K. Michelle Puts Nicki Minaj On Blast? Twitter Weighs In

Published: Sunday 4th Jun 2017 by Rashad

In the wee hours of Sunday morning our girl K. Michelle took to Twitter to offer a praise report of sorts.  The ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ singer issued a testimony to her followers, dishing on how industry politics almost led to the derailing of her second album.

Pointing the finger at an unnamed female artist, Michelle detailed (in a now deleted series of tweets) how she was able to overcome the circumstance that, ultimately, changed her view on the music business.

Apparently, she didn’t delete the tweets fast enough.  For, just minutes after the updates hit the net, the singer’s handle was swarmed by fans of Nicki Minaj – many of whom immediately assumed she was the unnamed female referred to in Michelle’s series of texts.

See how it all unfolded just moments ago:

First, K. tweeted this:


Twitter immediately went in:

Your thoughts?

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  1. sleazy June 4, 2017

    Remy stans need to sit really yall coming for Nicki but never supporting your girl ? okay

  2. Jasmine June 4, 2017

    Who cares what K. Michelle thinks or says. Her 15 minutes is up. She had a lot of potential 10 years ago (when R&B music was still selling) but she blew it by spending money that should have been spent on her music promotion for bootleg plastic surgery. Now she walks around like a plastic muppit with rumors swirling around that her p**** stinks from the juice leaking from the back to the front (a** implant sweat leaks).

    • Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) June 4, 2017

      I hope you’re not a Nicki Minaj fan. None of her fans have any right talking about botched b*** jobs

      • Jasmine June 4, 2017

        Nope. Not a Nicki fan.

  3. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) June 4, 2017

    K Michelle’s Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart is of a quality no Nicki Minaj album has ever reached. Miss You, Goodbye was an incredible song.

    • Jasmine June 4, 2017

      But she reuined it by making the music not suitable for children. If your music is quality you do not have to pose b*** naked on the cover and use explicit lyrics. I don’t consider that quality. I consider that desperation.

      • Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) June 4, 2017

        It was a silhouette. You couldn’t see anything.

      • Jasmine June 7, 2017

        I saw too much. The artwork showed every bit of K. Michelle minus her n******, v*****, and real hair.

  4. SHOYUKEN June 4, 2017

    LiL LiL Kim, Funk Master Flex, Charlamagne, Remy Ma, Cardi B, Weak Millz, & Now K. Michelle Sayin’ The SAME THING About The Insecure Rapper & You Stans Are Still Acting Delusional? Smdh Watch, I Bet You Someone Big Will Come In The Game Soon & Everybody Will Start Likin’ Her. Tha Female Vets Are Gonna Show Mad Love & The Attention Will Be On The Greats While Nicki Is On The Side Like A Loner In Middle School. KARMA IS GONNA WAX THAT ASS

    • fr3sssh2deathhh June 4, 2017

      I feel like Nicki really spawned the most ignorant fans. She’s the mainstream female rapper with the most beef with entertainers and doesn’t realize her own flaws.

    • DanYiel Iman June 4, 2017

      EXACTLY & she thinks it’s hot until NOBODY wants to work with her FRAUD A**!!

    • Caleb June 4, 2017

      as if Lil’ Kim hasn’t beefed with all the females in the industry as well, including K. Michelle and Remy ma.

  5. Ocean8 June 4, 2017

    Don’t see what the big fuss is about she tweeted her story cos she was in her feelings. She spoke on it before and she’s speaking on it again.

  6. Ronnie June 4, 2017

    Didn’t K fall out with someone else because of Meek Mill too? Sounds like he was the problem lol

    • Huh June 4, 2017

      She fell out with Elle Varner. K. Michelle then said she was f****** him. Now she’s lying.

  7. HE June 4, 2017

    All Nicki makes these days are calls and wack ass tracks.
    What she needs to make is haste, ’cause the clock on her relevance is ticking down fast. Chick ain’t had a real hit since the last time somebody gave her a hammer. Nicki is such a nasty person. I don’t think her karma is over.
    She’s f***** over and disrespected so many people, it doesn’t make any sense.

