Nicki Minaj Spotted At Paris Fashion Week – As World Awaits Remy Ma Response

Published: Wednesday 1st Mar 2017 by Sam


That’s seems to be Nicki Minaj‘s present state of mind, despite mounting pressure to respond to Remy Ma‘s heavy-handed diss-track ‘Shether.’

The rapper was snapped posing it up at H&M’s Paris Fashion Week Presentation today – several days removed from the debut of the slam heard around the world.

Onika’s appearance comes after she took to Instagram to tease a variety of upcoming videos – including clips with Gucci Mane and Future.

It’s anyone’s guess if she’ll ever clap-back. But for now, get into more snaps from PFW below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. NAVI March 1, 2017

    How is she unbothered samantha? The girl has been on insta and twitter making such a fuss. She’s MADT, like she has been responding BUT has failed to release a response in the way of a song. Maybe it’s because she has not an SB to write a killer bar or two? Bless her TRYING heart tho.

    • Jamie March 1, 2017

      Exactly. More like

      • xtinabionic1983 March 1, 2017

        Exactly she’s waiting for someone to write thise bars cause she can’t do it herself..

    • BYOU March 2, 2017

      The world is not waiting on s*** only her fans are waiting.. I could careless the b**** is has been.

  2. camila March 1, 2017

    the outfit is a no for me but i love nicki <3

    • NAVI March 1, 2017

      it’s tacky af. Like she flew to Paris to go to an H&M fashion show?! #cancelled #honestly

      • Dreazy Baby March 1, 2017


      • Teflon Boy March 1, 2017

        To gather inspiration for her next K Mart collection:/

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        Kmart is shutting down anyway. I cant believe the low education this site. The line itself isn’t failing its the retailer so therefore the brand. If nickis brand wasnt worth it she wouldnt be selling top line perfume.

  3. DAISHA March 1, 2017

    She supports a p***.phile that likes 12 yr olds. I cannot support her especially after her getting dragged over the weekend.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      She doesnt support him.

      • FAF March 1, 2017

        Ppl are so dumb

        His wedding was BEFORE the scandal
        Her bailing him out is pure hearsay
        What her mom does with the money nicki gives her is her choice

    • Julissa March 2, 2017

      Well Remy is a criminal, a felon at that. So if we’re going to disavow support for criminals, Remy is at the top of that list babe. IDK why she’d even call out Ncki’s brother when she shot someone and could’ve killed them. Where did sh leave her moral compass? Back in ’04 with the Terror Squad?

  4. GurlWepa1989 March 1, 2017

    So what if she doesn’t response, why give the other rap chick a platform and publicity. Let them fade out just like the rest. She just need to focus on her career and making them coins. Congrats on the PinkPrint double platinum status.

  5. Black power March 1, 2017

    Not unbothered.. more like SHOOOOK

    • NAVI March 1, 2017


    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      She aint shook shes plotting.

  6. mikey March 1, 2017

    She shared a TGJ post so Samantha is gonna be team Nicki for the rest of his life lmao…..just like when Beyonce’s tour video showed a computer on TGJ many years back!

    Unbothered my ass….more like UNABLE to respond!

  7. Danzou March 1, 2017

    Whens the last time yall flew anywhere for a fashion show led alone shopped at H&M? Anyway, she only said something to trey about the lie, one of the many lies in that diss, thats it. Watch her tour and chart with songs dissing rem the same way she did kim. Meanwhile remy STILL cant crack the top 40. Yall still not buying rem records lol shut yall dumb no hip hop lovin asses up.

    • NAVI March 1, 2017

      Nicki is a punk, she stays low key dissing all the other rap girls but when they call her the f*** out, a bih mute. Keep it bih.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        She does respond ON HER ALBUMS. Yall just dont get it. jayz did the same thing to nas. got challenged and then put his reponse on the blueprint, his most successful and iconic album to date.

    • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

      This nicca… You couldn’t afford a trip to Jamaica much less Paris fi guh wuk pon yuh patois either. A chat pure foolery wit yuh likkle Starbucks money…. Outchea reaching like Miss Cleo “Call me now!” in these streets. H&M is like high end K-Mart. I think Nicki’s tryna shade’em lol. Just remember Kim had over 20 years of rap relevance before piggy Nicki challenged it, while Nicki had only 7 years of rap relevance (and no classic rap albums) before Rem challenged hers. Let that sink in.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        When did i say i could fly anywhere? When did i act like i had the room to talk like I could? If this isnt high end what makes yall think ivy park at NORDSTROM is any more fancy? Yall can’t afford either.

  8. HailLegendBeysus March 1, 2017

    Poor Nicki, the stress is showing.

  9. FAF March 1, 2017

    WIll she respond ?
    Yes she always does

    Did y’all say she was shook when she didn’t respond to Black Friday immediately?

    B**** pfrr had about 20 songs 12 shitted on Kim

    Y’all know nicki don’t pay for studio time for no beef lmao

    She’s gonna put it on her next album

    I don’t get why y’all are surprised

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      EXACTLY. To be honest nicki dont even like beef. it took her the longest ro respond with romans revenge and when she did the world was at her feet. then did it on em. all while “your love” was cracking the top 40. shes a business woman. shes gonna CAPITALIZE off of dissing remy amd any other woman. lol not diss then walk arpundlooking dumb while the crowd knows no lyrics. rwm looked dumb. no one was singing that song. compare that to her tidal 1015 show footage. nicki gets LIVE on stage. she commands crowds. she is gonna body rem and continually p*** her off little by little through a whole era.

      • mikey March 1, 2017

        A REACH

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        A reach for what b**** shut up.

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        I agree @mikey reaching like Star Ships

    • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

      All those songs dissing Kim where ALL SUBS. That’s how Nicki’s been playing the game up until now. Not once has she dropped names and went direct. Now that the world is on to her bluff she’s falling into battle rap’s trap. Bad move, Onika. Every king & queen of rap from Tupac to Eminem, Kim to Latifah has defended their throne with BARZ. What makes Nicki so special to be unbothered? IG likes??
      Y’all really need to bow down to Remy for ALLOWING Nicki a chance to be REAL (finally).

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        kwinzy im so tired of your dumbass comments. if they were all subs then WHAT are you talking about with all that colorism crap? you sat right there and said nick was dissing kim calling her monkeys then turn right around and say she was subbing? which one is it? stop responding to me just to respond real s***. nicki ate kim for two albums straight left her alone and now is about to do the same to rem. scorch her torch her then off her.

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        Obviously, you can tell who she’s talking about based on her subs. The thing with Nicki is she acts all hardcore in the studio then all soft in the interviews when they ask who it’s about. She a studio gangsta. That’s the difference between battle rap (Rem) and pop rap (Nicki). I bet she won’t ever drop that “these b****** is my sons” line again. Sh!t got officially #Shethered.

      • FAF March 1, 2017


        Drake didn’t say Meeks name

        Kim never said foxy name until after hot 97 shooting and that was only on an interlude on la Bella mafia

        U don’t namedrop on a single

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

      She has to respond. This is hip hop! It’s a part of the culture.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        She WILL

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        It’s been over 48 hours. At this point, I don’t even wanna hear it.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        You will hear it. On the radio WHEN HER ALBUM DROPS.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        ….and it will be too late

  10. Beyoncé Jackson March 1, 2017

    Way too much contour damn

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      From a bey fan?

  11. Dunn March 1, 2017

    She is a joke and she got exposed . She can’t write her own raps then she isn’t a rapper more like a Milli Vanilli

  12. Carlitos March 1, 2017

    I think her being in Paris for fashion week, as Remy is sitting at home with her “home studio” is saying quite enough. Lmao.

    • Carlitos March 1, 2017

      “Home studio” in her closet, may I add. ??

