Pink To Receive Michael Jackson Vanguard Honor At MTV VMAs 2017

Published: Tuesday 15th Aug 2017 by Sam

It’s official!

Pink will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. 

Dive below for details…

Producers for the August 27th extravaganza announced the news moments ago.

As for why the star picked, the network said it’s her:

“trailblazing impact on music, pop culture, fashion and philanthropy.”

The Pop rebel will also perform at the event, which takes place live from The Forum in Los Angeles.

With this honor, Pink joins the coveted list of past Vanguard recipients including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Rihanna.

In another cool MTV tie-in, the channel will exclusively  air the broadcast  premiere of the ‘What about Us’ video.


Congrats to Pink!

Some may raise eyebrows, but we feel it’s deserved. She boasts a catalogue, videography, and success narrative that has been underrated for years. As such, we’re totally here for her receiving her dues.

Your thoughts?

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  1. @Asapicon August 15, 2017

    I hope that MTV VMA’s comes to understand that this award needs to be given out on rare occasions, They dont have to scurry every year looking to “give it away” to just anybody.

    What records are these artists breaking with their videos?
    Im sorry but PINK does not make Iconic videos.
    Beautiful gowns, But mediocre videos.

    stop giving this award to just anybody, It loses its value.

    • Oh my August 15, 2017

      My thoughts exactly. It’s like they feel like they have to give it to someone every single year so they just pick someone who wouldn’t have otherwise gotten it. It’s cheapening the award.

    • SMH August 15, 2017

      Totally co-sign. They’re starting to get like the Grammys-just giving them to anybody. Pink should NOT be getting this award before Usher, Missy, or even Christina Aguilera, bottom line.

      • ? + ✈ = ? August 15, 2017

        Just in time to set up promotion for her album(white privilege)

  2. RealNegro August 15, 2017

    Well deserved! Pink has amazing, thought provoking videos!

  3. Jeans August 15, 2017

    They should create a Janet Jackson Dance Vanguard Award.

    • RoyalKev August 15, 2017

      You ain’t never lied!

    • ??? August 15, 2017

      for real tho! but MTVs shady assses will never name two of their awards after TWO jacksons lol.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan August 15, 2017

    I was hoping for J Lo to be honest but P!nk is cool.
    I hope she performs “There You Go” and “Party Started”. Those were my jams.

    • RoyalKev August 15, 2017

      JLO’s a video beast and this is just another missed opportunity to acknowledge that! Usher (who wouldn’t be a candidate now) is also way more deserving!

  5. RoyalKev August 15, 2017

    I’m sorry , Pink’s visuals simply do not measure up to those of all the past artists deserving of winning this award! No disrespect, but it’s a reach! Nothing she’s done since ‘Missundaztood’ has left that kind of lasting impression!

  6. pat August 15, 2017

    i agree..i respect her art, however .Pink does not have any iconic or culturally impacting videos……

  7. ??? August 15, 2017

    total bullsh*t. Usher should have been next in line, regardless of his, um, condition lol. but pink? foh, she doesn’t have one iconic video that i can think of or even remember.

    • tyana jones August 15, 2017

      they overlook him.

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 15, 2017

      Then Chris brown…why give it to an obvious copy of MICHAEL like an Usher. …its too predictable

      • tyana jones August 16, 2017

        y u bring chris name up for?

      • ??? August 16, 2017

        lol b*tch please, only thing usher copied from MJ is that DIAMOND plaque he got, can chris say that lmao? he’s made a career out of copying MJ AND usher so sit. giving it to that clown would have been more obvious than those bruises he left on rihanna’s face lol.

  8. Meteorite August 15, 2017

    I’ll be to busy watching Game of Thrones.

  9. Theman August 15, 2017

    Pink does deserve this. She has some great videos as well. She’s one of the biggest underrated pop stars out there. She is amazing.. Awesome..

  10. JOHNVIDAL August 15, 2017

    Impact? She´s successful but her eras are uneventful and her music is safe, easy and predicable. This award is kind of meh anyway especially in this day and age when the industry has gone to the pits.

    • Theman August 15, 2017

      Her eras are not uneventful. She’s one of the best performers out there & she has quite a few great videos. She’s underrated which is why her impact seems subdued. She found a lane & she took off with it..

  11. DanYiel Iman August 15, 2017

    How awesome ?? is that!! I’ve always loved her sound..

