Mariah Carey Fans Slam ‘Good Morning Britain’ For “Shocking Her” With Vegas Attack News

Singer Visibly Uncomfortable After Being Quizzed on Unfolding Vegas Massacre
Published: Monday 2nd Oct 2017 by Rashad

As we reported here, Mariah Carey went from being in the Christmas spirit to having her spirits dampened when she learned on live television of the horrific Las Vegas terrorist attack that happened early this morning (October 2).

On hand at ‘Good Morning Britain’ to discuss her Christmas tour and other holiday-themed outings she’s readying for the coming weeks, her interview was abruptly interrupted by host interview Piers Morgan upon learning of the massacre in ‘Sin City.’

While Carey may have graciously accepted the interruption, her fans were not so forgiving.  Taking to Twitter, the singer’s followers (affectionately called #Lambs) were far from meek or mild as they took bites out of Morgan and the show for their ‘tasteless’ and ‘shocking’ means of informing the songstress of the tragedy.

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  1. S****** Blonde October 2, 2017

    Oh please ? this is ridiculous, what’s the problem in interrupting her interview because more important things are happening at the moment, they have to inform people about what’s happening, I see no problem in informing her on live television about this tragedy, oh how cruel and unprofessional, how dare them do this to Mariah, big f****** deal, this just tell how much her fans are to blame for her big ego. I can’t believe her fans are offended by this.

    • taustin13 October 2, 2017

      I can’t believe you still exist. Its best that you inject yourself with more drugs and die.

    • China October 2, 2017

      So this LEGEND can’t answer “CURRENT EVENTS” like a NORMAL person. The lambs are starting to be more LOONEY than the Fleahive. Mariah IS LAZY. She’s lazy in interviews, She’s lazy at work (on stage) and you have to basically DRAG her to give great VOCALS. If En-vogue, Gladys Knight, Celine Dion and Madonna can get a great performance….Why can’t this girl?

      • CHUNbeLIevable! October 2, 2017

        I agree, she’s a lazy cow. The Oaf should have had the courtesy to sit up when she heard the news of the massacre, not continue to sprawl herself out on the sofa. The Christmas tree (being up in OCTOBER) just added to the ridiculousness.

    • Jasmine October 2, 2017

      @Suice STFU When news like this happens a journalist is supposed to cancel the interview with Mariah and interview local live people and live reporters right there in Vegas. Mariah is a pop star not a journalist. Her opinions on an event like this is automatically going to be sympathy but she is in incapable of providing live journalistic feedback because she was NOT THERE at the time it happened.

    • Jasmine October 2, 2017

      @CHUNbeLIevable! She is not you! How you would react to something is not the same as how she would have acted. When I saw this reported on the news this morning I did not stand up from my chair, stop drinking coffee, or overreacted like you implied people should do. Humans react to things differently. Hearing horrible news like this sometimes means digesting it in for a few minutes, READING news articles to see what actually took place, and then processing it. Everyone is not going to act / react the same way you do. Perhaps you are a drama queen thinking everyone should be a drama queen like you!

    • Terny October 2, 2017

      I guess you also don’t see what the big deal about a fellow loser like you opening fire on a concert crowd is right?! You’re even more disgusting than the ones on here have described you #FilthyLoser

      • Teflon Boy October 2, 2017

        Errm because beyond basic empathy what can anyone actually do? It’s beyond sheep like to believe everyone should be running around mourning in unison. Not to be mean but the world is tired and another mass shooting in America is no longer shocking. Personally, as horrible as it is until the US changes it’s gun laws it’s a waste of emotion to hand wring about lunatics using firearms they bought at Walmart to murder people. There’s a reason this kind of thing is rare elsewhere.

  2. Girlbye October 2, 2017

    I swear all this site knows how to do is drive ad revenue using Mariah’s name for clicks.

  3. Adele4Life October 2, 2017

    Piers Morgan is the new Jerry Springer.

  4. M October 2, 2017

    WHY ARE WE TURNING THIS INTO A TOPIC!!!!!!!! Literally makes no sense to me. Mariah was there to promote her upcoming holiday concert dates in the UK (HENCE THE DAMN XMAS DECORATIONS) and she answered the unexpected questioning with poise and compassion. She wasn’t there to speak about Vegas, the whole situation was still unfolding as she was live on the show…..but yes, let’s somehow manage to drag Mariah down instead of actually worrying about the 58 people gunned down in a massacre. This is what’s wrong with the world.

  5. Jasmine October 2, 2017

    I think Mariah did okay in the interview. Just Okay and there is nothing wrong with that. People wanting her to act a certain way need to realize we are all humans and react to things in the news differently. I do agree that it was bad journalism to put Mariah on the spot. When a news story like this happens a better journalist would have simply cancelled the interview and focus the attention to interviewing local people and reports in Vegas where that horrible event took place. Proceeding on with an interview on a pop star instead of shifting over to live local coverage IN Vegas was a poor decision.

  6. Ciah’s Turtle October 3, 2017

    a spoiled glass of milk

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