Report: Tamar Braxton Departs Epic Records / Signs With New Label

Published: Monday 20th Mar 2017 by Sam

Tamar Braxton is rebuilding.

The last two years have been rough for the 40-year following a life threatening illness, a poorly performing album, and an acrimonious departure from ‘The Real.’

More recent times have seen things on an upswing for the starlet. Case in point  her newly inked a production deal (for a new talk show) with Steve Harvey.

Now, word on the curb is that Braxton’s music career has had an interesting development.

Full story below…

According to a new report, the outspoken singer has left Epic Records – the label under which she released 2013’s ‘Love & War’ and 2015’s ‘Calling All Lovers.’

Ms. She, Me, Her will apparently be heading to eOne (the biggest independent label in the US) for her future releases.

The reported price tag? Almost $1 million. Although the specifics of the deal (namely # of releases, et al are unknown).

Per the same report, Braxton “believes in her talent and wanted to be compensated accordingly.”

And though unconfirmed, it appears eOne agrees.


Interesting to see so many names veering the indie route.

Perhaps, the success of acts such as Chance The Rapper has folk looking to go it alone without the muscle of the major label machine.

Indie isn’t for everyone, but Tamar has what many don’t – namely a dedicated fanbase and other promotional platforms such as reality TV.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FAF March 20, 2017

    They don’t really really promote either tho
    Look at tweet and swv
    Tamar needs to pick a hustle
    U can’t be a current artist and do a daily talk show
    Either u wanna retire and be a personality
    Or sing and be a entertainer

    • Tori March 20, 2017

      Well she’s not on the Real anymore and I think her talk show is pushed back till next year since shes about to put out her album and go on tour. And with Tamar, she might pick up a few others jobs in between all that so the show is most likely not coming out in September anymore.

    • NahGurl March 20, 2017

      Well clearly she’s not doing a talk show anymore

    • LISA LEVINE March 20, 2017

      Tamar’s last CD had the makings of greatness: Broken Record, King, Simple things. They should have promoted her and sold that cd. Its an excellent CD and i was not a fan. I am now.

    • Credits March 20, 2017

      I don’t even think that promotion is a part of the eOne package.

  2. Tori March 20, 2017

    I hate to see a company fall but damn Epic. If future, FH and Megan leave, that’s their asses. I remember when L.A. was on the Real talking about how he wanted her next album to be a big success but she was too booked at the time, yet when her schedule was free he did nothing. Epic Records is just not a good business and anyone who leaves are probably making a good business decision, not just Tamar. Love and War did pretty good, it stalled after 400k. I think if she shut the f*** and put on a good show with good promo she could be very successful. R&B is semi popular so she has a shot, she just talks to damn much and this is coming from a huge fan of hers.

    • Jason March 20, 2017

      Megan?! Ain’t nobody checking for her since 2015! But you’re right, Epic is a hot ass mess. A far cry from when MJ was killing the game for them!

  3. Beyoncé Jackson March 20, 2017

    Tragic because CAL was an AMAZING album!!
    eOne won’t do anything for her either, unfortunately. Look at LeToya Luckett. Back2Life was popping for a while and they didn’t capitalize at all…

  4. S****** Blonde is 35 March 20, 2017

    Sorry Tamar! If you thought Epic didn’t promote you then you’re REALLY gonna have problems now. The problem is you’re “Beyonce for the poor people” image is wack. You can sing and you have great songs but you’re just a drag queen imitating her. You’re not gonna have a huge era. That’s coming from a fan.

    • Ariel March 21, 2017

      Tamar music and persona is sooooooooo much more Intresting than Beyonce…

      I’m not apart of the hive…I grew up with her here in Houston and am so proud of and happy for her…But she is not Mariah, Whitney or Toni of the ninties….That she is.not.

      She simple has no competition…

  5. 2bad2bme March 20, 2017

    Epic is a Mess, Period! June’s Diary better take notes and get away from them before it’s too late.

    • Angel March 20, 2017

      And Keyshai

    • #ispeakfacts March 20, 2017


      I think they have left and is signed to either republic or warner bros

  6. Walker March 20, 2017

    Ouch! eOne? That’s sad. That’s the home of the last gasp. So sad that “Love and War” didn’t ‘break’ her like they all were hoping.

  7. Casual March 20, 2017

    Good for her. eOne caters to indie artists by providing distribution, but they do not produce music, nor do they promote artists. The differences here are that artists have creative control over their music, and they get to keep most of what they earn. She might have paid $1mil to buy out her contract, but if her first eOne album is even mildly successful, she will recoup that.

