Nicki Minaj Becomes The Queen Of The ‘Billboard Hot 100’

Published: Monday 20th Mar 2017 by David

In Nicki Minaj’s case, her discography can boast of packing both quality and quantity.

For, while it is yet to deliver a US #1 single, it  did churn out several Gold, Platinum (and in some cases Quadruple Platinum) certifications by way of sales generated before streaming data was thrown into the chart mix.

Today, said charts fall at her feet.


A historical feat below…

She has surpassed efforts made by Beyonce, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift to become the first female artist to have secured as many hits on the Hot 100 as she has.

Put simply? She has more chart entries than any other female artist in music history.

The record was previously held by Aretha Franklin.

Most Hot 100 Entries Among Women All-Time
76, Nicki Minaj
73, Aretha Franklin
70, Taylor Swift
58, Rihanna
57, Madonna
56, Dionne Warwick
54, Beyonce
53, Connie Francis
48, Mariah Carey
48, Brenda Lee
43, Miley Cyrus
41, Barbra Streisand
40, Mary J. Blige
40, Janet Jackson
40, Diana Ross

Billboard explains:

All three of Minaj’s latest songs were released on March 10, and debut in the top 15 of the Digital Song Sales chart: “Frauds” flies in at No. 2 with 79,000 first-week downloads sold in the week ending March 16, according to Nielsen Music; “Regret” bows at No. 10 (39,000); and “Changed” enters at No. 13 (35,000). The tracks also sport first-week totals of 12.1 million, 4.4 million and 4.8 million U.S. streams, respectively, in the tracking week.

Not bad for an artist many had written off before the release of debut album.

Why do you think Minaj’s sales are as high as they are?

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  1. Black power March 20, 2017

    The queen of most entries & no number 1?? Or the queen of fleeing the country to avoid Remy??

    • Rogue Riches March 20, 2017

      Ain’t nobody flee the US for that flee. Respect the queen u peasant

      • Char March 20, 2017


    • Fancy BISH March 20, 2017

      Looking at Nicki’s catalog
      It still feels so uninspired
      And when I saw her release 3 songs in a day
      LAWD, I knew homegirl was so tired
      Before she met her doctor, life was so unkind
      Now she’s fake up top and BEHIND
      And she doesn’t feel
      She doesn’t feel
      She doesn’t feel like a NATURAL WOMAN

      lol, 76 charting songs and Nicki doesn’t have ONE that I can see her perform when she gets older #NoClassics

      • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

        Buhahaha @ Fancy. I get my life every time I read your posts.

    • LISA LEVINE March 20, 2017

      She’s pure garbage. trash and fill of implants. bleached skin

    • Jason March 20, 2017

      Is it fleeing when you’re cashing international checks?! I don’t care about the beef, but I understand if she couldn’t be bothered due to appearances, shoots, and shows. I’d clap back after my bookings, also!

    • cory March 21, 2017

      Wow… most of those songs missed the top 50. This is not a record. 9 Top 10’s in her entire career.. only 3 of them were actually leads/solo. STOP IT.

  2. Lol March 20, 2017

    Is this something to be proud of with no number 1 and 7000 singles?

  3. HailLegendBeysus March 20, 2017

    Flop! Everyone has at least 1 #1 and has charted at least 40 songs with them as the LEAD! Nicki can’t relate!

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

      KII I was just about to font that!

  4. Mother March 20, 2017

    That billboard hot 100 spot is avoiding Nicki like Nicki is avoiding Remy

  5. Beyoncé Jackson March 20, 2017

    This is utter b*******. The bulk of her “charted” singles were forgettable ass features from when she used to saturate the airwaves. The charts are such a joke now.

    • Electrikblue March 21, 2017

      Only a joke when it comes to someone you don’t like. I’m so glad Nicki made it to the top no matter what anyone said or did.

  6. ronnoc March 20, 2017

    With no number 1? This is one of the most unimpressive records i’ve ever heard.

  7. Meme March 20, 2017

    #queensh*tonly #deal where the folks at who was saying Rem killed her career? More like Rem killed her own career.

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

      GIRL. We are not impressed lmao! Not one number one out of 70+ singles?! I cannot that is a failure.

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

        Cracka? Lol shut yo ugly a$$ up you don’t know me. Everyone was indeed talking about her how remy did her in. Also how weak her verse was in no frauds

    • BEYONCE & RIHANNA says March 20, 2017

      Really cracka? Cuz everyone still talking about Nicki all day every day, so how is her career over?

