Mariah Carey Blames “Everyone” For NYE Drama / Reiterates No New Album

Published: Friday 24th Feb 2017 by Nehemiah

Mariah Carey opened the New Year with a shocking showing seen and  heard around the world at ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.’ 

Now, nearly two months departed from the soundcheck mishap, MC is pointing her fingers two ways.

Full story below…

Sounding off about the faux-pas performance, the bougie songstress is putting the blame on everybody in a Rolling Stone interview.

“I used to get upset by things. This was out of my control, and had everything not been such a total chaotic mess, then I would have been able to make something happen. Even the dancers should have stopped dancing and helped me off the f–king stage. I’m sorry.

It was a mess, and I blame everybody. And I blame myself.”

On the musical front, it’s not the best of news for the singer’s fans and Lambs.

Because, though she recently released the YG assisted I Don’t,’ Mimi reiterates that there are no plans to release a follow-up to 2014’s ‘Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.’ The songbird did, however, confirm that she is in the studio working on “conceptual stuff” with DJ Khaled and Travis Scott.


There’s no arguing that Carey has secured herself as a once in an era legend. From the vocals, to the catalog of music, to her iconic divadom and flawless shade. She’s a gem.

And with said status, the mother of two has earned the right to sit back in leisure and allow her contemporaries flourish. Even if she “doesn’t know” most of them.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lisa Levine February 24, 2017

    just retire already….lazy fatso.

    • Beyonce’Soldier February 24, 2017

      “the dancers should have stopped and helped me off the stage”
      Does she not know how stairs work? But then again she is “literally incapable of living in the real world and surviving.”

      Yeah, stairs are pretty tricky, huh? 😆

      • Laqoyah February 24, 2017

        That’s right! She needs to retire. Sad she thinks has to wander around with those two beautiful little children acting the way she does, boobs hanging out and blaming everyone else when she can’t sing her own songs now dating one of her back-up dancers and thinks he’s really struck on her.Oh and her engagement right with that billionaire aka baboon…you a closeted gold digger. Face it Pariah, he found you are so flaky just like your pre-recorded tracks.

      • TheNavy February 24, 2017

        Everyone else has already forgotten about this. To give statements keeps her utter failure alive. Yay!

      • Ohhh darlingg February 24, 2017

        She is dumb and alcoholic! ?

    • Im Done With Her Big Time February 24, 2017

      So basically if she didn’t have millions of dollars from singing she would be barely capable of saying ” would you like fries with that?”

      • JanetTeam February 24, 2017

        Old Diva refusing to face reality. You’re a has been and there is no hope for your failing career.

        Congratulations on putting the last nail in your coffin. Should retire in Vegas. Go back and join Britney.

    • Baddiebeymyfav February 24, 2017

      I hate this bxxtch and her oversized ego. She should accept that her once beautiful vocals is now an Ugly sounding MESS! MOOMOO…. stop killing the public with your wack music and go sit down somewhere! ?? ????

      • Cake Like Caca February 24, 2017

        She’s basically saying all of us regular people are too stupid to understand. And she’s too good to make a mistake so it’s everyone beneath her’s fault. She is SO disgusting and SO 90s. Go awayyyy.

    • Bye Gurl February 24, 2017

      She can’t sing high notes, squeaky breaking notes, she’s lost her voice so she lip syncs, plus she doesn’t know the words to her own song? Next time DC Productions should book some good old fashion rock and roll. This old diva waving her feathers make me laugh. YES>> R E T I R E !!!

      • BeyArmy February 24, 2017

        Excuses, excuses. The bottom line is that ANY REAL performer would’ve known how to adjust and adapt and Mariah did not. She’s not a performer, she’s a walking Barbie old troll. 🙁

    • Stephy February 24, 2017

      She’s famous for being a crappy live performer, she needs to stop taking these live gigs and stop blaming other people. Next>>>

      • Yuk!!! February 24, 2017

        she is sooooooooo annoying. Get down off the fakery and highhorse and just be a grown real woman and sing. She so busy being detached from reality and relying on her name that ma is lost in lalaland. #TRUTH

      • Yuk!!! February 24, 2017

        She’s heading to Sea World to replace the fallen whale.

