Adele Fans Roast Singer Over Cancelled Tour Dates

Published: Sunday 2nd Jul 2017 by David

The demands of delivering live vocals night after night took its toll on the Pop singer Adele this week prompting her to cancel the remaining dates on her latest world tour.

Alas, while some fans have praised her for taking steps to preserve the gem that is her voice, others have sharpened their digital weapons and attacked her brand for its supposed “unreliability.”

Do you think her fans have a right to be angry?

Weigh in below!

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  1. FAF July 2, 2017

    Why the hell would anybody go see a show for somebody to stand in place and sing for two hours

    She better start lipping

    • Sam July 2, 2017

      And curse and swear.

  2. SMH July 2, 2017

    Exactly why I can’t stand artist fanbases these days. They’re nothing but a bunch of selfish, inconsiderate spoiled whiny little sh*ts with entitlement complexes. They could care less about the artist they call themselves stanning or their well being, as long as their selfish needs are met. Singers are human; sh*t happens. Unfortunately their fans are not human, just a bunch of crybaby bastards who b*tch and moan about every little thing that doesn’t go their way like a bunch of 2 year olds. So what you lost a little money, this woman would be putting her health in danger just to satisfy a bunch of whiny b*tches. It’s not worth losing her source of income just because of a bunch of selfish assh0les. Adele did the right thing, health first. And if her so called “fans” can’t understand that, to hell with them. Her name and money is already made.

    • Melvin July 2, 2017

      Well said!?

    • Josh July 2, 2017

      preach it!!

  3. Goddess July 2, 2017

    Adele, Meghan trainer, Sam smith are all folks that reach to the top of their range just to emulate soulful singers that have a much larger range. This is why they constantly need vocal rest. If you ain’t Whitney then you ain’t Whitney! Does Selena Gomez have that issue? No because she stays in her basic lane.

    • Sam July 2, 2017

      So true

  4. DanYiel Iman July 2, 2017

    She has a voice that is incomparable to many singer out & to sing live a whole 2 hours is a BLESING very few can do she’s a TREAT!!

  5. RyanR July 2, 2017

    Ok……. lets put it this way!!!! How many times did Beyoncé cancelled a show¿??? Yep that’s right just once! #ShowMustGoOn Adele is great…. but not in regards of touring! At least you should rescheduled it!! Sorry we also have emotions and you get paid to express ours!

    • Soul angel July 2, 2017

      That’s because Matt ain’t raise her to be no quitter lol

    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2017

      Hmm exucse me but Beyonce has never sung an entire tour live. She´s not the best example you could give. Adele has done a tremendous job with her voice in this tour. It looked like a crazy idea from the start to me anyway. She´s only cancelled two last shows. It happens. Whitney Houston is pretty much the only example that comes to mind right now that sang whole concerts and tours live. Lenthy ones. And she performed sick many times. Was it the right decision? I´d say no. I applaud her for keep going, but she was hurting her voice, you could see her hurting face in many I´m your baby Tonight tour dates for example. She was very sick.
      No, Adele has not the stronngest of voices. But over 100 LIVE dates is crazy for any voice to be honest. Leave Beyonce out of this because she truly can´t relate 🙂

      • Lisa July 2, 2017

        Beyonce can sing circles around Adele. She has greater range and vocal ability – with over 2 decades of experience and professionalism. Plus she can dance her ass off and ENTERTAIN. Adele is overrated. She has to sing live, what else is she bringing to the stage? Standing there in one of Elizabeth II’s formal gowns, straining her voice to emulate SOUL. Emperor’s new clothes. I’m sure the people eating those plane tickets and hotel bills can now see she is naked.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2017

        You totally missed the point of my comment. Beyonce may be a better singer. I didn´t address that at any point. I said that she has NEVER sung an entire tour live. Obviously. So it´s normal she has never had vocal issues. Beyonce is a proffesional lipsincer 🙂

  6. AmericanDream July 2, 2017

    She had no concert for more than 3 months, then doing 2 and has vocal damage… Celine Dion is having about 100-150 concert a year since her Las Vegas residency, and she has no vocal damage at all.. Maybe she should have skipped smoking and preparing more cautiously and caring her 200,000 fans for these two nights.
    I flew to London just for tonight’s show. Totally disappointed.
    Still can’t believe the reason of cancelling… vocal damage adter two concert after a 3-4 months rest… I think she really didn’t take care of herself and just saw the money bills of 4 fully crowded Wembley ticket prices….
    I hope they will also refund the 15 pounds service charge / tickets as well… it was abnromal.. 15 pounds / tickets.

    • Sam July 2, 2017

      Right, better artists stay touring to make money and slay every night live without costume changes and dancing .

  7. Thatchick July 2, 2017

    Look if no one else will say it then I will! Adele is a lazy chain smoking cow. Why is it that other artists tour for years without all these so called complications? They prepare, work out their vocals chords and bodies before they hit the road! She sits back smokes cigarettes and drinks! She was never going to maintain because deep down she just does not have it! Smh

  8. Honda Accord July 2, 2017

    Adele is a studio singer.

    • truthteller July 2, 2017

      I always suspected she was a studio worm a la Mariah

  9. Sam July 2, 2017

    Adele has done what Alicia Keys has done and tried to sing out of her ability. Now, this worked in the studio but in concert it wont work without damage.
    It was nice whilst it lasted , you made a hell of a lot of money so saying that you will not be touring again is a good idea. Come back in 10 years and do another concert and keep those coins up, You messed two grammy award shows time to give it up

  10. JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2017

    This tour seemed too big for the type of vocalist she is and the fact that she sings 100% live from the beginning. I was shocked when the tour dates were announced a year or two ago. Too much for her. She pretty much made it to the end. So no jokes needed. I agree her voice suits the “19” style more. I suppose the label has encouraged the most commercial sound possible since the “21” phenomenon happened, meaning “louder” vocals. But her voice is not made for that.

    And yes it is a miracle that Whitney, Celine and Mariah´s voices lasted what they lasted based on the amount of work they did and the songs they constantly recorded. Crazy. They are the vocal trinity for a reason. Don´t care who gets hurt by it and the fact their fave is not on that level ?

    Also, I find these type of fans disgusting. Get a pucking life! Or at least don´t moan when singers lip. If you want to have your show at any cost, you should be able to tolerate lip-syncing. It´s one thing or the other. Either that or you´re a selfish son of a buitch who prefers to see a person you supposedly like get sick and lose their gift and life just for you to have a two hour plan one night of your life. Ugh…

  11. @ASAPicon July 3, 2017

    Shame, She is talented, Yet simply cannot keep up with the demand. Supply/Demand people. Nor negative words spoken to her, I still love her personality, But people need to stop idolizing these HUMAN beings who are limited in some shape or fashion.
    You had a great run Adele. But you simply arent cut out for that type of live touring. Stop while your ahead your health is what matters, And tell the money hungry execs in your ear to kindly STFU

    • JOHNVIDAL July 3, 2017

      “Had” a great run? Boy she only ended the tour. She´ll come back in 3 years with a new album and outsell everyone by miles once again.

      • Shera July 3, 2017

        Not with any the help of any of my dollars! She always does this! Its a sales tactic for when she comes back from her long hiatus she is going to be taking.

  12. Shelleu July 7, 2017

    No the fans have no right to be upset. The woman has vocal cord damage. Why should she push her self and permanently destroy her cords for strangers. I seriously doubt no one else would push themselves during a time when their throat is jacked up. Fans are being down right selfish and inconsiderate. Get well adele take care of you noone else will and ignore the throwing stone world.

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