Director: Beyonce Paid For ‘Lemonade’ Herself

Published: Tuesday 28th Feb 2017 by Sam

Success tastes sweet, especially when one has hustled for it in a very personal way.

Just ask Beyonce.

Last year’s ‘Lemonade’ was almost unanimously christened “the” definitive music moment of the year, thanks to its compelling lyrics, imagery, and artistry.

Now, it’s emerged that – beyond being the creative force behind the visual LP – Queen Bey was also the financier for the project too.

Details below…

Speaking in an interview with the New Yorker, director Melina Matsoukas expanded on Bey’s role in the Grammy winning project.

Peep an excerpt…

Matsoukas said that Beyoncé paid for the Lemonade film project herself, which writer Alexis Okeowo acknowledges allows “for a kind of artistic control that few black artists have experienced.” As many fans and critics have explored, the film’s themes were explicitly radical but Matsoukas shared the specifics of Beyoncé’s concept:

“She wanted to show the historical impact of slavery on black love, and what it has done to the black family. And black men and women — how we’re almost socialized not to be together.”

The “Formation” video was inspired by Matsoukas’s research into the ideas of writers Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Octavia Butler, as well as scenes of protest and parade from black American history. “I wanted to show—this is black people. We triumph, we suffer, we’re drowning, we’re being beaten, we’re dancing, we’re eating, and we’re still here.” After Beyoncé approved the treatment, “Formation” was filmed in two days between rehearsals for the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show.

Yet more insight into why Mrs Carter is music’s hardest working women.

Much respect.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Indie February 28, 2017

    I LOVE HER, nothing more to say.

    • LISA LEVINE February 28, 2017

      If she could learn to speak in complete sentences I would actually believe she has written a song. She has great writers, teams and Ms. Ty on her side which gives her the “OVERALL package”. Its a social injustice this woman gets all the credit when the credit SHOULD GO TO HER GREAT BLACK team of writers, videographers and stylist.

      • IG: k1ngcoco_1 February 28, 2017

        Beyonce has officially admitted she sold her soul to the devil for fame and fortune. In her new music video called hold up, Beyonce Knowles has sunk to a new low. She blasphemes and denies the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. The truth is right in front of you – it’s up to you to come to our Lord and Savior. God Bless.

      • #MAGA February 28, 2017

        I read that the illuminati approached Jz and Beyoncé and asked them to bring popularity to the government’s leaders. Its hilarious how the country thinks we love the underdog and that’s why Obama is president, but we know this is b.s because its the white men In power who put Obama in the white house to begin with to manipulate public appeal if u believe otherwise then you have been duped.

      • BYE February 28, 2017

        Beyoncé has been co writing and arranging all her songs since her first album there are several receipts to back that up including producer footage. The only people that sit on here and talk about Beyoncé influence in her stuff are the people that ain’t never been in a studio for her and it’s hilarious how y’all try to credit everybody else for Beyoncé success lol oh let’s give to to her team like any of them would have a job to offer any ideas without her talent

      • Salwiyah February 28, 2017


        This wigger doesnt know anything about her history! She’s a fool! Does she know anything about slavery and the breakdown of people and religious conversion that took place to people of her heritage that were whipped, beaten, r****, pillaged, hacked up because they tried to run from this tyranny, and have been forced like cattle to work for them like they had no ounce of a soul in them ? Yoruba and Vodun was a major african religion, before they were forced into this country, by good Christians, and treated like soul-less nothings. Just like there was nothing evil about the egyptian religions! Christianity has sure gotten to some peoples head, converted them, and made them nothing but blind followers of propogandas, hate, and violence for others because of their differences.

      • Eleonara Boden February 28, 2017

        Lemonade is not about Becky…when she references drinking blood and wine, it’s on a whole new agenda. Dont miss it is a Satanic ritual!

        I like Beyoncé and Jay Z, but these lemonade shenanigans are, in my opinion, at a very low, scandalous and drama fuelled with dark energy and just EVIL level. Yes, Beyoncé IS a leader, and that is why we look up to her. I just think they can both do better. There is a little bit too much anger and real raw emotion that they should deal with on their own, behind closed doors like regular people. Artists that use their life drama to “milk it” and make money off of it inevitably invite demons into the souls of people who listen to their “music”. It’s very dangerous, irresponsible and EVIL. We all have problems, and music isn’t some sort of an occult worshipping ritual, it’s supposed to inspire and shine light, not darkness. In short, BOOOOOOOOO Beyoncé and Jay Z!!!!!!!!! (pass up rotten tomatoes to throw them off the stage). Definitely demonically possessed, Satan worshipping type of situation here. Love, Light and Blessings, God Bless and to those who have been infected, stay strong in your Faith. Devil, I command you in the name of Jesus, BE GONE! Thank You Lord for all the beautiful blessings in our lives everyday, in Your Name we Pray. Amen sista..hope you will find the light <3 :-D

      • JoNo February 28, 2017

        Beyonce is proof that education is important. Her and Floyd Mayweather need to start back in 1st grade together. Sending the WRONG message to young black kids, that you can make millions and be uneducated. That’s setting so many up for failure.

