Preview: Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Ad For Bai

Published: Tuesday 31st Jan 2017 by Rashad

An ever dapper Justin Timberlake will be gracing this year’s Super Bowl with a commercial spot for Bai.

The 37-year-old chart-topper, whose most famous Super Bowl link is that history-making incident with pop queen Janet Jackson, is looking to give viewers a new reason to associate him with the Super Bowl:  an epic advertisement.

Taking to Twitter to give fans a taste of what to expect before the ad’s February 5th unveiling, tuck in below to see what Timberlake is serving:


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  1. Jj January 31, 2017

    Contempt for what he did to Janet Jackson I hate him still for that

  2. Tea January 31, 2017

    He looks like an ugly dirty old man.

  3. Jeans February 1, 2017

    Never looked at him the same again.

  4. Livi Love February 1, 2017

    Im so tired of macho system! This is the exact the Kiki Palmer was talking about. Janet didn’t act alone but she gets the heat cuz she is black and a woman but the white man can go about having record breaking sales on music that wasn’t really that hot and Janet who has beeen working so hard to gain the respect back to her brand still is blacklisted. This is bull! I have had it

  5. LmfaoHoe February 1, 2017

    If it weren’t for Pharrell and Tim (including those MJ reject tracks) he would’ve turned out just like his group. His FS/LS in my opinion (good album) yet was such a Ginuwine album off The Bachelor that I bet Tim gave him Ginuwines rejects too.

  6. LmfaoHoe February 1, 2017

    Jon B was always my white boy with soul along with George Michael ?❤?

  7. RhiRocks February 1, 2017

    I still can’t believe he will win oscar for that mediocre CSTF . Like seriously how did that song go no1 it’s so crap

    • LISA LEVINE February 1, 2017

      Honey. Hopefully, he won’t win the Oscar for that Corny song and his squeaky voice. Prior to the Janet moment, I fuked with him but now he looks old, and sneaky.

  8. SNF February 1, 2017

    Those drinks are disgusting.

  9. MakesmeOoh February 1, 2017

    He makes me moist….he’s gawjus, bet he has a huge trouser snake.

    • Suicide Blonde February 1, 2017

      Haha I’m all about his ass.

  10. Now at your best game way tuesidnz February 3, 2017


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