Ouch! Lauryn Hill Slammed By Fans For Not Showing Up To Her Own Concert

Published: Wednesday 1st Feb 2017 by Rashad

We thought last year Lauryn Hill learned her lesson after being dragged on Twitter by Atlantan fans who waited hours for her arrival at a concert.  However, as Pittsburgh fans of the ‘Miseducation’ maestra learned last night, such is definitely not the case.

Apparently failing to “align her energy with the time,” the diva was scheduled to make a stop at the ‘Steel City’s famed Heinz Hall on her ‘The MLH Caravan: A Diaspora Calling! Concert Series’ tour on January 31st. After hours of waiting, fans were disappointed to learn the Grammy-winning songbird was a no call, no show.

Taking their wrath to Twitter, they have been dragging her all night.  See highlights inside:


Update:  Turns out Ms. Hill did show up…she was just 3 hours late.


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  1. Billy Jeann February 1, 2017

    Her ass was on time for that Tidal concert..she knew better.

    • LISA LEVINE February 1, 2017

      She is disrespectful. If you don’t show up to work, you should be fired. Like Frank Ocean, they gave her all this praise and awards for her CD and then she went Bat-S_hit crazy. FIRE HER. Stop purchasing tickets to her shows, Stop supporting her. Let her go work at Walmart.

    • ? + ✈ = ? February 1, 2017

      She’s probably somewhere looking for beyonce to talk politics

    • ANNA February 1, 2017

      Bey told her that the concert started 2 days before it actually did

  2. DC3 FOREVER February 1, 2017

    Too bad because I would love to see her live maybe in March all go to her concert that’s scheduled in February

  3. Weezy Tha Goat February 1, 2017

    Lauryn Hill is the queen of Rap, but this is getting ridiculous.

    • dee February 1, 2017

      Really! Did you just bestow her that title?

    • MUSICHEAD February 1, 2017

      Lauryn Hill ain’t no damn Queen of Rap! How old are you???

  4. Elsie February 1, 2017

    Why y’all keep supporting her, tell her to retire and bow out gracefully

  5. Janet Jackson February 1, 2017

    Dumb people who buy tickets knowing damn well she won’t show up

    Same with Janet’s lazy ass

  6. Gee February 1, 2017

    While Lauryn did create a timeless classic with TMEOLH her diva act over the years is not a good look, and to be honest if this going to be a repeated offense I think that Ms. Hill should stop wasting people’s time and bow out gracefully and retire from the music industry.

    • XYZ February 1, 2017

      As long as people are dumb enough to buy her tickets, I doubt she’ll do that. Honestly, I’m tired of people complaining bout her antics. We know for years that she is crazy, lazy, unreliable and never on time. There are thousands of articles saying of how she did not show up, came 2 hours late and so on. But people are still wondering that she did not show up to concert THEY have bought and start complaining. Just dumb

  7. Bam Bam February 1, 2017

    At this point it’s their fault. If y’all stop going there will be no more late peeformances

  8. Fashion Icon February 1, 2017

    Once again ? well
    Plus she is still late for the follow up of TMOLH

  9. The Legend Called Missy Elliott ?? February 1, 2017

    Why are you all so upset? This isn’t new. L-Boogie been disappointing her fans since she got island dack.

  10. Stephy February 1, 2017

    Another one bites the dust….

  11. The Wig Snatcher February 1, 2017

    LMAO at all the dummies who bought tickets. One day, they will learn. Hahahaha

  12. JoJ February 1, 2017

    Why do people care? She clearly doesnt gve two shits about her career anymore. She made her money and now she deadass doesnt care bout no stupid ass fans or legacy! I get she was huge in the 90s and all but these people that pay to see her and those that book her on stage need to chill. She just wants to cook for her children and wake up late everyday without a care in the world. Shes not a madonna who isnt bothered being a w**** infront of her grandkids just for a legacy.

  13. XOXO February 1, 2017

    i don’t get it ..this isn’t new, why r people wasting their money to buy tickets to her shows when you know very well it is up in the air if she will actually show up and then when she doesn’t show up you are pissed off???

  14. Beyoncé Jackson February 1, 2017

    She’s only “touring” because she owes millions to the IRS. I have zero sympathy for people who buy her tickets.

  15. February 1, 2017

    She needs to stop doing that, it’s getting out of hand along time ago.

  16. Avi February 1, 2017

    Meh. Anyone who buys tickets to a Lauryn Hill concert should know by now that there is at least a 50% chance of this happening. Some people were in such a haste to relive 1998 for one night that they gambled on an unstable musician and lost. Oh well.

  17. King B February 1, 2017

    Sigh. When will these people learn.

  18. Cough Cough February 1, 2017

    She’s like Britney Spears: after her breakdown she was never ever quite the same again.

    • Cough Cough February 1, 2017

      And although Britney sucks now she at least shows up for her fans!

  19. stan February 1, 2017

    why do people still support her? this is not a one, two time occurrence. she’s done this over and over again and she clearly has no respect for her fans. save your money for something better.

  20. @ASAPicon February 1, 2017

    This is why shes always in so much debt, Having to owe penalties to promoters and venues…. SMH

  21. Now at your best game way tuesidnz February 3, 2017

    She’ll do it again shame on her

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