Identity Of Ariana Grande Concert Terrorist Revealed

Published: Tuesday 23rd May 2017 by David

The name of monster responsible for the deaths of 22 men, women and children at last night’s Ariana Grande concert has been revealed.

Salman Abedi.

Known to security services, the British born Libyan entered the foyer of the Manchester Arena and detonated a bomb which has now caused shock waves around the world.

Unfortunately, the nature of the device he used to carry out the attack has led police to believe that he didn’t act alone.

Keep it locked on TGJ for more on this developing story.

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  1. Suicide Blonde May 23, 2017

    You know Europeans are doing their best to welcome these people, to be politically correct, to not be labeled racist, to open to other cultures, to not make the same mistakes again (white guilt) but these terrorist attacks keeps happening, at this point is absurd to deny that Islam is a problem, multiculturalism has failed in Europe.

    • Hmmm… May 23, 2017

      I am… confused… about this whole Muslim problem. In order for me to better understand this War in Terror, since you have been able to come to this conclusive statement that Islam is a problem because “terrorist attacks keep happening”, can you provide me with a cited estimated tally of fatalities the Islamic state has coordinated against the west alongside the number of fatalities in the Middle East as a result of western invasion/interference/imperial wars AKA. “Terrorism carried out by rich, Christian, white people that isn’t called terrorism”, within the same time span?

      • Okayyyy May 23, 2017

        Chiillleeeeeeee. Do not negotiate with terrorists. This fool will prolly hit you with, “In the last 3 days, Muslims have killed 22 people. In the last 3 days, the westerners have killed zero muslims”, Like s***.

    • Caleb May 23, 2017

      DOnald Trump Is that you? And last time I checked wasn’t it NATO who unleashed such havoc on the world with their barborous overthrow of the Libyan government in 2011? They supported these terrorists when it suited their agenda.

    • truthteller May 24, 2017

      “Multiculturalism has failed in Europe”. It’s frightening and sad that people with these views still exist in supposedly civilised countries. Enjoy yourself at your next Nordfront rally. Have you managed to drive all the Jews out yet?

    • Rancor May 24, 2017

      Multiculturalism has failed the US too.
      When a country is quick to let anyone in, it literally gets anyone.

  2. Biting Truth May 23, 2017

    A Muslim. What a surprise…

    • I HATE BLACK and WHITE B****** May 23, 2017

      Do you remember sandy hook…he was white Catholic

      • Biting Truth May 23, 2017

        This is not about Sandy Hook. This is about the incident that happened YESTERDAY and the perp. wasn’t white, he was Muslim and yet another Isis terrorist. There seems to be a pattern here and my guess is that you see it too, which is why you’re trying to deflect.

    • Rancor May 24, 2017

      PC culture doesn’t want you to recognize that he’s Muslim. We’re supposed to pretend that we don’t see it, and just focus of “love” getting us through the latest attack. And the next time you’re in a situation where some radical Islamic terrorist has decided to blowup a nearby building, just remember that “he” doesn’t represent all of Islam. Don’t be afraid to tell that the families of the victims, and feel free to do it with a hostile attitude…

  3. I HATE BLACK and WHITE B****** May 23, 2017

    They need to ask why. … why do they keep blowing stuff up…….. not to be funny but the tickets to grande show was dirt cheap and easy to obtain..they weren’t gonna spend 300. To just blow up a Beyonce or Rihanna concert

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