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        That verse that talks about plugging the mences is about trying to figure out what’s going on but can’t. Being captivated in the book not about her period you idiot

    • Kiah February 28, 2017

      I can’t wait for her to rot in hell!!

      These Satanists are REAL BOLD AND DISRESPECTFUL!! I hope that MONEY she has earned is worth it!! ????????????

      • Julia Perez February 28, 2017

        Yes I am getting sick of hearing “it’s a coincidence ” as well. I am ready to just shut up and let them learn the hard way like Whitney and MJ.

    • Beyonce Illuminati Exposed February 28, 2017

      Something about this Beyonce is strange.. IDK what it is, if it’s this Illuminati mess or what but something is seriously off about her spiritually. I’ve always noticed that sometime before she got with Jay Z, maybe being with him just made it worst allowing her true form to come to formation.. People praising this woman for the money she’s making but cannot see past that. Christians (most) are spiritual, I’m very spiritual where I can pick up on things the regular, carnal mind cannot. I’m not convinced about this video exposing her but there is something deep and dark about this woman, as many celebs and it’s really sad. I pray for them cause God loves everyone and wishes none to perish but that all come to repentance. I don’t like Beyonce as an artist because what’s inside of her is no friend to what’s inside of me which is God’s Holy Spirit. May they believe, repent and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, as He is Lord and Savior, the Most High God…….. God bless.

      • BYE February 28, 2017

        Seriously take that s*** on YouTube lnaoooooooooo nobody cares about your delusional mess

      • Hmnnn February 28, 2017

        Of course she’s a puppet however she is willingly following orders. Fame wh*res will do whatever it takes to have a few short years on this earth of fame and fortune.

      • thatrealist February 28, 2017

        First of all you are talking about you are spiritual, which any religion can be spiritual, and you said holy ghost which is Christianity, but get it right. For the record only god knows the heart and mind, so please have several seats. Its ok to preach the word, but don’t try and play god, he only wants you to spread his word, and to me beyonce seems like she is a good person to me!!! You are just on here being a false prophet, they come in many forms. He who is without sin cast the first stone!!!!!?

    • American Abroad February 28, 2017

      USA is full of Illuminati and satanic sh*t, that’s why people hate America u f*cking freemason supporters ur destroying your country u f*cking h0es got no clues….

      • Onika February 28, 2017

        After Beyonce’s first solo album, I became a huge fan of her music. ….but once the music and videos didn’t match anymore, I knew something was off. If you watch them while muted it’s like….what the hell am I looking at? When you have a spiritual connection with God, you can look through her eyes and see when she’s possessed. People are so weak minded that they can’t see past the talent, and the sexual nature. Fans don’t realize that they’re paying someone to program them through entertainment even though Prince, Tupac, Dame Dash, DMX, Jadakiss, professor grif, amil, ODB, Yelawolf, etc. It’s just fear of truth……I’m glad I’m not that ignorant.

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      I mean clearly this is common sense as it says PARKWOOD ENTERTAINMENT ON THE ALBUM

      • SMH February 28, 2017

        Distributed by Sony. Deny it all you want, she’s still an industry puppet/slave.

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        IF it’s distributed through sony then she can’t be a puppet do you know what distribution is ????????

    • Mark Dice February 28, 2017

      And the reason why Illuminati members show their signs is because they wanna show the world how powerful they are and that they can do whatever they want. And Bey and Jay are not trying to hide it anymore. I’m glad Grammys Album of The Year went to Adele. All celebrities are illuminating if not they’re career would be over…

      This is scary damn ?

    • Deepika Padukone February 28, 2017

      I sat through this Lemonade thing alone at night. I’m a grown ass woman but I damned near had to shut it off. The jerky movements and symbolism of the occult is evident and blatant enough to kiss me off.

    • Open Your Eyes February 28, 2017

      You can trace the history of the illuminati back through time to Cain…offspring of Eve and Satan. …truly…its a fact. music industry performer like beyonce is not a part of the blood line. She is merely a consenting member. It is a spiritual battle we are engaged in and there are only 2 sides…light and dark, good and evil, Jesus/Yashua and Satan. All of us are on one side or the other. If not by choice, then by default. By not being on the side of Jesus you automatically fall into the camp of Satan….not my words…you can find it in the bible. The situation and time our world is now in can only be spiritually discerned. That is why most people can not see what is happening right before their eyes…..they are still behind the veil. Once the veil is lifted then they can see more clearly…spiritually speaking. The veil can only be lifted when you humble yourself and accept Jesus Christ into your heart and life because you recognize you are a sinner and need a saviour, only then does the veil begin to lift…..for some slowly, for others immediately. The powers of darkness have controlled this planet since the beginning and recognize their time of control is drawing short. They have infiltrated most of our western culture and control everything ..our government, the banks, the movie and music industry and now even the schools and the churches. Beyonce is a consenting victim of it….she and many of the others are chosen by them for their talent and appeal, sign the contracts, and in so doing, sign their lives away. The content in the videos is according to their agenda…the music industry is only one avenue of many by which they come to kill, steal and destroy lives….their mandate is to remove all light of Yashua on this planet… and they are doing it very well in our western society.

