Ouch! Lalah Hathaway Slammed For Criticizing Fifth Harmony’s #VMAs Performance

Songstress Weighs In on Group's "Harmony"...Or Lack Thereof
Published: Monday 28th Aug 2017 by Rashad

The Hathaway name is one that sparks reverence in the music industry and rightfully so.  Donny Hathaway songs ‘A Song for You,’ ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free,’ ‘The Closer I Get To You,’ and ‘Where Is the Love’ are just a few of  many gems from his catalog that have stood the test of time over 30 years since his untimely passing.  His daughter, Lalah, is a staple in R&B in her own right – a master of jazz and soul fusion and, like her father, has earned her fair share of praise from the industry.

With this esteem, the latter is probably used to her opinion on matters related to music accepted well. Last night she learned the hard way that isn’t always the case…

As fans were praising Pop group Fifth Harmony for their epic shading of former member Camila Cabello at last night’s VMAs (as seen above), they found out the group was on the receiving end of some shade as well.

Lalah took to Twitter to say:

The tweet ignited a firestorm of clapbacks from 5H fans, affectionately known as #Harmonizers:

Some fans of Hathaway quickly came to her defense:


 Your thoughts?

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  1. JARE August 28, 2017

    Burn did she lie ?

    • Mytune August 28, 2017

      Girl hell nah she didnt lie The 5H club sucks! Theyre fat out of shape and cannot sing for shyyt! Omg June’s Diary is Soooo much better vocally and visually! These girls are TRASH and for theyre fans to try to come for An Icon like lalah Hathaway is just comical! Lalah can out sing this whole group. Girl bye

  2. JAREezy August 28, 2017

    *But did she lie?

    • Carlitos August 28, 2017

      But can you not f*** up your words the first time?

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh Is Coming ???) August 28, 2017

    She’s wack!
    All she does is stay home, eat nachos and complain about artists performing.

    • ??? August 28, 2017

      Lol and wheres tinashe sis? Lmao

      • Sara August 28, 2017

        Lalah is on tour with Mary J. Right now. She’s good. ????‍♀️??‍♀️

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh Is Coming ???) September 1, 2017

        My fave stays BOOKED!
        She just did a big festival with other big names something Lala can’t get.
        Also, she just came off of performing at WWE’s WrestleMania (In front of over 70,000 ppl), Empire (Guest Appearance), iHeart Festival, Mac Cosmetics (Sponsorship), and many other great things for an artist who only has one big single. Can Lala say the same after 20years? Lol hehe.

    • BaddaBoom August 29, 2017

      You don’t know an ‘artist’ if he/she shat on your face while making you think you munching nachos .
      Proving that by callin 5H artists.

      But keep on consuming the s*** the music INDUSTRY feeds you,
      if you finally get fed up with that
      try to sift through your parenst uncles aunts grandparent MUSIC collection,
      maybe you will finally get some real taste for MUSIC.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh Is Coming ???) September 1, 2017

        Ignorant to judge me saying their “artists” by saying I don’t listen to older music. SMH lol hehe be more bright upstairs please.

    • Tim Brown August 29, 2017

      I’d sit at home eating nachos with my several grammy’s too sis ??‍♀️

    • rain August 29, 2017

      Girl bye. Until you win a Grammy or three, come back and talk to me. Even the 5th girl left ?

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh Is Coming ???) September 1, 2017

        As if the Grammys or any award show don’t have their own agenda on who should win for their own benefits. I rather watch Steve Harvey’s “Hoodie Awards” instead cuz its authentic.

  4. ??? August 28, 2017

    Lmao the SHADE of it all! And no-harmony stans can sit cuz lalah told no lies lmao???

  5. DanYiel Iman August 28, 2017

    Didn’t read a lie told by Layla Hathaway!! I like 5th Harmonies sound..

  6. CHILE PLEASE!!! August 29, 2017

    Lalah will sing all of them girls UNDER THE TABLE! She ain’t say nothing bad here but the truth! People get so bent outta shape nowadays when someone makes a small comment about their favs. HAVE EVERY SEAT IN THE WORLD. Fifth Harmony is not all of that! Their Harmony is not all that tight! Take notes from throwback groups like EnVouge, Exscape, Brownstone…..ect. Now those are groups that can SANG live and don’t have to do all the gyrating and COOCCHIE poppin on stage! That’s the problem nowadays, everyone focus too much on the dancing/performance more than the real talent which is SINGING! Lalah speak that shyt & ignore the hating bitter new generation.

    • Kable August 29, 2017


  7. Kable August 29, 2017

    I personally know Lalah and she told no lies. She was not even being shady. people are making it more than what it is. She said “Discuss” not “Disgust”. She is a vocolist, so she noticed the sound. She was saying lets talk about this. I mean the group is titled 5th Harmony not 3rd. Also She is on her own tour and on tour with Mary, so she has no time to sit and eat nachos. If she was doing that she could afford to and I am sure its with premium steak and Bison meat. With her Grammy awards sitting on her mantle. Unlike you 5$ ground beef buyers and Murry’s Steakums eaters with no awards or a Diploma.

  8. Jizzle Tha Nizzle September 1, 2017

    I’ll make this quick.
    1.) Only a CHILD would call Lalah irrelevant.
    2.) She said lets discuss (No where did she “diss” or call them bad)
    3.) Can we go back to the days when people weren’t so damn sensitive? Like what happened? Everyone wants their 15mins of fame that bad?

    Okay I’m done.

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