  8. Jetlo March 20, 2017

    In b4 some BS about a remy response. Yall say its not about charts ok cool, well this post actually is so lets leave the one who just plummeted Off of them out of the convo 🙂

  9. Wonder Woman March 20, 2017

    “You run around the meadow collecting all the low hanging fruit so you may turn around and congratulate yourself for having the most fruit, but all of the fruit is mealy and mushy…..” Azealia Banks
    LoL ok let’s break this down….. how many of those are “Top 40” , ok on that top 40 how many of those are actually Rap or at least hip hop (Queen of rap right?) And of those half a million singles how many are #1???

  10. FRESH NAVI March 20, 2017


    Queen of what?!
    are you forgetting Madonna and Mariah Carey also ou of this generation RIhanna is the Hot100 Queen followed by Katy. Please stop confusing Hot100 ENTRIES as HOT100 HITS. they are not one and the same you cuuuuunt.

  11. Wonder Woman March 20, 2017

    And to think the barfz were predicting a #1 debut…….

  12. Suicide Blonde March 20, 2017

    I know is still early to say this but this might be the joke of the year.

    • JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2017

      You and I both know who the women in that list with REAL monumental success are 🙂

  13. Truthtea March 20, 2017

    The problem is that nobody will care for her or her music in 10 years.

    • Stan March 20, 2017

      I actually can’t remember half her songs, and it’s only been like 3 years

  14. ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

    KII I cant with the barbz celebrating 70+ failures!

    • Max March 20, 2017

      70+ failed attempts at getting a number one????

      • TheOnel March 20, 2017

        Even Cara has a number 1 on her very first try!!!! ???

      • TheOnel March 20, 2017


      • Jeans March 20, 2017

        Lol right! That’s what it really means lol

  15. Maluce March 20, 2017

    Slay the girls…and hating ass n***** too ONIKA.

    #1 or NOT Bihh you ALWAYS chart. And h*** can’t take it. ?????

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

      So you’re proud of peaking at 73 and so on? Lol dumb barbz

  16. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

    Don’t let any of this distract you from the fact that Remy bodied Nicki on Shether

    • Maluce March 20, 2017

      Where? B**** where??! ??????????????

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

        Only the kids believe in St. Nick

    • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

      You’re Hilarious, Thanks For All the Laughs
      You’re Garbage, So I’m Takin’ Out The Trash.

  17. Max March 20, 2017

    Okay cute but how many of those songs are her songs? How many of those songs are collabs? How many of them are ACTUAL hits that lasted atleast 4 weeks and peaked within the top 40?

  18. Mark111 March 20, 2017

    But The 5 singles she released in the past month are flopping.

  19. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

    Evem Remy ma has a #1 single to her name lol. Nicki wants to tell her to get a “hit” when All the Way Up was a smash. She got a top 5, grammy nominated, double platinum single after spending 6 years in prison. Meanwhile, Nicki can’t get online without Safaree

    • Electrikblue March 21, 2017

      Damn y’all can’t wait throw such hate. When you make it on the charts at all then speak

  20. Char March 20, 2017

    Queen of billboard? More fake news. More like queen of unforgettable features.

  21. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

    Stop comparing yourself to Jay, you not like him!
    You a motherfucking worker, not a boss like Rem!

    • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

      We All Know Your Last Name’s What Got You A Job,
      You’s A Put-Together Gimmick Something Like A Collage,
      Since You’re Puttin’ On A Show You’ll Get The Applause(Clap Clap)
      Lift Your Frame Like A F*****’ Garage

  22. Queen Barb March 20, 2017

    Why yall so mad? Cause Nicki is winning?

    Yall should want to see a black woman being the queen of billboard. #1 Chick in the game dont be mad its not your fav making these moves.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      Are you dumb lol *Remy ma voice* ??

      • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

        No b itch are you how is shining doing?

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

        All three of Nicki’s wack ass clapbacks are free falling off of the charts. So you might wanna leave that topic alone Spongebob

    • SMH March 20, 2017

      Who’s mad? There is a black woman that is Queen of Billboard. Her name is Aretha Franklin, an actual SOLO HIT maker, not a second hand artist relying on features.

      • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

        Shes not the Queen anymore sorry that belongs too my fav haha

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

        The gag is Taylor swift is one album away from snatching it from her.

      • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

        The gag is no one takes Rihanna serious outside of fashion boo yea she has hits but that shaky weak voice is a no

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

        Girl, who is checkin for Nicki Minahhh? Vocals at least Rihanna has her mic on when she sings. Cantsay the same for nick lol have you heard your fav sing? That Minnie Mouse in the throat a$$ B itch let’s not. Barbs got nerve let be clear if drake and lil Wayne wasn’t on these singles they wouldn’t have done nothing.

    • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

      Is Aretha not a black woman? You mad dumb. Just loudly STFU.

      • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

        Aretha is old and tired we needed some fresh like Nicki too take that crown.

      • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

        Lawd even Shawnna has a #1. Why Onika so cursed?

  23. SMH March 20, 2017

    Billboard made a mess out of the charts by changing their rules to help these mediocre “talents” score these so called “records”. More than half of these chicks wouldn’t even be on this list if billboard didn’t start allowing features, album tracks, non singles, etc, to chart instead of actual HITS. The Hot 100 is irrelevant and has been since all this mess started. Only a SMALL handful of the women on this list earned their chart placements with actual SOLO HITS, not features, album tracks, or any of that other mess.

  24. Maluce March 20, 2017

    What are yall’s accomplishments? records? Accolades?

    Wtf is your aspiration in life? Hating?

    • Toodles March 20, 2017

      You’re so upset. Sitting here with even less accomplishments stanning for a flop with NO NUMBER ONESSSSSS.


  25. Maluce March 20, 2017

    This is coming from am unbiased place….sometimes when I read these comments it’s frightening. Because our community would rather tear these Black celebrities down before they give props. Y’all put too much into and on these ladies.

    • gina March 20, 2017

      oh please, white folks do the same damn thing to theirs. go take a look at perez hilton or tmz comment section.

    • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

      Exactly just look how mad Beyonce and the Rihanna fans are mad pressed and stressed because its not their fav who broke the record.

      • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

        The Bey & Rih Fans Are Not Mad About Havin’ 73 Failed Attempts To Have Number 1 Singles In The Hot 100. Are You Dumb?

  26. gina March 20, 2017

    queen of billboard? lmao gurl bye. a Queen stands on her OWN, she doesn’t depend on others for a hit.

  27. blue March 20, 2017

    great for her, she really is out there trying her darn best! But 73 failed attempts is not a record I’m sure she really wanted.

    the only impressive numbers there are from rih, Madonna, Janet and Mariah. their entry to top 10 ratios are unbeatable.

    • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

      Quality Over Quantity! Im Just Sayin’..

  28. Queen Barb March 20, 2017

    All I see is jealous Hive and Navy members hahaha hilarious

    Yall been Jealous of Nick this whole time

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      Jealous? Lol are you dumb ?

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

        Kii! Jealous of what? Failed singles and a k mart collection? Let’s not go there Barbz

      • Queen Barb March 20, 2017

        You are clearly jealous what list has beyonce topped this year?

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

        Nicki literally worships on the ground that Queen Bey walks on yet we are suppose to be the jealous ones? Like seriously, are you dumb ?? Lol

    • Zaddy March 20, 2017

      Navy can never be jealous of Nicki, u are just as dumb as ur fav, are u dumb???( in Remy voice)

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017

        Y’all better stop with that rent ma voice s***! I’m dying

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? March 20, 2017


    • blue March 20, 2017

      30/58 top 10s. 14/30 #1. the navy is at the top, we only jealous at the low standards you fave’s stanbase has.

    • blue March 20, 2017

      I don’t have a problem with the features, she puts in the work and is in demand and obviously enjoys working with other artists. but it’s a sad fact that the industry doesn’t have another female rapper big enough that everyone keeps coming back to nicki as the default female rapper.

    • Navy Captain March 20, 2017

      Jealous? You did realize that Rihanna has 58 hits and 30 have been top 10 hits. So rihanna has greater than a 50% chance every time she drops a single to hit the top 10 lmao. Nobody worried about Nicki.

  29. Toodles March 20, 2017

    TGJ is working overtime to prop this mess up. I hope she’s at least paying you time and a half.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      How can she do that when she’s signed to a 360 deal ?? ?

      • Toodles March 20, 2017

        HA!!! I guess they’ll have to wait until the other 5 people get theirs first. Poor TGJ.

  30. Queen Barb March 20, 2017

    @Tyler did you buy remys album tho?

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      Did u buy No Frauds ? Because it’s collecting dust at the bottom of the shelves

  31. Kwinzy March 20, 2017

    They need to put that bird in the Guinness World Records for having the most Hot100 hits without a #1. How she gon earn the best and worst feat at the same damn time? That ratio. LOL! Oh Nicki…you just can’t fight the karma. Money, Power, NO RESPECT!

