Mess! Britney Spears Caught Lip-Syncing After Mic Malfunction

Published: Sunday 4th Jun 2017 by Sam

Britney Spears isn’t famed for her stellar vocals, but more-so her ability to put on a show. However, even that was proving problematic last night during her concert in Japan.

While performing ‘Slave 4 U,’ the 36-year-old put on a mask. Yet, when trying to take it off she instead removed her mic while then became tangled in her hair.

If it sounds like a mess that’s because it was.

Worst still is the fact that her “vocals” continued to blare out of the speakers the entire time.

See what we mean below….

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At this point, it continues to baffle why anyone would pay to “hear” a show they could have played on their iPod.

Add to that the reality that the best of Britney lives on YouTube and there’s literally no point to subject oneself to what has become a farce.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AmericanHeartbreaker June 4, 2017

    She can’t sing live. Everyone knows that she is a lip sync queen.

    • ItsMeTheRR June 4, 2017

      She is just entry level of lip sync after almost 20yrs

    • Henry June 4, 2017

      Her asian tour sold out. So?

      • truthteller June 4, 2017

        Do you know the size of the venue she was playing? We’re not talking the Toyko Dome here.

    • Brittany Paige June 4, 2017

      With or without lip sync she has more awards and earns more money than your fav singers just deal with it!

      • Sean June 4, 2017

        You might wanna fact check, sis. Look up Bey.

  2. ItsMeTheRR June 4, 2017

    *Sigh* Let me please spill my energy one more time! #BritneyEraIsOver #SheShouldReturnAllHerAccolades #UnfollowBritneySpears

    • Brittany Paige June 4, 2017

      You would like that to happen you hater? But NO!
      Her era is over? LOL
      The longest running residency of a female in LAS VEGAS HISTORY! ahahaha
      You are over…now crawl to a corner and just die!

      • M June 4, 2017

        Bye. You lied. Celine holds the title of the longest residency by a female in Vegas.

  3. Josh June 4, 2017

    what do you mean it’s a mess?! Britney has been lip-syncing full shows for YEARS and everyone knows it LOL. the exact reason I’m NOT going to her Seoul show, even though I’m a fan. im just not paying to see a dance show

  4. NOFRAUDSoniTunes June 4, 2017

    Water is also wet

  5. mr.m June 4, 2017

    I still don’t understand this woman!! and why people go watch her show
    bish at least pre-record your tracks!!!
    It deosn’t make any sense to play a +15 year old song with the same record vocals wtf???
    we wanna hear some effort since you can give a dance show either ….. smh

    • Brittany Paige June 4, 2017

      I went to two of her tours and it was amazing!
      The concert of a lifetime believe me…the energy is amazing and it’s a great show she is a awesome entertainer!

      • Chicago Guy June 4, 2017

        Brittany Paige, I understand your enthusiam, as a big Britney fan myself I understand the need to defend her especially when she’s unfairly criticized but lip-syncing was never something I could defend. She can sing live and it would garner her a lot of support with non-fans. If you and I went to work tomorrow and didn’t do our jobs we’d be fired. I don’t buy Britney’s albums and hear her feet so I couldn’t care less about whether or not she dances in her shows. It’s going to be real awkward when she’s 50 and you hear her the opening to s**** “I know I may be young but I got feelings too” with the vocals she recorded when she was 19 years old blaring from the speaker.

        I’ve been a fan from the beginning, since her first single dropped when I was 14. I’ve been to the Dream Within A Dream tour and Onyx and that was the real deal. Yes, she lip-synced but she did sing the ballads and she did sometimes sing and lip-sync a song here and there so it wasn’t a ripoff. And let’s face it, our girl doesn’t even dance as good anymore.

        I have all of her albums on CD, even have Opps! on cassette tape (I’m showing my age here) and just bought Glory on Vinyl and I’m always streaming Britney on Spotify along with owning most of her singles and concerts on home video, plus tons of other memorabilia. I’m a dedicated fan but it pains me to say that it’s not worth the money to see Britney in 2017. I’lI enjoy the music and will always love Britney but she’s not getting me in a concert arena until she improves big time.

  6. Kate June 4, 2017

    She still sells much moooorrreeeee than Beyonce’s entire discography. ?

    • Isa June 4, 2017

      Yeah, but on of them can actually sing.

      • Brittany Paige June 4, 2017

        Isa honey you must b whitney houston lol
        If she can’t sing how did she became a singer?
        So she CAN sing! If you talk about effort and lip syncing yes she does it! But everybody knows and they like it 😉

      • Caleb June 4, 2017

        Brittany Paige listen to Alien on YouTUBE and tell me with a straight face that Britney can actually sing. I like her and all but damn don’t be delusional.

  7. Mariah Carey June 4, 2017

    Sam dahhhhhling! What happened to your blog? It’s flopping more than Katy Perry’s singles from her new album Victim or whatever it’s called dahhhling!

    • Fancy BISH June 4, 2017

      Katy stole errythang from your Rainbow era lol ?

  8. Musixxman June 4, 2017

    When your saying that whats the point of seeing her live show when she doesnt sing live, your missing the point of why her fans and members of the public even fell in love with her in the first place. No one expects her to “sing” live, her show is about production value and nostalgia, as well as high energy choreography and just pure fun. When singers singers like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion who are known purely for their voices start lipsyncing THEIR whole show becomes a sham. They have nothing in the way of performance, even slight choreography, high energy or any other form of entertainment to put on the show other than their once amazing voices. So just like all of the other britney lip sync mishaps, this will be ignored and forgotten, unlike the Mariah Carey NYE debacle which will remain and topic of discussion and bar her from booking major gigs for years to come.