    • tori March 20, 2017

      Tamar doesn’t have a problem with promoting herself. People want to see her and she has the financial support out of pocket to do so if she goes indie. Plus Tamar likes to get out and work, alot of artists go indie do they don’t have to work as hard anymore, they just want to collect the money.

      • Cassandra chen March 20, 2017

        You are too much in Tamar’S ass, a lot of indie artist work hard, not because they are not showing their every move does not mean they are not working. Tamar last album just did not connect with most of her fan based, because she did promote that album on the Real, Wendy, Dancing with the star etc

  8. OQRAM March 20, 2017

    I don’t want to sound cruel, but eOne is where finished stars go to put out a final album. Poor Tamar, she can easily outsing every female in the game, but just could never pop like she desperately wanted to. She spent her whole career in either Toni’s or Beyonce’s shadow, and was too much of a reality show female stereotype. When she finally got that one last chance to have commercial success, it just didn’t happen.

    • Tori March 20, 2017

      How she in Beyonce shadow tho?

      • AmbeRussell March 20, 2017

        Love and war image was very beyonce-ish. The hair, the clothes, the costumes, the music video for hot sugar

      • Jasmine March 20, 2017

        @Tori Tamar has always been in Beyonce’s and Toni’s shadow. Tamar copies Beyonce’s style and Mariah’s voice. Since you are a Tamar stan your judgement of reality regarding her is clouded.

      • Louise_1 March 20, 2017

        Thats for sure. Beyonce is no big deal. Only someone who promotes her no talent self.

    • Tori March 20, 2017

      So because of her hair being blonde she looked like Beyonce? She had just gave birth so alot of time, promoting her album she was curved up, how is this like Beyonce because at the same time, she was taking her damn clothes off every chance she got for 2013-14. Her tour costume was designed perform not go on play dates with Logan, how did you expect her to look? And if that was Beyonce-ish then Beyonce is trying very hard to be like Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher, Rihanna, Lady Gaga…We can really go on and on with that one. The music video for Hot Sugar was nothing like beyonce. And that video wasn’t​ even approved by Tamar, Epic put it out the same day Tamar saw it with everybody. If anything she was trying to be like Rihanna since her previous directors directed it. Stop comparing every girl who is self confident to Beyonce. Y’all need to get into some of these girls because Beyonce probably won’t even be back till 2019. They’re two completely different artists who enjoy making different music.

      • nik March 21, 2017

        Shut the f**k up you retarded bish. Tomato is irrelevant she will be lucky to go bronze on her next album.

    • Moonchild72 March 21, 2017

      She can’t out sing keke Wyatt

      • Ariel March 21, 2017

        #facts ?

  9. MUSICHEAD March 20, 2017

    Truth be told, eOne has quietly been a stable home for many independent r&b artists with an established fan base. Artists don’t have to sell 500,000 albums when they’re given a bigger cut of the money made from selling 200,000 albums. R&B isn’t selling anyway so being on a major label is hurting these artists more than its helping them.

    • CommonSense March 21, 2017

      Yep. You’re right, MusicHead..That’s why most rock & rollers are crossing over and doing music with Hiphop and R&B artists, because R&B and Hiphop is out of date. The face is record companies don’t work the same as they used in the past. Most artists have said the same thing. The record companies used to really invest in you as the artist, even if you had a bad record or two. Investing in this way is really costly of course..However it did pay off. As long as you picked really talented singer and producer..Matching a singer and a talented producer is not as easy as people think..Now days, they will drop you like a bad habit if you have a bad record..Brandy was the exception of course.

  10. ENOUGH ONIKA March 20, 2017

    She’ll still flop. Girl, just go back to the real…..oh wait…..

  11. DanYiel Iman March 20, 2017

    I actually never found her soprano notes to be tasty to hear…??‍♂️

  12. mr.m March 20, 2017

    f*** tamar.
    I need TONI to drop new music 🙁
    Her voice is a treasure and criminally underrated.

    • Jasmine March 20, 2017

      I agree. I like Toni 200x better than Tamar

  13. Shebir5 March 20, 2017

    I didn’t like her on The Real she not talk show host material, I found her to be very ghetto she lacks class

  14. Scan March 20, 2017

    Lol “SHE LEFT”
    Naw bruh.. she was dropped
    Distinct difference

    • Tori March 20, 2017

      Can you provide us with the receipt that she was dropped…We have time to wait.

  15. @ASAPicon March 20, 2017

    Hunny all the children leaving Epic…. They def have their fav artists over there

  16. MsKoko March 21, 2017

    Whatever God got for her is for her….no one can predict her Success! She’s extremely talented and I wish her the Best. #StayBlessedTamar

  17. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 23, 2017

    Wow good luck to her

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