Hot Shots: Rihanna Turns Heads At Cannes

Published: Saturday 20th May 2017 by Sam

Rihanna may be inconsistent as a performer, but when it comes to red carpets she rarely misfires.

The Bajan sensation made folk stop, look, and listen as she arrived at day 2 of the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival yesterday.

Living up to her rock star billing, the 29-year-old styled and profiled for the press who lapped it up.

Peep more of Rih, who was in town to perform at an event for Chopards (who she’s designing a jewelry line with)below….

Your thoughts?

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  1. Melly May 20, 2017

    I hate to say it, but she’s starting to look old.

    • Meme May 20, 2017

      I thought the same thing. And fat.

      • I HATE BLACK and WHITE B****** May 20, 2017

        The older she gets the more beautiful

    • Swit Katz May 20, 2017

      It’s karma. She’s lost her looks thankfully and at an age where she’s supposed to start settling down. Rihanna will grow old alone mark my words she’s lonely that’s why she’s bitter and jealous of her peers. Fat, old and bitterness is what her life is headed for.

      • Mother May 20, 2017

        Damn this post reeks of jealousy, bitterness and anger. How can a person you have never met and doesn’t even know you exist have such an effect on you? Ri keeps the girls pressed.

    • Metzo May 20, 2017

      And what is wrong with that? She looks her age. She just gained weight

    • Baddiebeymyfav May 20, 2017

      She’s aging fast while Beyonce is looking ever so young! Lol

  2. DanYiel Iman May 20, 2017

    Sorry I’m never here for Ri-Whine-A looks…??‍♂️

  3. cocobutta May 20, 2017

    Beautiful girl she is. Feeling her music or not no one can’t deny this girl is mad fly.

  4. Rihboy May 20, 2017

    Effortless. She has made such a staple in fashion that nobody else has a chance making red carpet headlines! I love it! Doubt we are getting an album this year! Too many films of hers due soon!

    • Swit Katz May 20, 2017

      lol stop lying to yourself she looks old and washed up…… can’t wait for her downfall I despise the w**** with every bone in my body she’s hurt too many people and gets away with it.

      • Rihboy May 20, 2017

        You will be waiting forever. All rih did was gain weight. The minute she decides to put out another album she will she will shed it like always. Even with weight she is still the fashion nova of the industry! Lol no premiere event where she is; does any other artist get shine. That’s a given! She looks her age. It’s just so funny to me that you guys wish her the worst. She hadn’t proven in her tenure that she isn’t going anywhere. Don’t die hoping she fails. There are more serious issues in the world boo!

      • Sippingmytea May 29, 2017

        Petty as f***. Like what’s the point of even wishing on someone’s downfall. Karma will come your way be careful.

  5. Swit Katz May 20, 2017

    Overrated dirty s****. Always starting beef with other superstars. First beyonce and Chris then ciara, teyana, rita ora and now Nicki minaj. She’s so insecure and jealous it’s not their fault you can’t be loved rihanna. I’ve never seen such an insecure and emotionally deprived broken woman like rihanna even worse the sexual frustration is getting to her now as she can’t even get a player willing to penetrate her and leave her. Sad soul all that money and status with no one to share the beautiful moments with….

    • nah May 20, 2017

      ahh yes that good old time she started “beef” with Chris Brown…..

      Delusional C**T…. Lets make excuses for domestic abusers its really helpful for society.

  6. Metzo May 20, 2017

    She is effortless when it comes to fashion.

  7. Bianca May 20, 2017

    Everybody comes on here and straight hate this girl then cry and s*** when someone says anything about Beyoncé or the LGBT even if it’s true

    • Denise May 21, 2017

      What does the LGBTQ community have to do with this? Oh that’s right, you’re just looking for a reason to justify your hate for them.

  8. JOHNVIDAL May 20, 2017

    I thought these festivals were about good actors and cinema??? 🙂 I guess anybody can go there just for fashion then?

  9. @ASAPicon May 20, 2017


  10. Bad_Bihhind May 20, 2017

    She is indeed aging, her mojo is fading

  11. Kay May 21, 2017

    She is dead wrong for those shades

  12. Halsey May 21, 2017

    Rih looks good as usual

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