  32. Queen Barb March 20, 2017

    Didn’t Beyonce call my fav the Queen Of Rap? Bey stans for Nicki Tyler you look stupid as f***.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      No, Beyonce says that she GUESSES she can call her the queen of rap lol…and stop trying to hide behind Beyonce. She didnt even defend her own husband in that elevator and you honestly think that shes going to defend St. Nick? Leave the Queen Bey outta this.

    • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

      Stop tryna seek validation from other entertainers. You’re fave can’t earn respect solo. Michael, Prince & whitney would NEVA.

  33. Zaddy March 20, 2017

    No number 1. Shameful, captain of c** squad

  34. DALVINI March 20, 2017

    Even Michelle Williams has a #1. kii

  35. Ajax March 20, 2017

    This doesn’t mean too much these days being that most aren’t her songs and not much substance. But nonetheless good for her. Now let’s get a album that is fire and stop with the pop radio stuff if you are “allegedly ” hip hop ??

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 20, 2017

      She’s not hip hop, she’s hip pop.

      • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

        Or Pop-Hop xD

  36. cnote March 20, 2017

    As soon as taylor release its a wrap.

  37. lovely March 20, 2017

    How about applying critical thinking? How many records did each artist record? During what era? What Hot 100 around at the Aretha’s initial career? How much does streaming, internet, social media affect sales? How many #1’s? How many Grammy’s?

  38. JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2017

    Obviously the ones with IMPRESSIVE success earned single after single when you could only chart one and by your own are (and accompanied by equaly impressive album success):

    Aretha Franklin
    57, Madonna
    56, Dionne Warwick
    53, Connie Francis
    48, Mariah Carey
    48, Brenda Lee
    41, Barbra Streisand
    40, Janet Jackson
    40, Diana Ross

    • kiki March 20, 2017

      Aretha’s album sales are not impressive at all, she sold less albums worldwide than Rihanna (the one who you are always trying to discredit) despite releasing way more material when there was no piracy.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2017

        That´s true but it was compensated with real quality songs that charted without absurd rules and of course the real respect talent wise she was getting 🙂 Overall, she´ll always have more impact and will last longer in music world´s memory than a Rihanna obviously.

    • How Many Drinks March 20, 2017

      So basically just eliminate everyone under the age of 40. Old ass.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2017

        Not my fault if nowadays mainstream lacks talent and album power 🙂

  39. Ronnie March 20, 2017

    Lmao the meltdowns in here are hilarious. Nicki’s success really pisses people off.

    • Suzette March 21, 2017

      Nobody outside of nicki’s brainwashed barbz is happy about this. Check social media. It’s almost universally panned. Do you HONESTLY think she’s that great? Get real!

  40. Kwinzy March 20, 2017

    Lawd even D4L had a #1 with Laffy Taffy (LOL! D4L who?)…when will Nicki? Keep it goin y’all…

    • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

      “Soulja bwoi off in dis ho3, now watch me crank dat watch me roll…NOW YEWWW!!”

      Oh snap, even that wack nicca got a #1…when will Nicki?

    • OhhNoNotYouAgain March 20, 2017

      This Is Why I’m Hot, This Is Why I’m Hot,
      This Is Why, This Is Why, This Is Why I’m Hot.
      I’m Hot Cuz I’m Fly, You Ain’t Cuz U Not
      This Is Why, This Is Why, This Is Why I’m Hot.


      • crimsonREDD March 20, 2017

        “I’m s*** and I know it!!” Really Onika? How does LMFAO have a #1 and you don’t? Tragic.

      • Kwinzy March 20, 2017

        Don’t forget bout Party Rock Anthem. That makes 2 #1’s for dem lmfao niccas… LOL

  41. Amouage March 20, 2017

    Lol TGJ loves to make excuses for Nikki’s lack of number 1’s & poor album sales. Lawd why did I even come to tho this site is it any wonder yall top posts can’t reach over 100 comments? I see it any wonder yall can’t see the likes of Bawsip?

    • Pat March 21, 2017

      B***** or any other blogs for that matter!

  42. steve March 20, 2017

    When I see so much hate being thrown at one person I know the person stays winning. Congratulations Nicki! Keep slaying in whatever form and keep breaking boundaries. It’s hard enough for the Americans not to talk of some one of your heritage.

  43. Djet March 20, 2017

    Just how many of these entries are solo projects as the other ladies she’s being compare to??
    I’ll wat…

  44. The One March 20, 2017

    This is nothing to Bragg about!!
    She’s on 1000 features and has yet to obtain a #1 hit on the Hot 100.

