Jennifer Lopez Turns Heads At ‘2017 People’s Choice Awards’

Published: Thursday 19th Jan 2017 by Sam

If the singing or acting gigs ever dry up, Jennifer Lopez could most certainly take up carpet slaying full-time.

The dazzling diva lived up to her billing last night at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

Looking like an award herself, the 47-year-old took home an honour for her NBC show ‘Shades Of Blue.’

Some may “not know her,” but the camera sure does – and it loves her.

More pics below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. RCR81 January 19, 2017

    FLAWLESS – This lady is a class act!
    And save the hate for someone who cares – Nothing anyone says on this forum can possibly take away from the fact that Jennifer Lopez is a Queen!

    • LISA LEVINE January 19, 2017


      • RCR81 January 19, 2017

        @ LISA LEVINE – You are so predictable, hence my statement “save the hate for someone who cares”

        JLo is an all round performer and a good one at that – This is fact, not opinion.

        So, save your hate for someone who actually gives a sh*t please.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 19, 2017

      A queen of beauty? Ok she can have that 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        Why are you so pressed about J.Lo?
        Your hate for her is not healthy, she’s a Queen, as an all around entertainer.

      • LISA LEVINE January 19, 2017

        @John, i agree boo, all this chick has to offer is a fierce face beat and clothing. She’s a s****.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 19, 2017

        I´m sorry but I didn´t lie and you know it. She is a queen of beauty. Definitely not a queen of any other type.

    • LISA LEVINE January 19, 2017

      RCR81, not interested in your tired stanning. Go get a man. Evidently, like most of these tired queens your lonely.

      • RCR81 January 19, 2017

        @LISA LEVINE Not that I have to tell you this, but I am happily married.

        Being gay doesn’t automatically make someone a queen and by you stating that fact, you are merely showing yourself up as ignorant and bitter.

        You really do have a personality full of hate – It’s unreal. Have a wonderful day!

    • FAF January 19, 2017

      From in living color
      Movie scripts
      To on the 6
      To j lo
      To this
      Headline clips!
      I stay grounded as the amounts roll in
      I’m real, I thought I told ya!!!!!!!!

  2. MusicLife January 19, 2017

    Honestly I didn’t care for the look but she does no mater what look like a million bucks on red carpets.

  3. Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

    Thanks Sam, a delight to the eyes. She’s the “event” everyone waits for in the red carpet. Definitely the biggest fashion icon in Hollywood’s history, her style will be remembered for centuries.

    • RCR81 January 19, 2017

      T.R.U.E W.O.R.D.S

    • Danzou January 19, 2017

      I won’t say she’s the biggest. Lil Kim was killing it back in the days. But I will say j lo is the most consistent red carpet fashion icon.

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        Lil Kim?…….Are u comparing her to J.Lo?……I can’t.

      • Danzou January 19, 2017

        Yes. I am. Are we not talking about red carpet fashion icons? You can’t leave Kim out of that equation.

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        I can’t believe you’re putting Lil Kim and J.Lo in the same category when it comes to fashion, one was/is a clown in the red carpet, the other is the goddess of red carpets.

      • Danzou January 19, 2017

        One of them is also a culture vulture who used hip hop to get where she is then abandoned ship. J lo only is known the way she is because she was for with diddy. Iconic Is more Kim when it comes to game changing fashion, not jlo. Jennifer is just pretty and never drops the ball but that isn’t enough.

      • Suicide Blonde January 19, 2017

        If that makes you sleep better at night……

      • Danzou January 19, 2017

        When It all comes down to it, you’re just a white ass hole, and you’re low key overcompensating for your obvious racism. kissing Jennifer’s ass isn’t gonna erase your ignorant ass state of mind. Anybody who’s anybody knows Kim is one of the FIRST red carpet icons. Before gaga and before Nicki and before jlo.

      • SMH January 19, 2017

        Wait, did he just say Lil Kim? ROTFLMFAO!

    • Datredd23 January 19, 2017

      Rihanna is a way far superior fashion icon then J Lo is forsure she has the masses emulating her looks !

      • FAF January 19, 2017

        J lo is a Puerto Rican from the Bronx the birthplace of hip hop
        She began her career dancing and then went on to dance for Janet how is she a culture vulture

        If anything she began fam king when she got with ben

  4. of to work January 19, 2017

    slay-lo beautiful as ever

  5. new January 19, 2017

    So where is the “she needs to dress her age comment”

    • FAF January 19, 2017

      She looks good that’s he difference

  6. Paulo January 19, 2017

    slay a bit, J-Lo! not my fav look from her but she looks beautiful as usual

    • *turning eyes* January 19, 2017

      Gato, comente isso em um post da Beyoncé. Obrigado!

