Ariana Grande Covers Cosmopolitan / Next Album Almost Done

Published: Wednesday 1st Mar 2017 by Sam

Cop a gander of Ariana Grande!

The vocal wonder strikes a pose a-front of Cosmopolitan magazine’s April 2017 issue.

Ari’s feature comes on the heels of the launch of her ‘Dangerous Woman World Tour’ and video debut for new single ‘Everyday’ featuring Future.

With the primary push for her current album appearing to be wrapped, word on the curb is that the 23-year-old has already recorded its follow-up.

We’re hoping she doesn’t rush it out.

Because for all her talent, the fact she’s not a mega-seller – especially with the catchy cuts in her catalogue – leads us to believe the (relative) issue may lay in how frequently she releases.

Like girl, let it breathe a bit.

That said, in today’s “out of sight, out of mind” climate, maybe it’s best she keeps it coming.

In any case, peep another pic below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. IG: @mixedboy March 1, 2017

    LORDT still with this ponytail!!!?? ?

    • Belladonna March 1, 2017

      I was thinking the same damn thing like WTF girl get a new hair style! The pic is s*** but Are you that scared that people won’t recognize you. If so start changing your look and you won’t have to worry about that.

  2. Theman March 1, 2017

    She needs to release at least one more single from this album.

  3. Stephy March 1, 2017

    She’s not a mega seller because most of her fans are children that only stream. She sells pretty well for today’s market tho. Musically, I find her uninspiring and very La-Di-Da-Di-Da… In other words, immature and boring. She CAN sing tho.

  4. Um. March 1, 2017

    if it’s more repetitive pop tart music, she can keep it. I don’t think she’s not a mega seller because she releases too frequently. It doesn’t seem like she releases too frequently at all. She doesn’t have many memorable features either. She’s not a mega seller because she has no artistic vision. She really has no definable sound. Other than that Norwegian pop inspiration that no one is impressed by. I get my life to Beyonce. I drive to 80s hip hop. I do my homework to Chopin. Fold my laundry to 90s R&B. And I change the station to Ariana Grande. I will say that Dangerous Woman is a far better album than My Everything, but it’s nothing new Ari. She needs to stop trying to be a popstar and focus on being an artist and the popularity will fall into place on its own.

  5. Kwinzy March 1, 2017

    She looks almost legal.

  6. Gee March 1, 2017

    She is not a mega seller because her music is generic and nothing sets her apart from her peers. Honestly speaking she still has not found herself as an artist and that is another strike against her.

  7. Belladonna March 1, 2017

    She’s not an album seller because she doesn’t talk about her music like ever! All the greats talk about there body’s of work like Adele,Beyonce & Taylor Swift always talk about there albums. But the sad thing is her singles arn’t on the Level of Rihanna,Katy,Miley & Selena Gomez to be a singles queen so she might just fade to black with her next outing. But hopefully not she a big LGBT supporter.

  8. Jem March 2, 2017

    Mini Mariah is basic and boring. She needs to find herself and live life a bit then put out a record that is worthwhile.

  9. RhiRocks March 2, 2017

    She’s just chasing hits tbh.
    It makes sense if she releases a new album end of the year it will be very pop/dance

  10. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 3, 2017

    She need a new hair style at this age as a grown woman

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