  12. Tori August 15, 2017

    People who deserve the award because they’ve made bigger visual impact:
    Chris Brown
    Missy Elliot
    Katy Perry
    Lady Gaga
    Black Twitter
    Kelly Rowland (use for Motivation, nothing else)
    Blue Ivy (not a Bey Stan, just a fan, but “Blue” and “Formation” cameos got more press)
    Micheal Jackson (after death, still better than all artist after 2005)

    • Caleb August 15, 2017

      Kelly Rowland though?!

      • Tori August 15, 2017

        ONLY for “Motivation”, that was one of the years best videos and still better than most out today.

      • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 15, 2017

        All acts who mimic And steal from Michael does not deserve that award. …

        The acts you listed are wanna be copies of Jackson. .pink is not a copy of him.

      • ??? August 16, 2017

        if thats the case, then anybody who received it after Janet didn’t deserve it lol. and pink is not iconic or has any impact so she dont deserve it either lol.

    • Tori August 16, 2017

      All of those acts do not copy MJ, that was a reach, one of them is a damn group of people dumb ass.

    • HEYYA August 16, 2017

      Kelly and Ciara? And no Christina Aguilera? Who’s Black twitter??

  13. Tink August 15, 2017

    Y’all just had to put Beyoncé’s name first damn smh she was the 2nd of this generation to get it

    • tyana jones August 15, 2017

      she got one it already.

  14. LiveYoLife2017 August 15, 2017

    It’s crazy Missy hasn’t received this award yet. Her videos are always so ahead of their time.

    • …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 15, 2017

      Missy has seem to retire too her prime .pink has an album out today…..and been out for over 20 years…even before Missy….MJ had 50 sold out shows when he died….she retired too early

      • ??? August 16, 2017

        pink has no impact. nobody knows her lmao.

  15. Francis August 15, 2017

    Well deserved, Pink is so underrated!

    She does have great videos (Try, Stupid Girls, Lady Marmalade, Family Portrait, …) and her performance will be good as usual (I bet she will f***** fly though, it’s overused at this point and takes away the uniqueness of her Grammy performance).

    Hope Christina Aguilera gets the award next year.

  16. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 15, 2017

    Pink. ..has. Been around since signed to laface records…. .she has crossed rnb sales to rock…..her acrobatics skills landed her on Oprah….I have never seen usher or ciara fly on ropes while soaking wet not missing a beat….they study n COPY MJ
    Why should they get his honor.

    She has self written song about abuse like the one she wrote about the dad., stupid girls was a song to help you dumb b****** ……she don’t just sing about sxx…..she had been underrated and so have some of her live performances

    • Hmmm… August 15, 2017

      ??? What do live performances and lyric content have to do with her deserving the VIDEO (<–key word) vanguard award?

    • ??? August 16, 2017

      she has no impact or iconic videos. her videos are cheap and forgettable. this is a VIDEO award stupid, stop trying to sell that basic d*** lmao.

  17. Elaborate August 15, 2017

    I like Pink but outside of maybe stupid girls, does she really deserve this award? If it were an lifetime achievement award then fine, only Beyonce,JT,Usher and herself have been more consistent out of the TRL generation.
    As far as her being one of the best performers of the generation, I’ve seen singers stand still and and just sing. Those singers vocals were more entertaining than Pink’s tired acrobat act she’s been doing since about 2010. Pink is totally an icon. Mizunderstod is still one of the finest pop albums crafted from Pop’s last golden age(1999-2007) but video wise nah. Too many artist are being overlooked for album promo in the last few years.

  18. AmbeRussell August 16, 2017

    Though she wasn’t on my radar for this, let’s not act like she hasn’t made some fun and far out there videos. “Just like a pill”, “lady marmalade”, “family portrait”, “stupid girls”, “please don’t leave me”, “u + ur hand” “blow me one last kiss”… She never got in her videos playing a girl girl, doing what already has been done just modernize it, she really has an outsider, odd ball side that shows off in her music videos. She danced in them, she got emotional and she had fun in them. Here’s hopes that she is rejoined with 4 other ladies for a few seconds of her hit single that got pink her first Grammy and MTV award and many other awards and fame.

  19. ??? August 16, 2017

    lol pink is tired and she does not have iconic videos. flying on a trapeze doesnt make you an icon. if thats the case then they should give it to any circus clown lol.

  20. HEYYA August 16, 2017

    Pink is usually underrated as a vocalist hence she has only 3 Grammys but her videography isn’t iconic nor it has the wow factor. Yes no one can have as iconic videos as Mj, Madonna and Britney but still. Christina, Missy and Usher should’ve gotten theirs by now! Seriously even Rihanna got hers…And not to be shady but Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have more iconic videos than P!nk. (Bad Romance, Just Dance, Born this way and Poker face) and (California gurls, Firework, Roar and Dark horse)

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