    • Say No To Satanyonce February 28, 2017

      I personally think everyone missed the point that Lemonade is actually Beyonce talking about her ups and downs in her relationship Satan she used the Jay-Z cheating scandals as a cover up to get people hyped. It tells a story about her contemplating suicide in her music video Catch Me her frustration with dealing with the MK ultra mind control, Don’t hurt Yourself she was blindly in love with all the fame and fortune the devil promised her and her screaming, “Who the F*** do you think I am” sounds like she was confronting her demons Sasha Fierce and then she goes back to her Satanic ways in her Song 6 inch heels is about the devil and asking him to possess her with which explains why the music video everything was red symbolizing Hell and the burning room Hellfire. Sorry(Boy Bye) is actually her rejecting God’s love for her and her saying “middle fingers up” showing blasphemy towards the Lord. All night long is actually her staying in her relationship with Satan again. People may call me crazy or a hater for reading too much into this but most singers want listeners to think they are talking about breakups and marriages but they are actually talking about their spiritual relationships

      • thatrealist February 28, 2017

        You sound foolish!!! Remember god say’s you reap what you sow, I mean if that is your interpretation and you don’t know her personally or have facts, you should be a shame of yourself. God see’s everything, including YOU!!!! I got none of that out of those videos or songs. SMH!!!!

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        You are literally insane

    • NahGurl February 28, 2017

      Beyoncé graduated from alief elisk high school with homeschooling degree tho

    • GoldenCalf February 28, 2017

      The more you guys discuss about Iluminati, the more I begin to see her direction. Obviously her “handlers” are Jay and her creative teams behind her image, performance and superstardom. Someone is controlling Jay and Jay is controlling her. Like a pyramid. She is the puppet whose moral has been stripped to the lowest lever down under mind control then reprogramme to become a succesful 20 million club artist. Remember Sasha? You can say it was about performance, song, lyric or art whatever the fact is she is performing a “ritual” to promote their idelogy. Many celebrities belong in this ring.. Lady Gaga, Katy, Justin,, Rihanna, Mariah, Madonna, Kanye, Nicki, Alicia, even Adele and many more. Without this handlers, you will end up having justc2-3 hits and then disappear. To sustain your career, you have to stick around and play the role. Thats why you become “slave” or “puppet”. Remember Britney “Im a slave for you”? If you are able to read the between the lines, you will understand better. They plant this idelogy onto your subconcious mind and you become robotic and radicalized. You ignore religion, family, friend and become a psychopath because it is easy to control a unit than a group. It is under a New World Order to ignore religion, churches, family institutions and morals. They create the ruling and the working class. You guys, especially Bey Hives are robots for the handlers like her record company to make money and sustain their wealth. Open your eyes, people before you are being played like chess!

    • My Booty Popped Nicki February 28, 2017

      Im sure Beyonce had donated her pu$$y to few people in this industry just like Halle Berry to get an Oscar…to get an award she had to act naked first…. ?

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan February 28, 2017

    That’s wonderful!
    But I still think the “Formation” song did not correlate to the video as the song is more of a bragging rights oppose to black or women empowerment.

    Music video was strong and done properly though….

    • Everyone’s A Critic February 28, 2017

      No. The song correlates. When artists brag, they are fully aware people sing along to their lyrics. So in essence, we the audience are bragging too. She got us to say, “I love my Afro, I love my feautures. I’ve got style. I’m a go getter. I am these things because I’m black.” It’s motivation and self love. Get in formation means let’s get together and celebrate ourselves.
      That’s empowerment.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 28, 2017

        Yes @Everyone….YOU ARE SPILLING TRUE TEA WITH GREAT ARGUMENTS. Completely agree with your assessment of FORMATION.

      • Mark Dice February 28, 2017

        Don’t look at the illuminati as a secret group of people that perform weird rituals but look at it as a metaphor for large co-operations that strive for money and power. No actor,singer, rapper or athlete are in ‘the illuminati’, they’re puppets. There are really good singers and rappers out there that care about the music but most mainstream arists/actors job is to distract/entertain/make money from the public while the elite continue doing what they have been doing and corrupt the people in USA.

