Britney Spears, Mary. Blige, Zayn Malik, & More Sparkle At Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala

Published: Sunday 12th Feb 2017 by Sam

The stars stepped out in seismic style last night for Clive Davis’ Annual Pre-Grammy Gala 2017.

This year’s offering saluted BET Network head Debra Lee for her contributions to the worlds of music and entertainment.

Britney Spears led a lengthy list of notable names in the house at the Beverly Hilton event, which was also attended by Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and Best New Artist nominee Chance The Rapper – all of whom performed.

Peep more pics below, including snaps of Rita Ora, John Legend, Paris Jackson, Zayn Malik, and more.

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  1. Billy Jeann February 12, 2017

    Britney looks SICK…ugh. girl lay off the drugs.

    • BEREAL February 12, 2017

      Why do most of them really look bad, oh dear.. also people are trying to hard with Fashion lately. less is more.

      • Jason February 12, 2017

        I was thinking that! Lots of “Tired” looking people?! Something’s going on! Lol! And Mary needs to retire that Bowl! ?

  2. Beyoncé Jackson February 12, 2017

    Nicole Sddsygfedhursaa looks AMAZING

    • FormationNavy February 12, 2017

      LMAO!!! The shade???

    • Eyb February 12, 2017

      The irony is that we call B list a list where The real B is not

  3. Kim.Kesha&Pam February 12, 2017

    Britney is done! Let this girl retire in peace & stop pumping her with these drugs to make money off of her!

  4. Liam February 12, 2017

    Britney looks good but you can see the bags under her eyes showing she’s tired and needs rest….I really hate her team and her make up artist sucks ass

  5. Mother February 12, 2017

    Nearly everyone pictured here looks a hot mess, especially Rita and Britney chile

    • ImaMessyBitch February 12, 2017

      I totally agree with You Mother

  6. Mother February 12, 2017

    And Jennifer hudsons outfit is tacky as hell lord!

    • Elsie February 12, 2017

      She picked up some weight

  7. _ February 12, 2017

    Is Britney ok? She looks SICK! OMG…

  8. MUSICHEAD February 12, 2017

    Now THIS was a A list party! Mary J was best dressed hands down. Rita Ora, Tamar and Kandi looked a hot ass mess. Tamar NEVER gets it right. Jhud looked good too!

    • The T February 12, 2017

      Mary looks awful! She needs to start dressing her age. Damn

      • MUSICHEAD February 12, 2017

        You couldn’t be more wrong

      • Bravo!! February 12, 2017

        Mariah Carey needs dress her age as well..

  9. The T February 12, 2017

    Britney gurl, lay off the n*** dresses. We get it – you got work in vegas. And WTH is up with her face?! She is a pretty girl, TF is going on?
    Mary J looks a hot ass mess. Get softer hair and dress for your age. SMH

  10. Kendrick Slaymar February 12, 2017

    Shítney looks a mess and that nose job is terrible.

  11. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 12, 2017

    Who would’ve thought Mary J would look better than Britney. Mary is best dressed and looks phenomenal…J. Hud looks good too; I’m in love with her cut. Jessie J looks great as well. Two claps for Kandi’s thighs. Why Zayn looking like he just stepped out of Game of Thrones? Amber looks good and THIK. Nice to see her and Wiz together. Andra Day looking good as the lost member of the Supremes. Nicole looks like a try hard, and Paris is looking like the white trash her mom Debbie Rowe is. Until I see a DNA test, I refuse to believe that girl is black; I like her though. She has a nice soul. Rita Ora needs to lay off the facelift, and Britney needs a facelift. Britney looking like she’s lived a hard life in the backwoods of Oklahoma ringing up toys at Family Dollar for the past 20 years to maintain her heroin addiction. Last but not least, LL’s wife…It’s just a NO.

    • S****** Blonde February 12, 2017

      In this picture, you can clearly see that Paris is white, is in her blood, no swag, no style, nada.

      • Chris February 12, 2017

        So you’re saying that white people don’t have “swag, style, nada?” Lol..You’re right, they don’t.

        With that said, Paris has you pressed as

      • S****** Blonde February 12, 2017

        If you only knew a little bit about Anthropology you would know how these things work, Paris is not black and even if she was Michael’s daughter, the Caucasian side of her is dominant, making her white, you know just because a white person has a little non white blood in their DNA doesn’t make them non white, millions of African Americans have European blood in them, does that make them white?, NO, in the same way, there are millions of white Americans that have African or Native American blood in them, that doesn’t make them non white. Genetics are not laws, like the awful one drop rule, and to tell you more, no one is 50-50, one race is always more dominant than the other and that’s how you identify someone’s race, not by how much races they have in them, if Paris is 70% European and 30% sub-Saharan African, then she is white, being white is not about your skin color, Paris has Caucasoid faciocranial features that black people don’t have, simply as that.

