‘No Frauds’: Nicki Minaj’s Clap Back at Remy Ma Zooms To #1 on iTunes

Published: Friday 10th Mar 2017 by Rashad

As Nicki Minaj’s newest hit song, ‘No Frauds,’ proclaims:  “…here at Young Money, we don’t do diss records, we drop HIT RECORDS & diss u ON them.”  One peek at the most updated iTunes charts reveals she was right.

Fans waited nearly two weeks to hear the Harajuku Barbie’s clapback to the ever-blazing burn of a diss track that was Remy Ma‘s ‘Shether.’ However, just as her faithful Barbz thought the heat from the beef had cooled, Minaj – with Young Money brothers Drake and Lil Wayne at her side – reignited the tussle with the release of not one, but three songs – ‘No Frauds,’ ‘Regret In Your Tears,’ and ‘Changed It’ [click here to listen].

Admittedly, most thought if she was ever to clap back she’d do so cleverly by tucking the response lyrics in an actual single.  What could not have been predicted, however, was that all three songs would soar on iTunes, with ‘Frauds’ leading the pack at #1 on digital rap charts.

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As of time reported [March 10], ‘No Frauds’ sits at #1 on rap iTunes with ‘Regret’ and ‘Changed’ not too far behind.


On the overall digital charts, it sits at #3 – held at bay from the top spot by megahits ‘Shape of You’ (Ed Sheeran) and ‘That’s What I Like’ (Bruno Mars):

The impressive response to the tunes, also found on Spotify and other streaming outlets, will undoubtedly place them on the refreshed singles charts week after next.  With the accomplishments Nicki will enter history books by breaking her standing tie with Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and nab the title for ‘most Hot 100 entries among women.’

As of time reported, Ma’s ‘Shether’ peaked at #19 on the Hot 100 Bubbling Under charts.

Update [March 11]:  Hours after this post hit the net, ‘No Frauds’ took to the top of Pop iTunes.

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  1. Meme March 10, 2017

    And she comes back swinging in a high budget way. Remy is done. You don’t come to a gun fight with a knife. Stupid h** should of befriended her.

  2. RihNaj March 10, 2017

    Haha Nicki went in!!! ??? f** with the queen you get burnt ? It’s a jam! Drop the album Onika!! ??

    • mr.m March 10, 2017

      lol u delusional
      that was wack ass respond
      flop fake ass monkey

  3. HeadBarb March 10, 2017

    I’m so conflicted!

    As a core fan of Nicki, I really expected more. I appreciate that she waited on her own time to respond — but I feel as though she came short on this one. Don’t get me wrong, the singles are FIRE… but I wish she gave Hip Hop a bit more recognition when it comes to a situation like this.

    • Meme March 10, 2017

      Nope she came with just enough. She doesn’t need go 7mins in on a nobody. Her lines were more whitty, better flow, and just an overall hit!

    • Swit Katz March 10, 2017

      She’s playing it safe bcoz she has an image to protect. She can’t get nasty like remy it might hurt her business in the corporate world. Many executives can’t work with or endorse people who act hood and throw derogatory insults to people so you have to be clever in how you clap back at enemies when you’re a big time celebrity.

      • Niggro Please March 10, 2017


      • March 10, 2017


  4. King March 10, 2017

    Y’all are crazy nicki didn’t have no bars what so ever she used a pop record and got Wayne and drake to consign.
    remy ate her for breakfast lunch and dinner spit real bars and then gave that h** facts.
    Remy got to number two by herself and on a beat that was already used. Y’all gassed nicki like she said something that was fire. Gtfoh

    • Swit Katz March 10, 2017

      lol the f*** are still seething

  5. Meme March 10, 2017

    “Left the operating table still look like nah” lolol. Like how you gonna talk about someone having work done when you came out of prison and went straight to the doctor. Shoot your friend over 1000? #finishher

    • Nique March 13, 2017

      Lol rt she needed that help? still need to stay in her own lane Nicki not a rapper fr she knew she couldn’t top shether…? lol Nicki drop 5 more elementary songs. It don’t change the fact Remy bodied yo ass and it damn show don’t change the fact yo paid for ass dropped????

  6. Fancy BISH March 10, 2017

    Ed Sheeran will block her like he blocked Katy lol

    • Ciah’s Turtle March 10, 2017

      lets stay on topic. Where’s any singles from plato o flopo

  7. RealNegro March 10, 2017

    The response was ok, but then again Remy’s diss was ok. Let’s talk about the deterioration of Lil Wayne. Why is he still using auto tuned after all these years??

  8. Gee March 10, 2017

    That response was trash we forget that Nicki is rapper who turned pop after the rap side went on deaf ear. Besides a few jabs the overall song was wack. After a two week wait she was supposed to come harder than that.