    • IG: k1ngcoco_1 February 28, 2017

      That indeed is what we should do, pray for her and against the demons taking control over her. Ever hear of scriptural ‘binding and loosing?’ I see binding as binding up in prayer the demonic forces around a person so they can’t control the person. Then because they are not controlled we pray that God loose His power and presence in the person’s life to set the person free. We all were under Satan’s control to degrees before we were saved/born again in spirit by accepting Jesus as our Savior. God saves to the utmost. Some can not be saved, are truely inside total rebels to God and against His people — calling good evil and evil good gladly serving the evil one Lucifer/Satan. We do not KNOW, nor should we unless God sadly tells us not to pray for the person because the person is totally belonging to the enemy. On the surface a person can be acting demonic yet not beyond Jesus salvation.

      • Doris Lee February 28, 2017

        Your comment is ??????. Black people are sheeps Beyawnce cannot save them she is demonic and possessed they will follow her straight in hell blonde weave and all. Her husband Gay Z is her handler and she will never leave him even if she wanted to. They are all in the occult and worship the devil. Since hooking up with Gay Z Beyawnce is not the same woman that was in Destinys Child she is gone.

    • Mark Dice February 28, 2017

      ts all bs. Jay Z’s infidelity?? It is all a damn distraction BS. Jayz is her handler. Beyonce I am sure have slept with half the NBA team her and Rihanna are diamond girls, meaning high class/paid Illuminati s** kittens. So the whole thing is laughable how people get caught up in drama that isnt even reality. Their real life is never revealed. And Jay is a homo sure he did the deed with a few like Kanye. Beyonce also bangs some female artists her self. that is how they get down.

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        You know what’s funny Beyoncé never said Jayz cheated on her one time that was all the media know you people have cognitive dissonance creating alternate reality. Beyoncé sleeping with the whole NBA you can tell Beyoncé personality ain’t even that type lmaoo her first boyfriend said Kelly had to force Bey to kiss him

      • Centurion February 28, 2017

        Whitney and MJ had handlers…and it is scary how this Satanic cult is strip their moral and making money. And Beyonce is clearly out there making the best she can to be in the same league. Kanye lost his mom and who will they sacrificing next..time will tell!

    • Wanda February 28, 2017

      who gives a s*** about these clowns? who f****** give a s***. when you have time why don’t you cover issues that actually matter you f****** moron. like 1.2 quadrillion dollars derivative market bubble? you add up all of assets and productions it doesn’t even come close to quadrillion dollars. what about destruction of petro-dollar? what about negative interest rate of banks which are robbing people’s money legally. What about crumbling of world economy like Greece Italy Cyprus Venezuela and Brazil? f****** stupid m************

      • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

        This is a Urban-pop blog dumbass.

    • Say No To Satanyonce February 28, 2017

      Satanyonce will become more and more successful as people love the darkness , and as our government leads us into self destruction, Satan will take over a world government as he incarnates into a human host, and the Pope is currently setting the stage for that government and for a one world religion. And everyone behind the veil will embrace it . At that time, the true believers of Yashua, who have His spirit living inside them, will be the enemy of the state…we see that beginning to happen already and it is increasing at an alarming rate. Great, great darkness is going to descend upon our country very soon and unbelievably chaotic things are going to happen…things we never thought possible…that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park….There will be no escaping it, outside of being on the side that wins in the end…the side of good, of light, of Jesus/Yashua. It will last for 7 years…7 years of hell on earth. When it starts, you will remember this post, because He is having you read this specifically because he wants your heart. And He wants you to call out His name Jesus/Yashua and He will show up…guaranteed. Eternity is a very very long time

  3. __ February 28, 2017

    Didn’t she have like 52 writers? So I wouldn’t give her all the credit.

    People she hired came up with the ideas and she just put her name on it cuz she was payinh

    • Everyone’s A Critic February 28, 2017

      She collaborated and helped other people in the industry be a part of a million dollar project. Think beyond the face of the project and appreciate the work.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 28, 2017

        Exactly….well said. No one said give her all the credit….she funded her own f****** many including your poor faves can say they have done that. How do you know bey did not come up with any ideas…..SHUT UP AND STOP HATING. Also i heard she created a lot of jobs in NEW ORLEANS where she shot lemonade..

      • Rihboy February 28, 2017

        Oh so now it’s about employment. Those people that helped her were fine before her need for all of their ideas. She gets too much credit. And rarely almost never thanks her fans or even her team. Just blue and jays. I will never understand. Her mother. Everyone else. She gives minimal to know recognition to her team.

      • BYE February 28, 2017

        How does Beyoncé give minimal credit to her team when her team are in the damn credits wtf are you people talking about ??all the behind the scenes of her talking about her team and how much work goes into everything I think you people are delusional and I know a Rihanna stan not talking about anybody and a team had it not been for a team covering up Rihanna talent with other bs there would be no HER

    • Swit Katz February 28, 2017

      You don’t have to hate always sometimes be happy for other’s success. Just congratulate and move on.