      • RihUp February 12, 2017

        @ This S****** cu×t. You sound high and pressed as f** lol. With all do respect lol, please get your old, sweaty, fish smelling Caucasian balls, off of this girl. Because i’m sure she doesn’t give a f** about what you think.

    • SMH February 12, 2017

      Paris Jackson is not black. No need to wonder about it.

  12. S****** Blonde February 12, 2017

    Britney looks so tired….Mary looks fantastic….Rita is unrecognizable….That’s all.

  13. Wonder Woman February 12, 2017

    Nicole Slayed all of em
    Britney got washed up in her 30s, went to vegas in her 30s and looks like she in her 50s when she actually in her 30s
    Welp Nobody said white don’t crock
    Am rolling my eyes @ Amber ‘s Fake S
    And Zayn is Zaddy

    • Wonder Woman February 12, 2017


  14. SMH February 12, 2017

    Britney’s been rode hard and hung out to dry by the industry, and it shows. Poor thing.

  15. Chasin Time February 12, 2017

    What has Debra Lee done for music? She’s the worse thing to happen to BET that network is so unorganized and unestablished as a whole.

  16. HailLegendBeysus February 12, 2017

    I can’t stop laughing at Knee’s pics! You guys are mean! She had better ones I saw on google! Smfh! ??????

  17. Mariahs little lamb February 12, 2017

    Britney looks awful. She needs to retire.

  18. No favs just here for the music February 12, 2017

    Mary and Nicole are gorgeous and Britney is scaring me

  19. Fifi February 12, 2017

    I hated everyone’s looks and outfit except for John Legend..

  20. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 12, 2017


  21. Mark111 /.\ February 12, 2017

    Remember that time Clive had his Grammy party while Whitney was dead up stairs? Some friends.

    • Trollop February 12, 2017

      Dusty old b******, my skin crawls every time someone says his name!
      RIP WH❤

  22. ImaMessyBitch February 12, 2017

    almost everybody looks like they shopped at a bargin basement or had a Z-list designer design their outfits Mary and Nichole is the best dressed. Britney oh Britney! She looks like Suzanne Somers on meth

  23. S February 12, 2017

    Everyone looks a hot ass mess

  24. RihNavy February 12, 2017

    Y’all and these commemts! ???. Annalise where you at h**?! Cash me ousside, howbowdah?

  25. Sweetnothing78 February 12, 2017

    Apart from Mary and Nicole the rest look like a disaster (clothing wise)

  26. Late February 12, 2017

    Nicole Scherzinger did the damn thing! She looks great…now if she could translate that into giving us some good music, that’d be great.

  27. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 12, 2017

    Oh how did i forget Tamar….TAMAAARRR…Girl…Now they done said that you look like Miss Piggy’s long lost twin. Must you prove them right dammit

  28. B_Roni February 12, 2017

    Nicole is so beautiful . She looks the best. She looks exotic.

  29. Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm February 12, 2017

    Smh, Britney has that America petrified look at every award show. She looks like she’s been doing hard drugs for 40 years and just got clean. I thought they were bad angles at first but honestly she just looks tired and beat to sh*t. Let the woman retire and be with her kids. I barely recognized Rihanna’s stand in too. Either too much make up or the girl has got some work done. Either way she looks a mess from head to toe. Tbh, everyone here looks a mess except Jennifer Hudson.

    • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm February 12, 2017

      John Legend looks good too. Zayn should take notes, out here looking like a vampire stepping out for the first time in 200 years.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 12, 2017

      There’s no Rihanna…That’s Andra Day. And no, not all black people look alike.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler February 12, 2017

        They were talking about Rita ora…rihanna’s stand in

    • Wonder Woman February 12, 2017

      Sis shouldn’t you be worried about Flopping with no Rhythm??
      Any Excuses why Lady Gaga And Taylor are slaying Katy Perry on iTunes?

  30. Metzo February 12, 2017

    Most of them look a mess. But MJB yes Madame ?

  31. Shaquiiii February 12, 2017

    wtf is everyone wearing????!! terrible…

  32. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 13, 2017

    Some of them looks a mess

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