Solange Spotlights Racial Biases Following Beyonce’s Grammy Upset

Published: Tuesday 14th Feb 2017 by Nehemiah

The Grammys may be over, but the fall out continues regarding Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade‘ snub for the coveted Album of the Year.

Serving as a forewarning of dramas to come, Frank Ocean composed an insightful open letter that briefly pointed out the ‘cultural biases’ that is filtered during the ceremony of music.

Now, Solange takes a seat at the table to further back Ocean’s claim of the Recording Academy’s perceived racial biases.

Full story below…

Taking to Twitter, the 30-year-old wrote…

The Grammy award-winning artist makes a great point. Only three black women obtain the awards for Album of the Year; Natalie Cole‘s ‘Unforgettable … With Love‘ (1992); Whitney Houston‘s ‘Bodyguard Soundtrack‘ (1994); and Lauryn Hill‘s ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill‘ (1999).

Food for thought, ay.

Your thoughts?

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  1. February 15, 2017

    Maybe I’m brainwashed are something, because I don’t see any Bias in that situation, I wonder if it was another black person who lost to Adele she would have felt the same.

    • Russia Loves Trump February 15, 2017

      Adele didn’t attack the cops with a fake divorce album …unlike this Illuminati puppet. 🙁

      • Cake Like Gaga February 15, 2017

        Not everything your sis has released is gold.
        Lemonade is like Anti…hype and full of sh*t.
        Move on, b*tch.

      • Your Daddy Is Gon February 15, 2017

        why are u lying..solange?

      • LOL February 15, 2017

        Sorry, the last time i check, your family doesn’t own the Grammys.

    • A Muslim February 15, 2017

      So dumb. Too black or too white….if your music is good, it’s GOOD!

      Stop making up everything as if is all about YOUR family and race.

      • Truth February 15, 2017

        I agree… this album is not Beyonce per say. It belongs to 50 other producers, lyricists and programmers. She can’t do sh*t.

    • Next??? February 15, 2017

      ..and your sister is just a model, solange.

      • Mariah February 15, 2017

        tats so right…dahhlingggg.

    • Elsie February 15, 2017

      Ms solange I know how you like to voice your opinion, but honey you barely made it to be a Grammy nominee, because your album came out on the last day of the Grammy deadline, and based off of your Beyonce sister, and those 200 performers are clearly recycled every year,I hardly even see Rb soul artist even perform at the grammys, besides your sister, rihanna, Alicia keys, Nicki minaj, Andrea day,& sometimes tribute singer Jennifer Hudson,jayz common, Lil Wayne john legend drake, Kendrick Lamar, usher, Chris brown,maxwell, and I’m sure they’re other I forgot, but they are not the only artist to represent us

    • Mama Tina February 15, 2017

      sorry, my daughters are simply dumbf*cks.
      again..sorry about that. excuse their IQs.

    • BEYOU February 15, 2017

      Solange Girl.. worry about how adele classically read your sister, her your sisters music is only for blacks folks..

  2. Giagia February 15, 2017

    Lemonade is a very rigid not universal album. A trying hard album to please the listeners. Nice try tho…thank god she is pregnant. 🙂

    • BlackJewish February 15, 2017

      She lied! Delusion at it’s finest! 😆

  3. Taylornator February 15, 2017

    hahahaha…a sore loser.

  4. Yulanda February 15, 2017

    Racial issue is so boring now.
    Stop peddling it Solange.
    25 is better than Boringnade.

  5. Molly February 15, 2017

    Stop b*tching and start polishing your vocal and concertrate on your own artistic direction, b*tch.

  6. Ladylikey February 15, 2017

    First of all I’m going to step up to the plate as a Bey fan and say her and Adele deserved it. Adele won what are we going to? Let it go people.

  7. Lamb4ever February 15, 2017

    Beyonce.. who??? 🙁

  8. RIP February 15, 2017

    #1 illuminati puppet is losing her steam.
    Be gone…forever.

  9. Donald February 15, 2017

    Lemonade…what that shite.

  10. Mcarey February 15, 2017

    illuminate puppet didn’t win cause her album was a flop worldwide basis.

  11. Mama Tina February 15, 2017

    My daughters are sore losers. Excuse their lack of education. I was their pimp and that’s why they can’t think straight because I sold them at the early age.

  12. Mia February 15, 2017

    she lied.

  13. Blue Gorrila Ivy February 15, 2017

    my auntie is high on meth? :-/

  14. K byeeee February 15, 2017

    playing racism card to stay relevant. 😀

  15. #ispeakfacts February 15, 2017

    Solange… u should be mad bcuz your album was better then your sisters & Adele! Creativity & Popularity should never be the reason you win an award! Not saying The Grammys aren’t bias but in this case Adele had the better album musically than your sister!

  16. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 15, 2017

    Beyonce is not the only sister solange have so what about your little sister n brother

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