    • IG: k1ngcoco_1 February 28, 2017

      all celebs are illuminati cause illuminati who make them famous so they do dirty things like been almost naked they want you to do like them to join them and the devil into the hell all songs that are we listenning to send satanic messages that contol our minds and make the song in our soul all this setanic words are in our soul who make the song stick in our minds and make us transforme from innocent to dirty acts and all celebs to been famous they paractice satanisme like drinking blood say dirty words on god an impurit sacred thinks… so please people learn more about this evil world what is happening around us is a mess so wake up every one and try to see things in their real way how they are really look like not how they make them beautiful in your eyes satan is our enemie he made a challenge with god to make all humains like him,heathens and unbelievers but God say to him do what you want but only the owners of faith are weak they will follow you but only therighteous are going to do wat I commanded them and they will be living for ever in my paradise..

      • BYE February 28, 2017


      • Onika February 28, 2017

        Just because some people chose to open there eyes doesn’t mean that they’re ‘haters’ and if you’re not into this type of thing then why are you watching? Genuine question. Unless you’re a super fan ‘beyhive’ then I no why you watched..f*cktard hives.

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      Lol why is that when it comes to Beyoncé y’all act like she’s the only person working with writers when there hasn’t been an album self produced and written BY THEMSELVES in years and the artist that are writing by themselves are flopping cause nobody wanna hear they ish. Let’s talk

    • Mark Dice February 28, 2017

      Beyonce and Gay Z…are always throwing up the 666 hand symbol…and the devil horn hand symbol…and not one member of the media has ever called her on it…I wish one person would ask her on video what these hand symbols mean to her..ask her why she insists on throwing up these anti Christian hand symbols!!! Beyonce is looking more reptilian by the day!!!

  4. King B February 28, 2017

    Obviously. She’s the richest celebrity. That’s why she doesn’t go bankrupt despite releasing visual albums for each of her albums except her debut solo album.

    • American Abroad February 28, 2017

      Who is Jay-z….Really nobody.. is overrated devil worshiper …who bent over and took it up the b*tt for fame and money and a music contract ..and is crazy and thinks he is god and calls himself a mogul but a drug dealer…….so wrong. This couple is shady as f*ck.

      Not cool, fools.

      • Briano February 28, 2017

        Thank you

        That n ain’t ish

        If he grew up in my block he would def be the lamest ugliest non athleticism just ughh

        But y’all on the white mans mascots d like he something, y’all wack for that he ain’t ish but a poison peddler

      • we have a winner! February 28, 2017

        Congrats, this is what Illuminati wants…someone who isnt critically thinking and brainwashed. Someone who worship a celebrity rather than spiritual, creator, god or light whatever you want to call it. Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh?! ?

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      What the hell are you talking about she only released 2 visual albums and a video anthology album

    • Doris Lee February 28, 2017

      This Beyawnce Bytch gots to be an evil witch with the power she has over you people. I never seen anything like the worship of this Evil t***** w**** in my life.. Pathetic sheep. I love music..all kinds..but I bow down to NONE except the MOST HIGH.

    • SMH February 28, 2017

      Lol sit down. she is not the richest celebrity. Tons of celebs are way richer than her, even her husband has more money.

      • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

        I wouldn’t say TONS of CELEBS are richer than her. Stop acting like she isn’t one of the richest female celebs..

  5. Swit Katz February 28, 2017

    Boss Queen!!!

    • Tatayana February 28, 2017

      Illuminati Puppet..more like it.

  6. faqqsRdumb February 28, 2017

    She wouldn’t be nothing without her image. She’s all style and zero substance. Her talking about hotsauce and afros does nothing for black empowerment. All she did was reinforce negative stereotypes +angry black woman) vain and shallow..That’s Beyonce’s “brand”. Jane Jackson viral 1989 did it better with Rhythm Nation. And it ain’t got isht to do with Hotsauce or red lobster. Bytch

    • Mark Dice February 28, 2017

      As BLACK woman I am SOOOO glad to see someone calling this new work from Beyonce what this really is – her final initiation to the occult as a full fledged witch. This work has NOTHING to do with her dealing with Jay Z and his supposed infidelity and (black) womanhood and how we are treated as a whole. The occultism in this work is so blatant and is is being embraced by the IGNORANT masses as fast as they can stream it through TIDAL. ( Some You Tube fans are tauting this as Beyonce’s crowing achievement.) As this world is more and more quickly being engulfed in darkness,

      THANK YOU for continuing to be a beacon of light and hope. She is a snowflake!