  45. Mariah Carey March 20, 2017

    And I have 18 number one singles and I’ve spent 79 weeks at number one. That is more impressive dahhling!

    • crimsonREDD March 20, 2017

      I love you MiMi!

      • Mariah Carey March 21, 2017

        And I love you my Lamby ?

  46. Tmook March 20, 2017

    Getting this achievement is like getting the full attendance award in school.. the real reward is if her music will be timeless and hold a some sort of a legacy…

  47. Tmook March 20, 2017

    Getting this achievement is like getting the full attendance award in school.. the real reward is if her music will be timeless and hold some sort of a legacy…

  48. Stephy March 20, 2017

    most of her “entries” are flops tho. And none peaked #1 but congrats I guess….

  49. Rihboy March 20, 2017

    I don’t understand how most entries is an accomplishment but ok.

  50. LadyEmpress March 20, 2017

    Why are yall comparing Nicki to BEYONCE and RIHANNA??? They are singers who are pass Nicki. No offense though. Whats the deal?

  51. March 20, 2017

    damn Nicki knows how to get the hate out of some folks. look at the hate I bet half of them didn’t even know that were capable of this level of hate,k poor things. anways congratz to nicki.

    • crimsonREDD March 20, 2017

      The hate is warranted. It’s a special type of hate for Nicki because she’s just a horrible and greedy human being. No money or billboard hits can ever cover up the real Onika. It’s called the gift of discernment; don’t be mad because we can see right through the fake.

  52. Aaron March 20, 2017

    Billboard is a fraud. They are counting singles that she was featured on as well. Not solo singles. How you expect me to believe Nicki Minaj is the queen of Rap when her first album was crossover Pop? Now we want to act surprised she took more than a week off to work on a whack ass verse for Remy?

  53. Nene Leakes March 20, 2017

    Not that I particularly like her, but is y’all going to post about Kandi and Tiny get writing credits for Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You?

    • Fancy BISH March 21, 2017

      Thanks for the tea!

  54. Pat March 20, 2017

    She’s paying yall, I swear!

  55. Beyonnaise March 21, 2017

    And she failed exactly 76 times to hit no #1 or get a Grammy. ☠

  56. Fact Checker March 21, 2017

    This headline is a damn lie!!! Queen of Billboard is Mariah MF’n Carey!! Most Hot 100 entries isn’t the same as Most Number 1 billboard chart toppers and seeing as Nicki doesn’t even have 1 damn number 1 single there is too much hype around this 1 Billboard record being broken she hasn’t even reached Aretha’s other accolades on the chart or awards let alone any of the other Billboard Queens who reign over her. This is an accomplishment for the Hip Pop Queen but y’all tried it with that caption!!

  57. Jasmine March 21, 2017

    The charts need to be revamped to reflect the current state of music sales. You cannot compare record sales in the 50s with the 90s so why are you comparing record sales in the 90s with present day? After 1997, NO song has sold more than 15 million copies (physical CD singles sales – NOT STREAMS). So why are comparing songs with minor monetary success from streaming with physical CD single sales of the past? Seems dumb to me. All of Nicki Minaj’s singles and features on other people’s songs even adds up to 1/10th the amount of money Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind” single made in 1997″ (33 million physical sales) or Whitney’s I Will Always Love You single (20 million) made. So who is the queen of Billboard? The real queens are the divas, Elton included, with the most physical sales that set the sales records in the industry. That includes Mariah, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and even artists like Britney Spears and Toni Braxton. If Nicki wants to be recognized on the same level Billboard is going to have to make a brand new chart where she can properly be recognized for her sales and not be overshadowed by the selling giants like the aforementioned.

  58. Queen Barb March 21, 2017

    Nicki is an official legend now.. How do you feel haters?

  59. Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 21, 2017

    Haterw seethe this is only the beginning

  60. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 21, 2017


  61. DanYiel Iman March 21, 2017

    She still sucks & f***** her way to the top with Dr Seuss SINGLES added to others TRACKS!! ✌??

  62. Justafan March 21, 2017

    You mean the most non solo entries on the Hot 100….

  63. March 21, 2017

    Like I said before they are so upset, poor things, fromtNicki been getting from hem from the get go even when she was fully an underground, talking about how her 15 mins is almost up been hearing that from the get go and here she is still, breaking records still being successful regardless of all the negativity she gets.

  64. The Legend Called Missy Elliott ?? March 21, 2017

    McDonalds sells billions of burgers too…

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