  8. HE June 4, 2017

    Lil Kim’s Beehive is gonna have a field day with this. Remember when K. Michelle called Nicki the Queen of Rap and they dragged her ass talking bout Nicki was always nice to her then shaded Kim as if she was the big meanie.

    Kim tried to tell y’all about Nicki and her attitude

    • Caleb June 4, 2017

      Yet Kim has had beef with how many females in the industry? A whole f***** lot.

  9. Kendrick Slaymar June 4, 2017

    This is not about being petty and messy which they both are. This is about a h** playing with peoples money.
    Making calls to block records then bragging about being on the charts? Nah Nicki the numbers dont match the vibe. Like #45. True K Michelle is a drama queen and not likeable all the time. She really don’t give me liar tho. Nicki has a mean girl spirit. Mean girls are usually insecure. Even the cute ones because how we feel on the inside is what we tend to gravitate towards.

  10. Credits June 4, 2017

    So I googled the track, i wanted to hear a comparison between Nicki and K Michelle’s version but it seems like k Michelle’s has been wiped from the internet and it’s not on YouTube either. But after hearing nicki’s version I will say that she should have never tried those singing parts. The beat is fire, and it’s simple but it had a lot of potential.

  11. Huh June 4, 2017

    K. Michelle is a hypocrite because she tweeted in 2014 that she was “so excited” that the song went to one of her “favorites” Nicki. She was stanning hard for Nicki, no woman look.

    • Credits June 4, 2017

      But how could she be so excited? After naming her album after the song only for it to end up on nicki’s album. Sounds like reverse psychology. the tweet was probably a subliminal.

    • Yolanda June 4, 2017

      That is not hypocritical. K. Michelle mentioned in her tweet that she was told to keep quiet because of politics. The industry and politics probably told her to support the song.

  12. KING MELANIN June 4, 2017


  13. Yella June 4, 2017

    I believe K Michelle…nicki is such a petty bxtch…look at the lengths she went through to get remys distrack off of itunes, youtube, and the radio…meek said it months ago that shes trying to take money out his pockets…safaree said the same thing…thats probably the reason shes fxcking with nas…shes such a fxcking snake

  14. T. Hart June 4, 2017

    I Believe K. Michele that Nicki was doing that s***. Lets not act like this is first time we heard about her throwing her weight around by making phone calls on folks. We have heard this to much for it to be a lie and for every single person to make it up

  15. Frank June 4, 2017

    Pay your rent and stay in your bum ass place

  16. Yolanda June 4, 2017

    Iggy had a big team around her so Nicki could not convince those white folks to ban Iggy. Therefore, Nicki put the streets on Iggy. It started with Snoop bashing Iggy against Nicki and then the streets took hold to take Iggy down. Nicki could not stand that Iggy accomplished a Hot 100 #1 Single and it was holding for seven weeks. The only reason Nicki does not interfere with Young MA is because she knows that Young MA’s sexual appearance will not take her far. Nicki has never made a record with another female rapper. She’s insecure. That’s why she has to copy everybody else because she is not even certain about her own style/swag.

    • Caleb June 4, 2017

      So Trina is not a female rapper? “Dang-a-Lang”, “S** in Crazy Places” and “5 Star remix” don’t exist?

      • Yolanda June 4, 2017

        5-Star Remix was not Nicki’s song. Yo Gotti chose the features. And Dang a Lang was Trini’s song. Trini featured Nicki. Who has Nick featured on her song.

  17. #TeamTinashe Stan June 4, 2017

    I’m not a fan of K Michelle but I listen to her music when she releases them but like how many people in the industry are saying the same thing about this chicken leg potato wedges looking a** girl?

    Ps dont come for me about how Tinashe opened for her on tour. It doesn’t mean I need to protect and defend someone who seems like a bully for their own gains.

  18. Amouage June 4, 2017

    Why are all of Nicki Minaj fans either under 18 females or gay guys and I don’t mean the normal gay guys I mean the ott pink hot pant wearing glitter gay guys ugh

    • Caleb June 4, 2017

      And what is your point exactly?

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