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        How are you a black woman when your name is mark dice ? Are you the twitter troll that wrote the illuminati book

  7. .:: Centurion ::. February 28, 2017

    Yes. Paid for it and nothing else. Nothing new here. If you read the inset, it clearly states that Melina and the aforementioned writers did all the research and work, no matter how hard this blog tries to convince people that she some kind of creative force behind it.

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      Can y’all read ? She clearly said Beyoncé came up with a treatment and called her at 3am lmaoooooo

      • .:: Centurion ::. February 28, 2017

        “She wrote out a treatment and sent it to Beyoncé in the middle of the night. Within hours, the singer had written back to say that she loved it.”
        Nice try.

      • .:: Centurion ::. February 28, 2017

        Maybe you should learn how to read and improve your comprehensive skills.

      • NahGurl February 28, 2017

        Why are you acting like this is a surprise that’s the job of a director ????????????????

    • JOHNVIDAL February 28, 2017

      I agree Centurion. She is pretty much like Rihanna in this department. At least Beyonce can sing damn good technically and is a hell of a performer though 🙂

  8. Thando February 28, 2017

    Well…if she has the money and she wasn’t under Columbia (SONY) anymore then why not. This is hardly “revolutionary”. Plenty of Black artists have funded their own projects that had/have way better artistic quality than lemonade. Let’s not forget the almost 100 writers who wrote the music for her to perform. You gas this woman sooooooooo f****** much.

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      Lol so Beyoncé is the only artist working with writers ?

  9. Suicide Blonde February 28, 2017

    Yet more insight into why Mrs Carter is music’s hardest working women.
    One of…..

    • The Wig Snatcher February 28, 2017

      Who else? Rihanna? LOL

      • Rihboy February 28, 2017

        AtleAst rihanna is more involved with her team and always thanks then upon any award that she receives! Not miss supposed to be humble bey! She takes credit for everything when she contributes nothing.

      • HailLegendBeysus February 28, 2017

        Rihanna more involved with her team? Is that why she shows up hour’s late to her studio sessions record’s what was written for her and leaves? LMFAO!!! The Salvation Army is too much!

      • SMH February 28, 2017

        No, the woman who snatched Album of The Year. And her back to back diamond albums prove it.

  10. The Wig Snatcher February 28, 2017

    We already knew that Beyonce paid for the last two album projects herself. It is a damn shame that Columbia is not behind her projects like before because Bey is still a very relevant artist. Her successes without label support proves that. I wonder whether Columbia stopped promoting her heavily because they tried to renegotiate her into a 360 deal since her deal is up by now.

  11. pat February 28, 2017

    Not surprised. She doesn’t sell enough albums or singles to invest a huge video budget into. Good for her.

    • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

      Lmaooo she sells more than enough albums and singles. And most money comes from touring which she clearly excels at..

  12. IG: k1ngcoco_1 February 28, 2017

    interesting…..all these famous stars and musicians always go and mock Christianity why not other religions?but there is a story where satan was a powerful angel in music. but since satans rebillion on god,God pushed satan out of heaven…….funny thing satans power was music…..please guys wake up before its too late ;( I stand with you?

  13. Cake Like Gaga February 28, 2017

    All the music people listen to nowadays is bull*s***
    nothing but trash!

    Jay-Z are Bey are nothing but garbage!

    • BYE February 28, 2017

      Your name says cake like Gaga I know you ain’t a Gaga fan talking bout trash

  14. Hmnnn February 28, 2017

    She is a satanists To use the holy pages to stick I her v***** to absorb blood is so demonic. This w**** needs to be shut down and all of these brain dead followers need to wake up before they are destroyed like her and J are going to be.

  15. Onika February 28, 2017

    no way in this life time would I ever see Jay Z as a God no way in this life would I ever worship Beyoncé. and the Beyhive is full of dummies!!

  16. sam is TRASH February 28, 2017

    Suicide BLONDE IS 27 YEARS OLD AND has NO LIFE. he also is a predator

  17. Ebony February 28, 2017

    This lady has worn blonde hair 95% of her music career and now wants to bust out in corn rolls. Pish-Posh! The ONLY reason they are half way interested in the Black Lives Matter Movement is because they want to find a gateway to polluting the black culture. If the BLM program is not careful they will allow the illuminati puppets to destroy it and inject their witchcraft symbolism to be-witch the population that is exposed to this movement. Leave black culture alone.

    • NahGurl February 28, 2017

      Are you insane or just plain dumb ? Beyoncé was wearing corn rolls for the first 5 years of her career are we being delsuinalnor just plain dumb you forgetting the day my name video etc ??? You are not black clearly a troll cause you sound uneducated as hell

  18. Eleonara Boden February 28, 2017

    These celebrities are drunk with fame and power and money-can all be seductive. So much so they don’t see when Satan sneaks up and becomes all they know. Their best friend. Once was Christian now demonic and witches .Invoking spells and performing rituals right in plain sight and the whole world hails them. oh, and these poems are not poetic by the way. They are sincerely creepy. So sad they sell their souls. They won’t have mine. I pray for us all to be strong against the enemy. Thanks Isaac for bringing things to light. Keep up the good work on brining truth.


