Rihanna, Jay Z, & More Shine At Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch

Published: Sunday 12th Feb 2017 by Sam

As is customary, the 2017 edition of Jay Z‘s Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch brought out a who’s who of the music industry.

The annual gathering, which takes place the day before music’s biggest calendar night, was this year attended by the likes of Rihanna, Diddy, T.I, DJ Khaled, Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Jaden Smith, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Tiwa Savage, and more.

Peep pics below…

Red Carpet

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  1. Carmen February 12, 2017

    Wheres Beyonce?

    • MUSICHEAD February 12, 2017

      Beyonce prolly had better things to do. This was a mostly B list event.

      • Career Ender February 12, 2017


      • CITY February 12, 2017

        So I guess that’s why your fav wasn’t invited, D-list has been status “Coming to a subway station near you” lol.

      • Barb B**** February 12, 2017

        Hey^^^ Your girl looks like s*** in these pictures.

      • Bug A Boo February 12, 2017

        How are you going to clown on ” b list” celebrities when your fave brandy is a washed up 90’s teen star hasbeen

    • Career Ender February 12, 2017

      she’s pregnant. she can’t be a such events

      • Rihboy February 12, 2017

        Yet she is performing at the Grammys and at Coachella? Supposedly? Something smell fraud but who cares I’m sure she wasn’t missed! Jay looked like he enjoyed the company!

      • Barb B**** February 12, 2017

        Hey^^^ Your girl looks like s*** in these pictures.

    • Baddiebeymyfav February 12, 2017

      She’s chillin…. rubbing her belly! TF is rhihoe wearing??? ??? she looks so greasy n chunky. ?

  2. BEY>RIH February 12, 2017

    Jay be cheesing hard af with frih.. I guess Bey is preparing for her concert, I mean performance.

    • Rihboy February 12, 2017

      They let loose everytime they see each other! I really believe they are just like big. Either and little sister for real!

    • Baddiebeymyfav February 12, 2017

      Jay was also cheezin hard af with puffy and big Sean. He is a father of twins to be! He is in a happy space!!

  3. Patthepuss February 12, 2017

    Dj Khalid looks like he’s gettin ready to slob a knob.

  4. Beyoncé Jackson February 12, 2017

    Those long ass roach stomping shoes kii

    • Mad Cause I’m So Fresh February 12, 2017


    • Baddiebeymyfav February 12, 2017

      The ugliest shoes in the entire universe!??

  5. Career Ender February 12, 2017

    everyone looks good.
    where is KimYe?

  6. Fashion Icon February 12, 2017

    Rihanna and jay z laughing pictures :
    Rihanna : so you thought leaking my album would make me flop hard huhhh
    Jay z with a fake guilty laugh : hahaha

    • KatyP February 12, 2017

      She’s started to decline now. Taylor swift and katy perry will be the final nail in the coffin.

      • Beyoncé Jackson February 12, 2017

        But Katy is flopping at the moment….

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 12, 2017

        HAHAHA B*tch get off that meth. Katy and Taylor are fighting to get the attention of middle schoolers…Rih now makes completely different music.

  7. FormationNavy February 12, 2017

    Wow, Remy looks really pretty and feminine …WOW!!, hope she looks like this throughout her solo album era, I feel like she needs to soften up her look more anyway ;))

  8. CITY February 12, 2017

    Everyone looks good. Rih??

  9. KatyP February 12, 2017

    Rihanna looks worn out though. Hopefully it will put pressure on her so she can finally retire.

    • Rihboy February 12, 2017

      And Katy looks like someone’s grandmother witch. Shut up! Nothing about Rihblooks worn out! It’s called putting on weight and enjoying life! Hope she is preggers!

      • KatyP February 12, 2017

        Too bad she’s destined to be a single baby mama and she looks ugly. Katy Perry is coming to rule the hot 100.

