Album Stream: Chris Brown – ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ [All 45 Tracks]

Published: Tuesday 31st Oct 2017 by Sam

Chris Brown has officially unleashed new album ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon.’

After some conundrum about its release date, the crooner has proceeded with a Halloween roll-out – a move which leaves just three tracking weeks for its charting prospects on the Billboard 200. 

Still, it appears C. Breezy is confident enough in the set to risk it all.

Boasting guest-spots from the likes of Usher, R. Kelly, and Jhene Aiko, the ambitious  project caps off at a jaw-dropping 45-tracks and sees Brown dart between bedroom rockers to club knockers.

Does it deliver, though? Take a listen below and let us know…

Oh, and for those keen to support the project in light of its midweek arrival, Chris shared the following…

#TeamBREEZY ❤️??

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Your thoughts? 

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  1. DanYiel Iman October 31, 2017

    Chris Brown is talented no matter what nothing can hold him back!! ?%

    • Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

      “I been here before a lot y’all n*ggas even knew about real music! NOT NAY ONE OF ANY OF YALL CAN SEE ME AND YOU ACTUALLY TRULY KNOW IT!” -Chriseha
      lol, ok….just release Juicy Booty so Miss Jhene can have another “booty like groceries” moment! This album proves his delusion is beyond real and hilarious!

      • tyana October 31, 2017

        Y’all… Chris is done with RCA records now. HOAFM meant his contract is up that’s why he went all out..

  2. Jeans October 31, 2017

    Omg who does that. How desperate!

    • tyana October 31, 2017

      Y’all… Chris is done with RCA records now. HOAFM meant his contract is up that’s why he went all out..

  3. Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

    Is Chrisesha serious with that long “how to” for his fans? He’s basically communicating with them like they don’t have any sense whatsoever lol…buy multiple copies of a 45 song album? Don’t purchase multiple copies on one receipt? Make a free Spotify account? Leave the album on repeat? Don’t listen on ITunes? Be extra? And this is after he rants about being the greatest? Michael, Prince, Whitney and Tupac never had to do this bullish!t LMAO wow…I can’t ?

    • Lake Erie October 31, 2017

      Well it is a different time and a different generation. You can’t even compare those era’s/legends. I actually took it as food for thought.

    • tyana October 31, 2017

      its on iTunes on #1 20 Countries right now its very crazy!!!!!!!!!!! chris f****** brown is a legend.

    • Caleb October 31, 2017

      “Don’t listen on iTunes.” Like wtf? If someone buys s*** on iTunes best believe they’re going to listen to it on iTunes.

      • Fancy BISH October 31, 2017

        lol, it’s crazy

  4. Lol October 31, 2017

    I’m sorry but this seems kinda desperate. This is something a damn account would do. Not the artist lol.

    • tyana October 31, 2017

      no its not. this album is last for rca which means is he done with done now.

    • tyana October 31, 2017

      Every artist is signed for 6 albums.
      FAME, Fortune, X, FOAF, Royalty & HOAFM… now he is finished.

      • Jasmine October 31, 2017

        Tyana the pigeon ho troll is back at it again. Stop attacking people ho. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  5. Achooo! October 31, 2017

    All the songs sound the same. I guess he release 45 songs so we can make our own mini album of tracks.

    • 2bad2bme October 31, 2017

      ??? where is the lie

  6. #TeamTinashe Stan (New Single “Faded Love” Ft. Future Comes Out Next Week) October 31, 2017

    Really with these rules? Lol smh
    Same old bs.

  7. S****** Blonde October 31, 2017

    I’m speechless.

  8. Cooldudetru October 31, 2017

    It wont touch mj history album period
    Chris brown only good wit s** ,party and club songs he is not a all around artist like mj

    • Tay October 31, 2017

      The Chris, MJ analogies died several years ago mate..

  9. Ousha-Marie October 31, 2017

    Only 4 Me is def my favourite I need a video

  10. Late October 31, 2017

    For those of you insinuating that Chris is the one that wrote up that blurb, it’s obviously not true. I’m the “rules”, the person who wrote it uses words like “he”, as well as using Chris’ name directly. Why would Chris Brown refer to himself in third person? This is obviously the work of his street team or someone who is president of his fan club or something. Chia is gonna co-sign because he knows his fans love him, and quite frankly, it benefits him if people follow those “rules”.

    • Late October 31, 2017

      …in the “rules”…
      Damn autocorrect

    • Jasmine October 31, 2017

      I refer to myself in third person all the time. Unless you have receipts to prove otherwise like his account was hacked, etc then sit down crazy.

    • Jasmine October 31, 2017

      Even if someone else wrote it for him it was posted on his official page which means Chris approves of the long message.

  11. Jamie October 31, 2017

    Its his career. He can release what he wants. His music is for his fans so if you aren’t one, fall tf back.

    • Jasmine October 31, 2017

      His music is for everyone, including the grammy award committee.

  12. pat October 31, 2017

    giving it a spin…i just hate that musicality is dead in general now so all the songs sound so similar

  13. 2bad2bme October 31, 2017

    I can’t tell the difference between more than half the songs on there

  14. THeDifference October 31, 2017

    SMH i tried to give this album chance . Had it on shuffle all day and not one record stands out. His music used to be so good when he first came out. It’s even worse that there are so many songs and I don’t want to hear not 1 for a second time. Tired formula … autoned to the max, s** talk, kurrueche or Rihanna references, desperately trying to prove he’s a rapper with bars. Smh

    With all the Great moments in music recently with SZA, Solange, 4:44, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, all personal bodies of work I thought Chris would’ve followed suit and left the autotune behind and gave a more honest vocal and told a more personal story. Be vulnerable , talk about your relationship with your parents, your public meltdowns , your distraction from the art , tell us something we don’t know. There’s no connection in these sounds… no cohesion it’s just a sloppy sonic mess. Hope he’s happy with it!

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