  13. Kwinzy March 1, 2017

    Unbothered just like Kenya Moore? Bet she won’t ever put that sceptre in ole girl Remy’s face again.?#ThotGotDragged

    • March 1, 2017

      what make her a thot, i guess it takes one to know what.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      Dog you are such a female.

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        It’s “dawg.” At least I look like a young MAN, not some boy.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        Another female ass comment.

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        Awww Danzou’s in the feels tonite y’all! Money can’t buy RESPECT. It sucks Nicki’s gotta learn the hard way #humblepie

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        stop projecting your emotions onto me.

  14. Stephy March 1, 2017

    Her face is so stunning to me.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      Shes beautiful really.

  15. DAISHA March 1, 2017

    The part about her brother liking young girls really made her not want to respond to Remy and she really took it personally. She’ll definitely respond by subliminally dissing Rem again in her songs for this next pop album. Remy Ma is officially the Queen of Rap and Nicki is the Queen of Pop. No argument! Sales don’t matter because at the end of the day Remy Ma has a #1 song Nicki doesn’t after 1,000 songs released.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      Sales do matter. The only time they dont is when Y’ALL tryna prove a point. If sales dont matter then why yall keep bringing them up? Remy is on LOVE AND HIP HOP. Her brand is CHEAP. If you google the queen of rap NICKI pops up. These are FACTS.

  16. crimsonREDD March 1, 2017

    I’m sorry, ain’t no other rap b**** in Lil Kim’s lane when it comes to PFW. Nicki looks very basic. H&M? Not even high end. Queen Bee would never!

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      H&M is high end. Its fashion WEEK. Are you there? Can u afford a ticket? Oh.

    • Electrikblue March 1, 2017

      Nobody has cared about Kim since The Naked Truth and honestly the 1st thing y’all revert back to is her Hardcore days Biggie created that whole image and wrote her album Kim was super young at the time. Also I do believe Beyoncé has done things with H&M but ok….

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        they only have this much to say, especially on this gay ass website, in SPITE of nicki. if they cared theyd comment when other girls get a post. if they cared theyd buy remys music and keep kims music off of PAYPAL.

  17. Brad Lee March 1, 2017

    Tbh Remy & Nicki are both winning from this beef. More publicity for Remy and her project and it increases anticipation for Nicki’s forthcoming album.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      Remy not winning at all.

  18. Fashion Icon March 1, 2017

    Nicki what’s the name of your stylist ?

  19. Danzou March 1, 2017

    So really i want answers. since yall love female rap so much and know SO much about it, why havent yall commented on the other girl’s posts? Why havent yall bought remys music? WHY havent yall bought it? do you not have the money? be real with me here im trying to level with yall. WHY?

    • DAISHA March 1, 2017

      Your breath stinks, if you would re check the charts right now Remy Ma’s diss track is surpassing all of Hickey Minaj’ songs in the US right now. Sip some bleach plz. When will your fav get a #1 on bb 100 like Remy? Explain? you still support a supporter of a p***.phile btw so keep it cute.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        What about her ALBUM!!!! You think ONE diss track thats only selling off of nicki name is a win? Supporter of a p********? No. Come harder than these little gay ass female ass comments. I need FACTS. And you STILL havent answered my question. WHY arent you buying remys music?

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        Yo I dead ass CRIED @ “your breath stinks”???

    • THE REAL March 2, 2017

      You and I both know without Starship and Super Bass (two hugely mainstream POP hits) St.Nick’s sales would immediately diminish by half, if not more. We also both know Nicki hopped on damn near every artist track, genre, trend to become the female artists with more Hot 100 entries in music history. Remy had none of the same opportunities because from 2010 to 2014 (St. Nicholas peak era) Remy was incarcerated. Not to mention, Nicki had a machine and famous rap crew to help launch her… as did Remy before she lost her way. And Remy did sell on her first album unfortunately she derailed her own career. But now she’s back to ether that fake Spongebob b**** St .Nic!