      • February 12, 2017

        Lmao the delusion
        CTRR is predicted to sell 45K that’s less than Make me and perfect illusion

  10. Fancy BISH February 12, 2017

    Nick looking like bae, as usual lol

  11. Mad Cause I’m So Fresh February 12, 2017

    I heard Bey wasn’t there because she wanted her first appearance to be at the Grammys. Her first pregnancy photo op was legendary, you know Motha’s appearance will be one of grandeur ???

    • Career Ender February 12, 2017

      Thought so too, she bout to break the net again

      • Mad Cause I’m So Fresh February 12, 2017

        Yup, I’m sure of it

  12. JanStan February 12, 2017

    Surprised Rih isn’t performing. With all those noms you would have thought it was a given. Hopefully she shows up though cause I LIVE for her on a red carpet….although the look at this gig was NOT the business.

  13. Suicide Blonde February 12, 2017

    So, Beyoncé rather seek attention at the Grammys than to be representing her husband here, look at him, he looks miserable, looks like he already lost a few pounds too, no surprises, must be stressing to be married to that woman. He must be thinking how much her whims cost him, the fake praises from the media, the good reviews, the awards, that 15 minutes performance at the MTV award, including the awards he bought that night, but what must be making him look so miserable is AOTY, I can only imagine how much they made him pay for that, poor man.

    • Career Ender February 12, 2017

      and keeping you pressed and miserable!!!!

      • Suicide Blonde February 12, 2017

        I’m actually hoping that Jay-Z has bought her a Grammy for each of her nominations, that would end for once and for all with the Grammys’ credibility. Don’t forget that the Grammys are not respected as they once were, and they giving 20 Grammys to Beyoncé has a lot to do with that.

      • Career Ender February 12, 2017

        whom did you want them to give to?
        most of those grammys are for her vocal performances, and homegirl can damn sing all your faves out of their graves
        bye Paulo!

    • BEY>RIH February 12, 2017

      I always knew you were a Beyoncé hater but wow; you’ve taken it to another level and I am actually shocked. Like you deadass sound like a pressed soul and I just dont understand how a person (pregnant black woman) could get you so riled up. She has done literally nothing wrong ?? Ig thats just the power of Bey

      P.S: You may want to look up the definition of “miserable” because Jay looks in fact the opposite here!

    • Barb B**** February 12, 2017

      Bitter much…

    • Coolness February 12, 2017

      STFU already! You’ve taken bitterness to a whole new level. How did you come to conclusions all from a couple of photos? Trash.

  14. Career Ender February 12, 2017

    must be the angry spirit of Kurt that keeps Suicide so mad

    • BEY>RIH February 12, 2017

      HAS TO BE!!!

  15. RihNavy February 12, 2017

    Rih must be getting some GOOD ZICKKK henny. Meanwhile where’s Beyoncé? She better show up and show out

    • Career Ender February 12, 2017

      you still exist in TGJ?!

  16. Barb B**** February 12, 2017

    Rihanna looks ROUGH. And the shoes ?. Jay looks good in that color.

    • The Great Lacefronce. February 12, 2017

      Where was Onika? Or was the grammyless artists not invited????

      • Barb B**** February 12, 2017

        No matter where Onika was Frih still looks rough and should never do her hair like that with that head.

  17. Late February 12, 2017

    So, Diddy has clearly been eating good. His face is…fuller than usual.
    That pic with Nick & Joe Jonas…YES!

  18. WOC February 12, 2017

    They all look good but it’s sad that none of them showed up for last night’s NAACP Image Awards. We all know every last one of them want black people’s money/support and the NAACP to call for boycotts and support them when the Grammys/music industry discriminates against them.

  19. 4u2see February 12, 2017

    Jay z’s face looks dirty. Have he lost weight or his mind?Rihanna looks innocently happy. Glad there were no stressful atmosphere;where everyone is showing black love.

  20. Starxavi February 12, 2017

    Demi Lovato is literally a Demi Moore clone. She looks great and Nick looks good too. Jay-Z where is your wedding ring? That color is cute on him tho. Diddy lookin fuller fa sho. Jaden is so handsome.

  21. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 13, 2017

    Everyone looks nice and people shouldn’t worry about why Beyonce carter wasn’t there with her husband Jayz

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