Backfired: Madonna Fans Enraged After Singer Reveals Long-Awaited ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour Live CD/DVD Tracklist

Published: Wednesday 16th Aug 2017 by Rashad

Queen of Pop Madonna wasn’t quite prepared for the royal disappointment the setlist for her long-awaited ‘Rebel Heart’ tour live CD and DVD was going to be for diehard fans.

The pop icon, who celebrates her 59th birthday today (August 16th), thought she’d gift her fans with the official pre-order link and track list of the project, set to hit shelves a month from today (September 16th).  Her supporters, already upset the live CD and DVD were coming over a year-and-a-half (approximately 18 months) after the worldwide trek wrapped in Australia, became even more so when peeks at the track list saw fan favorite cuts ‘Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,’ ‘Take A Bow,’ ‘Who’s That Girl,’ and even ‘Rebel Heart’ cut ‘Ghost Town’ absent.

After one read of the frustrations expressed on Twitter and Facebook, all we could say was…ouch!






Madonna’s record-breaking ‘Rebel Heart’ tour CD/DVD was features footage filmed across the world culminating with performances at Sydney, Australia’s Qudos Bank Arena – her first stop on the continent in over 20 years.

Click here to pre-order and see the full track list.

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  1. DanYiel Iman August 16, 2017

    Who again? ??‍♂️

    • Caleb August 16, 2017

      SOMEONe who sold way more than your fave.

      • MyManLovesMe #Brina August 17, 2017

        your so pressed lol

  2. Suicide Blonde August 16, 2017

    She doesn’t care about this, she’s happy celebrating her birthday in Puglia with her children and probably a new Toy Boy. Long may she reign!

    • Its me guwrl August 17, 2017

      She’s a joke and so r u.

      • Travesty August 23, 2017

        shes gives zero f****… cos she is the baddest b**** to ever do it…

  3. Júpiter August 16, 2017

    The madonna is simply the QUEEN of all the muses, I admire the work of this beauty a lot.

  4. Cough Cough August 16, 2017

    lol it’s always so funny when they give these serious reports like “artist slammed for…” when it’s just a bunch of losers on twitter with no lives. Trump ain’t the only idiot online looking dumb

    • JOHNVIDAL August 17, 2017


  5. Highbrowthis August 16, 2017

    The muses are uninspired and compromising just like the Queen they admire…. Madonna

  6. Jeans August 16, 2017


  7. Jasmine August 16, 2017

    I’m not sure why her fans would take issue with this. I mean who really buys music or dvds anymore? Any curious fan could see the concert fan in full free on youtube and download it from there so this is more like a souvenir collection item more than anything else.

  8. Thando August 16, 2017

    Already pre-ordered mine. To complete the set. Long may she reign!

  9. XYZ August 17, 2017

    It’s the same she did the last couple of times. Release the DVD years after the tour and then have the nerve to release it in a horrible quality (mdna tour dvd – horrible). But people buy it anyway

  10. Keith August 17, 2017

    Today’s fans, lol. God, they are the worst. You saw the show live, she got your money, made herself even richer and now offers you a little momento of the occasion. Remember your time at the concert, give her MORE of your money (because you’re going to buy it ANYWAY) and move on…lmao

  11. Jay August 17, 2017

    So she took all the “Black inspired” songs off huh? cool

    • MCTB August 17, 2017

      black inspired? gtfo lol wanker

  12. SMH August 17, 2017

    SMH this is why I hate this new generation of “fans”. Nothing but a bunch of whiny, spoiled self entitled brats.

  13. Justmeeeee August 17, 2017

    Madonna needs to RETIRE

  14. Mr August 18, 2017

    Tacky, uninspired, lifeless, disjointed hot mess of a boring show with M at her most lost. I’ll never be able to unsee this travesty live, I can’t imagine sitting through a DVD. Cut everything with a ukulele or when she’s sitting and you have a 3min DVD.

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