        😆 😆 😆

    • cory February 24, 2017

      Not again…….

  2. RhiRocks February 24, 2017

    Lmfao she’s so pathetic for this! The dancers were doing their jobs dancing. Had one of them told u to get off the stage you would have threw a fit and got them sacked ! You’re their boss and you’re a DIVA! Just learn to take the blame

    • hurmmm February 24, 2017

      Go back to your roots- voice lessons to relearn breath support and technique. Make sure your attitude doesn’t overshadow every single performance you do. Stop complaining and take a lesson from Ms. Grande.

      • truthteller February 24, 2017

        Ms Grande with her terrible diction and lousy attitude is one of the last people Mariah should be taking lessons from, but I agree with you apart from that.

      • Layola February 24, 2017

        So tired of hearing about her and her excuses. Stfu, who cares what glitches there supposedly were.

        She’s a performer of 20+ years! Smarten up.

      • LeoGirl February 24, 2017

        Trying to make other people look bad to make Mariah’s botched performance look better is really tacky. I don’t think anybody has a main concern about her lip syncing. I think the issue is that she didn’t sing. She did not even try to sing and didn’t even act like she knew the words to her songs. Please make her retire.

    • BeyArmy February 24, 2017

      Go away piggy!

  3. GTFO February 24, 2017

    Put some clothes on, take 2 layers of make up off, stop using the phony voice and maybe…just maybe…someone will take you seriously. You have (or had) a great gift, don’t make excuses. If it’s gone, be grateful for the lifestyle it gave you and retire graciously. This game you’re playing is sad, really.

    • OMG February 24, 2017

      1. stop drinking, 2. stop eating everything within sight, 3. practice to walk on those high heeled shoes, it looks ridiculous getting carried around at your age. 4. just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice. 5. stop dressing like you’re 12. 6. and last but not least start taking responsibility for your actions. Bye Feliciano.

  4. Zack February 24, 2017

    Karma for shading others. Glad it happened to the “diva”. I can’t stand her arrogance. Niceee!!!

    • pon_De February 24, 2017

      Apparently you don’t know the definition of karma. She dusted off NYE and is embarking on her 3rd tour in a year, feeling unbothered about dropping an album, and making headlines nearly 30 years into the game

  5. Yawn February 24, 2017

    Obnoxious, has-been and can’t sing.
    Please….leave quietly.

  6. Tilla February 24, 2017

    This ol’ b*tch is a mess, no reason for her being such a Star (i use that term loosely!), she couldn’t jump in & sing one of her own songs……..what a joke!

  7. I don’t know Samsung February 24, 2017

    I miss the 90s mariah

  8. Vie February 24, 2017

    Well good… bring on the zombie apocalypse… :-/

  9. Bye Gurl February 24, 2017

    She’s s hot mess and I am so sick of her implants hanging out everywhere. It’s over has been! Take a page out of Adele’s book, an artist with exceptional talent or Bey.

  10. BeyArmy February 24, 2017

    Damn, Mariah is ugly in her natural state. This winch is history. Only a fool would pay to see her.

  11. R I P February 24, 2017

    lying must be fattening,,and she is living proof!!,,hey fatty,,go back to sukin off poor boys!,you has-been calorie collecting pig!

  12. Duh! February 24, 2017

    Washed up, let’s move on.

  13. Stephy February 24, 2017

    These comments got me dead. It’s literally the same person commentating over and over. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Samantha himself. Anyways, Mariah needs to stop talking about that dumb ass appearance on New Years. She did good last night in Dubai and got paid millions too. Her and Lionel Richie’s tour finna start, I hope she does Endless Love with him. I’ve been obsessed with her and Luther’s version. I never did like the original one. Good luck, Mimi.

