iTunes #1: Sales Skyrocket For Black Singer Who Wore Pro-Trump Dress To Grammys

Published: Monday 13th Feb 2017 by Rashad

While Adele‘s sweep, Beyonce‘s performance, and Rihanna‘s shut-out are the main topics of discussion post the 2017 Grammy Awards, a little known singer – Joy Villa – garnered her fair share of attention after her stunt on the ceremony’s red carpet.

As we revealed here, the singer/songwriter took to the pre-show affair donning a politically charged, pro-Donald Trump dress that featured the caption “Make America Great Again.”  Earning her an unceremonious slamming from a number of commenters – some of whom even propelled death threats – the move also earned high praise from the sitting president’s supporters.

In fact, so much support Villa woke up to news her 2014 EP, ‘I Make the Static,’ edged out Beyonce for the top spot on iTunes.  This despite Bey having the most talked about performance of the night…


Fans of the singer know this isn’t the first time she’s caused a ruckus for her choice of red carpet wardrobe.  Last year she donned this:

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  1. HailLegendBeysus February 13, 2017

    LMFAOOOO! That’s Trump’s Murikkka for you!
    Anyway yes at Lemonslayd being #2!
    Shining is Also charting at #15 and Formation is at #41

    • Molly #Stargirl February 13, 2017

      Shining is tooo cute. 😊😊😊

      • Molly February 15, 2017

        Hey @realdonaldtrump I’m getting tickets for the #TrumpImpeachmentParty

    • boss February 13, 2017

      This poor Bish is selling those dead tracks for only $4.00 so she is getting NOthing out of this mediocre bump in sales LOL! Girl Bye

    • King B February 14, 2017

      Bey is coming for that 2x Platinum pure sales.

    • The Wig Snatcher February 14, 2017

      Black Twitter has been officially proven to be irrelevant.

  2. Molly #Stargirl February 13, 2017

    Kiii ok sis…. 👀👀👀👀

  3. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 13, 2017

    Dumb n****

  4. Lol February 13, 2017

    It’s only $5 tho lol

    • Your Mother February 13, 2017

      Can U read!!!!! It’s and EP not a whole CD.

  5. Weezy Tha Goat February 13, 2017

    This is nothing. She’ll fall by tomorrow. Attention seeking h**.

  6. MusicLife February 13, 2017

    What an attention w-h-o-r-e.
    In the words of Mariah Carey, I STILL DONT KNOW HER!

  7. whut February 13, 2017

    It was so obviously a stunt. She probably doesn’t even support trump lol.

  8. King February 13, 2017

    Smh really I remember Macy gray had some crap on her dress. It’s tacky, okay you voted for trump we get it. You want him to grab you by your female parts and ship you back home.
    Girl bye you a mess and ya hair is dry.

  9. LOL February 13, 2017


    • Krista February 14, 2017

      Where’s Noanne and Anti?

  10. LOL February 13, 2017


  11. Jo February 14, 2017

    Gaga sold out one arena and the near-extinct monsters are losing their minds.

    I hope you enjoy Monster’s Ball. But you know what they say… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Now get on your knees and thank Pepsi for making her relevant this month. Most of you will want a refund by March.

    • LOL February 14, 2017


      • BEY>RIH February 14, 2017

        Whose favis she snatching?? Cause if Im not mistaken the FWT was an ALL-STADIUM sold out tour… Gagz aint seeing Bey

  12. JoyVillaStan February 14, 2017


  13. Theman February 14, 2017

    LG is about to sale half a million copies without a top ten hit, until recently. Lol, wasn’t she supposed to flop? HATERS! She’s doing good.

    • LMAO February 14, 2017

      Well said!

  14. Matthew Charlery-Smith February 14, 2017

    Ghetto Hive mad because Beyoncé tried to “Make Hillary Great Again” and flopped. No AOTY win, no post-Grammy iTunes #1 and no Killary for president‼️

    Maybe she should call her next album “Cold Pop” and get Sweet Brown to feature on the lead single, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat”‼️ Maybe she’ll win some BET Awards as they love ghetto goodness‼️ 🍯🍋🐝⏰💽

  15. B_Roni February 14, 2017

    I just listened to the ep on iTunes and this is not my type of music but good luck to here. She is pretty.

    • Fancy BISH February 14, 2017

      Pretty terrible lol

  16. Mariah Carey February 14, 2017

    I know I say this too much but… I don’t know her. Who is she dahhhhling???

  17. DTG February 14, 2017

    The difference between Joy Villa and Chrisette Michelle is that that JV hasn’t made any apologies, rationalizations or tried to calm irrational hatred coming her for way for stance. She defiantly asserted herself and seemingly doesn’t give AF about anybody who might now like her position.

    Not even my type of music, but I’m gonna go ahead and buy her EP just to stick a middle finger up to the naysayers who think that they have the power to shut people down who they disagree with.

    Oh and I think it’s HILARIOUS that Trump’s so-called racist supporters propelled a hipster looking black woman with natural hair to #1 on the charts! Kinda contradicts the narrative that his opposition likes to spin.

    • DTG February 14, 2017

      * might not

    • SMH February 14, 2017

      You couldn’t be more wrong. Joy Villa is not a Trump supporter; her M.O. is shock value. She knows how stupid his supporters are so she’s taking advantage of them-and it worked. So you go ahead and buy her EP while she sits back and laughs at your stupidity.

      PS, Chrisette Michelle never apologized for performing for trump.

      • Casual February 14, 2017

        She says she IS, in fact, “100% a Donald Trump supporter.” I like a bish who stands firm in her word. I hope she doesn’t “backpedaling and p**** popping” (as James Colwell would say).

      • DTG February 14, 2017

        Villa is quoted saying that she supports Trump 100%. Beyond that, OF COURSE she wore that dress for shock value and publicity. Everybody in attendance at the Grammys was there for some kind of PR gain. In her case, it worked. And that’s the bottom line here. Even if she was gaming Trump’s supporters, people on the left are acting like supporting DT is career suicide and try to form lynch mobs to keep his supporters quiet. Joy Villa basically challenged that whole narrative and made it weaker because rather than it doing damage, making a show out of supporting Trump HELPED her brand.

  18. TheOuyonB February 14, 2017

    BTW, That Grape Juice, she isn’t a “black”. She is latin. Come on now.

    • DTG February 14, 2017

      She is not Latin. Her mother is African American (Black) and her father is Italian (White).

  19. @ASAPicon February 15, 2017

    She kinda looks like a tacky Tamar Braxton in that last photo

  20. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 15, 2017

    Who she

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