Adele Cancels Last Dates of Her Tour: ‘I Have Damaged My Vocal Cords’

Singer Promises Refunds To Disappointed Fans
Published: Friday 30th Jun 2017 by Rashad

Just a day after setting fire to the Internet with claims she may never tour again, ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ singer Adele has ignited an outpouring of sympathy with the announcement she is cancelling the last two dates of her wildly successful self-titled tour (in support of her diamond-selling third album, ’25’).

The shows – set for London’s Wembley Stadium – came after the singer/songwriter had already performed to record breaking crowds of nearly 100,000 fans across Wednesday and Thursday night.  Now,  just ahead of Saturday and Sunday’s showings, Addy took to social media to post a lengthy apology letter to her supporters indicating she was ‘devastated’ by doctor’s orders to discontinue the trek at the risk of further damaging her prized vocal cords.

Read it below:

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  1. Jasmine July 1, 2017

    Seems like she should just release a live album / DVD of this tour and rest up per doctor’s orders. Cancelling 2 shows is not that big a deal and she can tour again when she records another album. I never thought her “vocals” were that great to begin with. All of her notes range between 2 to 3 octaves in the first place so it is not like she damaged anything permanently.

  2. The One July 1, 2017

    She’s struggling after what? Three albums and yet sites like these give the tried and test greats backlash after 10 or more albums.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 1, 2017

      Exactly talked s*** about Whitney and Mariah vocals yet they lasted up the whole decades. Even outside their primes they are still great vocalist/powerhouses.

      • The One July 1, 2017


  3. pat July 1, 2017

    Your turn Mariah!

  4. Theman July 1, 2017

    She’s all gravy. Her tour has been super long….

  5. Tim Brown July 1, 2017

    She doesnt need to ask for forgiveness for taking her health seriously! Get well soon!!

  6. S****** Blonde July 1, 2017

    She’s on the great’s level when it comes to success, the likes of Beyoncé can only dream to have those albums sales.

    • DanYiel Iman July 1, 2017

      Beyoncé is a performer and rarely has any hick ups with her vocals she trained to be & do what she is doing PERFORMING!! ✌??

    • I MightNate July 1, 2017

      Britney had very similar success as far as units sold. Look where she is now. Sales dont make you great.

      • THE REAL July 1, 2017

        Yes, look where Britney is now. 20 years after BOMT came out and folks like you are still pressed to bring her name up YEARS after her peak. The impact she brought to pop music is very real.

    • Killian July 1, 2017

      Your point…the likes of Adele would only dream of having those touring stats and ticket sales and well as awards. Appreciate all excellence and stop putting the hardest working chic in the game whitey.

    • Jasmine July 2, 2017

      Why bring Beyonce up? They are polar opposites so no comparison is needed. There is nothing Adele has accomplished that Beyonce has not accomplished already or has received accolades / money in a different way. Urban vs Pop is a stupid comparison in the first place so you are either subliminally race baiting or you just need to wear boxers instead of thongs (the tight thong string in between your … is probably getting to your brain cells).

  7. Natalia July 1, 2017

    She needs to stop smoking. People excuse Adele for anything. Only 3 albums later….

    • Jasmine July 2, 2017

      I don’t think smoking is the reason and I also do not think people are making “excuses” for anything. In reality, cancelling a couple shows is not a big deal at all. According to Adele, when she quit smoking it “left her voice weaker.” As a former smoker, I know the feeling and if she recently quit it will take years for her voice to fully recover and it may never be as strong as it was before when she was singing through gritty lungs and dark yellow teeth. The good thing is that the longer she goes without the smoking the better her health will be and since she is already rich I don’t see the problem in her being more of a studio singer moving forward with regular tours (120+dates for one tour is a bit much and that is what she did with this tour).

  8. Coolio July 1, 2017

    Shes so not the touring type….just do award shows adele

  9. Jamie July 1, 2017

    Until you can say you’ve transformed into Adele and have gone through what she’s been through, your disapproval is irrelevant.

  10. MUSICHEAD July 1, 2017

    This chick ain’t even been in the game 10 years and already talking like she’s the queen of soul! Your popcorn vocals will be alright. Go drink some tea and take a nap.

  11. I MightNate July 1, 2017

    This is what happens when yall give these h*** too much too soon. I mean, her songs arent even built like Whitney, Mariah, or Celine songs. They easy to sing, and she stands in one place, on a rug. But hey if yall love that..

    • Hmmm…. July 1, 2017

      I was about to write this exact comment. Adele is considered a powerhouse by today’s standards for some reason, but her songs are really not that difficult. If she was hitting notes that are as vocally challenging as Mariah, Whitney, and Celine that’d be different, (even though they could do it), but that’s not the case. Her songs are nothing to gawk at. And she doesn’t move. She just stands there.

  12. Teflon Boy July 1, 2017

    Bless her, 121 shows is no joke. That said, from what I know about Adele’s vocal regime it pretty much consists of red wine and B&H cigarettes. It’s no wonder the stamina isn’t there. People go hard on Mariah but she still sounds phenomenal when she puts the effort in. On the SSFT I could not believe that the Adele’s and Sam Smiths were this generation’a equivalent. Now it is disturbing that both of those singers have needed vocal surgery so soon into their career.., maybe it’s time to put down the Marlborough Lights and get some proper vocal coaching?

  13. JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2017

    This tour seemed too big for the type of vocalist she is and the fact that she sings 100% live from the beginning. I was shocked when the tour dates were announced a year or two ago. Too much for her. She pretty much made it to the end. So no jokes needed.
    That said it is true that her voice is extremely beautiful but doesn´t seem to be that strong. And I´m not talking about power. Her voice seems to be fragile. Nothing wrong with it. I just think a tour like this one is too much.
    And yes it is a miracle that Whitney, Celine and Mariah´s voices lasted what they lasted based on the amount of work they did and the songs they constantly recorded. Crazy. They are the vocal trinity for a reason. Don´t care who gets hurt by it and the fact their fave is not on that level 🙂

  14. Ms Salt Gawl July 2, 2017

    I’ve been saying for years Adele needs vocal coach. The reason she sustains so much damage is because she’s improperly using her voice. Also since people want to bring Beyonce into this, in 2013 Beyonce did 132 shows. 132 shows without any vocal hiccups AND she danced and didn’t just sit there.

    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2017

      Beyonce lips a lot darling. Time you pucking realize once and for all 🙂

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