    • OMG February 24, 2017

      Laziest cow on the planet- Mooooriah

  14. Stephy February 24, 2017

    The diva showed up drunk and the show went off the rails.
    Next she’ll be blaming the Russians.

  15. Babe February 24, 2017

    She’s surrounded by yes people. No one tells her the truth. #delusional

  16. Yuk!!! February 24, 2017

    Go away, beached whale. Unprofessional, drunk, girdle wearing, horrible singer.

  17. Vivian February 24, 2017

    Ur ugly fat dry old desbrate thirsty af girl by n she soo jealous of jlo kus she’s pathetic Bye ugly women ur done with

  18. S a m February 24, 2017

    Go and find Whitney. Go into the light and bring your Lambs with you….

  19. S a mmy February 24, 2017

    Go and find Whitney. Go into the light and bring your Lambs with you….

    • Gurlllll!! February 24, 2017


  20. Avi February 24, 2017

    This is sad. Mariah has devolved into a cartoon version of herself. She’s like a caricature now. The public had moved on from that ghastly performance, so her bringing it up again details just how not-smart she is. And there’s no new album in the works because she knows how that book would end, and how short it would be. She’s damn near 50, is years past her sell-by date as a pop star, and since she’s a box office drought can’t fall back on movies or touring. Meh. Don’t know what to tell her. Maybe go sell some gaudy jewelry on QVC or something.

  21. The One February 24, 2017

    Who takes precious time out of their lives to create accounts in an attempt to bash someone who’s more than you’ll ever be!?

    • Fasha February 24, 2017

      He or she is telling the truth tho..

    • . February 24, 2017


  22. Ohhh darlingg February 24, 2017

    Karma…Love it!! ??????

  23. beyonce’s illuminati exposed February 24, 2017

    She look like a female version of child m*****-esque ?

  24. Chileplease (the first and only bih) February 24, 2017

    This is a prime example of what happens when people try to capitalize off of youth and trends in the entertainment industry…they don’t know what to do with themselves when they get older. Her career could be so much more right now had she used her talent instead of the antics.

  25. Theman February 24, 2017

    Her contemporaries can’t compare. This single is a one off that didn’t get sent to radio. It went to top 5. And you posted nothing. She doesn’t have to make a new album yet. And it ain’t no sry to her fans. She can still chart highly on iTunes. Which your hating a** failed to report. She has sounded good enough recently. So this is bs. She also said that she should have just walked off of the stage after the rehersal. But she does need to rehearse & wear regular clothes. She’s a legend, so she isn’t some regular pop star Sam. You Lil Bytch..

    • JOHNVIDAL February 24, 2017

      Can you believe that there are only like 3 real comments in this post and that all the others are the same person saying the same thing??? Like wow.
      TGJ are just Mariah haters btw. Never, absolutely never positive news, like the facvt she gave another concert this week in Dubai. Or her very last interview where she explains what happened in New Year very well and you can totally understand it. Of course people are not interested in that, only in fails and waht´s worse: inventing things. Being one of this real legends must be hard, having all those people, including teh media, waiting for you to break down. Whitney, Michael, Mariah, Amy and many more know it damn well. I´m glad Mariah is a survivor. Others couldn´t make it.

  26. eric February 24, 2017

    Nice to know what she thinks of her dancers who acted like nothing but professionals and tried to assist her even as she snapped at them to stop trying to fix things and just help her down the stairs. If she wanted to leave the stage entirely, she could’ve walked away on her own two feet, but of course it has to be someone else’s fault that she stayed on stage. I wouldn’t want to work for Mariah, and I can’t see how even Mariah works for Mariah. Lionel Richie has postponed the tour and I won’t be surprised if the whole thing falls apart.

  27. Caleb February 25, 2017

    How she gonna throw her dancers under the bus like that when they were the only saving grace in that entire God awful performance.

  28. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 27, 2017


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