Beyonce’s ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ Hits 1 Billion Streams

Published: Thursday 16th Nov 2017 by Sam

As one of modern music’s tallest titans, Beyonce has a hits catalogue that few can rival.

Even more noteworthy is how enduring said songs are. Case in point, Queen Bey’s 2008 double album ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce.’

Home to smashes such as ‘Halo’ and ‘Single Ladies,’ the project holistically is proving a winner on the streaming shores.

For, the Platinum edition of ‘I Am…’ has just crossed a major milestone: it’s amassed 1 Billion streams.

See how the numbers stack up below…

‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ – 156,792,672
‘Diva’ – 45,078,118
‘Ego’ – 27,256,245
‘Halo’ – 344,532,834
‘If I Were a Boy’ – 133,925,448
“Smash into You’ – 21,701,528
‘Sweet Dreams” – 71,707,529
‘Broken-Hearted Girl’ – 55,080,464
‘Scared of Lonely’ – 13,839,482
‘That’s Why You’re Beautiful’ – 6,677,137
‘Hello’ – 15,359,654
‘Radio’ – 13,478,458
‘Video Phone’ – 18,300,255
‘Ego’ (Remix) (ft. Kanye West) – 8,004,248
‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ – 15,682,489
‘Honesty’ – 1,501,688
‘Save the Hero’ – 3,279,794
‘Satellites’ – 7,452,333
‘Disappear’ – 14,077,279
‘Ave Maria’ – 26,636,310

[Sourced from Spotify]


Well, come through Bey!

A landmark album and era, the LP is also home to some of our favorite lesser known gems such as ‘Hello’ and ‘Scared Of Lonely.’

At 20 years in the game, it’s incredible how relevant and resonating Beyonce’s music continues to be.

That said…

As one of few artists who can still shift pure units at a premium, it’ll be interesting to see what approach she embraces for the streaming of her future releases.

Last year’s ‘Lemonade,’ which very much felt like a statement record, is still unavailable on streaming services (sans TIDAL). How sustainable that model will be moving forward – especially at a time when streaming is becoming the primary means of consumption – is open to debate.

Although recent signs point to her willingness to somewhat “play the game.” Note how  her hit collaborations with the likes of Eminem and J Balvin are available on Spotify and the like. Thus maintaining her presence in today’s streaming dominated climate.

Still, it’s unlikely she has anything to fret over for the foreseeable. She commands a Pop cultural reach like no other and everything she does is an event / commercial success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bish in Africa November 16, 2017

    k .

  2. Meme November 16, 2017

    Her last memorable era.

    • JOHNVIDAL November 16, 2017

      But since then she has released better bodies of work. I truly respect her more now than 10 years ago. She made the right decision. Exactly what Rihanna´s team was trying last go around supposedly but nobody was having it so they had to cancel and re-record 🙂

      • Meme November 16, 2017

        I can see why you feel she’s release better body of work since but honestly her newer music are all forgettable. It’s like hyped up the first month and then after you can’t remember a damn song on the album. I literally can’t name one song from 4 or Beyonce from the top of my head. Go figure.

        And you are wrong about Rihanna. Rihanna has manage to up her material, produce better body of work full of substance, while still have mainstream successs and radio play. Something Beyoncé struggles horribly with. Let’s keep it cute because no one Was talking about Rihanna.

    • Bravo!! November 17, 2017

      beyonce album “4” memorable from this era.. classic album as well. BTW Beyonce always has memorable era Miss! I had to ponder her era and they’re all memorable.

  3. JOHNVIDAL November 16, 2017

    Has any of her albums finally sold more than 5 million copies in the uSA? For how big she is, her stats are truly not impressive. Rihanna´s are worst yes, but so what? Beyonce is bigger on many fronts. She is very successful after these many years bacause she has worked hars and it has paid off with a loyal fanbase. But by her “moderate” stats you can see that she has never been in that category of universal appeal as big as the biggest.

    • Justme November 16, 2017

      That’s a lie.. you all look at Taylor and Adele and #1 singles and think that’s what it is. Britney spears has outsold everybody and where is she.. no one is checking for her.. Beyonce is in legend status.. she is living her life she doesn’t have to compete with anyone.. pay attention.. Its funny how no one compares pink and xtina to anyone of the younger singers. But Beyonce name stays in ppl mouth. If that ain’t being universal and the most relevant I don’t know what is

    • TeaOnly November 16, 2017

      Dangerously In Love crossed 5m in December of 2015. Billboard did a whole article on it. I think TGJ posted about it too.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 17, 2017

        Yeah I know that one was close to 5 million. It officially made it. So? That´s her top. It´s nothing impressive for how famous she is.

  4. Tori November 16, 2017

    Commercially her best (next to BEYONCÉ), musically her absolute worst (tho this is one of my personal favorite albums and eras of 2008/2010, i must admit after listening to 4, BEYONCÉ and LEMONADE, this album just doesn’t measure up at all!) Her team and label did a great job, this was one of the last great pop album cycles for a black artist but the album that ends the claim “Beyoncé is R&B”.

  5. DanYiel Iman November 16, 2017

    That’s awesome ??, getting recognition for doing what she does BEST!!

  6. Bianca November 16, 2017

    Lol when others make achievements on the streaming front her pure sales are brought up then when her pure sells are compared to Adele and Taylor y’all bring up longevity. The thing is Beyoncé has hype surrounding her with a loyal fan base that’s it! If she was better than everybody she’d be selling 5 million in no time. She just has one hell of a machine behind her.

    • B2B November 16, 2017

      Do you really know how the industry works with shipping records? Do you really think 3m bought Adele album first week? Or maybe 3m copies were shipped because they knew it would sell through holiday season? Fuuck a 7.99 cd when you can sell tour tickets for hundreds of dollars and sell out consistently. How come these other fan bases ain’t killed it like Bey’s?

  7. Coolio November 16, 2017

    I liked this album i think she needs a other bday tbh full of dancing. Thats where know one can get beyonce at is her dancing for as big as she is.
    Single ladies did just that. Come bey im ready for yur new era with the black hair

  8. B2B November 16, 2017

    Loved her voice on the ballads. Congrats Mrs. Carter. I think she has another album that should be crossing the 1 billion Mark soon. And PS…. Talk about record sales all you want, Beyonce sells tour tickets for hundreds of dollars all over the globe. She sells more tickets than these girls you try to compare his to two times over if she wanted to! Stop it!

  9. Fatusankoh November 16, 2017

    You go queen Bey congrat haters have nothing on you more success and good luck in all you do

  10. S****** Blonde November 16, 2017

    All of her albums prior to 4 sucked, I still think her music is so so but has improved a lot, 4, self title and Lemonade were ok, very overrated and not even close to be masterpieces like Beyoncé’ team and fans wanted the world to believe but definitely much better than the others, the problem is, you hear a song like All Night on Lemonade but then listen other like Sorry, it’s just, I mean, why? ??‍♂️

  11. ??? November 17, 2017

    lol and yet the bug b*tch STILL hasn’t hit 20 million total album sales in the US. Tragic lmfao.

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