    So basically Beyonce got others do her work for her. Shocking!!!!!! Lol Beyonce has no creativity. She sings and twerks on stage. Thats all

  20. Mariah Carey February 28, 2017

    This Satan would do anything to get famous.
    Beyonce is using the bible as her own personal tampon. I’d say she has gone off the f–king deep end…darlinggg.

  21. Victoria February 28, 2017

    Wow that’s so cool!!!
    Anyways I find it so interesting that these people calling her a devil worshiper know so much about her and her work.

    • HailLegendBeysus February 28, 2017

      They’re just trolls lurking this blog waiting on a Bey n Jay post with their failed prewritten dissertations.

    • we have a winner! February 28, 2017

      Congrats, this is what Illuminati wants…someone who isnt critically thinking and brainwashed. Someone who worship a celebrity rather than spiritual, creator, god or light whatever you want to call it. Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh?!

    • Euwwe! February 28, 2017

      “Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh! “. ???

  22. HailLegendBeysus February 28, 2017

    LMFAOOOOO More egg on her haters faces! Especially The Salvation Army that said Lemonade cost $20 million and Beyoncé was slaving away to pay back all that money to Columbia. Just further proves these people who stay hating Bey talking about Bey’s contract with Columbia know absolutely NOTHING! They’re mad because Matthew was smart enough not to let his baby girl sign some bogus 360 contract which is why Live Nation said Beyoncé is one of the few artists that actually take home $1m a night from their tours. And that was during TMCWT where she grossed on average $2.1m a night, imagine how much she took home making $5.3m a night! Beyoncé just keeps on winning while other’s struggle at local bars, school gymnasiums and local theater’s.

    • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

      I cant wait til this year’s Forbes List comes out!! Its gonna be a mess..

  23. LB February 28, 2017

    Artists always pay for their music videos, it comes out of their budget. You didn’t think LaFace paid for the waterfalls music video? TLC paid for it.

  24. Queen Barb February 28, 2017


    • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

      Go worry about your shipwrecked-bootyass fave and her being shook to respond to remy..

  25. Trefon February 28, 2017

    “Beyonce paid for Lemonade”. Artists signed to 360 deals typically pay for they own stuff and Beyonce doesnt own masters. SONY OWNS HER ???????????????????????????????????????

    • NahGurl February 28, 2017

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAIT YOU THINK BEYONCÉ IS IN A 360 DEAL LMAOOOOOO BEYONCÉ HAS NEVER HAD A 360 deal nor even a 6 album contract in her life you peoplenare delusional

  26. Beyonce’s Diploma February 28, 2017

    Looooool Beyonce has no involvement in her music and work.

    Even Rhianna has more creativity than Beyonce, not so much in her music just like Beyonce, but she’s credited as the designer in her clothing lines and creative director in her many magazine features.

    Its 2017. Lets not try to make “Beyonce writes” or “Beyonce creative” happen. kiiiiiiiiii

  27. Thebaddest February 28, 2017

    Beyonce is a strong black woman, and JayZ is a smart black man.

    • GoldenCalf February 28, 2017

      Because they are Freemasons!!’


    When you have to make a music video for every song, release the album as a movie, pull a stunt about your husband cheating on you and of course hop on the BLM movement, you know the music is not that good.
    She really dropped the ball with this one, the hive will say this is beyonce’s best album, and when she releases the next album they will say that one is the best and so on, but luckily the PR is not working with the GP and the Grammy voters.

    • BEY>RIH February 28, 2017

      The GP who bought 3 mil of the albums right?

  29. Koochie Cat February 28, 2017

    “She wrote out a treatment and sent it to Beyoncé in the middle of the night. Within hours, the singer had written back to say that she loved it.

    Matsoukas, looking for a set that resembled a plantation house, rented a museum in Pasadena and decorated it to summon “Gone with the Wind” and “Twelve Years a Slave.” Then she had her art director “blackify” the house, hanging French Renaissance-style portraits of black subjects.”
    So Melina Matsoukas did everything for Formation video. Beyonce had no creative input lmaoooooo what a fraud

  30. TDM90 February 28, 2017

    It’s normal for established artists to pay for their own visuals etc.

  31. UnionRep February 28, 2017

    I have that people still on this Illuminati s***. Think about the way American treats the black community……do you really think “they” would all Beyonce and Jay or any other back rick person in the Illuminati? Hell no! Yes, Beyonce and Jay have money for daaaaaaaaayyys however, the Illuminati or whatever the group may be called most likely is head by Koch family. …Mars family. …Cargill family. … Johnson family. … Hearst family. … C** family. … Pritzker family… families and politicians that are trading blood for deals.