  20. Beyonnaise March 1, 2017

    Such a scared ass bítch LMAO

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      not as scary as talking s*** behind a keyboard

  21. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

    Nicki pulling a meek right now. Those L’ s are contagious ?

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      Tyler u auch a flip flop. You was just neutral the other day. Damn yall d riders.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        Be mad at Nicki not me. She sold out for a pop career.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        im not mad at you. I’m calling you out. she never sold out. she ventured. it worked. name ONE successful rapper that didn’t go mainstream. PLEASE.

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        We arent talking about the queen of commercial success, sales, or money. We want BARS! Nas, Pac, Ice Cube, etc . never sold out for pop music. They kept it real and always stayed true to hip hop. That’s what separates real mc’ s from Nicki. Remy dragged her for filth and now she looks like a punk. The greats would never go out like that. To be the queen of rap you gotta actually RAP!

      • Kwinzy March 1, 2017

        Tyler FTW

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        That pinkprint freestyle was FIRE. She’s already gone down as the most successful female rapper. She is not a punk. Youre just not LISTENING to her.

      • Danzou March 1, 2017

        why is Quentin d sucking ANYONE WHO RESPONDS TO ME?

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 1, 2017

        The pinkprint was good but her rhymes have been weak since then. She needs to get back in touch with Safaree. Which would still be wack. To be the queen of rap you can’t have a ghost writer

      • Danzou March 2, 2017

        Dude she wrote the PP herself. So how can you say she needs safaree? He wasnt writing for her. if he was you think he was writing all her verses on features too huh? she has over 70 entries to billboard and you think safaree is behind them? THINK!!!

      • Kwinzy March 2, 2017

        Quit using my govt ya damn STALKER

  22. Mark111 /.\ March 1, 2017

    The Walking Dead.

    • Danzou March 1, 2017

      You know a dead body when you see one huh?

  23. Drakonce March 1, 2017

    People forget that even with everything nickis brother did, that’s still her family. She isn’t an investigator, she didn’t know if he did it or not and she supported him until he was proven guilty. Now if Nicki decided to make a diss back about Remy not being able to have a kid she’d be the bad guy. Sit down somewhere Remy, ole hungry ass, think before you open up that mouth, living up in a glass house trying to throw stones.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 2, 2017

      So you’d support your family even if they’re in wrong? He molested a CHILD. There’s no justification for it. And yes Nicki would look stupid if she brought up Remy’s miscarriage seeing as how she had an ABORTION

      • Drakonce March 2, 2017

        But did she know if he did it or not…. and do you know that she supported him after he was found guilty? Both of them had abortions so what does that have to do with her throwing stones when she living in a glass house. She hit below the belt, end of story and it just shows how she really is just as trashy as those other chicks on love and hip hop

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 2, 2017

        No, both didn’t have abortions. Nicki had an abortion, Remy had a miscarriage

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 2, 2017

        His c** was found in that girls pants and she still supported him

      • Danzou March 2, 2017

        nothing annoys me more than when people are talking out their asses. She does NOT support him and has since addressed it on twitter tyler shut the f*** UP!

  24. Drakonce March 2, 2017

    Where did she support him I want receipts and Remy spoke about an abortion she had at a younger age on love and hiphop before she lost the first child she wanted and had to get the first Fallopian tube taken out.

    • 4u2see March 2, 2017

      Why you hating down on remy? She exposed nicki for the fake that she is and you keep supporting it. Music already died out cause of this fakery & imagery of lies for marketing. You brain washed demons keep falling into this pop culture for over-exposed fame. Which our history of music is slowly going in white peoples’ lane. Nicki is going to have to a pro-black ice cube bars to get back in the game since she won’t respond and no one has her back. Maybe future will pull some strings to power this-up.

  25. Kylerspre March 3, 2017

    Woow stunning i love it camera are clicking Win for onika

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