    • Sean June 4, 2017

      Energy? Choreography? Girl….

      • Musixxman June 4, 2017

        Im obviously not oblivious to the fact that she isnt a great dancer anymore – rarely at all – BUT u cant deny that the show itself is high enery and choreography centric…which is the whole vibe of a britney show

    • Bri June 4, 2017

      Mariah doesn’t lip entire shows though. She has some of the hardest songs to sing on the planet like Emotions, the whistles are so difficult no one can sing them but Mariah, and Mariah has been singing that song for 25 years so of course she’s going to lip some of them. She has high notes, low notes, whistles etc which Britney doesn’t have. You’re trying to make Britney look better by bashing Mariah but it’s not working. Literally everyone on the planet knows Britney can’t sing. Mariah is still doing her residency and blowing the house down with her incredible live vocals, just watch some of the videos on YouTube from 2016. Mariah is already booking major gigs so what do you mean? I love Britney but you will NOT bash Mariah.

    • Chicago Guy June 4, 2017

      She started out singing live though and up until the In The Zone era it was a 50-50 chance she would sing live. Now? She hardly dances and lip-syncs to songs that don’t even require her to actually sing. And she lips to spoken parts of a song? Girl bye!

  9. Matt June 4, 2017

    Oops moment, but oh well ??‍♂️ She’s a legend! I did the VIP experience two years ago at her Vegas residency; met her, she’s so sweet! The show was awesome! Love my idol! ???

  10. Jeans June 4, 2017

    Cringing for her! Omg!

  11. obsidian June 4, 2017

    No offense, but white gays are the only group of people sustaining this tin woman’s lackluster career! If the performer can’t sing, dance, and have absolutely no discernable talent, white gays will fawn over him/her! It’s a shame!!!!

    • Juan G. June 4, 2017

      F*** you for making this about race. F*** YOU!

    • TayTay June 4, 2017

      You are a piece of s***. Im black and f****** stan for Britney. This isn’t about white or black or any other race. Stop with the negativity of putting race into this. We are all in this together. Stop!

      • Erica June 4, 2017

        I’m confused if you black & you stan for her your post doesn’t make no lick of sense I’m black & I stand for her you have to watch what you say that’s races asf, the thing about Britney is she’s doesn’t care & that’s it, people hate cause after all the mess Britney has given to mass she can still sell out arena let alone the same arena three days in a roll with a capacity of 30,000 others have to either be able to sing or put on show so I’ll hate her too it’s sad but true

    • IOWNTHEWORLD June 4, 2017

      Not true. There are a few coons that support her in her foolishness. It’s tragic all across the board! SMH

    • Jasmine June 4, 2017

      Why are you so racist? It is not about race at all. Why do you care who other people like or support? Are you mad that some people don’t support your fav? Grow up. No one be that WEAK that they need validation on their support of their favorite artist or be so bitter to attack people for supporting a different artist.

  12. Juan G. June 4, 2017

    I still don’t see the point of this post. Everyone knows these artist lip sync at their concerts, yet everyone is surprised when they’re caught. I think the person who posted this post on GrapeJuice is a little bitter, and a Britney hater. Just my opinion.

  13. Kyle June 4, 2017

    Haters! She handled it well!

  14. Sam June 4, 2017

    Not to be harsh but if the title had said that her mask got caught up and revealed that Britney had actually been singing live i think there would’ve been more of a shock, If it wasn’t Britneys vocals on the backing track she would’ve been moments away from a Milli Vanilli Scandal.
    If Britney was lip syncing for her live on Drag Race she would’ve had to sashay away, but either way people are still paying to see her.

    • Girlbye June 4, 2017

      Exactly…. people don’t go to hear her sing, at this point it’s for the show

  15. Bam Bam June 4, 2017

    I am shocked!!! How could she??!!

  16. Francis June 4, 2017

    I don’t know why is this news, Britney rarely sings live, everybody knows she lips and doesn’t care about that, she never hid that fact, I mean she doesn’t even record a live version to lip to so…

    I do miss the days she would tear a stage apart with choreography!

  17. Black power June 4, 2017

    The only difference between her and Beyoncé is when Beyoncé got her hair caught up she kept lip syncing for this very reason lmaooo

    • DanYiel Iman June 4, 2017

      Beyoncé doesn’t lip sing as much as your lil heart would want to believe that!! She’s been singing live for YEARS!! ?

  18. matt June 4, 2017

    When you lip synch for your life, youre not supposed to Fck it up. Seriously, does anyone think Britney sings live?

  19. Jasmine June 4, 2017

    Britney needs a vocal coach. The current trend for live performers is to sing lightly over a pre-recorded track. Lip-synching over the album version of songs is beyond dated and unappealing to current audiences. Simply put, it is lazy. If people pay money to see you then give them a good show. Period.

  20. LiLi’n’RiRi June 4, 2017

    Poor Britney. But honestly at this point she prob doesn’t give af and just does it for the money. I personally respect her for it

  21. Jane June 4, 2017

    Well she tries her best, she’s not perfect, however that is still a ripoff

  22. Stuttering STAN June 5, 2017


    What’s new queen? Care to break an actual story?

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