Watch: TLC Perform ‘Way Back’ On The TODAY Show

Published: Thursday 8th Jun 2017 by Sam

R&B icons TLC are marching on with momentum to the release of their final studio album.

The self-titled set arrives June 30th and is preceded by summer-soaked single ‘Way Back.’

In a bid to build buzz, the group’s surviving members T-Boz and Chilli took to the stage on The TODAY Show to perform the track.

True to form, the ladies were joined by a troop of dancers.

Watch ’em break it down below…

For us, it’s about managing expectations. Time waits for no one, as such it’s ill-advised to expect the dynamo showings of yesteryear.

When viewed this way, we definitely can appreciate what the ladies are serving up for their final hurrah.

Decent performance.

Click here to watch the video for ‘Way Back’ featuring Snoop Dogg.

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat June 8, 2017

    t boz’s engergy seemed to be down this performance…but solid…..

  2. stan June 8, 2017

    i’m a big tlc fan, but this song sounds… dated? idk, i wanted them to come out with something harder

  3. BAM June 8, 2017

    TBoz should retire that hairstyle..sorry, but times have changed sis and I feel like she’s sticking with it because she and chilli are still performing.

  4. DondriA June 8, 2017

    These women are pushing 50. If you are expecting them to serve 1998 no scrubs energy you’re delusional

    • Sam June 8, 2017

      Right tho!! They definitely gave the amount of energy expected from someone their age. Especially after being off routine for 15 years.

  5. eric June 8, 2017

    What T-Boz is able to do at any given time is partly dependent on her health. When I saw them in concert 2 years ago, BOTH ladies performed like it was 1995 again. T-Boz appeared to enjoy the crowd and that probably made a difference too. I think they make a very talented pair and the only criticism I have again is the music that’s going on this final album. With the right producer, they are capable of doing MUCH better than what we’ve heard so far.

  6. Achooo! June 8, 2017

    I love TLC and it was a good performance. It’s takes a lot of strength to perform battling sickle cell anemia and weight issues over 40 so I salute T-Boz.

  7. Your Mother June 8, 2017

    I hate this website because of the comment section; it should be disabled permanently. Nothing but a bunch of negative wanna be women always criticizing and trying to drag black women. T-Boz is 47 and suffers from health complications and people have something negative to say about her hair, performance, energy etc. etc. God bless TLC, I am here for whatever they are giving because this is their last go round. For women pushing 50; they are doing alright!!!!!

  8. ? + ✈ = ? June 8, 2017

    Push through TLC

  9. Yan June 9, 2017

    Chilli still on fire. T-Boz needs to get it together.

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