  9. Justafan March 10, 2017

    So Nicki couldn’t deal with it on her own? Coward

    • Swit Katz March 10, 2017

      Papoose helped remy write that diss so they’re equal

    • Hahahaha March 10, 2017

      Nicki is done!

      • FAF March 10, 2017

        It’s #1 on iTunes sis

  10. Swit Katz March 10, 2017

    I said it remy fake fans are just nicki haters but are too broke to even support her. Nicki is clearly winning.

  11. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe Is Coming Soon!!) March 10, 2017

    Nicki’s diss track didn’t even make sense LOL hehe! She said Remy left her kid to make stacks? Ummm…… maybe because she has to take care of him like how many other mothers in the industry have to. I mean how else is she going to help her kid? Nicki didn’t just shade Remy but also the person she tried to pull in this beef and that is Beyonce too.

    #shETHER was an incredible diss record and she has the nerves to say “come back with a hit in 72hrs” when first it took her an ENTIRE week to call her brothers up (Drake & Tunechi) after getting DRAGGEDT and secondly she’s talking about hits but after 73 songs can’t get a #1 song on Billboard Hot 100 like Remy did.

    • FAF March 10, 2017

      No u dumbass left him to go to prison

  12. MUSICHEAD March 10, 2017

    It’ll fall off quick. The song is wack.

    • Brainwashed tards March 10, 2017

      She’ll pay to keep it at #1, just like she paid to get it there in the first place. And also pulled strings to have shether removed. Shether should be #1 just off my and my coworkers streams alone. Money can truly buy ANYTHING.

  13. Thando March 10, 2017

    Is there anything more shady than the “bubbling under” chart?

  14. Credits March 10, 2017

    Let this ‘pop’ record be a perfect example of why people say Nicki isn’t real hip hop anymore. I hear one punchline after another and yeah they are entertaining but Remy has better word play, remy just flows.

    • Pat March 10, 2017

      Thank you!

  15. Gee March 10, 2017

    Rappers today all want that pop acceptance and once they the masses get what they want, they chew you up and spit you out and that will happen to Nicki eventually because she has become really stale very fast. Drake too because their formula has not grown or changed and honestly that Universal machine is in overdrive right now and that is why things are moving the way they are. Trust me w/o Universal YM would be dry because their music is no matter what radio says.

  16. Pat March 10, 2017

    Foh, that s*** wack, Nicki weak as f***! The industry will not save this b****! Power means s*** in hip hop, and I think it’s f***** up how she had to revert back to drake and wayne in order to take remy out, smfh! This b**** is wack!

    • Nique March 13, 2017

      ???rt bunk ass

  17. Pat March 10, 2017

    Now everyone is following Nicki, rotfl! FOH!

  18. Markida March 10, 2017

    Nikki so trash and wack!!!
    You guys don’t know real music this is all commercial s***!
    Youngins!!! ??‍♀️

  19. yisi March 10, 2017

    I’m so tired of these instant Remy Ma fans.
    This is exactly what I was talking about. All that lip service and “Shether” didn’t even make it to the official charts ?? shitz sitting at #19 on the bubbling charts.

    Remy isn’t the queen of Rap, she can’t sell anything to save her life.

    All these old heads talking about people don’t know what hip-hop is. Are you sure you know? You jumped the gun for a wack 7 minute rant, that wasn’t even written solely by Remy. Everything that’s being thrown at Nicki can be said about Remy as well.
    I’m going to go buy all three songs. Just to p*** these “new” Remy Stan’s off!

    • Jlo March 10, 2017

      Ummm Ewwwww I feel sorry for ur ears buying all three songs. They sound like torture.

    • Nique March 13, 2017

      Lol nicki not the queen??? unless she finish suckin d*** to get that crown… She couldn’t do that lame ass clap back without HELP???

  20. it’s done March 10, 2017

    I see Remy ma fans are still talking about shether lol that’s good for u guys to always remember how Remy almost became the queen …but now that’s dead and gone rappers make hit records nowadays not prison shot so shut up

    • Nique March 13, 2017

      Make sure her ass don’t drop again?

  21. March 10, 2017

    damn, they are so upset, them Remy ma fake fan aka Nicki hates.

    • Danzou March 10, 2017

      they still not buying remy music but swear numbers don’t matter.

      • March 10, 2017

        isn’t that some crazy sh!t.

  22. ALT-stan March 10, 2017

    Wack Sauce

  23. ?Yellow Diamonds? March 10, 2017

    Nicki lost if we going by bars, lol y’all not tired of nicki’s abc raps? On TOP of that she did a collaboration. lol WEAK! It took her almost 2 weeks to write THAT?

  24. ItsWNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 12, 2017

    It’s not that serious

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