Normani is the best dancer. Ally and Dinah are the best vocalists. Dinah is great at runs. Lauren is the best looking, Normani has the best body.

      Camila was the most popular solely because she was pushed to the front. unlike Beyoncé who was pushed to the front because she was the best same with Nicole in PCD. camila was average at best compared to her old group but shined because management pushed her so hard to look like the star she’s not. Now she going to compete with better vocalist and performers like Demi and Ariana. Who will blow them out of the water.

      • Zelos January 19, 2017

        Edit blow camila

  27. iamdiego January 19, 2017

    I like them all. I wish they would have slayed them high notes though. Ally has the voice to do so but lacks control and creativeness.. Lauren has the soul. Dinah is a good overall performer but she is better at ballads live. And Normani slay’s, though she’s a great dance/performer she doesn’t push it out vocally. The harmony was cute at the beginning but they should have let Normani do camila’s part (it’s low enough). Dinah should have done more powerful ad libs (take the middle and occasionally the top). They got 2 people doing the low note when they only need one (Lauren) her voice is smooth. Normani Boo Ima need you to start sangin another note. Your my fav and I think your voice is cute you can do it.

    • MusicLife January 20, 2017

      They gave it to Lauren so they each would have a part. I believe I heard Donahue trying to do the Camila adlibs near the end of the performance but she was so out of breath she could make one of them and I think that’s why instead she decided to become their hype man and said the line like how is everybody feeling or whatever before the final dance break.

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  29. MARY January 19, 2017

    I love that June’s Dairy is touring getting there skills together . I know Frank Gatson will get them right. He is crazy as hell, but EnVogue, Destiny Child, Beyonce, RIhanna, TLC’s Creep was his direction. He will get them Right.. I heard him and Chris Grant and Jaquel worked with 5th Harmony in the beginning but got fired.. They should have kept the trio (Frank, Jaquel, Chris) since they are trying to be a fake Beyonce style act..
    Good Luck June’s Diary . we need you. Good Luck

  30. sonata87 January 21, 2017

    I’m really trying to like these girls, but every time I watch a live performance I end up changing the channel. I am hoping that Lauren gets more leads, I feel her voice alone can change the dynamics of the group vocally.

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