‘Toxic’: Britney Spears Demo Surfaces…Sans Auto-tune

Published: Thursday 8th Jun 2017 by David

Last week saw Britney Spears mocked after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction which threw fresh light on her love for lip syncing.

This week has brought with it the release of a demo proving that the star’s vocal issues weren’t always as they were.

For, 13 years after the release of its completed version, an autotune deficient version of her smash hit ‘Toxic‘ has surfaced online.

How the star’s comped vocals sound when stripped of studio magic?

Listen below…

Inspired by the vocal stylings of Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton in her formative years Britney‘s vocal issues began when she was forced to record and release which are impossible to sing live.

With this in mind, we’re glad that this version of ‘Toxic’ has “surfaced” and hope her future releases will bring it with songs that allow the icon to present her voice to the world as it should be.


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  1. Fancy BISH June 8, 2017

    Britney, her legendary TONE…Madonna, Janet and Britney…The Queens Of Tone! They all have albums that sold over 20 million too…you don’t have to sing like Whitney, Mariah, Adele and Aretha to be effective! That’s The Way Love Goes is pure pop perfection with Janet’s butter smooth TONE.

    • AdrianL June 8, 2017

      Stop trying to do damage control for that non-singer. That s*** was AWFUL. You know it, I know it, she knows it and Allah knows it. Britney sounds like death. Not every singer has to be able to sing as well as Whitney, but everyone who calls themselves a singer should be able to carry a tune and correctly vocalize a scale. And miss me with that “20 million sold” BS. A singer that doesn’t make. It took an army of writers, producers, label execs., managers, lawyers, endorsements, stylists, designers, makeup artists, dancers, threats, blackmail…and (in her case) tape machine ranglers to make that happen.

    • Fancy BISH June 8, 2017

      You missed my point, boo boo…but keep going lol #ESSAYS

  2. DanYiel Iman June 8, 2017

    Hitney & Ri-Whine-A voices are similar both need auto tune!! ✌??

  3. Erica June 8, 2017

    Luv the this toxic version, but that song underneath toxic in this post wow! I didn’t know she used the sing like that, if that’s her real voice let the b**** song

  4. cocobutta June 8, 2017

    Don’t be tardy for the party bish.

    Nah sans the odd flat note she sounded like herself.
    Kind of liked hearing the rawness before the layers of double and some cases quadruple layers of one vocal to fill sound out before harmonies and engineering happens.

    Brit always had that thinness in her voice in her older years. Her child vocal was much stronger from clips I’ve seen.
    She a star though. I like Britney.

  5. Ttgtvtv June 8, 2017

    Not very bad. Seriously no quite a difference from the studio version

  6. Sam June 8, 2017

    Wow! She really played down her vocals her whole career

  7. Your Mother June 8, 2017

    Old news. I read this yesterday on Perez Hilton’s blog!!!!!

  8. Jem June 8, 2017

    Still have mad love for Britney. The second song sounds like Allure’s “All Cried Out”

    • Casual June 8, 2017

      Who is this Allure of whom you write? Put some respeck on Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam.

  9. boomkack123 June 8, 2017

    Y’all remember “From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart” and “Autumn Goodbye”? She was giving it vocally on those, too.

  10. eric June 8, 2017

    The ballad is only a surprise to people who never listened to her first 3 albums.

  11. TrinaQueenOfTheSouth June 8, 2017

    Love Britney mama can still serve vocals…I think she’s just been put in a box vocally and has been comfortable.

  12. Liam June 8, 2017

    This is old there’s also demos of break the ice, hot as ice, get naked and few others that sounds better than the final studio versions vocally

  13. Jasmine June 8, 2017

    Toxic was recorded a good 15 years ago. This post is irrelevant in 2017 because it is not really what her voice sounded like 15 years that matters. It is what condition is her voice today? This is an average carry-a-tune type singer that damaged her thin vocals by smoking and her lifestyle. Now she is lip-synching to studio recording recorded 15 to 20 years ago instead of re-recording newer vocals to lip-synch to. The comparisons to Janet and Madonna are irrelevant as well because both Janet and Madonna do NOT use 15 to 20 year old vocals to lip-synch to. They re-recorded their music and keep their carry-a-tune vocals in better shape (Madonna is a health nut and Janet does NOT smoke).

    • Erica June 8, 2017

      We’ll have you heard glory she definitely can still carry a tune & she sung “you outtha know” in 09 so

      • Jasmine June 8, 2017

        Glory is a studio album with a heavy list of production, studio engineering, and autotune that the average artist does not need. The last demo that leaked with some raw vocals was Alien and those vocals from Britney were garbage which is why her team freaked out when it leaked.

  14. Kilolo June 8, 2017

    There will never be a true raw demo. You’re singing through a compressor. And typically an engineer does a rough mix w/ tuning. Autotune is not the only tuning software

  15. Caleb June 8, 2017

    Well it was still better than the “Alien” demo.

  16. billy joel June 8, 2017

    say what you will, say what you want…this song was a HIT!!! kudos to the engineer and his skills i guess…its the “new” music business and i bet alot of your favorites TOP records had surgery done to them so lets chill here everyone…

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