Stevie Wonder Takes To Knee In Prayer For America At Global Citizens Festival

Published: Sunday 24th Sep 2017 by Sam

Stevie Wonder is renown for his legendary music as well his unwavering quest to make the world a better place.

The 67-year-old re-affirmed the latter in a major way at the 2017 Global Citizens Festival Saturday night when he took to both knees before performing.

His reasoning? To pray for America, the state of the planet, and the leaders steering it.

The action is significant on many fronts, most especially the fact it comes on the heels of the drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick‘s race protest in the NFL.

Watch Stevie make the boldest of statements below…

An eternal salute to this amazing man.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stephy September 24, 2017

    Grandpa Stevie knows best.

  2. Suicide Blonde September 24, 2017

    Prayers will do nothing for America and the ?

    • JOHNVIDAL September 24, 2017

      When someone is an atheist like me all this stuff just seems pretty ridiculous. I mean you have so many fascinating things in the real world and universe. Why make this type of exhibitions? Looks crazy. Like any other sect.
      Like I´ve always said though: I´m happy for the people who feel better with this and their beliefs as long as they don´t hurt anyone. Just… why does America keep having it so present in their public agenda? It´s so backwards.

      • Suicide Blonde September 24, 2017

        I’m an atheist as well, and I agree with you on that, it’s so backwards, especially for a developed country like the US, but there are other things that they still practice like Circumcision that are the result of religion and old beliefs.

      • truthteller September 25, 2017

        So if Mariah did something like this (which she might do given she’s a Christian) you’d think she looked crazy? Perhaps separate people’s beliefs from their music. I also don’t think Christians etc need the patronizing “As long as you’re not hurting anyone”

      • lolhart September 25, 2017

        @JOHNVIDAL – You’re clearly not as okay with people’s religions as you say, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on the article and commented. You know the vast majority of the artists covered in this blog are at least nominally Christian?

        @Suicide Blonde – Funny you bring up circumcision I think your country needs to sort out its own problems before attacking the USA

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