Listen: June’s Diary Drops First Mixtape – ‘Male Edition’ [Full]

Published: Friday 30th Jun 2017 by Rashad

On the last day of June fans of June’s Diary were gifted with news the talented fivesome unlocked their first ever mixtape, ‘Male Edition.’

The group – birthed from a nationwide talent call by R&B diva Kelly Rowland and famed creative director/choreographer Frank Gatson have been turning heads with their airtight harmonies and soaring vocal displays since hitting the scene last year.  One listen to ‘Edition’ proves this is a trend they intend to continue.

Featuring a slew of tributes to influential male groups like Jagged Edge, The Beatles, and Jodeci, ‘Edition’ – kicked off by the quintet’s kickass remake of latter’s 1991 hit ‘Stay’ – remixes and reintroduces some of yesteryear’s biggest male hits to a modern audience.

Curious to hear whose hits made the final cut for ‘Male Edition’?  It awaits below for your listening pleasure:

Click here to see the group’s amazing live session with That Grape Juice.

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  1. David June 30, 2017


  2. Ispeakfacts June 30, 2017

    They did an amazing job! I’m so happy u get to hear everyone sing! I was worried bcuz it’s too much danm talent 4 1 person to sing most of the song! My favorite on the mixtape is Two Occasion & Poison & of course Stay! I wish they could have covered Dru Hill instead of Jagged Edge… oh well hopefully Kelly will be more involved now that The Voice Australia is about to end this week! I’m expecting new music from her a** as well!

  3. Tori June 30, 2017

    I think this is great but the hype isn’t there anymore. Epic Records failed these with one single and now they’re on HSJW Music Group who seems to not have ANY morey or direction. When these girls were under Kelly (and Frank to some extent) direction, they’re were on tv interview, blogs, radio, magazine, touring…they were building hype and momentum but when she turned them over to their label, no body had the vision like she did. And the sad part is people are going to blame Kelly for these girls flopping when she has nothing to do with it anymore. It’s crazy to see how much money was waisted on trying to make FH the new biggest girl group and they drastically failed and had a member to leave, while the only budget they give these girls was only enough for a video and single release.

    • Kareem James June 30, 2017

      Foolishness. They don’t need the hype from the show, because would have always been temporary. If their craft cant bring enough hype and attention to them from people who don’t know bout the show then they are not worthy. Poisin the ish though.

    • Ispeakfacts July 1, 2017

      I didn’t know they were no longer signed under Epic Records! That explains why they are not booking any events and staying visible. I will say that I agree that Kelly does get alot of unnecessary hate & negativity from fans! What those ppl don’t realize is Chasing Destiny was a show Kelly used to create a platform to sign 2 groups to a record contact for LA Reid… her job was to put the group together, mentor them & support them throughout their journey… after they signed that contract they were no longer in Kelly’s hand, they were Epics artists! I do believe the girls r doing well & there buzz is still there… the dude from guhhatl were just talking about them! They just need to be more visual on social media & more interactive with fans. They also need to ask Kelly to help them get out of their current contract to sign to a better one

    • Music Fan July 1, 2017

      They are still signed to Epic. HSJW Music Group is the company that owns the rights to the song Stay. So they had to release it that way. I know this because I asked Kristal on Instagram.

      • Ispeakfacts July 1, 2017

        @ Music Fan

        Oh ok… well hopefully Epic can get these girls on a tour with a major artist from the label! It would be nice to see them perform on black girls rock!

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan June 30, 2017

    The show’s ratings and LA Reid leaving Epic just left them dismayed.
    Sucks because they didn’t really have a start nor did they get a chance showcase who they are as a group.

  5. NOBITCHASSNESS July 1, 2017

    They really need a season 2 of them making their album just like Danity Kane did to build their fan base and hype back up… I’m still rooting for these ladies.

  6. Marc July 1, 2017

    Y’all can save that

  7. cocobutta July 1, 2017

    Season 2 is defo a must or they get on their youtube grind and vlog their current movements, continue to be active on social media and do live acapella on insta live etc…

    There’s still a space for them.
    They defo should be joining tours of the re-emergence of the 90s groups.

    They sound great. Wrap Around I prefer the live version.

  8. Achooo! July 1, 2017

    Pure Talent! I really love those girls. They got lost in management turnover like Lovher and many more.

  9. steve July 1, 2017

    It’s good to finally hear a group that can actually sing. I am wowed!

  10. DanYiel Iman July 1, 2017

    I’m all in for this group because they’re all talented vocalist!! ?

  11. steve July 1, 2017

    How do you have Poison and shoot a video for Stay??

  12. 4everBrandy_Ci July 1, 2017

    On the positive note this mixtape SNATCHED my edges!!!!! They slayed vocally! I’m able to recognize who’s who’s on the record with their vocals. I read the comments and I see a few bird chirping mofos. I have to be realistic it’s been a while since black girl bands emerged. They’re just amazing and vocally each of them are talented. Their management needs to step it up and stay conssisent. The mixtape shows everything how vocally talented they are. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson still support them and I don’t know how people think otherwise. It’s frustrating of course because I see how the fans are concerned with their promotion. They need to use the resources to promote themselves and I need for Epic to step it up and support them as well. Fifth Harmony are doing their thing but June’s Diary are just everything a band consist of. I will support them forver because these ladies are incredible.

    And I saw that slick comment from the dude in “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta”. I sat there -_- and it’s the ignorance. What’s wrong with supporting your own people? People that support them already know their management needs to step it up. Nonetheless they SNATCHED my edges with this mixtape! #JuneBugs

    • 4everBrandy_Ci July 1, 2017

      I meant “consistent”.

  13. iamdiego July 1, 2017

    I love them I hate the auto tune. It takes the unique-ness out of their voices.

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