Lady Gaga Leaps To #1 On iTunes With ‘The Cure’

Published: Sunday 16th Apr 2017 by Sam

Just hours after releasing surprise new single ‘The Cure,’ Lady Gaga has found herself in a position to which she has become accustomed – #1.

The Pop force has stormed to the top of the US iTunes tally with the track, which has received a potently positive response since being debuted live at Coachella.

Produced by Nick Monson, the rousing production also sits atop of the pack on UK iTunes. In doing so, it dethrones the seemingly unshakable Harry Styles in the process.


The arrival and early success of ‘Cure’ is fascinating.

Indeed, not only was it totally unexpected, it re-writes the usual “what is the next single from the album” narrative.

Gaga is still in-cycle for her ‘Joanne’ LP and sets sail on a tour to support the set in August, and yet ‘The Cure’ is not featured on the project.

Could it be a re-release track? A standalone track to plug the tour? Or the launch of something different?

The latter doesn’t seem far-fetched. After all, Gaga mastered this with ‘The Fame’ and ‘Fame Monster’ mixed, meshed eras almost a decade ago.

Whatever the case, we’re buzzed.

‘The Cure’ is the most mainstream, Pop-pleasing song she’s released in years and should go someway in satisfying all corners of the public.

It sounds like a smash in waiting. It’ll be interesting to see whether its success sustains.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Wuki April 16, 2017

    Yssss!!!! Slay my life on Easter…congrats Gaga…the song is a hit!!!!

  2. SipTheTruth April 16, 2017

    Well deserved gaga. Prove the haters wrong

    • JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2017

      She has been proving everybody wrong since the era started again and again. It´s a joy when talent prevails.

  3. JOHNVIDAL April 16, 2017

    Her stan base is big. For the amount of hate she has faced for years now and the changes of direction and losing that #1 spot at being the biggest music star on the planet… she still has prevailed and her fan base has showed (now without the superficial pop fans) that they will probably forever be there. She has earned it. Most artists in those situations end disappearing or stop trying.
    I didn´t think the song was going to be downloaded like this. Is it a new single then? Cos it certainly is generating buzz.

  4. Rima April 16, 2017

    Come thru Queen. Yaaaaas show everyone why you are this generations Queen Of Pop. This song is so addictive and on another level.


  5. Meme April 16, 2017

    She continues to succeed even though they want her to fail. Sore on sista!

    PS I hate reading and commenting on this blog now. It’s just not a good luck. And it’s not one of those things that you can get use to.

  6. Black power April 16, 2017

    Yesssssss!!!! Who knew it’d be mother monster who resurrected from the dead on Easter and not Jesus!! Slayy bihhhh

  7. Mase April 16, 2017

    She did amazing at Coachella and this new song is fire I’m jamming to it right now

  8. Bad_Bihhind April 16, 2017

    Its a nice song, vocals on point, though it made me a bit sleepy, something i’ld never expect from a Gaga track. I think shes trying too hard to please the GP. Anyway its expected since she fell off and needs to reestablish herself. Good job though.

  9. JanStan April 16, 2017

    I’m curious what she is going to do with this song. It’s already a hit (probably more than her or her label expected) but I doubt it’s a lead single as she hasn’t even started the Joanne tour yet and I doubt it’s for tour promo as it’s pretty much already sold out. I can only see 2 options:

    Joanne Rerelease or she’s about to announce a second leg of the tour. Either way I’m here for it!!!!

  10. LOL April 16, 2017


  11. Belladonna April 16, 2017

    This feels like Fame Monster GAGA! I never thought I would love her music like I did in 2010 but this is a f*cking hit! Can she become the Queen of Pop again? Only time will tell

  12. Career Ender April 17, 2017

    Start an awesome commentits a no from me, sounds like some Chainsmokers album filler track

  13. Career Ender April 17, 2017

    its a no from me, sounds like some Chainsmokers album filler track

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