    • we have a winner! February 28, 2017

      Congrats, this is what Illuminati wants…someone who isnt critically thinking and brainwashed. Someone who worship a celebrity rather than spiritual, creator, god or light whatever you want to call it. Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh?! Praise the Lord!

  32. fatusankoh February 28, 2017

    God I love her their is no one like our Bey may god continue to bless protect her twines Blue Jay and her family for life ever lasting long happy career married more success and good luck in all she do

  33. Fashion Icon February 28, 2017

    Oh she ordered a movie … of course she has to pay for it

  34. GoldenCalf February 28, 2017

    She is “strong” because she has “handlers”. These handlers are the… Iluminati group that a lot of people are talking right now!

    They are including creative directors, promoters, agents who control her in order for her to generate profits. Remember Kanye meltdown at his concert last November?! He had enough being their slaves. They are like a Mafia!

    Yes, Bey is now the # 1 Illuminati puppet… of the music! Beware…

  35. Lewey February 28, 2017

    There sure are a lot of illuminati experts in these comments. I thought t was a secret society….. I guess not. Anyways, y’all don’t know Beyonce or Jay, so you all look like idiots trying to justify how she is apart of the illuminati. It reminds me of going to church on sundays and hearing the congregation judge and talk about ppl the whole time and then pretend they are christians and live by the lord. Lol. Fools.

    • we have a winner! February 28, 2017

      Congrats, this is what Illuminati wants…someone who isnt critically thinking and brainwashed. Someone who worship a celebrity rather than spiritual, creator, god or light whatever you want to call it. Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh?!

      • Lol February 28, 2017

        Mama Tina’s what???? ?????

  36. Jil February 28, 2017

    Since you guys mentoned it, Beyonce has a dark and gloomy aura around her. Not surprised if she has a shrine at home for her satanic illuminati rituals! She doesnt look happy or honest. Just like Kardashians. They dress well but they are not “warmed” or inviting. I dont feel her vibe at all. She is there but she is somewhere else. Weird lady! ?

  37. Briano February 28, 2017

    Her and jay killed music and made it into a platform for bragging, insulting, spewing nonsense and colorism (promoting the prison industrial complex for their masters and inciting division)

    This is their legacy

  38. Briano February 28, 2017

    Nothing more nothing less

    Sellout coons nothing to see here folget the coons out of your life and more important my out if your mind and def not in front if kids they are poison wrapped in bling

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 28, 2017

      The same thing can be said about Frih tho. You sound stupid.

  39. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 28, 2017

    The illuminati thing makes sense for people that don’t have much and wonder where they went wrong in life. They can’t explain Beyonce’s success without one of the trifecta: the illuminati, the white Devils, or selling out to corporations. With that logic, one has to wonder what God these wildly successful black people and the racist white power structure is praying to if they stay winning.

    • we have a winner! February 28, 2017

      You believe in a human than God. You believe this woman is special than your that came from your momma’s p*ssy??!!

      • Kunte West February 28, 2017

        This topic is a sloppy mess…like Gay-z @sss!


      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler February 28, 2017

        I believe what I want to believe in you c***. You are blinded by an ignorant white devil who has poisoned us for years with fluoride and aluminum toxicity also strontium in the sky to weaken are immune system and iron. They brought us to amerikkka, forced their religion onto us, and said if u join our lodge we will enlighten u but they still keep us as slaves. They have used propaganda to make us think we are less than. They also use fear tactics to keep the mass population under control. BLACK POWER ✊

    • Euwwe! February 28, 2017

      “Someone who rather worship a human that comez from Mama Tina’s p*ssy! How sad that can be huh”


  40. fatusankoh February 28, 2017

    Thanks tell them haters haters you all have a life the hate you all have for talented Bey you all are sick haters go to your hell with your hate Bey is loved by god good people and her woundetful fan you hatemongers don’t mater

  41. Gay-z February 28, 2017

    Im pretty sure Becky is man or a t*****! Many brothers were selling their male pu$$y to some white ol’ record executives. Everyone knows that…. ??

    • My Booty Popped Nicki February 28, 2017

      I heard Diddy and many more to get a record deal. While women being treated like s3x slaves, men spreading their cheeks bu++ for some closeted gay mafia…in LA or NY. Pretty disgusting industry…ikr..

  42. INAMAD February 28, 2017

    Serious question……

    I personally don’t believe in all the illuminati conspiracies, but if Beyoncé is illuminati; how do y’all explain GOSPEL SINGER / Former DC member Michelle Williams relationship with her? I’ve Been to church with Michelle and she’s in fact a woman of GOD!!

    So HOW is Beyoncé a “satanist?”

  43. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 2, 2017


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