      • Paulo January 19, 2017

        Ai gato, só quis compartilhar a notícia com as miga Hive do TGJ, olha pra minha cara de quem ia ficar descendo procurando post certo kkkk
        bom saber que tem mais brasileiros visitando aqui

  7. Micelle January 19, 2017

    ACTING AWARD??? Rigged how?? She sucks unless she’s naked

  8. ICONIC January 19, 2017

    Mouth always open, so sick of her trying to look sultry.

  9. Danzou January 19, 2017

    Lisa is silly but she looks good.

  10. Gee January 19, 2017

    She lives for a red carpet or a tabloid story.

  11. Shakira Stan January 19, 2017

    She is aging fast, soon the beauty will be gone, then what is left?
    Any legacy ?
    Any iconic song?
    Any Oscars?
    Any Grammy?
    Shameful, people celebrate mediocrity these days.
    All she will be remembered is as a woman who dated half the men in Hollywood, all the people she started acting with are now considered icons and legends yet she is here dressing up for red carpets like some star struck teenager, making teen pop and dating a man old enough to be her son.

    • RCR81 January 19, 2017

      I think you mean ‘young enough to be her son’

      Do I detect some jealousy and resentment here?

      • Shakira Stan January 19, 2017

        Shut it!

    • JUNGKOOK January 19, 2017

      And when will goatkira? what was her last and only #1 ?? girl please take a seat and keep watching while jennifer keeps making money producing, acting and performing.

      • Shakira Stan January 19, 2017

        Shut up b****.
        Shakira has 8 grammies
        Sold more than 70 million albums worldwide
        Nominated for Oscars twice
        Was appointed by Obama in the United States as an ambassador.
        Was recently honored by UN with the crystal award for her contribution to education
        Built over six schools in Colombia
        Has a statue of herself in her home country
        Performed at the World Cup thrice
        While looking just as beautiful as Jlo if not more.
        All your jlo does is walk red carpets, sleep with any man that says hello and make flop singles and flop albums.
        The ultimate drag is that shakira’s last Spanish song out chatted ain’t your mama which is an English song.
        Seat before you make an embarrassment of your self
        Shakira is respected by influential people around the world, Zuckerberg is her friend, bill gates is her friend, the richest Latin American alive is her friend
        What is a jlo?
        A s** toy for all men in Hollywood, a cheap boy friend snatching s****.

  12. Jeans January 19, 2017

    She always slays on the RC! Always!

  13. SMH January 19, 2017

    Hilarious, all these pressed and bothered Mariah sheep. And save your ‘she slept her way to the top’ comments about JLo, because Mariah is no stranger to f*cking for career moves herself.

    • Shakira Stan January 19, 2017

      Mariah doesn’t have s** before marriage, all her former boyfriends have confirmed this.

      • vergos January 19, 2017

        typical haters, JLO is around still to this day and making $$$$, where is goat Shakira? Please don’t let me start on the mess Mariah Carey

  14. Stephy January 19, 2017

    She looks gorgeous. I don’t see the point in hating, this is her real talent. Slaying red carpets & dancing.

  15. Moe January 19, 2017

    Well for the haters u can go and kiss her fat ass because she is a queen . Deal with it cheap f****** stan . She is the baddest oh wait ! She inspires every single pop gurl out there . So calm the f***** down coz JLo will be recognised forever . She is always here to Slay . DONE

  16. Oana Radu January 19, 2017

    What s with all the hate? She looks great and that’s the topic of this post, why do ppl feel the need to act so immature and hateful towards public figures? You don’t like her, don’t give her your attention. If you re spamming celebrities’ posts with hate comments and comparisons, you have a problem lol.

  17. King January 19, 2017

    Well jlo does always look good but all y’all have good points. She doesn’t have any iconic songs or movies however she does have a world record breaker with that #1 movie and album but I doubt that wil happen again. She’s in it for the money tho she’s hustling that’s what I like about and she’s doing buy herself, no man .

  18. Trina January 19, 2017

    J.H** REALLY is a gorgeous woman who always wears the DOPEST OUTFITS !!! And her body is to die for. ?

  19. RoyalKev January 19, 2017

    JLO really knows how to glam it up! Every time I see her on the red carpet I’m thinking, I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL … I know Jenny clears the room! I like the main pic, but 2 more down really has all of Jenny’s assets on display! I prefer when she let the booty fill out a little more, but regardless this bish is so regal!

  20. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 22, 2017

    Beautiful dress

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